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Daily Interesting Articles: 2015
  Dec 31 Key Events in 2016: The Year Ahead

Junk-bond funds make poor canaries
Biggest Investors Say Beware the Bond Market as Fed Raises Rates
More Pain Seen for Emerging Stocks, Currencies as China Slows

Oil Falls Second Year as Record Gain in Stockpiles Worsens Glut
Any oil price boost will be short-lived, warns Citi
From Oil Glut to Shortage? Some Say It Could Happen

Bumper holiday season sends Amazon soaring
It’s Amazon and Also-Rans in Retailers’ Race for Online Sales

Nasdaq claims to break ground with blockchain-based share sale
Few Computers Are Powerful Enough to Support Virtual Reality
Suddenly, there are drones everywhere
Uber is thinking of getting into the travel business

Global credit
WSJ on 2016: Divergence Between Fed, Other Central Banks to Test Global Economy
Euro zone lending improves further in November
China eyes fiscal splurge to cushion reforms, slowing growth

Emerging economies
Brazil’s finances worsen in November
Brazil’s fall: Disaster looms for Latin America’s biggest economy

US politics

WSJ on 2016: Why the 2016 Election Is Different
Three-Fourths of Americans Unhappy With Way U.S. Is Governed: CNN
Dissatisfaction, anger dominate year-end reviews of Washington
Full results: CNN/ORC poll on views of government

Five Books That Put Some Life in the Dismal Science
White House spying on Congress
Canada's new prime minister, made weed legalisation a priority

  Dec 30

Not Even OPEC Can Fix Oil Glut
Outlook for oil hit by Saudi Arabia budget cuts
Oil Prices Become a Problem for U.S. Steelmakers
In World With Too Much Crude Oil, 1,100-Foot Steel Monsters Rule

Activists take aim at muddling midsized banks
DuPont to Cut 1,700 Jobs in Delaware
Health Care:
The Same Pill That Costs $1,000 in America Sells for $4 in India
Health Care:
Biotech rout leaves sector ripe for stockpickers
Retailers Get Late Shopping Surge, Boosting Holiday Sales
Online Surge Leads to Many Not-So-Happy Returns for Retailers
Intel Completes Acquisition of Altera

The Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2016

US economy
U.S. Consumers Gaining Confidence in Economy
U.S. Home Price Growth Strengthened in October
Landlords Face Slowing Price Gains After U.S. Records Shattered
Chinese Developers Build in America, but Look for Buyers at Home

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iraqi army needs Kurds' help to retake Mosul - Zebari
As U.S. Focuses on ISIS and the Taliban, Al Qaeda Re-emerges
Putin’s Quotes: A Collection for the Discerning Russian Official

For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions
Real-Life Market Genius From The Big Short, Thinks Another Financial Crisis Is Looming
Warren Buffett faces worst year on stock market since 2009

  Dec 29

Wall Street in 2016: What could possibly go wrong?
We're going to be OK next year—here's why: Bob Doll

Supply outlook clouds crude’s rally
Oil companies brace for a grim 2016 amid sustained price crash
Shale's Running Out of Survival Tricks as OPEC Ramps Up Pressure
Oil-Producing States Battered as Tax-Gushing Wells Are Shut Down

Corporate finance
Wall Street Predicts Corporate America's Bond Binge Will Go on
U.S. Companies Led the World in Debt Defaults in 2015, S&P Says
Debt distress level at highest since recession

Five Tech Predictions for the Year Ahead
How Amazon Has Clouded Wall Street’s Vision

Central banks
New voters bring more-hawkish views to FOMC
China central bank says to keep reasonable credit growth, yuan stable

U.S. holiday retail sales grow a 'solid' 7.9 percent: MasterCard
Dallas Fed: Texas Manufacturing Activity Rises Again, but Outlook Worsens
For some Middle Class Americans, the economy is 'booming'
America's 'children in the basement' won't be moving out any time soon
Housing Rebound: Time for Millennials to Leave the Nest

Emerging economies
Brazil budget gap soars in November, clouds goal next year
Saudi Arabia crushed by cheap oil - and the cuts are coming
A Breakdown of the 2016 Saudi Budget and Its Implications
Russian GDP Shrinks First Time Since June as Longer Slump Looms

US politics
Most Important Election 2016 Feature: Deep and Growing Ideological Divide

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iran Ships Off Uranium as Part of Nuclear Agreement
Seized documents reveal Islamic State's Department of 'War Spoils'

Man-made warming blamed for exceptional weather conditions
Record El Nino, climate change drive extreme weather

  Dec 28 Markets
The Year Nothing Worked: Stocks, Bonds, Cash Go Nowhere
U.S. Stocks Are Ending 2015 With a Whimper
Treasuries Draw Weakest Demand Since '09 as Central Banks Unload
A Pessimist's Guide to the World in 2016

On-Demand Economy Is Reshaping the Firm, and Society as We Know It
Goldman, JPMorgan Seen as Fintech Winners While AmEx Suffers
A Surgery Center That Doubles as an Idea Lab
Human exoskeletons: Full metal jacket

Central banks
Yellen Price-Quirk Focus Shows Confidence in Inflation Comeback
Central Banks’ Shock Therapy Has Investors on Edge
Why Weak Currencies Have a Smaller Effect on Exports

Delayed Ignition From Cheap Fuel for U.S. Economy
As Graduation Rates Rise, Experts Fear Diplomas Come Up Short

Eurozone economists sceptical of more ECB asset purchases in 2016
German business leaders fear nationalism, refugee crisis will destroy EU
Integration key to reaping benefits of migration, say economists

Japan's Industrial Output Drops For the First Time in Three Months

China industrial profits fall for sixth straight month
China Delivers on Two-Child Birth Policy

Emerging economies
Drought Deepens South Africa’s Malaise

US politics
How Anti-Trump Republicans Are Blowing Their Chance in New Hampshire
Ted Cruz: Republicans Love Him in Iowa, Loathe Him in D.C.

Geopolitics & terrorism
Japan grows an island to check China’s territorial ambitions
Islamic State Militants Flee Ramadi Stronghold Amid Iraqi Offensive

How Margaret Thatcher Won the Cold War

  Dec 26

Winners and Losers in the Fed’s New Era
Junk Selloff Fails to Lure Buyers
In an M&A boom year, deals-driven hedge funds are burned by bad bets
Outlook Dims for Dividend Growth

The Budget Deal Boosts Solar Stocks, REITs
Energy Companies Gird for Weaker Prices in 2016
Oil Bankruptcies Reach Highest Quarterly Level Since Recession
Teaching Google to Sell ‘Cloud’ to Companies
Why YouTube Is Twice as Valuable as Netflix

U.S. jobless claims near 42-year low as labor market tightens
Consumer Comfort in U.S. Rises to Highest in Almost Two Months

Socialists reject deal with Spanish PM

Without Energy's Drag, Inflation in Japan Is Approaching Target
Japan’s Economy Continues to Struggle

Beijing Raises Smog Alert as Airport Cancels 227 Departures

US politics

Trump warns Clinton to be careful in using woman 'card'
Bill Clinton: Hillary’s ‘Secret Weapon’ Could Escalate Campaign Rhetoric

Geopolitics & terrorism
Niall Ferguson sees more trouble ahead for Europe, China, and Saudi Arabia
Stratfor has 11 chilling predictions for what the world will look like in 10 years
Modi's Surprise Pakistan Stopover Sparks Optimism on Peace Talks
Japan Protests Intrusion of Armed Chinese Vessel Into its Waters
Islamic State sanctioned organ harvesting in document taken in U.S. raid
Some Countries See Migrants as an Economic Boon, Not a Burden

Manhattan Luxury-Home Prices in a Slide, Defying Broader Market
Pope Decries ‘Intoxication’ With Consumerism

  Dec 24 Markets
S&P 500 is back in the black for 2015, albeit slightly
Mining Shares Surge as Lead, Aluminum Rise on Faster U.S. Growth
Investors Pull Out of Mutual Funds at the Fastest Rate in Two Years
Default danger for US high yield in 2016
Has the junk bond market passed the test?
How the Third Avenue Fund Melted Down

Corporate finance
Money-go-round fuels buybacks, leaves workers sidelined
Japan Inc: M&A’s big spenders

Spending, Sentiment Rise & Orders Fall: U.S. Economic Takeaways
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rose to Highest Level Since July
Malls Reel as Web Roars With Holiday Shopping
Sales of New Homes in U.S. Were Weaker Than Forecast in November
Capital Goods Orders in U.S. Drop for First Time in Three Months
Texas touts diversity amid low oil prices
US banks hit by cheap oil as Opec warns of long-term low

Spain’s Main Parties Meet After Inconclusive Election
Fallout for Europe may be greater if Britain stays in the EU
The Many Things That Could Go Badly Wrong for Europe in 2016

China to Extend Yuan’s Trading Hours, Widening Currency’s Appeal
The year of reversal for the mighty yuan
Shenzhen Landslide Casts Shadow Over China’s Success Story

Emerging economies
Gloom descends on Gulf as oil price slump hits economy
New Saudi Budget Expected to be Squeezed by Low Oil Prices
Indian Politics Thwart Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Tax-Reform Plans

Ford and Google: Teaming Up to Build the Car of the Future?
How Blockchain Can Reform The Real Estate Industry
The latest gene-editing technology can find and replace sections of DNA
SpaceX landing highlights promise, challenges of rocket reusability

Geopolitics & terrorism
Japan Approves Record Defense Budget as China's Presence Grows
Islamic State’s Authentic-Looking Fake Passports Pose Threat
Gazprom Is Losing Its Market Muscle

Forget El Niño: La Niña Poised to Storm the Markets
The Beatles’ Music Catalog to Become Available on Streaming Services

  Dec 23

Top 2015 U.S. stock funds stay defensive heading into 2016
Bond Market Gauge Shows Investors Skeptical on Rate Increases
Commodity-Based Currencies Advance as Oil Rebounds
PEAK PESSIMISM: Everyone seems to think crude is going lower
Oil Halts Decline as Emerging Market Stocks Climb on China
OPEC Report Suggests Oil-Price Rebound, Supply Cut

Amazon will account for more than half of 2015 e-commerce growth
Is betting against Apple in 2016 a foolish thing?

U.S. Economy Grew 2% in Third Quarter, Led by Consumer Spending
Early Release of Data Shows 0.3% Rise in Consumer Spending
Capital Spending: The Economy’s Weak Spot
Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Slump on Delayed Contract Closings
U.S. signs up 8.2 million people so far for insurance on HealthCare.gov
Sun-Soaked States See Populations Grow, Census Bureau Reports

EU gets one million migrants in 2015, smugglers seen making $1 billion

China overshadows global outlook for 2016
Apple says its products are made in China for one crucial reason

US politics
The Great Republican Revolt
Trump uses vulgar term to describe Clinton's 2008 presidential run
Trump becomes poster boy for efforts to mobilize 2016 Latino voters
How Donald Trump May Be Helping Hillary Clinton

Turkey Moves to Clamp Down on Border, Long a Revolving Door
Modi Seeks Russian Crown Jewel in Decade's Biggest Defense Deal

SpaceX Nailed the Landing. Now Do It Again, Faster
What ‘The Big Short’ Gets Right, and Wrong, About the Housing Bubble

  Dec 22

High-Yield Funds Hold Up Relatively Well in a Rough Year for Credit
Why the bull market in stocks isn't dead yet
The 2016 Bond Trade That BlackRock, Pimco and JPMorgan All Back
Top Forecasters of 2015 Break From Crowd

Saudi Arabia Continues to Ramp Up Oil Output
Siberian Surprise: Russian Oil Patch Just Keeps Pumping
Just About Every Part of the Permian Basin is Unprofitable at $30 Per Barrel
Iran Delusional About Oil Potential
Oil market to recover in 2016: Harold Hamm
U.S. Budget Deal A Boon For Solar And Wind

Corporate finance
Global dealmaking breaks 2007 record
Year in Review: Mergers Set a Record as Firms Bulk Up

Gas Now Cheaper Than Milk
Gas Windfall Fails to Stoke Consumers
US budget deal may boost economy just as Fed pulls back
The US budget deal: a season for giving
Biomedicine wins big in US budget deal

Eurozone austerity fanning populist flames, says Renzi
Spain’s markets rattled by inconclusive election

China Signals More Stimulus After Top Meeting to Assess Economy
Everything just changed for Chinese companies
What shaped China’s equity boom and bust?
Shenzhen, Embodying China’s Growth, Falls Risk to It

US politics
Trump calls Clinton 'liar' for Islamic State recruiting claim
Obama attacks Trump for ‘exploiting’ economic and cultural fears

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iranian Hackers Infiltrated New York Dam in 2013

SpaceX makes history with the first-ever orbital rocket landing
Obama to Debut on Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'

  Dec 21

Yellen, Bull Markets and Extinction in a Seven-Year Stock Rally
DEUTSCHE BANK: Here's why the US dollar will continue to rally
Crude oil plumbs new post-crisis lows
Tumbling commodities prices shake index
For Stock Forecasters, 2015 Was a Hard Year to Get Right

Defense budgets swell as countries fight terror on every street
‘Blockchain’ feature could move bitcoin from the fringe to the mainstream
Apple crashes into bear market: $160B gone!
Elon Musk’s hyperloop fantasy may be more realistic than we think

Corporate finance
Don't Hold Your Breath Waiting for a Wave of Defaults by American Commodity Companies

Central banks
Fed's Lacker says four rate hikes in 2016 would be "gradual"
The Bank of Japan's $2.5 Billion Plan to Buy Non-Existent ETFs

Global economy
Prospects still slim for major global economic pickup

Massive Spending and Tax Package Leaves Deficit Fears Behind
U.S. Workers May Finally Catch a Break as Wages Look Set to Rise
Apple chief rounds on outdated US tax code

Spain heads for turmoil after poll yields fragmented parliament
Analysis: Europe's year from hell may presage worse to come
Has Europe Reached the Breaking Point?

China Set to Unveil Economic Blueprint for 2016
PBoC guides renminbi higher after weaker run
Renminbi poised for record weakening run
Industrial employment in China falls to lowest level since 2000

US politics
Donald Trump Campaign Lags in Mobilizing Iowa Caucus Voters
Bush is back to firebombing Trump--and it could either resurrect or doom his campaign

Your Smartphone, Your Enemy
Talking Toys Are Getting Smarter: Should We Be Worried?

  Dec 19

Quad Witching: U.S. Stocks Tumble With Crude as Bonds Rise, Dollar Weakens
Oil Drops to 6-Year Low as Rising Rig Count Seen Adding to Glut
Oversold Junk-Bond Funds Pay 10% or More
Wall Street’s Biggest Junk Bond Dealer Weighs In on the Rout

Markets review
2015 Stock Market in Review
Euro Stocks Set to Finish Year With Solid Gains
EMERGING MARKETS: Sideswiped by Oil
Commodities’ Big Hurdle: The Strong Greenback

A Bullish Forecast for Asset Managers’ Shares
Citigroup Plans at Least 2,000 Job Cuts Next Month
Bitcoin's 'blockchain' tech may transform banking
Health Care:
Regulators Tamp Down on Mergers of Hospitals
Monsanto’s Shares: Engineered for Growth
Glencore's Rating Cut at Moody's Though Outlook Seen Stable
Microsoft: Faster, Stronger, Better
Amazon Said to Mull Leasing Planes to Control Delivery Chain

Central banks
Fed seen raising US interest rates again in March
No easy way for the Fed to reverse course
Japan adjusts its quantitative-easing programme

Global economy
David Levy: The Global Recession of 2016

Fiscal fights fade as U.S. Congress backs huge budget bill

Emerging economies
New Brazil Finance Minister Pledges Continuity After Selloff
Scarred Riverbeds and Dead Pistachio Trees in a Parched Iran

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Bomber Mistakenly Flew Near Disputed Island in South China Sea
ISIS Building ‘Little Nests’ in Afghanistan, U.S. Defense Secretary Warns
Chuck Hagel Says About-Face on Syria Hurt Obama’s Credibility

Mexico’s Los Cabos Resort Bounces Back

  Dec 18

The Junk Bond Rout That Wasn’t
Withdrawals hit US corporate bond funds
Fed Hikes, but Some Rates Veer Lower

Kick OPEC While It's Down
Chanos has a dark warning for OPEC members

JPMorgan note confirms investment in blockchain and robotics
Why Delta's Ultra-Cheap Used 777 Jet Wiped Out Boeing Stock Gain
Glencore's Deeper Debt Cuts Spurring Optimism on Credit Rating
Disney and Other Theme Parks Add Metal Detectors for Holidays
Google hits out at self-driving car rules

Central banks
The Fed and Wall Street Differ on How High Rates Will Go
Former Fed Adviser: Markets Aren't Paying Enough Attention to Hawkish Dot Plot
BOJ's $2.5 Billion ETF Boost Seen Having Little Impact on Stocks
Fed Fuels Optimism for Europe Exporters ECB Failed to Spur

China Beige Book Shows ‘Disturbing’ Economic Deterioration
China rail is evidence country growing

Japan's far-flung island defense plan seeks to turn tables on China
Israel and Turkey poised to restore ties after 5-year rift
TRUMP: Vladimir Putin's praise is 'a great honor'

A White-Hot Christmas Wraps Up Earth's Hottest Year on Record

  Dec 17

Fed Sees Gradual Path for Rate Increases
Fed sees rates around 1.375 percent at end 2016
As Fed Finally Raises Rates, Pent-Up Risks Emerge
Fed turns to new tool to lift US interest rates
Here's what changed in the new Fed statement
Statement I Dot Plot

Markit M-PMI weakest since October 2012
US industrial output falls as manufacturing stays flat
U.S. Housing Starts Surge 10.5% in November
U.S. tax, spending deal meets resistance from lawmakers

The Big Long: Banks Get Liftoff as Fed Tightens
Hilton Shares Jump 5.2% After Report of REIT Plan
GE signals faster growth after shake-up
Boeing Wins $10 Billion Plane Order From China
Disney ‘Star Wars’ Opens in Biggest, Priciest Theaters
Microsoft fixed Windows--but greatest challenge is ahead
Strong dollar hits Oracle sales and profits
FedEx surges on upbeat earnings outlook

German Dec Ifo Business Climate Index Falls
Eurozone recovery bolstered by strongest PMI reading since crisis

Emerging economies
Emerging Markets Face Rate-Increase Pressures
Second rating agency cuts Brazil to junk

China Summons U.S. Envoy Over $1.83 Billion Arms Sale to Taiwan

New Cars and Trucks Average a Record 24.3. M.P.G.

  Dec 16

Third Avenue Bled Managers, Billions of Assets Before Fund Shut
Some junk investors see the selloff as a chance to buy cheap
Junk-Bond Selloff Continues Amid Talk of ‘Capitulation’
Barron's couldn't find one person that thinks stocks would fall in 2016
Top Treasuries Forecaster Is Bullish for 2016

Jefferies fixed-income revenues plunge in bad signal for Wall St
Health Care:
Valeant Unveils Drug Pricing, Distribution Pacts With Walgreens
Retailers Feel the Heat of Lost Winter Clothing Sales
3M Sees Weaker Consumer-Electronics Demand
Qualcomm decides against breakup, says current structure best
EU mulls age limit for social media use
Airlines posting record profits
FedEx Is Poised to Deliver

Corporate finance
FactSet: The S&P 500 buybacks totaled $156 billion in Q3
New blow to Halliburton-Baker Hughes deal

Central banks
Fed Poised to Mark the End of an Era
Fed Risks New Distortions When It Raises Rates
Bernanke says Fed likely to add negative interest rates to recession-fighting tool kit
Ben Bernanke says he never expected interest rates to stay at zero for so long

Consumer Prices in U.S. Unchanged as Energy Costs Decline
Congress agrees budget deal to lift US crude export ban
Obamacare Supporters Make Case for Big Changes

Job Creation Signals Euro-Area Economy May Pick Up in 2016
U.K. Wage Pressures Ease in Face of Tightening Labor Market

US politics
Cruz’s zeal converts Republicans in Iowa
Trump rules out third-party bid again
Jeb accuses Donald of getting his foreign policy from cartoon shows

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iran's October missile test violated U.N. ban: expert panel
Saudi Arabia Forms Muslim Antiterror Coalition

Russia and China are building highly autonomous killer robots

  Dec 15

Junk bonds
Junk bond ETFs hit record trading levels
Icahn’s high-yield bond fund ‘meltdown’ call overdone
Why High-Yield Debt Selloff Isn't 2007 All Over Again. Or Is It?
Junk Bonds Resume Sharp Selloff
Five Mind-Blowing Stats from the Selloff in the Biggest Junk Bond ETF
Emerging Markets Feeling Junk-Bond Pressures

Oil tumbles towards crisis-era lows
Don't Count on an Oil Rally If U.S. Crude Export Ban Is Lifted

Hey, Poker Face: Casinos Seek Savings with Robot Dealers
Former Wall St titans shake-up banking with fintech investments
Boeing boosts share buyback to $14 billion, hikes dividend
Wal-Mart May Be a Big Winner as Oil Drops Below $35 a Barrel
Dell says could buy back at least $3 billion in VMware tracking stock
Have iPhone Sales Peaked? Analysts Predict a Slump Ahead
Uber drivers win union ‘breakthrough’

Corporate finance
U.S. Corporations Increasingly Adjust to Mind the GAAP

Central banks Junk Bond Misery Backs Fed Case for Gradual Rate Rise, No Delay
ECB’s Mario Draghi committed to further stimulus if needed
Janet Yellen: An orthodox economist for unorthodox times

Why Very Low Interest Rates May Stick Around
U.S. Gas Slumps to 14-Year Low as Forecasts Keep Getting Warmer

Why China Is Loosening the Yuan’s Ties to the Dollar
China is headed for a 4.5-day workweek
China’s Workers Are Fighting Back as Economic Dream Fades

US politics
As Cruz rises in U.S. presidential polls, Trump calls him 'maniac'

‘Star Wars’ to Open in 4,100-Plus Theaters, Record for December

  Dec 14

Junk bonds
Junk Bonds Stagger as Funds Flee
The Liquidity Trap That’s Spooking Bond Funds
Fitch: 2016 US HY Default Rate Forecast at 4.5%, Energy at 11%
Third Avenue junk fund blowup exposes risks of unsellable assets
Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund is NOT a "High Yield Bond" Fund
Investors See More Carnage as Third Avenue Spurs Contagion Risk
Icahn: No liquidity for high-yield bonds, market a 'keg of dynamite'

Central banks
Fed Governor Stein Feb. 7, 2013 Speech: Overheating in Credit Markets
Hilsenrath: Fed Officials Worry Interest Rates Will Go Up, Only to Come Back Down
The Mystery of Missing Inflation Weighs on Fed Rate Move
The Junk Bond Market Collapse Shows That The Fed's QE Worked Well

U.S. adopting new technologies at swiftest pace since television
Thousands more bank jobs under threat

Eurozone industrial production grew far stronger than anyone expected
Le Pen's National Front Shut Out of French Regional Governments
Merkel is shutting the door on Germany's 'open-door' refugee policy

China Industrial Production Gears Up in November
China's Stabilizing Growth Removes Fed Hurdle, Adds to Debt Pile
The Great China Supply-Side Revolution? Communists Change Tack
Chinese officials admit to faking economic data

Emerging economies
Zuma Reappoints Gordhan as Finance Chief After Market Turmoil
Brazilians protest to demand President Rousseff's impeachment
As Economy Lags, Hugo Chávez’s Movement Fades in Venezuela

US politics
Cruz Soars to Front of the Pack in Iowa Poll; Trump Support Stays Flat

Abe and Modi Strengthen Ties to Counter China's Rise

Climate obstacles emerge within hours

  Dec 12

Gundlach Says More High-Yield Fund Woes Should Stay Fed's Hands
Junk Bonds Are Tanking and Icahn Says Meltdown `Just Beginning'
Third Avenue's Now-Frozen Fund Called Liquidity Fears a ‘Myth’
Third Avenue Focused Credit Closes
Stone Lion Capital Partners Suspends Redemptions in Credit Hedge Funds

Commodities & the dollar
Crude Moves Out to Sea as Inventories Swell
$320 billion to disappear from oil budgets
Copper’s Path: Bad to Worse
Dollar’s Next Move Could Be Lower

Stocks Finally Noticing the Red Flag in Junk Bonds
S&P 500 loses almost 4% after choppy week
Stocks Have Room to Rise 10% in 2016, Market Strategists Say

Retail Shares in the Bargain Bin
Amazon’s instant gratification service aims to disrupt delivery
Woes Mount for Kinder Morgan, Pipeline Operators
US banks prepare for assault from online rivals
Microsoft’s Windows 10 is failing to catch on
Why Apple Can Jump 30%
Abobe Shares Can Climb More than 20%

Corporate finance
Bank Dividends: Going Up
Dow, DuPont set $130 billion megamerger, could spark more deals
Goldman reigns supreme in record M&A year

Retail Sales in U.S. Increase by the Most in Four Months
Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rose in December to Four-Month High
Holiday disaster looms as UPS, FedEx overloaded after online shopping soars
House Passes Short-Term Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown

China clears way for further renminbi weakening
China's November lending beats expectations, led by new loans and bonds
China economy shows signs of steadying, more policy support needed
China’s biggest shipping groups to combine in multibillion deal

Putin Tells Defense Chiefs to Strengthen Russian Nuclear Forces

Musk just founded a new company to make sure AI doesn't destroy the world

  Dec 11

Opec oil production accelerates in November
IEA Sees Oil Glut Lasting Until Late 2016 as OPEC Keeps Pumping
Oil Giants Pledge Even Deeper Spending Cuts Amid Prolonged Slump

Investors Switch Out of U.S. Stocks and Into European Equities
High-Yield-Debt Fund Blocks Investors From Pulling Out Money
Junk bonds are flashing their biggest warning sign since 2009

Ford to Invest $4.5 Billion in Electrified Vehicles by 2020
What Amazon Wants for Christmas: 100,000 Temps
4 Cash Flow Rich MLPs to Buy Now
Junkyard Dog: How Oil-Fueled Debt Caught Up With Chesapeake
Finish Line Is Still Distant for Halliburton-Baker Hughes Deal
Health Care:
How Gilead Priced Its $20 Billion Blockbuster
Merger of Dow, DuPont Likely to Get Close Antitrust Scrutiny
DuPont and Dow Talks Put Spotlight on Agricultural Industry

Central banks
No One Knows How Messy the Fed Increase Could Get
Rate Destination Unknown as Fed Countdown to Liftoff Approaches

U.S. Household Wealth Fell $1.23 Trillion in Third Quarter
Boost From Oil-Price Drop Is Elusive
U.S. Import Prices Down 0.4% in November
Middle-class meltdown: Older Americans reshape the economy

Emerging economies
Let's Just Hope Shipping Isn't Telling the Real Story of China
China’s soaring steel exports may presage a trade war
South Africa’s respected finance minister is fired
South Africa Faces Watershed Moment as Investors Despair of Zuma

US politics
Major disagreements hobble Congress budget talks
Republicans Discuss Brokered Convention as Trump Leads
Trump postpones Israel trip after rebuke

Geopolitics & terrorism
Islamic State Aims to Provoke Backlash Against Muslims in West
WSJ/NBC Poll Finds Most Oppose Trump Plan On Muslims; GOP is Split
Islamic State oil is going to Assad, some to Turkey, U.S. official says

The End of Work?
Why Zuckerberg wants everyone to read Kissinger's book about world order

  Dec 10

Corporate finance
Dividends Could Be the Next Victim of the Commodity Crunch
Corporate insiders dump stocks in cautionary sign for markets

Goldman puts its muscle into tech push
Boeing just unveiled its newest airliner
Health Care:
Harms of Price Hikes for Old Drugs Detailed at Senate Panel
Dow and DuPont aim to pre-empt activists with megadeal
Dow-DuPont Merger: Better Living Through Layoffs
Glencore Plans Bigger Debt Reduction as Commodity Prices Slide

Central banks
Hilsenrath: Fed Plans to Signal Gradual, Cautious Path on Rate Hikes
Less Than Zero: Living With Negative Interest Rates

US economy
Housing's new crisis: Half your income for rent
America’s Middle Class Meltdown: core shrinks to half of US homes
The American Middle Class Is Losing Ground

US demographics
Millennials in a bunch of charts
Look Who’s Spending Less: Higher-Earning, Older Americans
As America’s Workforce Ages, Here’s Where the Jobs Will Be
A Rising Share of Working Women Had Full-Time Jobs Last Year

US politics
Obamacare looms large in shutdown fight
Hillary Clinton Vows to Battle Corporate Inversions
Donald Trump's visit to Israel could have explosive implications
Darth Trump (video)

Emerging economies
Brazil’s troubles deepen with ratings blow

Geopolitics & terrorism
Russian fighters are joining ISIS in record numbers

How Often Do Mass Shootings Occur? On Average, Every Day
San Bernardino shooting is the 355th this year
More than one mass shooting a day? How the media were misled

The 50 Best Places to Work: Airbnb is No.1

  Dec 9

Brent falls below $40 as resource rout rattles sentiment
Saudi's Naimi cuts a lonely figure in oil battle
US gas prices nosedive on warmer weather

McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Is Luring in Customers, Study Finds
Oil Rout Accelerates Selloff in Master-Limited Partnerships
Kinder Morgan Cuts Dividend by 74 Percent to Conserve Cash
Oil price plunge revives fears of dividend cuts
Morgan Stanley to Take $150 Million Charge, Cut 1,200 Jobs
Health Care:
How Pfizer Set the Cost of Its New Drug at $9,850 a Month
Dow Chemical and DuPont Are in Advanced Talks to Merge
Miners swept up in commodities slump as Anglo shelves dividends
Uber wins approval to operate in Jakarta

Hiring, Firing and Quitting Have Finally Gotten Close to Where Yellen Wants Them
Commodity slump should give Yellen pause, Eichengreen says
Oil-producing states clobbered by fall in price of crude
Aging population seen restraining U.S. labor force growth

China's Inflation Stabilizes as Stimulus Helps Support Demand
A Strong Dollar Hurts China More Than the U.S.
Where Rich Chinese Are Stashing Their Cash: America’s Hotels and Strip Malls
China chips away at U.S., Taiwan semiconductor dominance

US politics
US lawmakers seek $700bn tax-cut deal
Republicans seek to avert government shutdown as spending talks drag on
Trump defends proposed Muslim ban from U.S. as outrage mounts
Trump’s anti-Muslim remarks spark outrage in the Gulf
Trump makes millions in Muslim countries

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iran, U.S. Seek Deal to Send Enriched Uranium to Kazakhstan
U.S. conducting 'serious review' of alleged Iran missile test
California shooters borrowed $28,000 before attack

Meredith Whitney Is Back: Overseeing Stocks at Bermuda’s Arch
Former Jefferies Trader Wins Reversal of Fraud Conviction
Australian police raid Sydney home of reported bitcoin creator

  Dec 8

OPEC Unshackled From Quota Could Add Millions of Barrels
OPEC's Oil Market Disarray Looks Like 1990s Slump All Over Again
Investors brace for oil price 'lower for even longer' after OPEC
CIBC: The Crude Glut Might Be Cured Faster Than You Think

Investors Bet Commodities Slump Will Push Many Into Default
Iron Ore in $30s Seen Near Tipping Point for Largest Miners

Merger Mania in Hospitality Raises Competition Concerns
Newell Rubbermaid, Jarden in Merger Talks
JAB grows coffee empire with $13.9bn Keurig Green Mountain deal
Health Care:
Cash-rich Gilead hits acquisition trail
GE pulls $3.3bn deal with Electrolux after regulatory opposition

Rail Cargo Drop Accelerates, Pointing to U.S. Economy Weak Spots
U.S. Consumer Credit Growth Slows in October
December Heat Wave? The Mercury's About to Jump in Eastern U.S.

Households, inventories boost euro zone GDP despite negative trade
National Front stuns Europe’s political elites

China’s forex reserves suffer third-largest monthly decline
China's Trade Slump Isn't Quite As Bad As It Looks
Chinese Companies Are Trapped in IPO Logjam
China Pollution Alert Curtails Steel Plants, Closes Schools

Emerging economies
Triumphant Venezuela opposition looks to boost economy, free prisoners

US politics
Republican Ted Cruz vaults into first place in new Iowa poll
Donald Trump Calls for Barring Muslims From Entering U.S.
Clinton Said to Plan New Corporate Tax Proposals, Including 'Exit Tax'
How the Low-Tax U.S. Stacks Up Against Other Countries

Geopolitics & terrorism
Turkish leader's son denies Russian allegations of Islamic State trade
Biden Says 'Illegal' Russian Occupation of Crimea Must End
Tashfeen Malik Studied at Conservative Religious School in Pakistan

Gun stocks are going nuts right now

  Dec 7

Uneasy calm in markets about upcoming U.S. rate increase, BIS says
U.S. Rate Rise Could Hurt Emerging Markets, Says BIS
Corporate bond market hit by rates fears
The Stock Market Is Missing the Warning From Junk
Commodities Slump Hammers Sector’s Junk Bonds
Emerging Market Debt Sales Are Down 98 Percent

Fintech & blockchain
A unicorn startup is channeling the Occupy Wall Street movement to 'Break the Banks'
60 Minutes: The Future of Money
Building blockchain into digital foundations
How Blockchain Could Change Finance
The real value of bitcoin and crypto currency technology
Bitcoin might fail but the blockchain is here to stay
Blockchain for dummies

Central banks
Bullish Draghi tries to regain poise after market wobble
ECB lowered stimulus ambitions after hitting opposition
Central banks warned to be firm on rate rises

Amazon Buys Semi-Truck Fleet to Shuttle Inventory

China Steps Up, but Its Currency Still Has Dues to Pay
China services sector key to growth
In Nigeria, Chinese Investment Comes With a Downside

US politics
San Bernardino shootings polarise US politics
Donald Trump Forges New Blue-Collar Coalition Among Republicans
95,000 Words, Many of Them Ominous, From Donald Trump’s Tongue

Geopolitics & terrorism

Obama warns about ‘new phase’ of terrorism
London Underground attack raises fears over lone actor terrorism


36% better return on equity for boards with more women

  Dec 5

J.P. Morgan to Fire Market Maker for Poor Performance During Aug. 24 Mayhem
Opportunity in European Stocks
A Bond Pro Sees Opportunities in Europe, Emerging Markets

OPEC Opts for No Limits After Marathon Meeting
OPEC Offers No Hope for End to Oil Slump as Target Removed

Kinder Morgan Signals Possible Dividend Cut
SEC to Crack Down on Derivatives
Health Care:
Rising Drug Costs to Be in Focus at Congressional Hearing
Alcoa’s Split Could Lift Shares 50%
Amazon: Additional deliveries with our own truck fleet
Norfolk Southern rejects $29bn Canadian Pacific bid
Uber Is Now Valued Higher Than 80% of S&P 500 Companies

Corporate finance
Corporate debt downgrades hit $1tn worth of issues
Record pace of M&A may be too hot for market’s own good

Central banks
Hilsenrath Analysis: Jobs Report Clears the Way for Fed Rate Increase
Fed aimed at slow recovery, Kocherlakota says in parting speech
ECB president says QE `recalibration' enough to revive prices
Draghi Says No Limits on European Stimulus Measures I Speech

THE NUMBERS: November Jobs Report
Wages Are Growing 2.3%, But Your Paycheck Probably Isn’t
U.S. Trade Gap Widened 3.4% in October

Yuan in the SDR: The Chinese renminbi joins the IMF’s reserve-currency basket
China Creates a World Bank of Its Own, and the U.S. Balks
How China’s anti-corruption drive is hurting growth

Emerging economies
Brazil’s president: Dilma’s disasters
One in five: The scale of corruption in Africa

Geopolitics & terrorism
Investigators piece together portrait of Pakistani woman in shooting massacre
More ISIS Oil Evidence Against Erdogan
Terror in France has Marine Le Pen on the verge of a big victory

NYT Front Page Editorial: End the Gun Epidemic in America
Goldman Sachs has made a chart of the generations
Corruption Is Just a Symptom, Not the Disease

  Dec 4

Must see
Janet & Mario in "Divergent"
(Credit: Lionsgate/NTB Scanpix/Finansavisen/Magnus Skjølberg/Jone Frafjord)

Yellen says strong dollar means rate rises will be gradual
Janet Yellen Emphasizes Slow Pace of Rate Increases
Yellen’s Testimony: Economic Outlook

Draghi Braves QE Hype With Boost That Leaves ECB Room to Do More
Euro Soars and Stocks Plunge as ECB Moves Dash Hopes
ECB’s Stimulus Moves Fall Short of Market Expectations, Hammering Stocks
Draghi’s Press Conference

Euro jumps as ECB underwhelms markets
Markets Outlook 2016: equities call favours eurozone over US
Markets Outlook 2016: policy divergence looms over bond traders
There's Been a Bezzle-Fueled Boom in Bonds
Gross Says `De-Risk' Portfolios as Wile E. Coyote Time Nears

2015 Becomes the Biggest M&A Year Ever
Goldman Sachs files patent for virtual settlement currency
S&P Cuts Ratings on Systemically Important U.S. Banks
EU Hits McDonald’s With Full-Blown Tax Investigation

US economy
ISM Services PMI Falls to 55.9 in November
Transportation buoys U.S. factory orders in October
Consumer Comfort at One-Year Low as U.S. Buying Climate Dims

Emerging economies
The Solar Company Making a Profit on Poor Africans
Brazil's industry shrinks at fastest pace in 6 years in October
Brazil investors cheer impeachment move

No Islamic State Defeat Without Ground Force, Kerry Says

Microsoft: We're less than 5 years away from computers understanding us perfectly
Elon Musk is thinking much bigger than cars and rockets

  Dec 3

3 things bond investors must do now
40% of European government bonds sport negative yields, and more may follow
Commodities Hit 1970 Lows

Oil Prices Under Severe Pressure As U.S. Inventories Near 500 Million Barrels
U.S. Oil Falls Below $40 Amid New Signs of Glut
Low-priced oil still has the power to shock
Iran Says OPEC Remains Divided on Need for Oil Output Cut
Is Saudi Arabia about to boost oil prices?
America's biggest gas field finally succumbs to downturn

Global company debt sales eclipse $2tn
There are 2 clear winners on Wall Street
Railroad stocks drop after companies give downbeat outlooks
Chips Aren’t Getting Much Smaller, and That Stinks for Intel

Central banks
How’s the Fed Supposed to Get Off the Zero Bound in World Like This One?
Yellen Ties Rate-Rise Pace to ‘Actual Progress’ on Inflation / Speech
Brainard Says New Normal for Fed Policy May Be `Gradual and Low' / Speech
Inflation Stuck Near Zero Reinforces Draghi's Push for Stimulus
ECB to drive policy further into uncharted territory
BOJ to Act if China Slowdown Risks Inflation Target

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Added 217,000 Workers in November
U.S. Wages Show Signs of Breaking Out
U.S. Health Spending Up Most Since '07, Fueled by Obamacare

Global economy
Global M-PMI: Global manufacturing growth remains soft in November
China's all-important services sector weakens in November
Brazil’s economy shrinks by record 4.5%
Korean exports: The world's 'economic canary' offers no reason for optimism

Russia says it has proof Turkey involved in Islamic State oil trade
Russia presented 'evidence' today of Turkey's oil ties to ISIS — but it has a crucial flaw
Germany's intelligence agency says Saudi's 'game of thrones' risks tearing the Middle East apart

San Bernardino shooting is America's 352nd mass shooting in the 336 days of 2015
Zuckerbergs to give 99% of shares to new foundation

  Dec 2

U.S. Government Bond Yields Fall as Investors See Slow Pace of Fed Rate Increases
Sonders: Are Stocks Expensive? 11 Ways to Value the Market

Russia, Saudi Arabia Battle for European Oil Market
Commodities Nightmare November
Resource sector hopes for brighter 2016
Oil Glut: How to Tell When It's Really Time to Worry

Euro looks like it has further to fall
China Joins World’s Elite Currency Club
Economic Trends: The Choice Facing China as Its Currency Becomes More Global

Central banks
The Fed: Yellen to jawbone over 2016 rate path, not December hike
Fed's Evans Says December FOMC Rate Decision Makes Him Nervous
Mario Draghi's Policy Dilemma
ECB to Test the Limits of Its Bond-Buying Program
It's Happening: We're seeing the first real-world effects of negative interest rates in Europe

US economy
Highway Bill Compromise Would Take Money From U.S. Banks
November Car Sales Drive Toward Record
U.S. Manufacturing Contracts, but Rest of Economy Humming Along
CEOs’ Economic Outlook Dims as More Plan to Pull Back Investment
What Americans Spent More on Last Year: Housing, Health Care

Global economy
ECB's Preferred Inflation Outlook Gauge Climbs to 7-Month High
Eurozone unemployment just dropped to a 4-year low with record low for Germany
European Retail Property Deals Surge
Signs of froth in China’s debt market
JPMorgan's 10 investment themes for emerging markets in 2016

The CEO Paying Everyone $70,000 Salaries Has Something to Hide

  Dec 1

Yield on Two-Year U.S. Note Posts Biggest Monthly Rise Since 2010
Dollar bulls usher in pivotal policy week

Corporate finance
Companies Shy Away From Spending
Global defaults climb to six-year peak of $78bn
Emerging-Market Defaults Rise After Asia’s Debt Pileup

JPMorgan Leaves Bonus Pool for Traders, Bankers Unchanged
Morgan Stanley to cut up to 25% of fixed-income jobs
Health Care:
Why the U.S. Pays More Than Other Countries for Drugs
Health Care:
UnitedHealth Sees 2016 Revenue Slightly Below Estimates
Deere to Lay Off Workers at Illinois Plant Amid Demand Slump
Microsoft Unveils Skype for Business
Apple Is Getting More Bang for Its R&D Buck
Amazon’s Delivery Drones: Where Will They Land?

Central banks
US credit tightens ahead of Federal Reserve policy shift
Inflation May Guide the Pace of Fed Rate Hikes After December
Fed Adopts Dodd-Frank Bailout Limits
IMF Approves Reserve-Currency Status for China's Yuan

Manufacturing PMIs

Eurozone: 52.8, up from 52.3
Germany: 52.9, up from 52.1
France: 50.6, unchanged
Italy: 54.9, up from 54.1
Spain: 53.1, up from 51.3
UK: 52.7, down from 55.2
China (official): 49.6, down from 49.8
China (Caixin): 48.6, up from 48.3
Japan: 52.6, up from 52.4
South Korea: 49.1, unchanged
Taiwan: 49.5, up from 47.8
India: 50.3, down from 50.7


Target website stumbles on Cyber Monday, rivals out of stock
Pending Sales of Previously Owned Homes in U.S. Increase 0.2%
Sharp Declines in Underemployment for College Graduates


The Silicon Valley Idea That's Driving Solar Use Worldwide
Japan Seeks Tech Revival With Artificial Intelligence
The Race to Create Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Heats Up


At NATO, Turkey remains defiant over Russian jet

Netflix’s Former Top Recruiter on the Workplace of the Future
The new tallest building in the world is set to rise in Iraq
Gallup: Fewer Americans Say They Want to Lose Weight

  Nov 30

Policy moves trump geopolitical risk for investors
Holiday shopping unlikely to cheer many investors
These 6 American stocks can handle the stronger dollar and higher rates

Don't Catch the Metals Knife
Iron Ore Breaches $40 in Singapore as Rising Supply to Feed Glut
Rio Tinto Bucks Mining Sector Trend to Bet on Bauxite
Oil's Big Players Line Up for $30 Billion of Projects in Iran
Iran offers flexible oil contracts to attract foreign investors

Corporate finance
Pfizer Didn’t Need an Inversion to Avoid Paying U.S. Taxes

Central banks
Divergent Paths for U.S., European Central Banks
ECB discusses two-tiered bank charges, broader bond buys: officials
ECB ponders options as it looks to inject fresh economic stimulus
ECB ready to delve deeper into negative interest rates
Negative Swiss interest rates have started a bizarre debate among economists
Negative interest rates: Bankers v mattresses

US consumer
Macy's CEO: Despite Web, death of store experience 'greatly exaggerated'
Student Debt in America: Lend With a Smile, Collect With a Fist

US housing
Chinese Cash Floods U.S. Real Estate Market
Chinese Pull Back From U.S. Property Investments
U.S. New-Home Sales Continue Robust Pace
U.S. Restricts Raising Cap on Federally Backed Mortgages

US politics & education
Trump reframes claim that Muslims cheered 9/11
Donald Trump's denial challenged by reporter
The rise of liberal intolerance in America
Closed Minds on Campus
Radical Parents, Despotic Children

Geopolitics & terrorism
Declaring 'new beginning,' EU and Turkey seal migrant deal
Turkey's Prime Minister Criticizes Putin's Sanctions
A Military Power Rises in the Mideast, Courtesy of One Man
Islamic State Entrenches in Sirte, Libya
Paris Attacks Reveal Tangles in Belgium’s Convoluted System of Government

IBM Turns Up Heat Under Competition in Artificial Intelligence
Chinese Drone Maker Plows Into Agriculture
Jeff Bezos, Rocket Man
Why Musk's space rockets are more promising than Bezos' right now

Graying Japan Tries to Embrace the Golden Years
Beijing Raises Pollution Alert to the Second-Highest Level

  Nov 28

Coming: A Blue Chip Buying Frenzy
Time to Switch to Small-Cap Stocks
Small-Caps With a U.S. Focus Offer Abundant Value
Oil Faces a Long Stretch of Low Prices
Oil prices have moved into 'super contango'

Black Friday Shopping Shifts Online as Stores See Less Foot Traffic
Thanksgiving shopping at stores ‘was a bust’

Terrorism & geopolitics
U.S. Urges Turkey to Seal Border
The Syrian quagmire: No room for manoeuvre
Disagreements over the South China Sea worsen as China digs in
Trump in history: This land is our land

Watch Out, Visa and MasterCard; Here Comes Blockchain
The Climate Talks in Paris Might Actually Work This Time
Closed Minds on Campus

  Nov 27

Goldman's Incredibly Depressing Predictions for 2016
One of the most bullish Wall Street strategists offers bearish outlook for 2016
Gold slips to near 6-year low, set for 6th straight weekly drop
China Calm Shattered as Brokerage Probe Sparks Selloff in Stocks
It's Open Season on China's Securities Firms as Probes Intensify

US economy
Online Sales Surge Ahead of Brick-and-Mortar Retailers' Big Day

Global economy
Euro-Area Confidence at Four-Year High as ECB Mulls Stimulus
Japan Prime Minister Debuts New Social Programs to Help Economy
Taiwan Cuts Growth Forecast to Lowest Since 2009 on Export Slump

Emerging economies
Brazil's economy tailspin seen at record speed in third quarter
India's GDP growth picking up pace: economists
Modi Offers Olive Branch to Gandhi to End India Tax Impasse

US politics
Ben Carson to visit Syrian refugees in Jordan: reports
Donald Trump fires off epic statement, tweetstorm after being accused of mocking reporter's physical disability

Terrorism & geopolitics
Fabius Says Everyone Now Agreed on Crushing Islamic State
Paris Attacks Plot Was Hatched in Plain Sight
Russia seeks economic revenge against Turkey over jet
Israel to open diplomatic mission in UAE

The Doctor the NFL Tried to Silence

  Nov 26

Stocks & bonds
The Pressure on Corporate Profits May Last Longer Than Expected
Deutsche Bank: The Market Is Saying Larry Summers' Gloomy View Is Right
Bank of America: The Search for Yield Isn't Dead, It's Just Moved to Europe

Airlines Bet on Long Oil Slump After Millions Lost to Hedging
Why China's Steel Mills Won't Cut Back Production
Iron Ore Drops to New Low as China's Demand Hurt by Steel Cuts
Dollar-peg exporters stung by oil rout
US farmers turn to storage as grain prices sag

Central banks
What's `Gradual' in Fedspeak? Markets Obsess Over Latest Riddle
Draghi prepares for further monetary easing
QE has clouded market vision on what is normal

US economy
Economy Grows More Than First Estimated on U.S. Stockpiles
Falling Corporate Profits Blur U.S. Growth Outlook
Durable goods orders rise more than expected
Consumer Spending Rises Less Than Forecast as Americans Save
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Economy Down Sharply in November
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Slips in November
U.A.W. Contracts Change Math for Detroit Automakers

Turkey Shoots Down a Paper Tiger
Putin, Hollande to Meet as Russia Penalizes Turkey Over Jet
Obama, Hollande Put Up Unified Front on Russia and Islamic State
France will live under terror threat for ‘several years’, PM says

Countries Try to Raise Fertility—and Empower Women
For Poor Countries, Well-Worn Path to Development Turns Rocky
How Demographics Rule the Global Economy

  Nov 24

Stocks & bonds
Insiders sending an ominous market signal
Liquidity deteriorates for US Treasuries

Commodities & currencies
Dollar hits eight-month high on rate views, metals fall
Strong Dollar, Weak Demand Weigh on Copper
Copper Miners’ Pain Doesn’t Stop Buildup
Doctor copper loses barometer status
Iron ore prices at 10-year low as China demand outlook dims
Volkswagen emissions scandal heightens platinum concerns
OPEC Seen Holding the Line as $40 Crude Looms Over Vienna
Will the Euro Fall to $1? Interest Rates Aren’t Investors’ Only Guide
New York’s top prosecutor probes brokers over forex spoofing

Corporate finance
Global debt defaults near milestone
Wall Street braces for losses on leveraged deals
S&P 500 Profits Fall $25 Billion in First Three Quarters of 2015
Pfizer and Allergan megamerger already drawing political backlash

Central banks
Yellen Defends Seven Years of Low Interest Rates in Letter to Nader
Fed's Tarullo Remains Worried by Low Inflation Despite Job Gains
Fed risks using wrong tool to tighten
The Oxford Economist Running the Fed’s Interest-Rate Machine
BOJ to publish new indicators showing prices rising

Things to Watch in the Third-Quarter U.S. GDP Report
Flash U.S. manufacturing PMI slumps to 25-month low in November
Tight inventories, rising prices hurt U.S. home sales
Why the Housing Rebound Hasn’t Lifted the U.S. Economy Much

Wanted: more people to make babies in China
As China’s Workforce Dwindles, the World Scrambles for Alternatives
Japan and China step up fight for Asean infrastructure contracts

Terrorism & geopolitics
Turkey shoots down Russian plane on Syrian border
Defying Critics: Obama Sticks to Strategy on Syria, Islamic State
Iran leader hosts Putin, says U.S. policies threaten Tehran, Moscow
West sees more hope of Syria political deal with Moscow
China and US clash over South China Sea
China and U.S. Say They’ve Made Strides in Trade Talks

Robots Take On More-Elaborate Tasks Amid Worker Shortage
IRS Urged to Focus Audits on Wealthiest
Argentina's President-Elect Inherits Large Economic Problems

  Nov 23

Nov. 20 was the last day of the year for investors to lose sleep
Prices for Base Metals Plummet

Crude oil
Venezuela Sees Crude in Mid-$20s If OPEC Doesn't Act
Iran Sees OPEC Keeping Output Cap Unchanged at Next Meeting
Epic oil glut sparks super tanker 'traffic jams' at sea
Goldman eyes $20 oil as glut overwhelms storage sites
Low Crude Prices Catch Up With the U.S. Oil Patch

Corporate finance
Is the Surge in Stock Buybacks Good or Evil?
Bond issuance in euros hits six-year high

Central banks
GOLDMAN: The Fed is going to hike 4 times in 2016
Citi's Buiter: 'Inconsistent' Fed will never reach normal
At this point, the Fed is 'damned if they do, damned if they don't'
A Berkeley professor has found a pattern in when the Fed leaks secrets
Draghi pledges to ‘do what we must’ to boost sluggish inflation
BoJ holds course despite return to recession in Japan

Flash PMIs (November)
Eurozone: Composite Output at 54.4 (53.9 in Oct), 54-month high
Germany: Composite Output Index at 54.9 (54.2 in Oct), 3-month high
France: Composite Output Index slips to 51.3 (52.6 in Oct), 3-month low

Emerging Economies
Emerging Markets Step Back From Abyss as Goldman Turns Bullish
India Wants a Nationwide Sales Tax
Brazil's economy takes the good with the bad
Brazil inflation at 12-year high compounds economic crisis
Foreign Investors Buy into Brazil, Lead M&A Activity
China Watchers Hunt for New Clues on the Economy

US politics
Clinton to propose tax credit for family caregiving costs
Trump: Open to Independent Bid if GOP Doesn’t Treat Him ‘Fairly’
GOP Operative Plans ‘Guerrilla Campaign’ Against Donald Trump

Terrorism & geopolitics
Kagan: The Crisis of World Order
Russia Says U.S. Policies Helped Islamic State, Interfax Reports
Obama Says Russia Faces Strategic Choice as Assad Can't Stay
Obama Vows No Safe Haven for Terrorists as New Solutions Sought
China says won't cease building on South China Sea isles

WSJ Demography series
POPULATION IMPLOSION: How Demographics Rule the Global Economy

DEA map shows that 'El Chapo' Guzmán basically controls the entire US drug market
Apple CarPlay could completely disrupt the auto industry in one important way
Backlash Develops Over Student Protests

  Nov 21

U.S. Stocks Cap Best Week of 2015 as Interest-Rate Concerns Fade
Investors Taking the Air out of Hottest 'Yield Plays' in Markets
Terrorism and the Markets

Reuters summit
YARDENI: M&A is bullish for stocks
Commodities free-fall not a recession indicator: Yardeni
Big investors see technology easing inflation pressures

Biotech’s Biggest Battle
Whirlpool Enters Up Cycle
Procter & Gamble: Time for a Split
Low Crude Prices Catch Up With the U.S. Oil Patch
Health Care:
Aetna, Anthem reassure investors on Obamacare business
Health Care:
Express Scripts’ Unit Supports High-Priced Specialty Drugs
Economic Fallout of Paris Attacks Hits Hotels Hard
Macy’s on Sale
China’s Chip Ambitions Roil Stocks
LivingSocial Offers a Cautionary Tale to Today’s Unicorns

US economy
U.S. business borrowing for equipment falls in October: ELFA
Inflation Looks Likely to Jump by January
U.S. Proposes Obamacare Changes to Ease Shopping, Lower Bills
Why White House Economists Worry About Land-Use Regulations
Workers Ratify U.A.W. Contracts With General Motors and Ford
United Airlines Reaches Proposed Two-Year Labor Deal With Pilots

Emerging economies
How to read the signals from emerging markets
China’s rich no longer putting on the Ritz

Central banks
The Hidden Message of the Fed Minutes
Dudley says Fed should 'soon' be ready to raise rates
Credit Suisse: The Divergence Trade Is Just Getting Started
Dovish Draghi rhetoric keeps pressure on euro

Paris and Mali Attacks Expose Lethal Qaeda-ISIS Rivalry
For Russia, Links Between Caucasus and ISIS Provoke Anxiety
Terror in Paris is pushing Russia and the West closer together
Paris attacks: UN passes resolution urging action against Isis
Donald Trump Sets Off a Furor With Call to Register Muslims in the U.S.

Fidelity Joins Growing Field of Automated Financial Advice

  Nov 20

History Shows ‘Slow and Steady’ Is Best Rates Mantra for Stocks
Global shares march on as alarm bells ring for metals
Health-Care, Energy Shares Weigh on Market
Pharma dealmaking helps lift US stocks
Bond ETF Withdrawals Surge as Investors Brace for Higher Rates
Goldman Sachs' top-market themes for '16
14 Predictions for 2016 from the Brightest Minds in Finance

Health Care:
UnitedHealth warns it may quit Obamacare
Health Care:
Obamacare's Fate May Rest on Patience of Insurers Aetna, Anthem
Health Care:
Pfizer Said Near Allergan Deal as U.S. Targets Inversions
Gap cuts full-year profit forecast as dollar weighs
Square IPO May Prove to Be Turning Point for Technology
Why Square priced its IPO at $9

Corporate finance
The strong dollar has cast a dark shadow on earnings season
Wage pressures coming? U.S. companies start to sound the alarm
US Treasury unveils new measures to deter tax inversions

Central banks
Draghi Says ECB Will Do What It Must to Spur Price Gains
Draghi speech: Monetary Policy: Past, Present and Future
Central Banks Fight to Ensure Crisis Tools Become the Norm
ECB considered boosting QE in October, minutes show
BoJ holds course despite return to recession in Japan
China’s Central Bank Picks New Target, but Old Problems Remain
The real reason behind China's latest 'stimulus'

A Hard Landing in China Could 'Shake the World'
China inclusion in IMF currency basket not just symbolic
China Restarts IPO Process for 10 Companies as Stocks Stabilize

US politics
Hillary Clinton has a 24-step plan to defeat ISIL
Why Didn’t Obama Give Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Defeating ISIS?
Republican Ben Carson compares Syrian refugees to 'rabid dogs'
Trump says he would 'absolutely' implement a database to track Muslims

Terrorism & geopolitics
China's navy 'restrained' facing U.S. provocations: admiral
China kills 28 'terrorists' after massive manhunt
Several Paris attackers were on U.S. watchlists: officials
Security forces have stormed the Mali hotel where gunmen are holding 170 people hostage

Uber Is Not the Future of Work
Money really can buy happiness, Harvard prof says

  Nov 19

Wall St. rallies after Fed minutes solidify December rate hike bets
DIVERGENCE: The biggest issue facing investors right now
Hedge funds keep on imploding

Workers at Two Major Ford Factories Reject Labor Pact
US crude oil back below $40 threshold
Bank trading reform would lift capital needs by up to ninefold
Warming US economy leaves retailers cold
Target, Wal-Mart See Online Sales Growth Ebb in Ominous Sign
Apple’s shares are going to soar 43%: Goldman Sachs
Square IPO Offers Up a Litmus Test

Corporate finance
Pfizer-Allergan talks accelerate amid new inversion clamp-down
Wall Street critic Elizabeth Warren slams tax reform plans
Chip-Industry Merger Bash: Why This Party Isn’t Over
Can Anything Stop Companies From Loading Up on Debt? UBS Says No.
Shares of Deal Targets Reflect Regulatory Fear

Central banks
Fed Tipping Toward December Rate Hike, Minutes Show
Fed Minutes Stress Potential for December Liftoff
FOMC Minutes October 27-28
Fed Officials Signal Confidence in Economy as Liftoff Nears
Markets Now Calmed, Fed Should Soon Raise U.S. Rates-Lockhart
New Dallas Fed President, Different View Than His Predecessor
ECB ready to delve deeper into negative interest rates

Inflation Picks Up, but the Trend Remains Soft
U.S. Housing Starts Fall 11% in October
Rising Rates Pose Challenge to Health Law

Japan & China
Japan exports fall in October for first time in 14 months
Japanese Deflation Threat Hangs Over China
China is running into trouble with its version of 'too big to fail'
China's middle class isn't what we thought it was

The Doomsday Ideology of Islamic State's Leader
Jeb Bush Calls for Military Buildup in Wake of Paris Attacks
Economies are too tough for Isis to destroy
Global supply chains hit by terror threats and flows of migrants
Honduras detains Syrians bound for U.S. with doctored Greek passports
Anonymous’s Hackers Targeting Islamic State Online

Climate change: October was the hottest on record
U.S. World’s Richest Country, But Ranks 14th in Financial Literacy
Deaton: ‘I Both Love Inequality and I’m Terrified of It’

  Nov 18

Why Are Markets Largely Immune to Terror?
Here Are Some of the Big Bets Being Made at the Robin Hood Investor's Conference
Dollar bulls target further gains
Dollar’s Revival Poses New Threat to Commodities
US bond dealers hold net negative positions

Airlines: Frequent-Flier Era Ends as American Bases Rewards Plan on Fares
Energy: Investor Shift: Hate the Oil, Love the Big Oil Company
Retail: TJX: What It Takes to Shine In a Bleak Retail Market
Retail: Strong Sales at Walmart, Home Depot and TJX
Railroads: Canadian Pacific Proposes Rail Merger With Norfolk Southern
Tech: LinkedIn’s Hoffman: Half of Tech ‘Unicorns’ May Not Succeed
Tech: US warns on terrorists’ use of encryption

Corporate finance
Citi: The Death of U.S. Capital Spending Has Been Greatly Exaggerated
'Astonishing' US dividend growth sets record in Q3
Hotels compete for staying power through round of M&A
Air Liquide to Buy Airgas for $10.3 Billion

U.S. Industrial Production Falls 0.2% in October
Inflation Picks Up, but the Trend Remains Soft
Everything Except Headline Inflation Is Saying The Same Thing About Inflation

Emerging economies
First America, then Europe. Now the debt crisis has reached emerging markets

Paris Raids Target Terrorist Ringleader, Leaving at Least 2 Dead
Taleb: The Saudi Wahhabis are the real foe
The Belgian radicals’ den
Putin orders Russian forces to work with French ‘allies’ in Syria
France’s Hollande Wants to Join With U.S. and Russia to Fight Islamic State
Germany-Netherlands Soccer Game Canceled Over Bomb Threat

Wall Street Is Running the World's Central Banks
Facebook secret weapon for artificial intelligence: humans
Book reviews: ‘Chicagonomics’ and ‘Economics Rules’
Goldman Sachs Casts Focus on Millennial Women

  Nov 17

Terrorism: economics
ECB officials warn of economic fallout from Paris terror attacks
Sorkin: What is the economic cost of terrorism?
Security Issues Threaten Global Economy
France swats aside EU budget rules in rearmament blitz

Terrorism: geopolitics
Germany Reconsiders Military Intervention in Wake of Paris Attacks
What We Know About the Man Accused of Masterminding the Paris Attacks
Paris Attacks Renew U.S. Call to Access Encrypted Communications
Putin Says Sinai Plane Crash Was Caused by Terror Attack
NYC Prepares as If It's the Next Terror Target, Bratton Says
Britain says Islamic State militants plotting deadly cyber attacks
These are the ways Anonymous could wage 'war' on ISIS

Stocks resilient in wake of Paris attacks
Druckenmiller, Bacon Among Top Managers Cutting Back U.S. Stocks
Ramsey the Bear, Who Called S&P 500 Decline, Sends Warning
Big Wall Street Bull Ends Six-Year Overweight on Consumer Stocks, Favors Energy
Debt Market Distortions Go Global as Nothing Makes Sense Anymore
Steel Is the Poster Child For Oversupplied Commodity Markets, and It's in Shambles

As stock buybacks reach historic levels, signs that corporate America is undermining itself
Without buybacks, there is no earnings-per-share growth
Marriott's $12.2 Billion for Starwood Signals More Deals to Come
Liberty Global to Buy Cable & Wireless Communications for $5.3 Billion
Wal-Mart Finds Itself Boxed In

America's Gas Supplies Just Gained Another 7 Billion Cubic Feet
In Seeking Policy Clues, Not All Fed Speak Is Equal
Fed faces the risk of waiting too long
Where Have All the Workers Gone?
FRB-SF Economic Research: What’s Different about the Latest Housing Boom?

'Abenomics' architect predicts no more Bank of Japan easing this year
Economic Contractions Are Becoming Awfully Common in Japan
Japan’s Economy Feels the Sting of China’s Slowdown
Japan's Endless Struggle to Spark Inflation
Lack of Workers Hobbles Japan’s Growth

Amazon's Holiday Shopping Target: The Procrastinator
Billionaire's Supersonic Jet Advances With Factory Plans, Airbus
The 13 best jobs for people who hate people
Paulson Maintains Gold Stake as Prices Touch Five-Year Low
Clinton charities refile six years of tax returns to amend errors

  Nov 16

Paris Attacks Prompt Geopolitical Shift in West
Paris Attacks Suggest Shift in Islamic State’s Strategy
Paris Attacks Show U.S., Allies Misjudged Islamic State
Smashing Islamic State After Paris Attacks Poses Huge Challenges
Putin Goes From G-20 Pariah to Player With Obama Talk in Turkey
Who Benefits Most From Paris Attacks? Assad
Why France has become a prime target for terrorists
France police raid homes, vow it's 'just the beginning'
Supporting France, Obama Loath to Add Troops to ISIS Fight

As Terror Episodes Increase, So Has Resilience in World Markets
Small cap stocks serve up big warning
Investors Flee Precious Metals as ETF Outflows Top $1 Billion

Autos: Automakers battle for high-tech dominance on the road to self-driving car
Consumer: Merchants Watch Online Sales Data for Shifts in Buying Habits
Energy: The Oil Market: Abnormally normal
Energy: Oil Majors’ Dividends Survive Plunge in Oil Prices
Financials: MasterCard sees double-digit growth in China on e-commerce: executive
Industrials: Caterpillar warns lower Chinese demand will limit sales
Industrials: As Boeing booms, robots rise and job growth lags
Media: Disney Counts On 300 Million Tourists to Feed Its Shanghai Beast

Central banks
ECB Quantitative Easing Losing Its Power to Pack a Punch in Markets
Fed's Rosengren Says Search for Yield Is a Risk of Low Rates
FT interview with Eric Rosengren
DoubleLine's Gundlach: Fed hike 'no-go more likely than most people think'

Cheaper Oil Fails to Yield Holiday Cheer for Retailers
Quiet U.S. Ports Spark Slowdown Fears

Europe & Japan
Japan Falls Into Recession for Second Time Under 'Abenomics'
The euro-zone recovery slows again

Emerging Economies
Emerging market outlook divides investors
Trump Is Wrong on China
Brazilian institutions have responded well to political crisis
India: The dusty plains of Bihar expose Narendra Modi’s feet of clay

Gallup: Congress' Job Approval Rating Slips to 11%

  Nov 14

Islamic State says France remains top target
Islamic State Expands Global Reach With Deadly Attacks in Paris
Paris Bloodshed Elevates Terrorism Fight to Top of G-20 Agenda
US builds momentum in Isis campaign
This is how the US and UK tracked down Jihadi John

Calm Broken as U.S. Stocks Post Worst Week Since August Selloff
Rough week: Dow sheds 665 points
Investors face quagmire of falling earnings, higher rates
Jim Rogers: His Outlook for Stocks, Commodities

Consumer: Nordstrom, Penney, Macy’s: Don’t Investors Know It’s Christmas?
Consumer: J.C. Penney Falls After Signaling Slower Holiday Sales Gains
Consumer: Nordstrom has experts worried there's something wrong in the US economy
Consumer: Grounded: GoPro crashes below IPO price
Energy: Global oil inventory stands at record level
Energy: An Oil-Soaked Globe as Production Keeps Climbing and Demand Falls
Health Care: AstraZeneca's potential $3 billion lung cancer pill wins early approval
Danaher and Honeywell: What Industrial Recession?
Industrials: Emerson Electric Could Pop 25%
Materials: Commodity trader Cargill restructures, cuts jobs
Telecom: Sprint to Create Four Regional Hubs, Cut Jobs in Overhaul

Fischer: The Transmission of Exchange Rate Changes to Output and Inflation
Fed’s Fischer leaves out the scary parts about the strong dollar, economist says

US economy
Sales Rise Less Than Forecast as Americans Save Gas Money
Consumer Sentiment Climbs as Americans Buoyed by Price Discounts
Retail's problem isn't tightfisted shoppers
Businesses Are Stocking More Than They’re Selling. What Does It Mean?
Why Consumer Spending Is Better Than Reported

US labor shortages
D.R. Horton 'sidestepped' industry-crippling labor shortage to post 23% bump in deliveries
NAHB: Remodelers suffering severe labor shortages
Report Warns Of Future Massachusetts Labor Shortage
Trucker shortage spurs push for dropping age to drive

Emerging economies
Emerging market outlook divides investors
Chinese Yuan Should Be an IMF Reserve Currency, Christine Lagarde Says
End of China’s One-Child Policy Stings Its ‘Loneliest Generation’

US politics
Tolerance, Free Speech Collide on Campus
The children of the Obama era are angry
This is what Ben Carson said about Donald Trump’s rant against him

Who exactly is the iPad Pro for?
How China Helped Spur the Global Art Boom

  Nov 13

Uh oh--just 8 stocks are propping up the market
Credit Suisse: 2016 top 10 trades

Consumer: Nordstrom Shares Plunge After Profit Misses Analysts' Estimates
Consumer: Why Kohl's is outshining Macy's
Consumer: GM to Import Chinese-Made Buick SUV
Financials: Wall Street banks are writing huge checks to finance the takeover boom
Tech: Cisco second-quarter forecast misses on order slowdown
Tech: Cisco chief warns against IT megamergers
Tech: Windows 10 is getting a massive update
Tech: Unicorns take investors on wild valuation rides

Fed must weigh impact of new financial market landscape: Yellen
Fed's Dudley Says Need for Higher Rates Soon ‘Quite Possible’
Evans Says Fed Must Send Strong Signal of Gradual Rate Increases
Fed's Fischer Says Waiting to Raise Helped Offset Dollar Harm
May 1994 - What Happened When the Fed Last Diverged With Europe
Fed should wait with liftoff to see firm inflation signs: IMF note

U.S. labor market data supportive of rate hike
Job Openings Rise Above 5.5 Million, But the Hiring Rate Remains Little Changed
Students across U.S. to march over debt, free public college
With a Hush, an American Lexus Plant Goes to Work

China Doubles Margin Requirement for Stocks to Curb Leverage
China's Troubled Credit Swells to Sweden-Sized $628 Billion

Euro-Area Growth Misses Estimates as ECB Ponders More Stimulus
Greek general strike: Petrol bombs and teargas during anti-austerity protest
Schäuble warns of refugee ‘avalanche’ in dig at Merkel

BoE Chief Economist: Robots could replace 80mn US jobs, 15mn in UK
Thinking machines: the skilled jobs that could be taken over by robots
18 AI researchers reveal the most impressive thing they've ever seen
Robot revolution: 22 stocks to buy

US politics
Trump likens Carson's 'pathology' to that of a child molester
Going Postal: U.S. postal workers union backs Sanders' presidential bid

Islamic State Claims Attack on Hezbollah After Syria War Setback
The US military is 'confident' it has killed 'Jihadi John' in an airstrike
U.S. bombers flew near China-built island in South China Sea: Pentagon

Mossberg: The Steve Jobs I Knew Isn’t in This Movie
Warren Buffett Has an Image Problem
London Mansion Prices Fall 11.5% as Home `Bubble' May Have Burst

  Nov 12

Crude Oil
Oil slides 3 percent; hits 2-1/2-mth low on U.S. stockpile, Iraqi supply
Russia's Oil Rivalry With Saudis Masks the Bigger Iranian Threat
Oil Tanker Traffic Jam Off Texas Is Viewed as Sign of Oversupply

Consumer: Macy’s Plunges After Slumping Retailer Cuts Profit Forecast
Consumer: McDonald’s Says It’s Acting to End Slump
Energy: Oil Firms Have Half-Trillion Dollars to Fund Takeovers
Financials: Boom times for US corporate bond sales
Financials: Morgan Stanley turns to stodgy bank accounts to boost profit
Industrials: Rolls-Royce warns profits hit by ‘sharply weaker demand’
Media: Comcast, Time Warner Invest in Virtual Reality
Tech: Apple, Banks in Talks on Mobile Person-to-Person Payment Service
Tech: Dizzying Ride May Be Ending for Tech Start-Ups

Central banks
Euro Weakens as Draghi Boosts Speculation of Deposit-Rate Cut
Draghi Says Inflation Weakening as December Decision Nears
Draghi Speech to European Parliament

Millions Face Premium and Deductible Sticker Shock under Obamacare
Cuomo to Raise Minimum Wage to $15 for All New York State Employees
Record share of young women are living with their parents, relatives

Euro-Area Industrial Production Falls 0.3%, More Than Forecast
German inflation picks up slightly in October
Europe’s leaders struggle to save floundering migrant policy
Greece Comes to a Standstill as Unions Turn Against Tsipras

China Credit Growth Falls as Tepid Economy Dents Loan Demand
CICC Keeps It `Conservative' With 300% China IPO Return Forecast

Global economy
Australian Employment Soars 58,600 in October, Currency Jumps

US politics
Populism on the Rise in GOP Race for President
Hillary, Bernie, and O’Malley all want to tax financial transactions

The iPad Pro: Bigger. Better?
Florida’s Le Palais Royal Boosts Its Price Tag to $159 Million

  Nov 11

Goldman Contrarian Joins Chorus Warning on Bond-Market Liquidity
Large U.S. banks now reporting negative corporate-bond inventories

Energy: OPEC Challenges Shale Afresh as Iraq Crude Floods U.S. Market
Financials: Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan cannot wait for Fed to hike rates
Financials: Beyond Banking: under attack on all sides
Financials: US banks said to hold $10tn of ‘risky’ trades
Financials: Banks could use bitcoin technology by next year: study
Industrials: Lockheed wins $969 million contract for 17 C-130J aircraft
Tech: Intel helped AWS become a monster, and it could end up backfiring
Tech: Microsoft wants to make Bitcoin easier for banks
Tech: Apple’s stock sinks on concern about slowing growth

Central banks
Negative Interest Rates the New Normal Next Time Economies Slump
Fed's Evans: Looking forward to time when Fed can raise rates
The Fed's Shifting Makeup: More Academics, Fewer Bankers
Neel Kashkari Named New Minneapolis Fed President
Here Are Neel Kashkari's Latest Tweets on Monetary Policy

Retailers’ Full Shelves May Force Holiday Discounts

China Rebalancing Takes Hold as Output Slows, Retail Jumps
China Auto Sales Gain Most in 10 Months After Tax Cut
China sets Singles Day spending record
Alibaba says Singles' Day sales surpass last year's $9.3 billion total

U.K. Unemployment Rate Declines to 5.3%, Wage Growth Softens
Socialists set for power in Portugal as left topples government
Greece says it is close to deal with lenders over bad bank loans

Emerging economies
Modi Sees First Signs of Dissent After India State Election Loss

US politics
Republican debate: the winners and losers
Blodget: Pundits are still underestimating Trump
Republican Jeb Bush survives debate with steady performance

Ben Bernanke Recounts His Nerdy South Carolina Childhood

  Nov 10

Stocks & bonds
As ‘Fedexodus’ Looms, Big Stock-Market Gains ‘May Be Behind Us’
US is suffering a profits recession
Treasuries Losing Run Longest in Two Years on 2015 Liftoff Bets

Conglomerates: Berkshire Hathaway beats on earnings by $48 a share
Energy: Apache Said to Get Takeover Approach for $18 Billion Company
Health Care: Amgen on the hunt for potential $10bn deal
Industrials: General Electric to Sell Australian Commercial Lending Business
Industrials: Canadian Pacific makes second US rail play in 13 months
Materials: Two timber companies merged to become a $23 billion behemoth
Materials: Turnaround expert gets the job as Dupont's permanent CEO
Tech: Ericsson and Cisco in network partnership to boost sales
Tech: Wincor Nixdorf says M&A talks with Diebold constructive

Global economy
OECD Trims Global Growth Forecast on Emerging-Market Slowdown
Japan's Current Account Surplus Widens, Helped by Weak Yen, Oil

Upbeat Rosengren points to December Fed rate hike
Bernanke Blog: Budgetary sleight-of-hand

China's Deflation Pressures Signal More Monetary, Fiscal Easing
China consumer inflation slows to 1.3%
Chinese Buyers Seek Dollar Assets as Promise of Yuan Gains Fades
China Bonds Drop Most Since 2013 as IPOs to Resume; Stocks Climb

Italy Industrial Output in September Rises Less Than Expected
French Industry Shows Unexpected Strength as Quarter Winds Up
Catalan lawmakers approve plan for secession from Spain
Portugal's government is about to get ousted by a new left-wing coalition

Russia Fears Islamic Terror Blowback Over Syria After Sinai
Russia Moving Ahead With Deal to Supply Iran With Surface-to-Air Missiles

Russian Athletes Part of State-Sponsored Doping Program, Report Finds
Tesla owner sits in back seat as car drives itself down highway at 51 miles per hour
Apple's bigger iPad on sale Wednesday

  Nov 9

After a Rise, Stocks Appear Pricey Again
Dollar Surges, Bonds Drop on Rate Speculation; Banks Rally
Dash for debt ahead of US rate rise
Title Goes Here

Consumer: Retail, consumer earnings take spotlight as season winds down
Financials: Banking Giants Learn Cost of Preventing Another Lehman Moment
Health Care: Why giant mergers are especially popular among drugmakers
Tech: Microsoft’s Stock Math: Fewer Shares, Pricier Shares
Tech: Alibaba to pay about $3.7 billion for 'China's YouTube'

Global economy
China trade slumps on waning demand
Global GDP Worse Than Official Forecasts Show, Maersk CEO Says

Emerging economies
Goldman's BRIC Era Ends as Fund Folds After Years of Losses
Modi Suffers Setback With Big Loss in India State Election
Flush Indian Startups Face Shortage of Skilled Workers
India to Emerge As Winner from Asia’s Shrinking Labor Force

Crude oil
Kuwait Sees Oil Glut of Up to Five Years on Increasing Supply
Saudi Arabia will not stop pumping to boost oil prices

Central banks
Fed’s Williams: Next Step for Fed Is to Raise Rates, Data Decides When
Fed’s Evans Sees Jobs Report as a ‘Good Number’
ECB’s Weidmann: German Economy on Robust Growth Path

U.S. Wants to Avoid Second Cold War - or Hot War - With Russia
New photos: Russia's operation in Syria stretches well beyond its air campaign
Exclusive: Investigators '90 percent sure' bomb downed Russian plane
As U.S. Escalates Air War on ISIS, Allies Slip Away

Donald Trump Hosts 'Saturday Night Live' Amid Protests
All 24 James Bond theme songs, ranked from worst to best

  Nov 7

U.S. Consumer Credit Jumps, Signaling More Confidence in Economy
Full-Time Employment Now Above Where It Was Before the Recession
The October Jobs Report in 12 Charts
After Years Out of a Job, Older Workers Find a Way Back In
Greg Ip: Still Not Enough Good News on Wages
Is the Economy Overheating? Here’s Why It’s So Hard to Say

The Fed's Pace Will Be the Next Big Debate
The October Jobs Report Gives Fed Officials a Green Light to Raise Rates
Brisk Job Gains Ease Fed’s Path
One of Yellen's Most Important Labor Market Measures Now Looks a Lot Better

U.S. Stocks Erase Drop Amid Optimism on Economy After Jobs Surge
U.S. Stocks Show Scant Signs of Tantrum as Rate Increase Looms
What Hedge Fund Stars Are Buying and Selling

General Motors’ Revival Is Here to Stay
Ford reaches deal with auto workers
Berkshire Profit Surges to Record $9.43 Billion on Kraft Heinz
McDonald’s Turns Around
Health Care:
Lilly, Merck and Valeant Receive Inquiries About Drug Pricing
China’s Woes Still Dull Copper

Corporate finance
Accor and Hyatt to the fore as hotels join deals rush
Rite Aid and Walgreens in Murky Deal to Clear Antitrust Hurdle
Square's Lower IPO Valuation Casts Shadow Over Startups
Verizon weighs $10 billion sale of enterprise assets: sources
Chanos has launched an attack on Alibaba shares

China’s Foreign-Exchange Reserves Rise, Snapping Streak of Outflows
China Delays Economic Liberalization
China’s Economy Likely Stabilized in October, But Growth Subdued
China Plans to Lift Moratorium on I.P.O.s by End of Year
Family planning in China: Two little, too late

US politics
Where Politico's Ben Carson 'scoop' went wrong
Obama rejects Keystone XL pipeline in win for greens

Protesters rage against Amazon wearing masks bought on Amazon Prime

  Nov 6

Stocks, bonds, & currencies
Biggest Wealth Fund Selling Government Bonds in Property Drive
John Bogle says you won’t make much money from stocks
Bond yield divergence powers dollar rally
Swap Spreads Have Fallen and They Can't Get Up
A Bunch of Hedge Funds Got Burned by Valeant

Toyota Posts Record Net, Pares Sales Outlook
Autos: Toyota plans U.S. artificial intelligence research with focus on self-driving cars
Energy: Oil companies are ditching North Dakota
Energy: Oil Slump Forces Deep Cuts by Service Providers
Health Care: Cigna's third-quarter revenue rises 7.2 percent
Health Care: AstraZeneca to Buy ZS Pharma for $2.7 Billion
Media: News Corp posted its third straight quarter of revenue decline
Media: Disney CEO is 'bullish' about ESPN
Tech: Giants Tighten Grip on Internet Economy

Central banks
Feeling ignored, Fed jolts markets to prime them for lift-off
Fed's Lockhart Says Rate Liftoff 'Will Soon Be Appropriate'
Lockhart Speech: The Transition from Extraordinary to "Normal"
Mark Carney: Prudent to Expect Bank of England Rate Rise in 2016
Bank of England signals rates can remain at lows until 2017
Deflation Risks May Warrant Radical New Central-Bank Thinking, says IMF
Treat central bank forecasts with caution

German Industrial Output Unexpectedly Falls as Risks Emerge
U.K. Industrial Output Falls, Trade Drags on Economic Growth
EU forecasts growth dividends from projected 3m migrant influx
The chancellor’s crucible: Merkel and Refugee Crisis

China October Auto Sales Up 11% After Tax Cut Boosts Demand
Tata Motors Posts Surprise Loss After Jaguar Sales Fall in China
Slowdown forcing firms to re-think China relationship
China resumes IPOs as stock market revives
China seeks quantum leap to a new economic model

US labor market
FRB-ATL Blog: A Closer Look at Changes in the Labor Market
Atlanta Fed's Hotchkiss: Don't Be Overly Alarmed by Shrinking Labor Force
Nurse practitioners could help primary care shortage
College majors where the pay goes nowhere

Global trade
TPP Trade Deal Hits 5,544 pages
Pacific trade zone nations make currency vow
TPP Full Text

Designer immune cells used to treat ‘incurable’ leukaemia case
Fed’s Dudley Calls for Improved Ethical Culture on Wall Street

  Nov 5

Stocks & bonds
Bonds Tumble Around the Globe as Fed Rate Odds Climb Past 50%
U.S. Stocks Slip on Yellen’s Testimony
This Is the Worst U.S. Earnings Season Since 2009
MSCI Inclusion Could Fuel Demand for Some Chinese Tech Majors

Michael Kors Reports Higher Retail Sales
Energy: Biofuel needs $70 oil to compete, says DuPont
Materials: Iron Ore Chief Says Rio Can't Turn Off Tap to Boost Prices
Tech: Facebook Sales Top Estimates, Fueled by Mobile Advertising
Tech: The Amazon boss who conquered the cloud
Tech: Uber as Employer: The Boss Is an Algorithm - Digits
Tech: Expedia to buy HomeAway for $3.9 billion in cash, stock

Central banks I
Yellen and Dudley Signal December Is Still ’Live’ for Rate Hike
Fed would consider negative rates if economy soured—Yellen
U.S. Economic Outlook is Upbeat, says Fed’s Lael Brainard
Fed’s Fischer warns against shackles on central bank
FRB: Testimony--Yellen, Supervision and Regulation--November 4, 2015
FRB: Speech--Fischer, Central Bank Independence--November 4, 2015

Central banks II
HSBC Explains How Markets Will Behave in a World of 'Quantitative Exhaustion'
Is Europe's Economy So Bad the ECB Will Run Out of Things to Buy?
Carney's New Year Plans Awaited for Bank of England Rate Clues
The Bear Case for China Sees PBOC Following Fed to Zero Rates

U.S. Trade Gap Shrinks 15% Due to Export Rebound
Private-Sector Jobs Rose by 182,000 in October

What slowdown? Chinese buyers are still crazy for SUVs
GM announces record China vehicle sales in October
China Stocks Enter Bull Market as State Stimulus Reverses Rout

Euro zone retail sales drop in September for first time in six months
EU Cuts 2016 Growth and Inflation Outlook as ECB Decision Looms
Germany's Refugee Intake Set to Boost Economy, EU Says

Britain says Islamic State likely brought down Russian plane
Aboard U.S. Ship in South China Sea, Defense Secretary Invokes ‘Big Stick’
China’s Xi in Vietnam to Bridge Troubled Waters
Former President George H.W. Bush raps Cheney, Rumsfeld in biography

Behind Rising Inequality: More Unequal Companies
How Working Parents Are Sharing the Load

  Nov 4

The Stealth Stock Rally: Why Market Is Near High
Paul Singer: Everything in the market is more dangerous than it used to be
Japan Post in Strong Stock Market Debut in Tokyo

Corporate Finance
SEC Unbundles Some Attractions of Mergers
What’s Fueling the Urge to Merge
This is the presentation that has Wall Street freaked out about big conglomerates

US Auto Sales Jump in October
Consumer: Kellogg Profit Falls Amid Turnaround Attempt
Commodities: Archer Daniels Midland Profit, Revenue Slide
Energy: Yergin Sees Oil Prices Near Bottom as US Output Poised to Fall
Energy: Oil Prices Rise on Concerns about Lybian and Brazilian Production
Financials: AIG Chief Rebuffs Icahn Plan, Says Split Doesn't Make Sense
Financials: Credit Suisse CEO on banking industry’s biggest problem
Financials: UBS softens profitability targets despite resilient results
Financials: Banks face fresh pressure on physical commodities
Health Care: Cost of Cheapest Obamacare Plans Is Soaring
Tech: Larry Page's big Alphabet ambitions
Tech: Wall Street believes Amazon has a $160 billion business under its roof
Transportation: Expeditors Reports Revenue Drop as Asian Shipping Slows

Markit PMIs
Final Eurozone Services Index: 54.1 (Flash 54.2, September 53.7)
Final Germany Services Index: 54.5, up from 54.1 in September (2-month high)
UK Services growth picks up in October to 54.9 from 53.3
Stronger service sector boosts India’s economy: 52.6, up from 51.5
China: Growth of services activity picks up, but manufacturing output falls further
Japan: Growth in service sector activity picks up to 52.2 from 51.4

As China’s Economy Slows, Consumers Pick Up Some of the Slack
Opportunities in China’s services sector
China manufacturing: Adapt or die
Standard Chartered's Bad Loans Reveal Cracks in Asian Economies
China's Big Development Plan Has Xi's Fingerprints All Over It

Central banks
The Bank of Japan considers more easing
End uncertainty over Fed rates ‘lift off’
Falling labour participation raises US jobs dilemma for Fed
Fed faces patchwork recovery despite near-normal labor markets

Parents’ Fears Confirmed: Liberal Arts Students Earn Less
The Economic Roots of the Climbing Death Rate for Middle-Aged Whites

  Nov 3

Dr. Ed’s CNBC interview
Nasdaq 100 Jumps to 15-Year High as August's Tumble Is Erased
‘Tis the Season for Buybacks
These Charts Suggest the Market May Have Had Enough of Share Buybacks

US economy
U.S. Manufacturing Activity Expands at Slowest Pace in Two Years
Is U.S. manufacturing signaling a recession?
In Mortgages, Here We Go Again? Not Quite
Fed Survey: Banks Report Uneven Demand for Loans

Shire to Acquire Dyax for Up to $6.5 Billion
Consumer: Estee Lauder Rises After Q1 Profit Tops Estimates
Consumer: Molson Coors and SABMiller in talks on joint venture stake sale
Energy: Oil ends lower on weak China data, record Russian crude production
Financials: AIG cuts costs to deflect Icahn pressure
Industrials: Farmers Shift to Leases, Threatening to Swell Machinery Glut
IT: In rare appearance, Larry Page discusses new Alphabet structure
IT: Apple expects a blowout fourth quarter, says Morgan Stanley
Materials: China aluminium supply adds to US tensions
Telecom: Sprint says aims to slash costs up to $2.5 billion, layoffs loom
Transportation: Google aims to begin drone package deliveries in 2017

Central Banks
The Self-Defeating, ‘Grand Delusion’ of Monetary Policy
Yellen Shares Leak Probe Documents After Lawmakers' Demands
ECB officials met bankers before key decisions
The ECB executive must be above suspicion
Who was on Draghi’s meetings calendar?

Here’s how the Chinese send billions abroad to buy homes
China Premier Sets Growth Target of ‘At Least’ 6.5% for Next Five Years
Six Ways to Gauge How Fast China's Economy Is Actually Growing
Changing its baby policy may not be enough for China
Anxious Communist Party Won’t Get Out of the Bedroom

There's a Hole in the Sun That's Going to Make the Skies Dazzle
Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds

  Nov 2

What’s Behind All These Corporate Mergers?
M&A volumes weaken in October despite megadeals
Mega 'midstream' deals drive oil and gas M&A: PwC
Report: Don’t Expect Tech M&A to Slow Down Anytime Soon
Hotels Pick Up Merger Pace
Can You Profit From the M&A Spree?

Retailers Work Harder to Lure Holiday Employees
Energy: Bearish statement yet from Anadarko’s CEO
Finance: Corporate-debt issuance heads for another record year as sales rebound
Finance: HSBC Reports Sharp Rise in Q3 Profit
Health Care: Cleveland Clinic CEO: Gene testing set for 'breakthrough'
Health Care: In Pharmaceutical Pricing, Scarcity Overrules Regulation
Industrials: China just unveiled its first large passenger plane
Materials: Steel demand ‘evaporating at unprecedented speed’
Tech: Oracle Will Not Build a Giant Cloud System Like A.W.S
Consumer: HP Inc. and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Seek Relevance Through Spinoff

China's October factory, services surveys show economy still wobbly
Euro-Area Manufacturing Picks Up as German Order Intake Improves
U.K. October Manufacturing Grows at Fastest Pace in More Than a Year
Japan M-PMI 52.4, up from 51.0 in September, a marked improvement
India M-PMI at 22-month low of 50.7, down from 51.2
South Korea M-PMI 49.1, down from 49.2
Taiwan M-PMI 47.8, up from 46.9
Malaysia M-PMI 48.1, down from 48.3
Indonesia M-PMI 47.8, up from 47.4
Turkey M-PMI 49.5, up from 48.8

Swelling Iron Ore Stockpiles in China May Signal More Losses
China Expands Cheap Loans to Policy Banks for Favored Projects
China Steps Up Market Reforms Amid Record Capital Outflows
China’s New Economics: Two for the Money
Emerging Markets: Opportunities Abound, Even in China

Draghi Says Further Stimulus in December Remains 'Open Question'
Draghi Interview

Shift to Benefits From Pay Helps Explain Sluggish Wage Growth
British wages and part-time work: The reason for low wages in Britain
Key Price Indexes Don’t Understate Inflation

US faces renewed challenge from Russian navy
China, Japan, South Korea Declare Cooperation Fully Restored
Erdogan's Party Sweeps Back to Power in Turkey With Surprise Win
Turkey's Kurds think fear drove Erdogan's election victory
Executive who promoted Iranian-American ties arrested in Iran
Iran starts taking nuclear centrifuges offline

Hedge Funds and the Active Management Crisis
After Full Lives Together, More Older Couples Are Divorcing

  Oct 31

US economy
Is the Economy Really in Trouble? A Debate
Consumers Spend Less Amid Soft Wage Gains
U.S. Employment Costs Rise 0.6%, Suggesting New Wage Pressure
America's federal budget: Cleaning the barn
This recession indicator just collapsed to a 6-year low

Morgan Stanley: The Grinch Could Ruin Christmas for Most Retailers
Want to See Who's Happy About Low Oil Prices? Look at Refiners
In West Texas, Oil Drillers Keep Pumping
Chevron, Exxon Cut Spending on Oil Price Slide
Kinder Morgan Could Fall Another 20% or More
Largest U.S. banks face $120 billion shortfall under new rule
Bank Deals Are Back, Investors Say Meh
KeyCorp to buy First Niagara to create 13th biggest U.S. bank
Health Care:
Valeant Flap Puts Focus on Drug Makers’ Ties to Pharmacies
Battered transport stocks could attract on price
Weyerhaeuser’s Earnings Poised to Rebound
Watch Out Intel, Here Comes Facebook

Global economy
Eurozone creeps out of deflation as unemployment hits 3-year low
ECB will do what is needed to keep inflation target on track: Draghi
BoJ holds course despite deepening gloom

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
U.S. to Send Special Forces to Syria
U.S. Tech Giants May Blur National Security Boundaries in China Deals
Businesses braced for bout of regulation on cyber security

Germany to start up a reactor that could revolutionize energy use
As Sunspots Fade, Will Crop Yields Fall?
Hillary Clinton Rattles Prison Stocks With a Single Tweet
Asheville: The South’s Insider Destination

  Oct 30

China Scrapping One-Child Rule 'Too Little, Too Late' for Growth
China Abandons One-Child Policy
5 Things to Know About China’s One-Child Policy
These Charts Explain Why China Scrapped Its One-Child Policy
Shares of These Companies Are Rising After China Abandoned Its One Child Policy
Costs, Not Just Law, Deterred Chinese Couples From Another Child
China’s Communist Party Approves Five-Year Plan
China Banks Enter Eye of Storm Adding Risky Debt to Wealth Funds

US Economy
Inventory Correction Masks Resilient Demand in U.S. GDP Report
US growth slows despite spending spree
U.S. Growth Cools in Third Quarter
GDP Waves Yellow Flag at the Fed
Is the Fed Drawing Comfort From the Wrong Indicators?
U.S. Pending Home Sales Index Down 2.3%
U.S. Avoids Debt Default as Congress Passes Fiscal Plan
Record levels of inward foreign direct investment flows to US

Starbucks' Forecast Misses Estimates After Labor Costs Climb
Consumer: AB InBev Raises Sales Outlook on Growth in High-Priced Beer
Energy: Oil Firms Face Reality of Sustained Low Prices
Energy: Oil Producers Curb Megaproject Ambitions to Focus on U.S. Shale
Financials: Today AIG, Tomorrow Citi, BofA? Icahn Takes on Too Big to Fail
Financials: KeyCorp in talks to buy rival First Niagara
Health Care: Pfizer Deal for Allergan Could Spark Political Fight Over Taxes
Health Care: Aetna’s Earnings Rise Amid Moderate Medical Costs
Tech: Visa Nears $22 Billion Deal to Buy European Counterpart
Tech: LinkedIn Results Top Expectations
Tech: Can Detroit Beat Google to the Self-Driving Car?

Global Economy
BOJ Refrains From Adding Stimulus Even as Inflation, Growth Wane
Bank of Japan Lowers Growth, Inflation Forecasts
Owning Half of Japan's ETF Market Might Not Be Enough for Kuroda
Germany's Inflation Rate Rebounds After Brief Dip Below Zero
EU strikes deal on handing break-up powers to bank supervisors
The refugee crisis, captured in one staggering animated graphic

Cambridge chemists make super-battery breakthrough

  Oct 29

Fed Signals Interest-Rate Increase ‘at Its Next Meeting’ After Standing Pat
Federal Reserve drops warnings on global risks to US economy
Puppet or muppet? The Yellen Put and the Fed’s market control (
U.S. Bond Yields Jump After Fed Fuels Rate-Increase Angst
El-Erian: 4 Takeaways From the Fed's Announcement
Fed Statement Tracker
FOMC Statement

US Economy
5 Things to Watch in the Third-Quarter U.S. GDP Report
America’s GDP statistics are becoming less reliable (
Fed Study: Why Are More Young Adults Still Living at Home?

While Other Energy Firms Flounder, Newfield Shares Surge
Energy: Oil majors rush cuts to hit $60 break-even
Financials: Carl Icahn Takes ‘Large Stake’ in AIG, Encourages Split Into 3 Companies
Financials: Hillary Clinton tells Colbert she’d break up big banks, let them fail
Health Care: Pfizer Approached Allergan About Merger
Tech: Apple: a tech company with Chinese characteristics
Tech: IBM, looking to cloud, to buy Weather Company's digital assets
Tech: Samsung Boosts Capital Spending as Phones Fail to Revive Growth
Industrials: Northrop Q3 results top estimates, 2015 profit outlook raised

Global Economy
BOJ must decide whether to expand QE or accept it is not working
BOJ seen holding fire as output rebound offers some relief
Li Floats New China Five-Year Growth Minimum of Around 6.5%
China steel industry weak demand
Iron Ore Sinks Below $50 as China Demand Sags, Supply Jumps
China Stocks Are Trouncing the World Again as Bubble Angst Fades

US Politics
House Dodges U.S. Debt Default in Bipartisan Budget Plan
GOP debaters attack the media, save their worst for CNBC moderators

Apple TV Review: A Giant iPhone for Your Living Room
McKinsey's Trading Prophecy Is a Wall Street Ruled by Machines
ow Indonesia's Fires Made it the Biggest Climate Polluter

  Oct 28

Raft of Data Suggests Growth Is Slowing
Global Slowdown Weighs on Durable-Goods Orders
Budget deal promises end to fiscal conflict
U.S. Student Debt Rose to Almost $29,000 for Graduates in 2014 (
Spence & Warsch: The Fed Has Hurt Business Investment

Comcast Revenue Jumps 11%, Defying Media Gloom
Consumer: Walgreens Boots Alliance to Buy Rite Aid for $17.2 Billion
Energy: This is why oil prices are crashing again
Industrials: GE Plans $200 Million Alabama 'Rocket City' Plants on Jet-Engine Surge
Industrials: Northrop Grumman Wins Long-Range Bomber Deal
Tech: Apple Profit Is Up 31% as iPhones Sell Briskly, but Its Forecast Is Muted
Tech: IBM says SEC investigating company's books

Central banks
How Mario Draghi will stop Janet Yellen from raising rates for years
Sweden's Riksbank Expands QE Program as ECB Stimulus Weighs
Hilsenrath: The Fed Strives for a Clear Signal on Interest Rates
Fed's Quest to Keep December Options Open: Decision Day Guide
Fed Seen as Unlikely to Raise Rates, as Pressures Mount From Both Sides
Sub-zero interest rates have floor nearby, albeit a shaky one

Global economy
China Steel Head Says Demand Slumping at Unprecedented Speed
Chinese Firms Vie to Buy Starwood Hotels
UK economy loses steam as GDP growth slows to 0.5%
Brazilians Expect Crisis to Linger for at Least 3 More Years

Money managers
Hedge fund assets take biggest plunge since 2008
KKR Swings to Loss Amid Market Tumult, Plans to Buy Back Shares
Hedge-Fund Billionaire Larry Robbins Takes ‘Punch in the Face’
The most promising businesses at Goldman Sachs
Norway Wealth Fund Lost 4.9% in Third Quarter as Stocks Fell
Fast-Growing ETFs Dealt a Setback

Money managers
U.S. Rivalry With China Heats Up Over Key Asia Shipping Lane
In Shift, U.S. Invites Iran to Join Syria Talks

Hardly Any 1-Bedroom Rentals Under $2,000 in San Fran and NY

  Oct 27

Stocks & bonds
Junk bond market betting big against Fed rate hike
Asian stocks extend dominance of EM index

GM Sets Raise for Its U.S. Factory Workers
Energy: Algeria Backs Venezuela on OPEC, Non-OPEC Summit to Boost Prices
Energy: After Years of Decline, U.S. Oil Imports Rise
Energy: Duke Energy to Buy Piedmont Natural Gas for $4.9 Billion
Finance: JPMorgan Chase says it is building a rival to Apple Pay
Homebuilders: Sales of New U.S. Homes Slump to Lowest Level Since November
Materials: Big miners kick the empire building habit
Retail: Wal-Mart seeks to test drones for home delivery, pickup
Tech: Oracle Gears Up to Face Amazon
Tech: Google leading 'chip development effort' that could turn heat up on Apple

Negative interest rates
Central banks may use negative interest rates as stimulus
The Fed's next move? Negative interest rates
Banks are seriously discussing negative interest rates for normal people's savings
Ben Bernanke sees the upside of negative rates

US politics
Congress and White House Near Budget Deal
House conservative leaders--too late to stop debt ceiling hike
The Most Likely Next President Is Hillary Clinton

U.S. Navy to send destroyer within 12 miles of Chinese islands

Migrant crisis
Violence in Syria Spurs a Huge Surge in Civilian Flight /a>
Leaders agree to 17-point plan on European route
EU Plan to Control Migrant Flow Faces Challenges
Drone footage shows the flow of migrants in Slovenia

China's sing-along video to explain its five-year plan
Baby Boomers Hugely Underestimate What They Need for Retirement
U.S. police chiefs call for background checks for all gun purchases
Bacon and other processed meats can cause cancer, experts say

  Oct 26

Stocks & bonds
Earnings Season: Companies Warn of Slowing Economy
Quarterly Earnings Reports Can Still Move Markets
Nasdaq may see record with Apple earnings
Asset managers suffer as oil funds withdraw cash
Hulbert: The best six months for stocks is about to begin
US investors plough into high-yield junk bonds

US shale is running out of options
Energy: Energy Companies Face Tough Road Ahead
IT: Cold wind in Silicon Valley, but cloud giants are doing just fine
IT: Google Turning Its Lucrative Web Search Over to AI Machines
Transportation: Maersk blames global trade fall as it warns on full-year profits

Central banks
Fed divided by soggy data that cloud economic picture
Fed divided by Phillips Curve
ECB prepares to extend its quantitative-easing programme in Dec
BOJ: Stepping Up Bond Buying Pace
BOJ: ‘Abenomics’ Is Not an Easy Fis for Struggling Economy
Aussie Rate Rise by Proxy Cools Housing While Capping Currency
Lunch with the FT: Ben Bernanke
Grant’s review of "America’s Bank": An All Too Visible Hand

A Global Chill in Commodity Demand Hits America’s Heartland
GM Reaches Tentative Pact With UAW Workers
Labor unions aren't just helpful--they might be 'necessary'

Rate cut shows that even China's government doesn't believe its own data
Communist Party leaders meet this week to map out five-year economic reform plan
Chinese premier Li Keqiang plays down 7% economic growth target
China communist party paper says country should join U.S.-led trade pact
China's Yantai Xinchao to buy U.S. oilfields for $1.3 billion

German Business Confidence Falls as Global Risks Take Toll

Saudi Arabia to run out of cash in less than 5 years
Tony Blair apologises for Iraq war ‘mistakes’
Obama Calls for Capping Class Time Devoted to Standardized Tests
Bill Ackman’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week Just Got Worse

  Oct 24

Central banks
China Cuts Interest Rates as Policy Divergence With U.S. Widens
Dovish Mario Draghi sends bond yields to new lows
Wall Street takes a more cynical view of Fed stimulus
Who's in Charge? Draghi and Yellen Facing December Decisions
Geneva Report: Low for Long? Causes and Consequences of Persistently Low Rates

Stocks & bonds
ECB triggers powerful market reaction
Global stocks soar on surprise China rate cut
Stocks Roar Back as S&P 500 Heads for Best Month in Four Years
Treasuries Decline After China Rate Cut Reduces Haven Demand

Corporate finance
Megadeals are reshaping tech
Companies are wasting money from layoffs on share buybacks
Corporations buying corporate bonds

Industries & companies

Consumer Staples:
P&G sales fall on dollar strength and weaker volumes
Health Care:
Valeant’s Disclosure: Why Now?
Tech Stalwarts Drive Market Surge
Google + Microsoft + Amazon = Cloud Burst
Facebook Hits $100, Adds $240 Billion to Stock
Amazon may be secretly building a team that will help it replace FedEx and UPS

China’s Central Bank Moves to Spur Economic Growth
China joins nervous global easing
China’s Rate Cut and Five-Year Planning: What Investors Can Expect
China Pessimism Is Overblown, IMF says, Citing Booming Services Sector
IMF Said to Give China Strong Signs of Reserve-Currency Nod

Biggest risks to global economy Morgan Stanley
Oklahoma Earthquakes Are a National Security Threat

  Oct 23

Global Economy
Markit: Faster service sector growth lifts pace of eurozone expansion in Oct
Markit: Solid growth in German service sector offsets manufacturing weakness
Markit: Japan’s manufacturing improves at sharpest pace since March 2014
Difficulties in being a China bear
Defiant Portugal shatters the eurozone's political complacency

Central banks
ECB’s Mario Draghi Signals Boost to Stimulus Program
Draghi Sparks Euphoria in Europe's Markets With Stimulus Hints
Draghi sees four threats to eurozone
The Great Negative Rates Experiment

U.S. Housing, Jobs Data Point to Fairly Strong Economy
Homebuilders: Labor Shortages Trip Up Big Home Builders
Industrials: Caterpillar Slashes Profit View on Weak Demand
Energy: Bargain Hunters Stop The Freefall In Oil Prices, For Now
Energy: Cheap oil is actually hurting United Airlines in one area
Tech: The Cloud Is Raining Cash on Amazon, Google, and Microsoft
Transportation: Trucking Industry: Let Teens Drive

Xi’s Visit to Britain Highlights Broader Shift in Concerns About China
Kate's Red Dress Wins China Warmth in Boost for Ties With U.K.
Putin Says Assad Backs Russian Support to Rebels Fighting Islamic State
Hillary Clinton Keeps Her Cool as Benghazi Hearings Devolve into Political Theater

Income inequality debate
What Could Raising Taxes on the 1% Do? Surprising Amounts
Can the 1% really pay for the ‘free stuff’ Democrats want?
Fox: Democrats are preaching a message of envy, greed and entitlement

Switzerland Offers Counterpoint on Deflation’s Ills
China golf: Communist Party bans club membership
Wall Street's brightest minds reveal the most important charts in the world

  Oct 22

Stocks & bonds
US regulator signals bid to curb high-speed trading
S&P 500 Dragged Lower by Losses in Health-Care Sector
Valeant Drop Ripples Through Drug Stocks
Bond investors nervous as US debt default looms

Coca-Cola earnings hit by strong dollar
Energy: Global Demand Growth for Oil May Fall by a Third in 2016
Energy: The Long Bull Run for Oil Refiners Is Showing Signs of Slowing
Energy: Jim Chanos Nails the Link Between Debt and Energy
Financials: Top U.S. Banking Regulator Raises Red Flag About Auto-Loan Risks
Financials: Hillary Clinton Doesn't Like Insurance Mergers. So What?
Health Care: Valeant Calls Short Seller's Report Erroneous After Stock Falls
Health Care: Fraud allegations expose industry secret that's going to infuriate Washington
Materials: Gold rally is brief relief in bear trend
Tech: Western Digital to Buy SanDisk for $19 Billion

What We Know About the 92 Million Americans Who Aren’t in the Labor Force
Forget Raises. Employers Lean on Health Benefits to Retain Workers
Today’s college graduates might not retire till age 75

ECB prepares to consider options for QE expansion
Europe to press ahead with bank depositor bailout scheme
EU Plans Special Summit on Sunday to Discuss Migration Crisis

China says outflows normal, no panic capital flight
China's Record Capital Outflows Put Tobin Tax Back on the Agenda
China Plans 2020 Deadline for Dismantling Capital Controls
China's big chance to steady nerves on economy
Britain to Grant China a Large Stake in Nuclear Industry
Uber CEO Travis Kalanick: 30% of Our Trips Take Place in China

10 Back to the Future Predictions That Came True
Mets complete sweep of Cubs, reach World Series

  Oct 21

Stocks & bonds
Warren Buffett's top stocks are dogs this year
US junk debt regains high-yield status
Regulators Reviewing Steps to Address Treasury Market Volatility

OPEC Is About to Crush the U.S. Oil Boom
Energy: Big Oil Is a Buy as Cutbacks Pave Way for Recovery
Financials: J.P. Morgan Near Deal to Sell Majority of Highbridge Private Equity Business
Financials: Fifth Third’s Profit Jumps on Fees and Commercial Growth
Health Care: Hospitals Take High-Tech Approach to Supply Chain
Homebuilders: Housing Starts Rise as Construction Underpins U.S. Economy
Homebuilders: Home builders are having a tough time passing on rising labor costs
Industrials: FedEx poised for go-ahead on €4.4bn TNT deal
IT: Tech Startups Feel an IPO Chill
IT: Apple’s Tim Cook sees ‘massive’ tech-led upheaval in car industry
IT: IBM CEO Pledges to Stay the Course
IT: VMware to form cloud business with EMC

US & global economies
This chart shows why you should stop bad-mouthing US economy
Japan's Exports Grow at the Slowest Pace in More Than a Year
Official data say China’s economy is barely slowing. Are they believable?
EM car sales rise for second straight month
Why Britain is courting the Chinese
London Wants to Become the Center of Chinese Currency Trading

Watch Google’s drone delivery in action
Self-driving cars? Trucks have already adopted that technology
Consumer Reports Stops Recommending the Tesla
Pepper [the robot] Just Wants You to Smile

  Oct 20

Stocks & bonds
On '87 crash anniversary, what could end bull?
Why value will outperform growth
China's Selling Tons of U.S. Debt. Americans Couldn't Care Less

China’s capital outflows top $500bn
China’s Better-Than-Expected GDP Prompts Skepticism From Economists
Growth data buoy China at ‘pivotal moment’ in economic rebalancing
China's New Economy Won't Pack the Same Punch for Global Growth
China GDP: Deflategate Comes to Beijing
The Boom Is Back in Chinese Stocks, Depending on Where You Look
A major Chinese state-owned steel trader may be about to default on its debts

Wal-Mart puts the squeeze on suppliers to share its pain as earnings sag
Consumers: Homebuilder Confidence Reaches Decade High on U.S. Sales Outlook
Energy: The outlook for coal has gone from bad to worse
Financials: Morgan Stanley's trading rout sets grim tone for fourth quarter
Financials: Hedge fund performance fees decline sharply
Health care: The US government is finally taking soaring drug prices seriously
Health care: Clinton urges U.S. regulators to examine Daraprim price hike
Health care: Valeant to offload contentious drug unit
IT: IBM's Third-Quarter Revenue Misses Estimates on Currency Impact
IT: SanDisk Said in Advanced Talks to Sell to Western Digital
IT: Chipmaker Microsemi trumps Skyworks' bid for PMC-Sierra

Central Banks
Fed's Williams Sees Reasons to Increase Rates Soon and Slowly
Why the Fed may not even raise rates next year
ECB sees signs quantitative easing is thawing eurozone lending
Lessons for Draghi From a Land of Sub-Zero Interest Rates

Canada has a new Prime Minister—and he won by a long shot
Putin Officials Said to Admit Real Syria Goal Is Far Broader
Iran vows to reach pre-sanctions oil output
China no longer accepts that America should be Asia-Pacific’s dominant naval power

Radiation Sensors in Major U.S. Cities Turned Off Because They Don’t Work

  Oct 19

Fund managers have been piling into these 24 stocks
Credit Suisse Survey Shows Clients Are Confused, Taking Cash Positions/a>
Megamergers Will Depend on Huge Amounts of Debt
Investors say no to buybacks, acquisitions

There's an ETF for that: Industry sets record
ETFs’ Rapid Growth Sparks Concern at SEC
SEC Opening Remark by Chair Mary Jo White on ETPs
SEC reveals hedge fund managers’ failings

China’s GDP Growth Beats Forecasts as Stimulus Supports Spending
Lackluster Global Economy Is Weighing on China, Xi Tells Reuters
Reuters exclusive Q&A with Chinese President Xi
China must hasten infrastructure investment to stabilize growth: state advisor
Dwindling demand forces China’s manufacturing price cuts
China’s faltering consumer story

6 signs the US economy is nowhere near recession
It's time to start talking about a US recession

Walmart vs. S&P 500 chart, Walmart thrives when America is in pain
Financials: Investor Chris Davis’ Financial Stock Picks
Health Care: Valeant Bears Get Some Satisfaction
Materials: Is It Finally Time to Load Up on Commodities?
Materials: A turbulent time for copper
Tech: Sequoia: The subprime ‘unicorns’ that do not look a billion dollars
Tech: Farhad and Mike’s Week in Tech: A Square Deal

These are STRATFOR's chilling predictions for the end of 2015
Kissinger: A Path Out of the Middle East Collapse
Iran Deal Milestone Starts the Clock on Oil Sanctions Relief
Regional Discord Fuels Islamic State’s Rise in Mideast

No one pays full price anymore--and it's terrifying companies
What Could Raising Taxes on the 1% Do? Surprising Amounts
The Deals That Made Daily Fantasy Take Off

  Oct 16

Money is pouring in to Wall Street
Bulls Gain Ground in Barron’s Fall Big Money Poll
Goldilocks Scenario Helps Drive Stocks Higher

Walmart's entire business model is crumbling
U.S. Cancels Sale of Two Arctic Oil and Gas Leases
If the Fed raises rates too soon, bank stocks could suffer
Fifth Third: The Best Turnaround Story in Banking
Barclays to speed up investment bank cuts
G.E. Shares Rise as Quarterly Profit Beats Expectations
Honeywell Eyes `Plenty' of Deals
Lockheed eyes overhead cuts of up to 30
% IT:
Tech Forecast: Weak Earnings
Miners wake up to mistaken belief
Noble Winding Down Copper, Zinc Trading

US economy
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Rebounds Despite, Production Slips
August Job Openings was second-highest on records dating to 2000
Exports Drag on U.S. Job Growth Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

Fed debate
What if interest rates never rise?
Raise the federal-funds rate already!
Fed Rate Debate: New Twists in an Old Path
Fed Speech: Brainard on Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy
Fed Study: The Bumpy Story of Inflation and Monetary Policy
Fed Speech: Yellen on Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy
Why Americans Don’t Trust the Fed

China's Premier: Achieving growth of around 7% 'not easy'
China Q3 GDP: 5 things to watch
Investors play Chinese GDP numbers game
Steve Wynn is talking a new game about China

US & Geo politics
The Politics of Distrust
Hillary’s Spending Spree to Build Campaign Infrastructure
Obama Says Deal Reached With Russia to Avert Syria Air Conflicts
Chinese general says will never recklessly resort to force in South China Sea

Nobel Prize winner: Capitalism produces inequality by producing wealth
Why What You Learned in Preschool Is Crucial at Work
Something bizarre is happening to Ebola survivors

  Oct 16

Stocks, bonds, & forex
Equity rally regains momentum
Getting Technical: Green Shoots for Stocks
The skew view--the latest signal of stock-market doom?
Trump warns of a stock market bubble. Is he right?
Investors lurch backwards on US rate rise expectations
Dollar sliding on data and policy split

Jobless claims match 42-year low
Empire Manufacturing and Philly Fed Both Signal Contraction
U.S. Budget Gap Hits 8-Year Low as Tax Receipts Reach Record

Central banks
Fed Faces This Checklist of Hurdles for a December Rate Hike
Fed Doubts Grow on 2015 Rate Hike
Fed's Dudley: The economy may be slowing
Dudley: Remarks at The Fed at a crossroads: Where to go next?
Fashion for forward guidance leaves central bankers in a muddle
Surprising FRB-SF paper drops a dovish bombshell
FRB-SF Paper: Why So Slow? A Gradual Return for Interest Rates

China Stocks Extend Rally to Eight-Week High on SOE Speculation
China new loans surge in September following policy support
Skepticism around Chinese economic data may be overdone
China’s middle class is now bigger than America’s middle class
Will China Lead A Global Recession?
Beijing warns US against maritime challenge in South China Sea

Schlumberger Sees 'Challenging' Global Oil Market Continuing
Energy: This might be the beginning of the end for major oil
Financials: Goldman profit plunges as market turmoil hits bond trading
Financials: Citigroup Profit Jumps on Lower Legal Expenses
Retail: Walmart’s woes stem from need to invest

Work & pay trends
Walmart: Wage hikes are killing our profits
Why Your Company Wants to Give You Unlimited Vacation
The Neverending Workday
More firms allowing dogs (and other pets) in the office
The end of restaurant tipping?

This Comic Book Robot Cat Likely Helped Shape Abenomics
US dethroned as world's billionaire capital
Wall Street bonuses likely to plunge as trading revenue drops
The new billionaire 'beach bunker' in Miami

  Oct 15

Weak Pricing, Pulled Deals: IPOs in 2015
Bill Miller: Now is perfect time to buy US stocks
As Some Hedge Funds Sink, the Challenge Buoys Others
U.S. Stock Market Can’t Sidestep EM Trouble This Time Around
Quality stocks should shine again

US economy
Retail Sales Figures Mostly Disappoint
‘Modest Expansion’ at End of Q3, Fed’s Beige Book Says
Fed Doubts Grow on 2015 Rate Hike
Consumers shutting down as US economy deflates
U.S. mortgage applications tumble after rule change

Labor shortages
Labor Shortage Pinches Home Builders
Construction Workers ‘Left the Business and They Didn’t Come Back’
Nurses Face Higher Hurdle as Hospitals Require More-Advanced Degrees
Whether a Job Requires a Degree May Shift with the Economy

Walmart is finally paying the price
Energy: America's Biggest Shale Gas Field Is Choking on Its Own Supply
Financials: Top US banks grapple with weak revenue
Financials: Bank of America Beats as Legal Bills Plummet, Trading Hangs On
Financials: JPM is the Lebron James of banking: Analyst
Financials: GE loan book helps Wells Fargo report first profit rise in three quarters
Materials: old Comes Back to Life as Prices Top 200-Day Moving Average

Global economy
China CPI Eases, Pressuring Beijing for More Stimulus
China’s Central Bank Expands New-Style Easing
German Economy Hurt by Volkswagen Scandal

Silk Road
In Russia’s backyard
New frontier, old foes
Road to a new empire
FT series homepage

A royal storm is brewing in Saudi Arabia
Putin vs Obama: the battle for best ally

AT&T readies technology to let multiple devices share one phone number
Bill Gross, Honorary Millennial

  Oct 14

Global economy
HSBC: The 'toxic mix' has spread to the developing world
China’s Lingering Deflation Risks Offer Room For More Easing
India’s Wholesale Prices Decline for 11 Straight Months
Brazil's Next Big Crisis Is Scaring Bankers and Wiping Out Jobs
China Growth in Focus as Exports and Imports Fall
At U.S. Ports, Exports Are Coming Up Empty

US economy
The ‘revenue recession’ could be getting worse
Barclays: The housing-market bulls could have the story wrong
Fed Study: Is the Re-employment Wage Effect Worse after Recessions?

Oil market glut will persist through 2016, says IEA
Financials: J.P. Morgan’s Revenue Slides on Weak Trading Results
Financials: GE $126 Billion Asset Sales Set Up Too-Big-to-Fail Exit
Materials: Gold Prices Surge to 3½-Month High
Tech: Intel profits hit by weak PC market
Tech: Weird Observations About Dell's Big Bid for EMC
Tech: SanDisk Said to Be Working With Bank to Explore a Sale

Atop Fed, Doubt on Rate Timing Arises
FRB Speech: Bullard Discusses Three Challenges to Central Bank
FRB Speech: Brainard, Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy--October 12, 2015
FRB-SF: Why So Slow? A Gradual Return for Interest Rates

US politics
Grading the Democratic Debate: Hillary Clinton Schools Her Rivals

Frustrated with U.S., Iraq turns to Russia and Iran
Russia’s Muslims on edge over air strikes on Syria
W.H. Sees Signs Iran Missile Test Violated U.N. Resolution

Migrants may give Europe's economy a new lease of life
Buffett Says Skip Paying Wall Street for Advice on Activists
The Case for Making Economics Research Easier to Replicate

  Oct 13

There is a new indicator for economic activity in China--and it doesn't look good
China Imports Drop for 11th Month as Export Slump Moderates
China Crude Imports Rebound as Refiners Seek Oil Bargains
China growth expected to slide below target
China to put growth before reform ambitions amid slowdown fear
China’s great game: [Silk] Road to a new empire

Stocks & Bonds
Worst-to-first stocks causing a debate on Wall Street
In a Flurry of Deals, the Beginning of the End?
Credit-rating firms are downgrading more U.S. companies
Bond predators humbled by distressed bets

Non-Opec oil output to slow, cartel warns
Energy: Oil Prices Tumble as OPEC Production Grows
Housing: Labor Shortage Pinches Home Builders
Housing: Chinese all-cash buyers of U.S. homes have tripled since 2005
IT: Dell to Buy EMC for $67 Billion
Materials: Glencore Considers Selling Two Copper Mines

Lockhart Says Improving U.S. Job Market Supports '15 Liftoff
Fed official urges hold on rates amid risks
Fed study: Research That's Just Too Good to Be Tested
Fed study: Why Wealth Inequality Is Way More Complicated Than Just Rich and Poor

US Politics
The Two Parties Aren’t Crazy, Just Changed
Latest Unease on Right: Ryan Is Too Far Left

Despite Nuclear Accord, U.S.-Iran Tensions Are on the Rise
Iran test-fires new generation long-range ballistic missiles
Iran's Parliament Approves Nuclear Deal

Here's Why Goldman Economists Expect Even Lower U.S. Unemployment
Ag Commodities Prices Are Heating Up on El Niño
Nobel in Economics Given to Angus Deaton for Studies of Consumption

  Sep 12

Profit Margins Take Spotlight in U.S. Earnings Season
CEOs and other company insiders are gorging on shares
Red flag: Insiders aren't buying stocks

OPEC Sees Oil Demand Growth, Hopeful for Market Balance in 2016
Financials: US banks build defences against downturn
Industrials: GE nears deal to sell over $30 billion of loans to Wells Fargo
Industrials: Delta to Give Strong Start to Airlines’ Earnings Season
Materials: Glencore Looks to ‘Streaming’ Deals for Quick Cash (
Materials: Iron Ore Seen Weaker as BHP, Rio `Squeeze Out' High-Cost Miners

China stocks surge after PBOC says correction 'almost over'
Chinese Investors Rush to Haven Assets
China's 'Golden Week' Sales Shows Consumer Spending Strength
We just got more proof China's economic transformation is working

Emerging economies
Emerging-market currencies just had their best week of the year
IMF & Bankers Grapple With How to Help Emerging Markets
Modi's India Reform Push Hangs in Balance as Bihar Starts Voting

Central Banks
Central Bankers Urge Fed to Get On With Interest-Rate Increase
Central bank cavalry can no longer save the world
Fed still plans rate hike this year, but not committed
Fischer voices caution on global risks to US outlook
The Fed is showing that the market matters most
Fed officials seem ready to deploy negative rates in next crisis

Big Ben
‘The Courage to Act: A Memoir of a Crisis and its Aftermath’, by Ben Bernanke
Ben Bernanke wasn’t as courageous as he says

Chanos: Obama economy is 'amazing’
Obama had a very contentious interview with '60 Minutes'
Gun deaths plummeted after Australia enacted gun reforms nearly 2 decades ago

  Oct 10

Stocks, bonds, & currencies
Global Stocks Post Best Week Since 2011 as Commodities Rally
Strategists still betting on fourth-quarter U.S. stocks rebound
US equity dividend growth under pressure
Red flag: Insiders aren't buying stocks
Risk to EM corporate debt of rising interest rates may be less than it appears
Emerging-market currencies just had their best week of the year

US economy
Jobs Market Is Far Stronger Than Official Statistics State
Americans are spending more of the oil-price windfall than they realise
Fed still plans rate hike this year, but not committed
U.S. Import Prices Fall Less Than Expected in September

Energy: Oil prices rally on Mideast tensions
Energy: Why Falling Oil Prices Startled MLP Investors
IT: Dell Said to Offer EMC $33 a Share With VMware Stock
Materials: Commodities Rebound but Investors Remain Wary
Materials: Glencore’s cut to zinc output boosts share price

High-frequency trading gives rise to 'liquidity mirage' -N.Y. Fed
FRB-NY: The Liquidity Mirage
FRB-NY: Redemption Risk of Bond Mutual Funds and Dealer Positioning

China warns U.S. it will not allow violations of its waters
Obama Administration Ends Effort to Train Syrians to Combat ISIS
Saudi Arabia just replenished Syrian rebels
U.S. warns governments, bankers Iran sanctions still in place
Germany’s refugee crisis: Merkel at her limit

Chinese all-cash buyers of U.S. homes have tripled since 2005
Obama spent some $5.3 billion on PR to improve the government's image

  Oct 9

Minutes Show Fed Leaders Delayed Rate Hike Over Global Risks
The Fed spent a lot of time talking about 'China' in September
Low inflation worries dog Fed as it debates rate rise
Hilsenrath: Fed’s Rate Delay Spurred by Worry Over Low Inflation
Fed finds it is tough to make predictions
San Francisco Fed's Williams Doesn't See Global Threats Growing
Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee

US economy
Actually, wages are going up
Fiat Chrysler and U.A.W. Reach Deal, With Bigger Raise at Entry Level
Jobless Claims Approach a 42-Year Low
Treasury risk rises as debt ceiling looms
Earnings: dollar strength is only part of US earnings hit

Boone Pickens: Russia 'new sheriff' in Mideast
Gentlemen May Prefer Bonds, But More Traders Take Stocks
Deutsche Bank: Tip of the Iceberg for Cutbacks at European Banks?
Health Care:
Big pharma thinks twice about jacking up drug prices
PC shipments fall 7.7 percent in third quarter: Gartner
Glencore to cut annual zinc production by a third
Industrial giant Alcoa has bad news about China

Global economy
German exports plunge as China, VW cloud German growth outlook
IMF told that amid 'new mediocre' no room for mistakes by central banks
EM currencies ‘have further to fall’
The Biggest Winner From TPP Trade Deal May Be Vietnam

2 US companies told us everything you need to know about China's economic divide
If You Thought China's Equity Bubble Was Scary, Check Out Bonds

US politics
Hillary: My Plan to Prevent the Next Crash
Hillary to propose tax on high-frequency trading
Republicans in chaos as favorite quits House leadership race
Tea Party wave that lifted Republicans threatens to engulf them

The human cloud: A new world of work
Bill Gross sues Pimco for $200 million over forced ouster

  Oct 8

Defensive strategy can be a risky one
Dow Theory suggests stocks are about to tank, but it’s wrong
Disregard the Dow Theory at your own peril
Oil Stocks Have Bottomed; Charts Send a Buy Signal
Despite the Stock Rally, Charts Favor the Bears
BlackRock Calls for Halting Stock Market to Avoid Volatility

US economy
Mortgage applications surge 25% on regulation worry
Americans spend savings from cheap petrol
U.S. Consumers Show Signs of Caution with Debt in August

Five Things to Watch in the Fed Minutes
Bernanke Says Fed Decision Not to Raise Rates Was ‘Reasonable’

Global economy
Four Ways the Oil Price Crash Is Hurting the Global Economy
Barclays: Petrodollars Were Basically Another Quantitative Easing
IMF: Emerging-Market Troubles Risk Triggering Asset Fire Sales
IMF warns of fresh shocks to global financial stability

Japan machinery orders fall in August, undermine BOJ optimism
Abenomics Is Doing Better Than You Think
BoJ damps hopes for stimulus boost

China Has No Good Plan to Deal With Its Zombies
Once the Biggest Buyer, China Starts Dumping U.S. Government Debt
Man Who Called China's Boom and Bust Says Use This Rally to Sell

One More Reason to Buy Oil Stocks: Consolidation
Banks' Glencore Exposure Is a $100 Billion `Gorilla,' BofA Says
Health Care:
Traders Flee Pharma Junk Bonds as Price Scandal Engulfs Industry
Health Care:
Why big pharma should be scared of Kyle Bass
Dell Is in Talks With EMC Over Possible Merger
Amazon is considering creating its own TV service
Doubts Circle Viacom, Vanguard of Yesteryear

US warships to challenge Chinese claims in South China Sea
Iran’s Supreme Leader Bars Further Talks With U.S.
Russia targets Syrian rebels with cruise missiles
U.S. Rejects Cooperation With Russia in Syria
Russia backs Syrian forces in major assault on insurgents
Russian warplanes in Syria destroy U.S.-trained rebels' weapons depots: commander
Russia Military’s Actions in Syria Cause Rift With Turkey

Hillary to Propose HFT Tax, Volcker Rule Changes
Hillary Comes Out Against TPP

Fed study: "economics research is usually not replicable"
Canned pumpkin shortage threatens to ruin Thanksgiving

  Oct 7 US economy
Some U.S. Industries Seen as Winners in Pacific Trade Pact
U.S. Trade Gap Widens Sharply on Strong Dollar, Weak Global Growth
Latest Apple iPhones cause U.S. imports to soar again
Chinese money flows into US housing

Global economy
Global growth fears grow as German and Spanish industrial output falls
Supply and demand gap explains low growth
IMF warns on worst global growth since financial crisis
IMF: Latest economic projections
IMF World Economic Outlook: Adjusting to Lower Commodity Prices

Oil jumps $2, breaking range as supply seen ebbing
Energy: Solar and Wind Just Passed Another Big Turning Point
Health Care: Biotech Rout Back as Profits Become Latest Investor Concern
IT: US tech companies overhaul operations after EU data ruling
IT: Adobe 2016 forecast disappoints, shares slump
IT: IBM sets up Watson-focused unit to tap the AI boom
IT: Apple Acquires Artificial-Intelligence Startup VocalIQ
Materials: Freeport-Mc thinking about ditching the oil business

Martin Wolf: Beware of the liquidity delusion
FRB-NY: Has Liquidity Risk in the Corporate Bond Market Increased?
FRB-NY: Has U.S. Corporate Bond Market Liquidity Deteriorated?
FRB-NY: Has Liquidity Risk in the Treasury and Equity Markets Increased?

How Iranian general plotted out Syrian assault in Moscow
Bremmer: 'We've already moved one step beyond a proxy war' in Syria
Fears of New Intifada Accompany Surge in Mideast Violence
Obama’s Top Advisers on ISIS, Russia, and Cyber-Security Have All Resigned Over the Past Two Weeks

Big Ben
With Lehman, Bernanke May Have Misled
The More Ben Bernanke Talks, the Smaller He Becomes

Diller Says He'll Leave the Country If Trump Wins

  Oct 6 Emerging markets
Templeton Betting on `Multi-Decade' Emerging-Market Opportunity
Indonesia's Rupiah Strengthens Most Since 2013 as Funds Return
Fortress Says Emerging Markets Bear Slump to Rival 1997

Stocks: activists & gurus
Are Activist Investors Helping or Undermining American Companies?
Activist Investor Report Card
BoA cuts S&P 500 year-end target again as uncertainty grows
Byron Wien is Modestly Bullish on Equities
Gross, Seeing Stocks Plunging Another 10%, Urges Flight to Cash
Paul Tudor Jones Sees Choppier Markets as Fed Shifts Focus
Goldman: Here are the 16 most overpriced stocks in the market

Volkswagen: time to buy
Energy: Crude up over 2% as gasoline jumps, Russia mulls oil talks
Energy: Suncor Energy launches $4.3 billion hostile bid for Canadian Oil Sands
Industrials: How Peltz's $2.5 Billion Investment Will Make GE Hurry Up
IT: Skyworks Agrees to Buy PMC-Sierra for $2 Billion in Cash
IT: Amazon makes a Dash to take lead in the internet of things
Transports: Fuel Prices Fall, but FedEx and UPS Boost Surcharges

US economy
Treasury auction sees US join 0% club
U.S. service sector growth ebbs in September
Gallup: U.S. Consumer Spending Remains on a Plateau

Global economy
German Factory Orders Unexpectedly Fall
Markit: Global economic growth at nine-month low in September
Markit: Eurozone shows signs of growth waning at end of solid third quarter
Markit: Brazil’s services drives faster decline in private sector output
U.S. Reaches Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Deal With 11 Pacific Nations
The Trans-Pacific Partnership in 11 questions

Central banks
Rosengren: If Weak Jobs Data Continues, Fed Should Delay
Dudley: Is the active use of macroprudential tools institutionally realistic?
Eurozone Nears Limits of What Monetary Policy Can Do
Japan central bank chief weighs policy easing options
Renminbi overtakes Japanese yen as global payments currency

Big Ben
Bernanke: How the Fed Saved the Economy
Bernanke says ‘not obvious’ economy can handle interest rates at 1%
In Book, Bernanke Pins Weak Recovery on Congress
Bernanke memoir attacks Congress for failing to foster US rebound

Obama’s preferred method for dealing with disagreement is denigration
Self-driving big-rig vehicles are coming sooner than we think

  Oct 5 Stocks
Blodget: History says stock performance will be crummy for ~10 years
New bear market threat forces the issue: How much can you stand to lose?
Is there an earnings recession looming? Why one measure says yes
Investors brace for stocks to fall again ahead of earnings
Hulbert: Those who sold in May are looking to return to stock market

Exxon, Chevron Outlooks Cut to Negative by S&P in Oil Slump
Energy: MLPs for the Long Run
Energy: SolarCity to Make High-Efficiency Panel
Financials: Online Lenders Deluge Small Business
Health Care: Time to Buy Big Pharma Stocks
Health Care: Valeant’s High-Price Drug Strategy
Health Care: Tenet Healthcare Is on the Mend
Health Care: More Gains Ahead for Boston Scientific
Health Care: Gilead: Rarely This Cheap, But Still Growing Strong

Commodities & Currencies
Saudi Aramco Cuts Crude Pricing to Asia, U.S. Amid Weak Demand
What Will Happen To Oil Prices When China Fills Its SPR?
World's Biggest Currency Trader Says Weak Jobs Means Weak Dollar

Global economy
Dollar’s Surge Against Other Currencies Weighs On US Economy
Emerging market turmoil flashes warning lights for global economy
After five years of negotiations, Pacific trade talks near deal
China’s Ambitious Rail Projects Crash Into Harsh Realities in Latin America

U.S.’ Billions Fail to Sustain Foreign Forces
Russia Intensifies Syria Bombing

Hillary Clinton on SNL Tries to Show She's In On the Joke
Kenneth Griffin Goes on a Record-Setting Real Estate Spending Spree
Bernanke: More Execs Should Have Faced Prosecution For 2008 Crisis

  Oct 3 Credit, Commodities, Currencies
Mutual Funds Face New U.S. Rules for Preventing Investor Runs
It's Been a Terrible Week for the Credit Market
Gundlach on junk: 'There's going to be another wave down'
Oil’s slump played havoc in U.S. junk-bond market in September
High-Yield Bonds Look Attractive
Wild Swings Buffet MLP Investors
The copper market: Red scare
Dollar hit by lacklustre US jobs data

Oil Producers’ Share Sales Get Warm Reception
Russia and Saudi Arabia to Continue Pumping Oil
Old engine of Wall Street is sputtering
New Liquidity Rules Will Make Fund Managers More Chicken-Hearted
Pfizer Raised Prices on 133 Drugs This Year, And It's Not Alone
Rift Over Drug Protections Complicates Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Talks
Glencore's Unforgettable Week Ended Right Back Where It Started

US Economy
Global Turmoil Saps U.S. Job Growth
Share of Americans in labor force shrinks to 38-year low
Jobs Report: Not as Bad as It Looks
Persistent low inflation results from more than cheap oil and a strong dollar

Weak jobs report leaves Federal Reserve tied to global growth
Hilsenrath: Soft Jobs Numbers Likely to Stay Fed’s Hand in October
Fed's Fischer Sees Few Obvious Bubbles in U.S. Economy
Fischer Speech:
Macroprudential Policy in the U.S. Economy
Should U.S. Monetary Policy Have a Ternary Mandate?

Middle East
Iran Expands Role in Syria in Conjunction With Russia’s Airstrikes
Why Russia is an ally of Assad

Ruling Class
Bush draws Democratic criticism for 'stuff happens' comment
Bush campaign torches 'craven' critics
Krugman: Voodoo Never Dies
Putin Hailed as Humanity's Savior as Kremlin PR Machine Kicks In

  Oct 2 Stocks, Bonds, Commodities
Doom and gloom is all the rage on Wall Street. Time to buy?
Credit Suisse: The markets are gripped by 'panic'
Market turmoil takes toll on venture-backed IPOs in U.S.
Capital flight darkens economic prospects for emerging markets
Ackman, Einhorn Lead Hedge Funds on Track to Rival '08 Slump

Healthcare: No free drugs
Healthcare: Healthcare junk bonds sting investors
Materials: At Glencore, a Mining Emperor Tries to Save His Realm
Materials: Copper cuts critical for Glencore revival
Airlines: United’s Chief Says Airline Must Improve

Atlanta Fed slashes Q3 view on U.S. economic growth
U.S. factories show vulnerability to chill in global economy
ISM Manufacturing Index Falls to Lowest Level Since May 2013
Wage Strife Clouds Car-Sales Boom
UAW Strike Threat at Missouri Ford F-150 Plant Intensifies

Household Spending Bounces Back With 2.9% Gain in August
Inflation Expectations Weaken at Japan Inc.
BOJ is said to see little immediate need for adding stimulus

Central Banks
Draghi Says Eurozone Returning to Growth After Policy Moves
Communication remains the right tool for Draghi
PBOC's Yi Suggests Punitive Tobin Tax to Deter Yuan Speculators
The credit bubble, the bears and the central bankers
Lawrence Summers Still Disagrees With Janet Yellen

Middle East, Russia, & Europe
Russia’s Putin Holds the Cards in Europe’s Crises
Netanyahu launches all-out assault on Iran deal at U.N
Netanyahu raises spectre of war after Iran nuclear deal
U.S., Allies Demand Russia Stop Attacks on Syria Opposition
Assad allies, including Iranians, prepare ground attack in Syria
Roubini: The Middle East Meltdown and Global Risk

Young Americans Are Giving Up on Getting Rich
Children of the Yuan Percent: Everyone Hates China’s Rich Kids

A new gel-based 3-D printer might help print organs
IBM Scientists Find New Way to Shrink Transistors

  Oct 1 Stocks & Commodities
2015 Is Turning Out to Be a Terrible Year for Investors
What Ails Glencore Ails the World Economy as Supercycles Reverse
Glencore Seeks Way to Sell Some Assets
Coal is Problem for Glencore, Other Miners
World's Biggest Pension Fund Moving Into Junk & Emerging Bonds

Global September M-PMIs
UK: 51.5 down from 51.6
Eurozone: 52.0 down from 52.3
Germany: 52.3 down from 53.3
France: 50.6 up from 48.3
Italy: 52.7 down from 53.8
Spain: 51.7 down from 53.2
Netherlands: 53.0 down from 53.9
China: Official index climbed to 52.3 from 51.7
China: Final Caixin at 47.2 vs. 47.0 flash
China NM-PMI: 50.5 down from 51.5 but employment strong
Japan: 51.0 down from 51.7 as exports decline for first time in 15 months
S. Korea: 49.2 up from 47.9 as new orders decline at slower rates
Taiwan: 46.9 up from 46.1
Vietnam: 49.5 down from 51.3
Malaysia: 48.3 up from 47.2
Indonesia: 47.4 down from 48.4 as payrolls shrink
India: 51.2 down from 52.3
Russia: 49.1 up from 47.9
Turkey: 48.0 down from 48.5
Poland: 50.9 down from 51.1

Regional Surveys: America's Manufacturers Got Crushed in September
House Passes Spending Bill to Avoid U.S. Government Shutdown

Japan Inc.'s Confidence Is Waning as Headwinds Hit Abenomics
Abenomics Hasn't Yet Delivered on Big Vision to Revitalize Japan
Japan on brink of technical recession

Central Banks
Eurozone deflation stokes talk of quantitative easing boost
Dudley Says Fed Tightening May Shed Light on Liquidity Situation
Bond Markets Probably Aren't Telling the Fed Much About Inflation Expectations
Questions About Leak at Federal Reserve Escalate to Insider-Trading Probe
Carney on climate: Central bankers stray from mandate

Emerging economies
Chinese Domino Effect Still Threatens World Markets
ETF Investors Exit Emerging-Market Stock Bets as China Falters
Emerging-Market Consumers in Focus for Logistics Providers
Putin's Economic Might Is Withering Away

Middle East
Putin's Syria Gamble Stokes Fears His Real Goal Is Aiding Assad
U.S., Russia press rival air campaigns over crowded Syrian skies

Trump says he would send Syrian refugees back if elected
There Are Now Officially 70,000 Ways to Get Sick or Die
Joaquin, Becomes a Major Hurricane

  Sep 30 IMF warnings
IMF Flashes Warning Lights for $18 Trillion in Emerging-Market Corporate Debt
IMF currency study shows power of devaluation
IMF: Market Liquidity Not in Decline, but Prone to Evaporate (report)
IMF: Rise in Emerging Market Corporate Debt--a concern? (report)
IMF: Commodity Exporters Facing Difficult Aftermath of Boom (report)
IMF: Exchange Rates Still Matter For Trade

Bonds, stocks, & cash
Traders Flee Emerging Markets at Fastest Pace Since 2008
Cash is king. It's better than stocks or bonds in 2015
US junk bonds cracking after debt binge
U.S. biotech bloodbath hits hedge funds but some bargains emerge
If you liked health-care stocks before, you’ll love them now
Global investment bank fees at near four-year low
Glencore: Stock down 73%, says business is 'robust'
Goldman Sachs slashes S&P 500 price and earnings forecasts
Bill Gross is literally laughing at the stock market

Consumer Confidence in U.S. Unexpectedly Rose in September
Advance Report: U.S. Goods Exports Plummet in August
The Young People Who Got Screwed by a Strong Economy

Recession Specter Rises in Japan as Industrial Output Slumps
Japan’s Industrial Production Unexpectedly Declines in August
Japan retail sales rise 0.8% in August on year
'Herbivore men' could be the reason why nobody's having sex in Japan
Number of Japanese Firms Applying for Womenomics Subsidies: Zero

US politics
Larry Kudlow on Trump's Tax Plan: I Really Like It
McConnell says starting talks with Obama on two-year budget deal
Planned Parenthood and Republicans face off
Hillary Clinton Calls For Eliminating Obamacare's 'Cadillac Tax'

Pope, Trump and Putin eclipse Xi in US
George Soros: Here’s my plan to solve the asylum chaos
Computer algorithm created to encode human memories

  Sep 29 Commodities
Commodity rout hits traders, emerging markets
Gartman: Time for bearishness on commodities behind us
Glencore Rises as Analysts Say Yesterday's Drop Was Overdone
Alcoa to split into two companies; shares surge
Morgan Stanley Has Given Up on Energy Stocks
Shell abandons contentious Arctic exploration after poor results

Stocks & bonds
Investors Fall Out of Love With Deals
Debt-Market Tumult Hits Corporate-Bond Sales
Goldman: Get Ready For Another Bumpy Ride This Earnings Season
Biotech stocks dive as lawmakers take aim at drug price hikes
Drug pricing in America: Painful pills

US Economy
In a Bullish Sign, US Consumer Spending Jumps in August
Pending Sales of Previously Owned U.S. Homes Unexpectedly Fall
U.S. Bonds Flash Warning
Treasury Bill Market Rocked as Debt Debate Punishes Savers
Asian migrants to propel US population

Fed & Congress
Mixed messages as Fed officials go public in force
Fed's Dudley Says U.S. on Track for 2015 Interest-Rate Increase
Congress moves on spending bill as shutdown deadline looms
Mitch McConnell’s New Challenge

Global Economy
Eurozone economic sentiment is at its highest since June 2011
India's central bank just stunned markets with a big rate cut
Three Major Trends Are About to Change

International relations
At U.N., Obama and Putin clash over working with Syria's Assad
What Putin told the UN: the US and allies are to blame in Mideast
Iraq Signs Deal With Russia, Iran, Syria to Fight ISIS
Catalan separatists win, a blow to Spain
India Replaces China as Next Big Frontier for U.S. Tech Companies

US politics
Trump promises 'large segment' of taxpayers will have zero rate
Clinton on email controversy: a 'drip, drip, drip' of revelations

The Price We Pay for Sitting Too Much
The most expensive home for sale in every state

  Sep 28 Conservatives vs. Liberals
The Post-Boehner Congress and Washington’s Sense of Dread
Conservatives Inside & Outside the House Caused Boehner’s Downfall
Far Right's Next Target: Mitch McConnell
Conservatives to 2016 GOP Field: Defy Us at Your Own Peril
Seven Ways Pope Francis Slapped Conservatives in the US
A Pastoral Pope, Slipping Conservatives’ Grasp
Left-winger Jeremy Corbyn swept in as Britain's Labor Party leader
Far right making hay from Europe's migrant crisis

Wall Street braces for grim third quarter earnings season
Biotech stocks fall into bear market territory
Is Hillary Clinton tweet a sell signal for biotech?
Yellen's comments boost financial stocks
Security-Technology Stocks Are Prime Takeover Fodder

July sets new record for most mileage driven in US
Markit: Slower service sector growth and weaker cost inflation
Yellen's Flip-Flop Isn't Guidance

Eurozone lending to companies, households edges up
Support for Merkel falls over handling of refugee crisis
EU 'ring of friends' turns into ring of fire
Money Flows With Refugees, and Life Jackets Fill the Shops
Catalonia's Push for Independence Falls Short of Majority

Abenomics 2.0: Shinzo Abe tweaks his economic programme for Japan
Kuroda says BOJ won't hesitate to ease further if needed

China Industrial Profits Fall Most Since 2011 as Growth Ebbs
As Xi visits the United States, China’s economy is at a tipping point
China’s consumption boom is not enough to succour the world economy
China Financial Gauge Improves, Offering a Signal for Growth
The real reason China’s leader jailed so many of his peers

Middle East
Why Russia is increasing its military presence in Syria
To Progress and Back: The Rise and Fall of Erdogan's Turkey
Thousands Enter Syria to Join ISIS Despite Global Efforts

Smaller, Faster, Cheaper, Over: The Future of Computer Chips

  Sep 26 Buybacks
Stock Buybacks Reward Management More Than Stockholders
Stock Buybacks: Too Much of a Good Thing


Emerging Markets Haven’t Hit Bottom Yet
Should you ignore or explore the Dow Theory sell signal?
Homebuilder stocks’ selloff may be following the bear market in lumber

US politics

U.S. government October 1 shutdown chances drop as Boehner quits
Shutdown odds plummet, but real disaster could come in a few months
Boehner Resignation Increases the Prospects for a Government Shutdown
Why Boehner’s Resignation Might Be Bad for the Market
Under pressure from the right, House Speaker Boehner quits
With Boehner vanquished, conservatives turn on McConnell
The Fight for the Soul of the Republican Party

US economy

Markit: U.S. services sector growth in September slows to three-month low
America's companies are hoarding $1.4 trillion in cash
Yellen: 'I Look Good Now, Don't I?'


China's Xi says no basis for long-run yuan depreciation
Cultural Revolution Shaped Xi Jinping, From Schoolboy to Survivor
Everything we know about the Chinese president's childhood is terrifying


Pragmatic Catalans cool over independence before vote
What you need to know about the Volkswagen scandal
Volkswagen picks company veteran to tackle emissions crisis


China's big response to climate change just turned the tables on Obama's foes
Five things that made this a colossal week for the fight against global warming

People’s Pope

At U.N., Pope rails against craving for wealth and power
Pope’s Address to the United Nations General Assembly


Can You See the Future? Probably Better Than Professional Forecasters
Everyone in America wants to be Donald Trump (for Halloween)

  Sep 25 Stocks
Charts point to breach of August lows for S&P 500
Risk parity strategy seeks new approach
Believe it or not, gold miners are starting to glitter
Opinion: Health-care stocks may be your best bet today

Yellen Says She Still Expects Rate Increase This Year
Yellen: One of these 9 slides makes me think we could get inflation wrong
Yellen Speech: Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy

U.S. business spending plans measure slips in August
U.S. New-Home Sales up 5.7% in August
4 Reasons Millennials Still Aren't Buying Houses
Boehner Said to Propose Government Shutdown-Avoiding Strategy

Caterpillar Cuts Jobs and Forecasts as Commodity Slump Bites
Caterpillar sends warning on global demand

Japan falls back into deflation for the first time since 2013
Abe's New Economic Plan Confounds Analysts
Markit: Flash Japan M-PMI at 50.9 (51.7 in August)

This is what Jim Chanos looks at when he's looking at China
An index that China's leaders use to measure economic growth looks horrible
The price of cement in China has collapsed...and that is not good
China Capital Outflows Hit Record in August on Yuan Weakness
China to Announce Cap-and-Trade Program to Limit Emissions
China’s Xi Draws Power Into Loyal Inner Circle

Middle East
Russia’s Return to Mideast Upends Status Quo
Iran Expects Oil Exports to Start Rising as Early as Late November

Migration crisis
Migration Crisis Needs Global Approach Says Merkel
Addressing Congress, pope urges U.S. to end hostility toward immigrants
Bulgarian traffickers making a killing in EU migrant crisis

IBM Moves to Expand Watson Artificial-Intelligence Unit
Tel Aviv’s Real-Estate Boom Powered by Tech Startups
McKinsey: To Boost Global Growth by Trillions, Improve Gender Equality
NSA chief says Clinton emails were 'opportunity' for foreign powers

  Sep 24 Stocks (September)
Here comes the 'revenue recession'
Pisani: Here's why buying interest has dried up
Goldman: It's a brutal market, but these 16 stocks look like great buys

Magna CEO: Cheap robots may shift car making from China to US
Markit: U.S. factory activity stuck at near two-year low in September
How Immigration Downturn Contributed to Construction-Worker Shortag
Financial pressures hit US shale oil output
Fracking Firms That Drove Oil Boom Struggle to Survivee
Baum: This time, the U.S. economy really can’t be an ‘oasis of prosperity’
We Still Aren’t Sure What Will Cause Janet Yellen to Pull the Trigger

Euro Winning Haven Status Among Traders at Worst Time for Draghi
ECB Loan Offer Meets Weak Demand in Sign of Recovery Risks
German business sentiment rises in September
Volkswagen Says 11 Million Cars Worldwide Are Affected in Diesel Deception
Europe's carmakers: We don't have the 'Volkswagen problem'
BMW Drops on Report That X3 Diesel's Emission Exceeded EU Limit
Mother Angela: Merkel's Refugee Policy Divides Europe
As Europe Wrangles Over Migrant Relocation, Reality Moves Faster

Abe Unveils Target to Boost Japan's Economy to 600 Trillion Yen

China & EMEs
Chinese factories struggle to fill production lines
China consumers tighten belts, a red flag for the global economy
Chanos: Here's why China got so bad in 2015
Krugman: Chinese Spillovers
Citi: Is China Leading the World into Recession?
Where next for Brazil as real hits new record low?
Taiwan Aug Industrial Output Declines More Than Expected

Bond King
Gross Investment Outlook: Saved by Zero?
Gross Tells Fed to `Get Off Zero Now!' as Economies Run on Empty
Pimco fund outperforms Bill Gross a year after ‘bond king’ left

Yogi Berra RIP
The 50 greatest Yogi Berra quotes
Yogi Berra, baseball legend, 1925-2015

Former Bear CEO Jimmy Cayne at center of bridge scandal
Brain-computer link enables paralyzed California man to walk

  Sep 23 Flash PMIs (September)
Caixin Flash China General Manufacturing PMI Down To 47.0
Chinese Factory Gauge Drops to Lowest Level Since March 2009
Eurozone Flash PMI rounds off best quarter for 4 years despite latest dip
Flash Germany Composite Output Index at 54.3 (55.0 in August)
Flash France Composite Output Index improves to 51.4 (50.2 in August)

Commodities & stocks
The Surprisingly Big Market for Sand Just Collapsed
Tumbling miners hit by broker downgrades
Miners Tumble as Citigroup Sees Bigger Commodity Losses
Glencore leads global mining sector sell-off
Oil groups go to extreme lengths to cut costs amid crude slide
Oil Price Forecast to Stay Below $60 Through Next Year
Gas at the Pumps Remains in the Dumps
Copper market may get a 2003-style supply shock from Glencore closures
Germany's Five-Year Yields Drop Below Zero as Equities Tumble

The Fed & Phillips Curve
Yellen Speech a Chance for Her to Confirm or Deny 2015 Liftoff
Our flat wages are proving economic theory wrong
Fed Rate Decision Keeps Monetary Debate Raging
Yellen is Transforming the US Economy Into Her Favourite Textbook Model
Pimco: Fed 'may find it impossible' to escape lower bound of rates

Gallup: Half in U.S. Continue to Say Gov't Is an Immediate Threat
Gallup: In U.S., Half Still Say Gov't Regulates Business Too Much
Gallup: Investors See Taxes as Biggest Drag on Investment Climate

Silicon Valley
The Risk of a Billion-Dollar Valuation in Silicon Valley
In a Hurry to Electrify India, Modi Turns to Silicon Valley
Target wants to turn Minneapolis into a mini Silicon Valley

US politics
FBI Said to Recover Personal E-Mails From Hillary Clinton Server
Carly Fiorina: Putin can be ‘funny and charming,’ just like Trump
Donald Trump is going off on Megyn Kelly again
Many Republican Women Have Second Thoughts About Trump
Hillary Clinton Opposes Keystone XL Pipeline

Pope starts U.S. trip with tone of conciliation
Pope Francis: Critic of capitalism since 1990s
In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism
Pope Francis On Care for Our Common Home
10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment

  Sep 22 Stocks
Who's Left to Sell U.S. Stocks? Mood Darkens Most Since Volcker
Hillary Clinton tweet crushes biotech stocks
Hillary Clinton Drug Plan Would Cap Consumer Costs, Mandate R&D Spending
Goldman Sachs joins the ETF rush
Goldman Sachs Has Some Bad News for Investors Who Like to Pick Stocks
Chart-Watchers Zero In on More Warning Signals for U.S. Equities

After delay, Yellen faces questions over Fed message on rate hike
Fed's window for 2015 rate hike is closing quickly
Is the stock market holding Janet Yellen hostage?
Dollar strengthens on diverging Fed, ECB monetary policy
IMF: Monetary Policy Should Focus on Price Stability
Why a rate hike might actually boost US economy

US economy
Gallup: Americans More Optimistic About Job Market in September
U.S. existing home sales fall more than expected
The Rent Crisis Is About to Get a Lot Worse

Global economy
ADB lowers Asia economic growth forecasts
Capital flight from China: Flow dynamics
China worries push Brazil’s currency close to all-time low
What is China’s president doing in Seattle?
The booming business of oil tankers

Gallup: 75% in U.S. See Widespread Government Corruption

  Sep 21 Commodities
Oil Speculators Most Bullish in Two Months as OPEC Calls for $80
China Is Hoarding the World's Oil
Plunging oil prices put question mark over $1.5tn of projects
Not Even Glencore Can Lift the Sagging Copper Market
Gold Has First Weekly Gain in a Month After Fed Holds Rates

Janet Yellen: central banker to the world
Yellen gives investors a world of worry
Fed's Williams still sees 2015 rate hike after 'close call'
Bullard Says He Argued Against Fed’s Call to Leave Rates on Hold
The ‘Nice Mess’ of Monetary Policy
Complete transcript of Yellen press conference
Economic projections of FOMC participants

Yellen Pause Ups Pressure on Draghi as Global Pessimism Mounts
Eurostat: Only 20% first time asylum seekers originates from Syria
Greek leftist Tsipras returns in unexpectedly clear election win

Here's Evidence That Millennials Are Still Living With Their Parents
Goldman Sachs taps Snapchat for recruiting millennials
Move Over, Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z

US income distribution
Median income, poverty rate stayed flat in ’14
The Richest Americans Are Winning the Economic Recovery
Census: Income and Poverty in the United States: 2014
Census: Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2014
Census: The Supplemental Poverty Measure: 2014

US politics
Obama's foreign policy just reached a new low
Bernie Sanders Explains Why He's Not Insulted When People Call Him A Socialist

Apple's iOS App Store suffers first major attack
Greece Is a World-Beater in One Industry: Running Elections
Software Is Smart Enough for SAT, but Still Far From Intelligent

  Sep 19 Stocks
Power Goes Out on S&P 500 Rally as China Crashes Fed Celebration
Dividend payers get a break from Fed decision
Fed’s Muddled Message Could Keep Market Volatile
Just How Bad Was the Fed's Non-Hike for Bank Stocks? Take a Look
Megadeals for 2015 hit record high
Brace for the worst week of the year
Mobileye, Magna will win big from driverless cars, Goldman says

Central Banks
Schiff: Groundhog Day at the Fed
Federal Reserve Is Now Central Bank to the World
The Fed: Why good jobs numbers may never be enough
Central banks fret stimulus efforts are falling short

US economy
West Coast Ports See Rise in August Import Volumes
Leading Economic Index Rose Slightly in August
Household Wealth in U.S. Rose in Second Quarter on Real Estate
Boehner May Have Found an Escape Hatch on Budget Standoff

Weak growth leads Moody’s to cut France’s credit rating
Germany Says Europe in Danger as Countries Spar Over Refugees
Greeks Expect More of the Same Hardship as They Vote Again

Submerging economies
There's no way around it: Brazil is a disaster
Fed doves turn managers cold on emerging markets stocks
EMs: How Low Can Developing Markets Go?

Here's the real reason red wine is good for your heart
One big sign the Apple self-driving car is closer than we thought
Iranian president explains the meaning behind that ‘Death to America’ chant
‘Black Mass’ Review: True and Terrifying Crime, With a Depp Charge

  Sep 18 Commodities
Defaults Mount in Beleaguered Energy Industry
OPEC sees oil prices returning to $80 a barrel by 2020
Copper Drifts Lower After Chile Earthquake Sparks Surgee

Central Banks
Central Banks’ Lesson: Easy Money Alone Isn’t a Growth Salve
Yellen May Emulate Taper Template and Raise Rates in December
Fed "monitoring developments abroad"
Majority of Fed officials still expect to increase rates this year
Yellen: The Fed's credibility hinges on inflation
Dollar tumbles after Fed holds rates steady
Here's what changed in the new Fed statement
Transcript of Yellen’s FOMC Press Conference Opening Statement

US Housing
Janet Yellen Sees a ‘Very Depressed’ Housing Market
US housing starts take a breather, permits rebound
Zillow: Student Loans Don’t Restrain Young Home Buyers
YRI Charts: Housing starts pause

Europe and U.S. Pay Cost of Inaction Against Syria’s Assad
If Europe Gets It Right, Refugees Can Be Good for Economic Growth

US politics
Substance Made a Comeback in Second GOP Debate
Pope's U.S. visit may deepen Republicans' Hispanic problem
US rightwing populism ruffles business
Trump Lands a Blow Against Carried Interest Tax Loophole

Saudi Women Register To Vote For The First Time Ever

  Sep 17 Stocks
US short interest shoots up to three year high
Buy Signal: Bull/Bear Ratio at 1.00
Dalio defends ‘Risk-Parity’ Strategy
Shiller’s Cape holds lessons for bull run
Bill Gurley explains why he keeps shouting about the tech bubble
Altice agrees $17.7bn Cablevision deal

As Fed Storm Brews, Europe Stocks Seen Weathering Turmoil Best
Pound soars as Britain's jobs recovery bounces back
U.K. Wage Growth Hits Six-Year High as Labor Market Tightens
Despite slowing sales China, European carmakers sound upbeat
Death of European Anti-Austerity Says a Lot About Austerity

Global Economy
FedEx Trims 2016 Forecast as First-Quarter Earnings Fall Short
Japan's Exports Add to Abe's Woes
Doubts Emerge Over Abenomics
S&P Downgrades Japan
OECD slashes Canada's outlook despite manufacturing uptick
Which Emerging Markets Are Weathering the Storm? Think Small

U.S. Consumer Prices Fall 0.1%, Muddling Fed Decision
OECD Issues Warning to Fed on Pace of Future Rate Increases
Blankfein urges Fed to delay rate rise
Blinder: The Fed will likely defer a rate hike until December
How the Fed’s Most Important Message Became Enshrined in Dots

Economist special report on China
Business in China: The China that works
Prospects for its entrepreneurial private sector remain bright
Telling a state-controlled from a private firm can be tricky
Private sector is responsible for modern China’s economic rise
Tech is offering Chinese business new opportunities
Chinese private firms are embracing innovation
The world’s most dynamic consumer market
Chinese manufacturing remains second to none
Foreign investment: The new Silk Road
Reform: The good, the bad and the ugly

China, U.S. Reach Agreement on High-Speed Rail Before Xi Visit
This skyscraper looks like a reason to be worried about Canada
Nobel Official: Obama Peace Prize Didn't Have Desired Effect
CNN presidential debate descended into brawl

  Sep 16 Fed & Stocks
Why the Fed Is Likely to Stand Pat This Week
The Fed is close to repeating the big mistake of the Great Depression
The Mistake of 1937: A General Equilibrium Analysis
The stock market is in a 'coil' and ready to break loose up or down

European economy
European Auto Industry Extends Winning Streak in August
Steep fall in German investor sentiment

US economy
U.S. Retail Sales Rise 0.2% as Consumers Show More Confidence
U.S. Industrial Production Fell 0.4% as Auto Sector Downshifts
After Speedy Recovery, Will Fed Tap the Brakes on U.S. Auto Sales?
Economic Takeaways of U.S. Retail Sales Gain, Weak Manufacturing

US politics
Oil rises after Obama says no to crude exports
US government prepares for shutdown
Nate Silver: Trump, Carson Have ‘About 5%’ Chance Of Winning GOP Nomination

Here's the messaging service Wall Street wants to displace Bloomberg
Seed by seed, acre by acre, big data is taking over the farm
Google hires mental health expert to lead new life sciences unit

  Sep 15 Global economy
Worries Rise Over Global Trade Slump
Eurozone Industrial Output Up More Than Expected in July
Chinese Open Luxury Wallets in Europe
Reuters Tankan: Japan business mood sinks

Emerging market economies
Fitch warns of emerging market shock if Fed sticks to rate plan
FDI collapses across emerging markets amid economic slowdown
Levy Pitches Budget Cuts and Tax Hikes to End Brazil Deficit
Turkish Economy Expands Briskly Despite Turmoil
China Stocks Post Biggest Two-Day Loss in Three Weeks
Fed Rate-Move Doubts Boost Emerging Stocks & Currencies

Opec expects higher demand for its oil as shale production slows
Oil Patch Braces for Financial Reckoning
Oil Bulls Seeing Smaller Glut Increase Bets by Most Since April
Why Metal Prices Are Likely to Remain Weak for a While

Talking heads
Tom Lee: Here's why the bottom in stocks may be near
Bill Ackman: I'm more bullish on stocks than Tepper
David Tepper: Good time to take money off the table
Jim Rogers: Markets won't let Fed raise rates for long
Baring's Mahon: Bonds Confirm Fed Will Wait as CPI Founders

European crisis
The Growth of Refugee Inc.
Greek Election Deadlock Beckons as Campaign Enters Last Week
Greece's Tax-Evading Professionals

YRI charts
Eurozone: July industrial production rises 0.6%
Commodities: May be bottoming led by copper
Currencies: Worst over for freefalling currencies?

Google is almost certainly building a real car
Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ replacement: Schwarzenegger

  Sep 14 Stocks
Dick Grasso: Today’s Markets Aren’t Fair
US exchanges urged to act in HFT debate
Fears grow over US stock market bubble

The Fed
Lesson for Fed: Higher Interest Rates Haven’t Been Sticking
The Fed’s Policy Mechanics Retool for a Rise in Interest Rates
It's time: The Fed should hike interest rates

Global Economy
Imports Surge at Southern California Ports
BIS Highlights Trouble Spots for Global Economy
Germany’s export machine braced for China slowdown
Oil-Price Slump Could Force U.S., Non-OPEC Suppliers to Make Deep Cuts
In Japan, the Rise of the Machines Solves Labor and Productivity

China economic growth sputters in August, more support measures seen
China Data Add to Doubts About Beijing’s Ability to Meet Growth Target
Li Keqiang index: Is it defunct and can we replace it?
China Steel Output Rises, Adding to Concern Over Global Glut
China Unveils Overhaul of Bloated State Sector
Here’s what fueled the China market panic: BIS

Emerging market economies
Worries over emerging markets deepening: BIS
EME vulnerabilities take centre stage

Migrant crisis
Tens of Thousands Demonstrate in Europe in Support of Refugees
Germany Reinstates Austria Border Controls on Refugee Crisis

YRI charts
China: August production growth only 6.1% y/y
China: August real retail sales growth at 8.8% y/y

How Stanford Took On the Giants of Economics
Body imaging: scans reveal weighty matters
People are trying to use LinkedIn as a dating site

  Sep 12

WSJ Survey: Most Economists Predict Fed Will Stay on Hold in September
Homegrown reasons for the US Fed to stay put on interest rates
Rogoff Slams Popular Theories for What the Fed Should Do Next
Why the Fed Should Stand Pat
Fed Rate Hike Is Too Close to Call
We're about to find out how closely the Fed follows its unspoken rule

US economy & stocks
The Construction Industry Struggles to Rebuild its Worker Ranks
These Two Charts Show How the Stock Market Slammed Consumer Sentiment
S&P 500 Caps Best Week Since July in Prelude to Fed Rate Meeting
The Wisdom of a Stock-Market Nonconformist
The Chip Tsunami: Too Soon to Wade Back in the Water
Apple Shares Could Rally 50% on New iPhone Plan

Oil supply & demand
There Will Be Blood: Goldman Slashes Oil Price Forecasts
Cheap oil ‘slams brakes’ on US shale production

Emerging markets
As China’s Banks Step Back Lending, Others Step Up
US rate uncertainty drives flight from emerging markets
Brazil downgrade triggers prospect of further turmoil for EMs
Turkey Faces Threat of Growing Unrest
Indian Stocks Beckon Patient Investors

Migration crisis
The Roots of the Migration Crisis
Assad Regime Inflames Refugee Crisis
Russia is urging other nations to arm Syria's unconscionable dictator
Germany mulls extra budget to cope with refugee influx
Merkel's critics grow louder as more refugees flood into Germany
Dutch plan tougher asylum policy as migrants flock to Europe
Migrants Pose as Syrians to Open Door to Asylum in Europe

US demographics
5 reasons kids in America are falling behind
Child Poverty and Adult Success
These Millennials Are Socking Away 15% of Their Salaries

Aggressive Blood Pressure Treatment Lowers Death Risk
I am exploring Senate run intensely: Kudlow
Automakers Will Make Automatic Braking Systems Standard in New Cars

  Sep 11 Yada yada yada
Where every Fed member stands on raising interest rates
Former Yellen aide to Fed: Don’t raise rates next week
Summers warns almost colleagues at Fed against hiking rates
Summers Blog: Why the Fed must stand still on rates
Fed should start to slow the economy’s engines, ex-Dallas Fed chief says

US housing & jobs
Housing: The U.S. Economy Is Just Starting to Tap Into a Big Source of Dry Powder
Why Is Home Building Lagging Job Creation? Realtors, Builders Disagree
Renters Not Looking to Buy Anytime Soon, Zillow Says
Has Industry Consolidation Held Back Home Construction? e
Why US job openings are surging, while hiring plods

Emerging economies
Emerging-Market Currencies: Things Look to Get Worse
Goldman's Next 11 Markets Are Sinking Even Faster Than the BRICs
China Car Sales Driven Lower by Slowing Economy
India: Asia's Next Economic Dynamo?
Indonesia Relaxes Business Regulations
Attack of the ratings agencies: Brazil junked
Brazil is in an economic hole--and still digging
Mexico Seen Gaining at Brazil's Expense After S&P Downgrade

Middle East
Iranian oil is about to flood the market
Oil weakens as Saudi sees no need for oil summit to defend pricese
Iran Nuclear Accord Survives U.S. Senate Test in Win for Obama
Boehner: 'Very Possible' I Might Sue Obama Over Iran Deal
Iran’s supreme leader: No talks with ‘Great Satan,’ Israel won’t exist in 25 years
Saudi Arabia offers Germany 200 mosques
Saudi Arabia hated the latest issue of National Geographic so it banned it

US Politics
DOJ to Judge: Hillary Right to Have Private Account, Delete Emails
Forget what Trump says about Fiorina’s face. Her HP record is the issue
Why Jeb Bush’s attack on ‘carried interest’ matters

New iPhones, iPads and even lifesaving watch apps on the way
Fossil first: ancient human relative may have buried its dead
‘Dr. Doom’ economist Nouriel Roubini offering NYFW meditation sessions

  Sep 10 Contrary indicator
China's Tallest Skyscraper Prepares to Open
As skyscrapers rise, markets fall

China's Premier Li Keqiang: 'China won’t see a hard landing in the economy'
China to roll out 'more forceful' fiscal policy
China's August CPI up 2% on-year, PPI down 5.9%
Economic Worries Recast Obama-Xi Agenda
China’s Response to Stock Plunge Rattles Traders
TIMELINE: All of the madness in China's stock market in the past year

Global Economy
Japan machinery orders slide, fueling concerns over economic recovery
Y-Charts: Japan Country Briefing Shows Lots of Weakness
Why Catalonia’s bid for independence is Europe’s next headache
S&P cuts Brazil’s credit rating to junk
Investors See India as Strongest of the Weak
Emerging markets call on Fed to lift rates and end uncertainty

United States
Hilsenrath: Fed Wavers on September Rate Rise
Seven Reasons the Fed Won't Raise Rates Next Week: Deutsche Bank
Job Openings in July Rise to Record High
Phillips Curve: The Fed Has a Theory. Trouble Is, the Proof Is Patchy
As Republicans slam Planned Parenthood, shutdown threatens

Corporate Finance
Corporate debt deals are surging. Here's why
Sun Life to buy U.S. insurer Assurant's unit for $975 million
XPO Logistics to buy trucker Con-way in $3 billion deal

Apple phone, tablet and TV fail to impress investors
Apple Takes Aim at Wireless Phone Companies
Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Event
Apple is fundamentally changing how you use your iPhone
What it's like to use the brand new iPhones Apple
I just tried the new product Apple thinks will be the future of TV
Apple's new iPad Pro feels enormous

It looks like the S&P 500 is going to fall another 26%
Kass’ [Bearish] Korner: Baby It’s Cold Outside
Trump slights rival Fiorina's looks: 'Look at that face'
Iran’s Supreme Leader Rules Out Negotiations With U.S. Beyond Nuclear Issues

  Sep 9 Stocks
Japan's Nikkei 225 Rises 7.7% for Biggest Gain Since October 2008
M&A market surges with $40bn in new deals
Wall Street Tells Investors to Chill Out Over Chinese Contagion
Cooperman: Why this bull market isn't over
Hulbert: Now is the time to buy stocks, say two investment veterans from the old school
Wien: [My] Wall Street Pals Discuss Markets
Market looks a lot like 1998: Wells Fargo
Investment Strategies Meant as Buffers to Volatility May Have Deepened It

Stress in the junk-bond market climbs to highest level in 5 years
Moody's Liquidity Stress Index pushes higher as energy woes intensify
Opinion: Junk bond market: Danger ahead
Bond Market Sends Fed All-Clear to Raise Interest Rates
Liar Loans Redux: They're Back and Sneaking Into AAA Rated Bonds
An Obscure Hedge Fund Is Buying Tens of Billions of Dollars of U.S. Treasurys

The Fed
Interest rate rise: economic indicators mean hard choices for Fed
Interest rate rise: emerging markets set to feel the wrath
World Bank chief economist warns Fed to delay rate risee

United States:
U.S. Consumers Take on More Debt, Signaling Confidence in Economy
China Slowdown Could End Up Being Good News for U.S.
Budget guru: The odds of a government shutdown just surged
Planned Parenthood Fight Threatens to Bring Shutdow

China domestic:
China finance minister targets fiscal policy, infrastructure to support economy
Investors Make Their Case for Buying Chinese Stocks Now
Operation to steady China stocks a success, but patient comatose
China Just Killed the World's Biggest Stock-Index Futures Markete
Citigroup Sees 55% Risk of a Global Recession Made in China
China changes GDP calculation method to improve accuracy

China global
[US/China Trade] Deal hopes spring from Xi’s torrid summer
Yuan "Fixing": One Thing China Got Right
In Africa, Those Who Bet on China Face Fallout
China’s direct investment in Africa: Reality versus myth
Toronto condo developers head directly to China to court buyers

Euro zone second-quarter GDP revised higher as Italy grows faster
Lowry: The refugee crisis is exposing Europe’s folly
U.N. says 850,000 to cross sea to Europe in 2015 and 2016
A New Wave of Migrants Flees Iraq, Yearning for Europe

Secular stagnation
Era of low interest rates fails to generate growth policymakers expected
These Will Be the Oldest Populations By 2050

Elizabeth Warren: I agree with Donald Trump on taxes
Buffett Supports Trump Stance on Hedge-Fund Manager Taxes
Sarah Palin defends Trump, says people in US should ‘speak American’

  Sep 8 Global economy
Japan's Economy Flashes Warning as Inventory Gain Holds Up GDP
Eurozone GDP growth data revised upwards
ECB quantitative easing: Failure to spark
German finmin says central banks powerless in face of too much debt
Migrant Wave Inspires Others to Attempt Trek to Europe
Why a Stronger Housing Sector Isn’t Boosting the U.S. Economy That Much
San Francisco Fed’s Williams Sees Rate Increase ‘This Year,’ If Risks Dissipate

China Autos Jump On August Sales Bounce: Don’t Overheat
China imports slump in August, shares choppy
China forex reserves in record fall as Beijing tries to calm markets
China Central Bank Stakes Credibility On Unprecedented Statement
China’s Central Bank Chief Predicts End Nigh for Market Rout
Chinese stock markets dive after record $94bn fall in central bank reserves
China Debt Crisis? The Other Side of the Ledger Suggests Not

Oil Extends Decline as Russia Rules Out Deal With OPEC on Outpu
Glencore, Battered Mining Giant, Retreats
Glencore shares soar on fightback plans
First Steel, Now Copper: Rio Tinto Keeps Optimism on China
Y-Charts: Commodity Prices Remain Weak

Exclusive: Apple ups A.I. hiring, but faces obstacles to making phones smarter
Krugman: Trump Is Right on Economics
Hillary Clinton to Show More Humor and Heart, Aides Say
Chelsea Clinton: UN's Incompetence Is Mind-Numbing

  Sep 7 Global economy
German industrial output up in July, strongest gain so far in 2015
Analysts trim Japan GDP forecasts, see feeble third-quarter rebound
Japan's Abe unlikely to tackle hard reforms in next term: economists
Shadowed By Bailout He Agreed To, Greece’s Tsipras Pledges Easier Terms
As Europe Grasps for Answers, More Migrants Flood Its Borders
IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Calls for Urgent Economic Overhauls Amid Slowdown
China is fueling America’s economy

China trims 2014 GDP growth estimate
BloombergView:Why Not to Worry About China (Too Much)
Goldman Sachs isn't worried about China
China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Fall in August on Yuan Support e
China's 'One Belt, One Road' looks to take construction binge offshore
Mobius to Beijing: Quit Fighting the Market and Let Stocks Fall
China risks repeating the errors of Japan
China's Turmoil Could be Just a Blip, If 1960s Japan Is a Guide

Kelly: Stop blaming China—the problem is bigger than that
DeLong: China's Market Crash Means Chinese Supergrowth Could Have Only 5 More Years to Run
Taheri: How bad is the Iran deal? Let’s count the ways

YRI Link Collections
Stocks: Flash Crash of 2015
China: Political Crisis

This Preschool Is for Robots
What Are the Worst Airports in the World?
5 sites teens flock to instead of Facebook
Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak loved the new Steve Jobs biographical movie

  Sep 6 G20
G20 eyes faster economic reforms as cheap credit not enough for growth
G20 Seals Currency Peace Pact as China Sets Out Bubble Cleanup
G20 supports China’s efforts to stabilise economy
G20 ministers foresee tighter monetary policies
G20 Communiqué: Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting

Stocks & latest flash crash
Maybe Computers Weren't to Blame for August's Stock Selloff After All
Opinion: September is the cruelest month for your stocks--or is it?
‘Bearish divergence’ is warning investors not to buy the dip in the stock market

Bonds & yields
The Head Winds of High Yield
The Allure of Mortgage REITs

Nouriel Roubini dismisses China scare as false alarm, stuns with optimism
China emphasizes stability at G20, fiscal spending quickens
China Market Volatility Nearing End, Says Central Bank Official
China’s Zhou Kept Repeating the Bubble ‘Burst’ at G-20 Meeting

Alexis Tsipras faces shock election defeat as voters on course to punish Syriza
Austria, Germany open borders to migrants offloaded by Hungary
Thousands of Migrants Pour Into Austria, Germany After Hungary Trek
Britain says air strikes against ISIS may be the answer to the migrant crisis
Iceland using cool climate to cash in with power-hungry data centres

Why those working-age men who left the U.S. job market aren't coming back
Why Millennials Aren't Forming New Households
COLUMN-What is wrong with millennial credit scores
Tinder isn’t the only reason the dating scene is terrible for women right now

It’s official: money can buy you happiness
Amazon hiring staff for new restaurant division in Seattle, New York
Stephen Schwarzman of Blackstone Feels the Agony of Victory

  Sep 5 Stocks & latest flash crash
U.S. Stocks Could Rally More Than 10% by Year End
The Great ETF Debacle Explained
Bridgewater's 'All Weather Fund' slumps amid market storm
Quant Fire Only Half Out to JPMorgan Strategist Who Saw Rout
Quant Risk Overblown to SocGen as JPMorgan Warns No Rally Safe
Forced selling by quantitative traders increases stock price volatility
JPMorgan's Kolanovic: Quantitative Traders May Trigger Market Crash
JPMorgan’s Algorithmic Market Crash Analysis Was Brilliant But Flawed
Price-Insensitive Sellers

US economy & Fed
Gallup: For Fourth Month, U.S. Job Creation Index at Record High
Payrolls in U.S. Rise 173,000 as Jobless Rate Falls to 5.1%
U.S. labor market shows some muscle despite slower job growth
Muddled jobs report leaves Fed in a 'jam' watching markets
Mixed Jobs Report Sets Fed Up for Close Call on Rates
Economists: ‘A September Rate Hike Is Basically a Coin Flip’
Jobs Report Gives Ammunition to Both Sides of Fed Rate Debate
For Labor Day Drivers, Lowest Gasoline Prices in 11 Years

Global economy
German factory orders fell in July
South Korea Cuts Growth Forecast on Chinese Slowdown Risk
G-20 Increasingly Concerned About Slowing Chinese Economy
IMF Details Errors in Calling for Austerity
IMF Study: Growth Forecast Errors and Fiscal Multipliers

US politics & international relations
Gallup: Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating One of Her Worst
Gallup: Trump's Image Up Sharply Among Republicans
Exodus of Syrians Highlights Political Failure of the West

The End of Labor?
Humans Need Not Apply

At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized

  Sep 4 Popularity of automated investor strategies may fuel market tremors
‘Risk parity’ shares blame for market ructions, says Omega
Bridgewater: The All Weather Story
Bridgewater: Risk Parity is About Balance
Bridgewater: Engineering Targeted Returns and Risks

Opinion: Market timing model: Go 100% cash
Stress in the junk-bond market climbs to highest level in 5 years
Glencore warned to cut debt pile or face downgrade
Private-Equity Firms Plunge Back Into the Oil Patch

Draghi Turns Back Clock for ECB Forecasts as Stimulus Takes Time
Draghi Unveils Revamped QE Program as ECB Downgrades Outlook
Downbeat Draghi ready to beef up quantitative easing package
Draghi Press Conference

Economic growth in Europe: The euro area's uninspiring recovery
Spain Is Winner From Oil, Commodities Plunge, De Guindos Says
Italy's Time to Shine as Stocks Outperform After 10-Year Plunge
Migrant Chaos Mounts While Divided Europe Stumbles for Response

The Fed's Fear of the Unknown
Bill Gross: Fed Likely Eyeing 'One and Done' Hike Strategy
Shrinking U.S. trade gap shows economy's underlying strength
US trade contraction adds to global fears

China is scaring away foreign investors with its efforts to defend shares
Threat of further outflows as headwinds batter China
Friendship Between Putin and Xi Becomes Strained as Economies Falter
Wynn Is A Falling Knife
Why a big slump in South Korea’s exports matters

SAT scores at lowest level in 10 years, fueling worries about high schools

  Sep 3 IMF warns against rate rises by leading economies
IMF WARNS: China's slowdown worse for the world than we thought
Those Inflation Targets Keep Getting Harder to Hit

Asia Stocks Rise, Following U.S. Rally, With China Markets Shut
These Are a Few of the Stock Charts That Spook Louise Yamada
Is it time to buy everything? Goldman vs. Morgan Stanley
Some Hedge Funds Prosper in Market Tumult
Opinion: As investors flee China, they should consider India

Fed: U.S. Economic Activity ‘Expanding’ Across Most Districts
Fed Beige Book
Autos lift US factory goods orders in July
Why Walmart Is Reducing Worker Hours, After Raising the Minimum Wage

Eurozone retail sales growth disappoints
EZ: Output growth exceeds four-year high
UK: Service sector expands at weakest rate in over two years in August
Japan: Service sector activity growth accelerates to 22-month high
India: Growth of services sector output gathers momentum in August
Russian: Service sector registers slight contraction in August

EU Officials to Hold Talks on Migrant Crisis
Merkel’s Party Marks Limit on Its Acceptance of Refugees

China finds itself in a no-win situation
Xi Says China No Threat, Announces Military Cuts at Parade
China says naval ships in Bering Sea on normal drills

Teflon Trump chastises Jeb Bush for speaking Spanish
A Once-Sunny Jeb Bush, Bristling in the Long Shadow of Donald Trump
Weekly Standard: [Trump Is] Traitor to His Class
Cheney: Obama's Motive to 'Make Iran Dominant Force' in Middle East

Selfie madness: too many dying to get the picture

  Sep 2 pm Investors Intelligence Poll: Bullish Sentiment Falls
YRI Charts: Bull/Bear Ratio Plunges to 1.04
Investors Withdraw Most From U.S. Mutual Funds Since June 2013
When Will It End? History Shows U.S. Stocks Rebound Needs Months
Giant U.S. Pension Fund Calstrs to Propose Shift Away From Stocks, Bonds
In strategy shift, CalPERS looks to cut financial risk
99.7% probability we're in a bear market: SocGen's Edwards

The Greenspan conundrum in reverse: Reserve selling means yields rise more than Fed expects
Fed’s Beige Book Says Economy Expanded Across Most Regions
U.S. private payrolls rise steadily; productivity revised up
Productivity , ADP Payrolls

It's amateur hour in China
Brazil struggles to fix fiscal crisis
Warm welcome awaits ‘Great Satan’ in Iran

Migrants shut Eurostar trains to UK; dead wash up on Turkish beach
Shocking image of drowned boy crystallises Europe migrant crisis

The 24 best public colleges in America

  Sept 2 am Forex reserves unwind could reverse bond supercycle
The bull market is over: Louise Yamada
Coming in Sept: Another stocks horror story?
5 Forces Driving the Global Stock Selloff
China is the scariest threat to stocks since 2009. Here's why
Morgan Stanley issues 'full house' buy alert for [European] stocks
The Most Downloaded SSRN Paper Ever Is All About Market Timing
(And it suggests investors should currently be in cash)
A Quantitative Approach to Tactical Asset Allocation

Emerging market debt transformation lowers risk of crisis
Canada Illustrates Plight of Rich but Resource-Dependent Countries
Australia’s Economy Slows on Exports Slump as China Woes Bite

Moody's raises red flag over China's public finances
China stock probes send shivers through investment community
China turns up heat on market participants
China Boosts Efforts to Keep Money at Home
A Secretive Agency Hunts for China’s Crooked Officials Worldwide
Chinese Company Set to Buy 10 Ultralarge Ships for $1.5 Billion

Don't Count on OPEC Cuts While Iran Plans to Go It Alone
Oil Retreats Below $45 as U.S. Stockpiles Seen Exacerbating Glut
Oil bear bets on return to $25 a barrel

Hundreds of migrants protest at Budapest station, want to go to Germany
Australia alarmed by strategic rivalry in South China Sea
As China’s Economy Falters, Military Parade Offers Chance to Burnish Image
China set to parade its ‘carrier-killer’ missile through Beijing
Russia is dominating the battle for the Arctic

Google’s Driverless Cars Run Into Problem: Cars With Drivers

  Sep 1 The first rate increase has not been a showstopper for investors

China manufacturing contracts, Korea exports slump as Asia's woes deepen
South Korea exports plunge 14.7%
Euro zone factory growth eases in August despite modest price rises
IMF's Lagarde sees weaker-than-expected global economic growth
Central bank monetary arsenal is increasingly ineffective

Eurozone Inflation Stays Low
Weak eurozone inflation revives quantitative easing debate
Jackson Hole Has a Worrying Message for Draghi & Co.
Italy Jobless Rate Unexpectedly Declines in Boost for Renzie
Migrant trains reach Germany as EU asylum system creaks

Why the commodities super cycle was a myth
Oil falls 3 percent on weak China factory data
Oil Caps Biggest Three-Day Gain Since 1990 as OPEC Ready to Talk
Oil Prices Soar Amid Lower U.S. Output Estimates, OPEC Article
EIA Cuts U.S. Oil Output Estimates Year-to-Date
Barclays: There's a New Oil Glut in Town
Israeli gas companies hit by ‘supergiant’ Egypt find

India's growth slows as reforms stall
India warned to beware gloating over China crisis
Emerging markets: Fixing a broken model
Large Chemical Blast Rips Through Chinese City
China’s wealthy look to raise overseas investments
China’s Bond-Rating Firms Dole Out Downgrades
Slowing Growth Exposes Chinese Banks’ Debt Debris
China Attacking Graft Hits Department Store Owner's Gift Cards
China reporter confesses to stoking market ‘panic and disorder’
Warning Signs in U.S. Presaged China’s Stock-Market Plunge
China's President Xi Solidifies Power with Overhaul of Military

Murder Rates Rising Sharply in Many U.S. Cities
Carbon dating suggests early Quran is older than Muhammad

  Aug 31 Fed Appears to Hold Line on Rate Plan
Fed at Jackson Hole: Gearing Up to Hike Amidst Rocky Terrain
China turmoil divides Fed over inflation
Stanley Fischer expects US inflation to head higher
Fisher Speech: U.S. Inflation Developments
Central Bankers Rethink Views on Inflation
Central Bankers Shouldn’t Yearn for Good Old Days That Never Existed
The Myth of Normal: The Bumpy Story of Inflation

Some Stock-Market Experts Still Bracing For More Trouble
After Two Weeks of Market Turmoil, What’s Changed? Not Much
Young workers in target-date funds hit hard by market drop
Oil crash creates opportunities for service industry deals

Canada’s economy: The new rustbelt
U.K. Export Surge Drives Economy to 10th Quarter of Growth
U.K. Consumer Confidence Rises to Match 15-Year High in August
French prime minister vows to deepen economic reform
Travelers Stranded as Striking French Workers Block Port of Calais

Beijing abandons large-scale share purchases
China Places Cap on Local Government Debt
China: Credibility on the line
Crises Put First Dents in Xi Jinping’s Power
5 Things to Know About China’s Xi Jinping
Zombie Factories Stalk the Sputtering Chinese Economy
China Slowdown’s Next Victim: Asian Parts Suppliers

Modi Backtracks on India Land Reform Ahead of Key State Election
Brazil's economy: Another big stumble

  Aug 29 Exclusive: Market Regulators Probing Chaotic ETF Trades
The Stock Market’s Brewing ‘Battle Royale’ (YRI quoted)
U.S. Blue Chips With Fat Dividends Offer Value
Carl Icahn’s Latest Bold Bet on Commodities and Energy
Two Bulls Keep the Faith on U.S. Stocks
Laszlo Birinyi Remains an Unrepentant Bull

Fed Officials Don’t Seem in the Mood to Wait for September Rate Increase
Fed hawks acknowledge market turmoil may delay rate hike
Fed Officials on the Fence for September Rate Move
Fischer Praises Economy, Straddles FOMC Liftoff Date Camps
Overseas Bankers, Officials Urge Fed Not to Waver on Interest-Rate Rise
Jackson Hole Agenda: Inflation Dynamics and Monetary Policy

Fed’s Favorite Inflation Gauge Runs Below Target
Americans Step Up Spending
Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Declines to a Three-Month Low

Oil Prices Jump 17 Percent in Two Days, Despite Glut
US oil rig count rises for a 6th straight week
Copper Prices Climb Higher as China Fears Abate

Consumer Anxiety in China Undermines Government’s Economic Plans
For China, a Plunge and a Reckoning
Market Turmoil? To Xi, Another Battle Still Comes First
China’s Moves Won’t Help U.S. Tech Firms

Brazil’s economy slips into recession
How Brazil’s China-Driven Commodities Boom Went Bust
Greece's elections could make Europe extremely messy again

Hacker Killed by Drone Was ‘Secret Weapon’
Hamas just released a video showing off their rebuilt Gaza tunnels

  Aug 27 pm Tourism Boom Key to Iceland’s Success

Could commodities make a real comeback soon?
Oil Exploration Companies Scramble to Cut Costs
Where’s That Cheap Oil Windfall?
U.S. GDP Expands Faster Than Thought in Second Quarter

U.S. Has What It Takes at Home to Beat Made-in-China Turmoil
The Scary Number Hiding Behind Today’s GDP Party
Pending Home Sales Index Rises
U.S. Jobless Claims Fall, Remain Near Historic Lows

Welcome to a wild world of robot investing
How ETF investors messed up during this week’s market scramble
Here’s what may have caused the ‘flash crash’ in some big ETFs
ETFs: A Threat to Financial Stability? (W-4/2011)
Market structures and systemic risks of ETFs (BIS-4/2011)
Potential Financial Stability Issues…From…ETFs (FSB-4/2011)
Shiller: Rising Anxiety That Stocks Are Overpriced

Eurozone M3 Growth Accelerates; Private Sector Credit Improves
AEP: Reflation threat to bonds as money supply catches fire in Europe
China Steers Course Between Prestige and Profit
Xi just changed the rules of the game in China--and that makes things scarier for everyone
Frictions shake Brazil’s ruling coalition

Tesla's New Car Is So Good, It Literally Broke the Consumer Reports Scale
Consumer Reports: The Tesla Model S P85D is so good it 'defies the laws of physics'
Apple confirms rumored Sept 9 event
Amazon Curtails Development of Consumer Devices

  Aug 27 am Stocks fly after Fed official cools September rate hike talk
Soothing Talk by Federal Reserve Official Buoys Wall Street
Market Turmoil Prompts New Speculation on the Fed’s Timetable
Question for U.S. Stock Bulls Is When Valuations Start to Matter
Wall Street is for sale--but is it cheap?

Will the Next Recession Be Made in China?
Goldman: Chinese economic growth is about to accelerate
Heard of China’s Fake Rolexes? Now There’s a Fake Goldman Sachs
Chinese stocks just staged a massive rally and ended the 5-day sell-off
China market chaos blamed on exodus of regulatory 'turtles'

China Falters, and the Global Economy Is Forced to Adapt
China slowdown is latest threat to Abenomics
Market Turmoil Seen Spurring China Property Purchases Overseas
Ambrose: China is in a serious bind but this is not yet a 'Lehman' moment

Oil prices rise more than 4 percent as equities rally
China Oil Giants Seeking to Join Spree of Global Energy Deals
Signs of differentiation in the emerging market meltdown
Modi calls for calm in Gujarat caste protest

Deflation Ice Age Looms After Yuan Move, Albert Edwards Says
S&P Upgrades Iceland on Move to Lift Capital Controls
An Icelandic Company Is Building Mind-Controlled Bionic Limbs
Take Monday Off: Iceland
An Insider’s Guide to Reykjavik, Iceland

  Aug 26 pm Stocks Surge, Posting Strong Gains at Close
Strong capital spending plans boost growth outlook

Fed’s Dudley: Case for September Rate Increase Now ‘Less Compelling’
Hilsenrath’s Take: Wait, Not So Fast on This Talk of Fed Easing
Dalio Says Fed May Make ‘Tiny’ Rate Hike Before Resuming QE
Goldman Looked Back at How the Fed Usually Reacts to Declines in the Stock Market

China slowdown belies consumer market health
Winners, Losers in China’s Upheaval
Where China Goes From Here
China’s Complexity Problem
China Doesn't Look That Bad Compared to Other Market Meltdowns

Oil Prices Fall on Less Gas Demand, Growing Glut
Global Energy Deals Now Higher Than 'Supermajor' Era of Late 90s
Investors fear European energy groups will slash dividends

For Emerging Markets, 2015 Isn’t 1997
Emerging-Market Currency Risk Shifts to Lenders
Tsipras Risks a Fragmented Parliament in Greek Election Gamble

Gundlach Wears Bond Crown as Loomis, Janus Stumble in Rout
Bill Ackman's gains for the year got wiped out in a matter of weeks
A New Computer Glitch is Rocking the Mutual Fund Industry
Why Gogo's Infuriatingly Expensive, Slow Internet Still Owns the Skies
Obama on cusp of winning Iran nuclear vote
Almost 200 Retired Generals, Admirals Tell Congress: Vote Down the Iran Deal
Eric Holder's corporate law firm is turning into a 'shadow Justice Department'
HuffPost: Trump Vows Not to Run Third Party

  Aug 26 am Stephen Hawking: Black Holes May Have Exits After All
Hulbert: This stock market gauge predicts double-digit gain for S&P 500

Investors’ Central Banking Saviors Caught Naked as Stocks Slide
Stock futures rise after China injects $21.8 billion
Global Stocks Struggle to Shrug Off China Fears
Stock-Market Tumult Exposes Flaws in Modern Markets
Goldman: Here's How Much the Turmoil in Financial Markets Could Hurt U.S. Growth
Schlumberger to buy Cameron in $14.8 billion deal

China’s Journey from New Normal to Stock Market Crisis Epicenter
China Authorities Escalate Blame Game as Stock Slide Worsens
China launches probes into top brokerages
China’s Party-Run Media Is Silent on Market Mayhem
China Swaps Decline as Rate Cuts Succeed Where Injections Failed
Chinese Margin Debts Shrink by $156 Billion as Trades Unwind

Why China’s Thirst for Oil Can’t Lift Prices
Glut of Chinese Steel Looms Large

U.S. plans more Asia-Pacific drills to counter China reclamation
South Korea willing to discuss North's demand to lift sanctions
Support for Iran deal grows in Congress

As Biden weighs 2016 bid, donors so far stick by Clinton
Republicans line up to take potshots at China
Trump & Sanders Fall for Oldest Fallacy in Economics

  Aug 25 pm Larry Summers and Ray Dalio flag return of quantitative easing
Ray Dalio thinks everyone is wrong on the Fed's next move
Central Bankers to Confront Stock-Market Turmoil at Fed’s Annual Retreat in Wyoming
With QE Barely Under Way, Pressure Mounts on European Central Bank to Do More

Consumer confidence, housing data signal economy's resilience
Slide in petrol prices to bolster US spending power and growth
Best Buy shares soar on robust domestic demand
Boeing Raises Its Estimate of Chinese Aircraft Demand
CBO: More Americans Seen Returning to the Job Market
Home Buyers to Make Comeback in Next Decade, Mortgage Bankers Say
Insiders Pushed Up Stock Purchases Heading Into S&P 500 Selloff

World trade suffers biggest fall in 6 years
Gloomy reality dawns on Brazil

PBOC's Zhou Under Pressure to Ease Monetary Policy Further
China Anxiety Resurfaces to Torpedo Relief Rally in U.S. Stocks
Why worries about China make sense
China turmoil spells trouble for the IPO pipeline
China Remains a Key Commodities Player, Despite Waning Appetites
Questions over Li Keqiang’s future amid China market turmoil
ECB’s Vitor Constâncio sees ‘few signs’ of slowdown in China

Blame Oil Glut on Investors Who Still Love Drilling Over Profits
OPEC’s $900 Billion Mistake
Transocean to suspend dividends as losses deepen

Before a Robot Takes Your Job, You’ll Be Working Side By Side

  Aug 25 am China Cuts Interest Rates for Fifth Time in Bid to Stem Rout
China central bank cuts rates, reserve ratio to aid stumbling economy
China Said to Halt Stock Support Amid Intervention Debate
Chinese Stocks Crash Again to ExMtend Biggest Plunge Since 1996
China stocks plummet again as Beijing sits on sidelines
China says will crack down on underground banks, stem capital flight
For All Its Heft, China’s Economy Is a Black Box

Markets are surging
Goldman: Don't freak out about a global recession
More selling may be ahead, but bull market called not dead yet
Hulbert: Most top market timers are bullish on stocks
Uncertainty in the Market May Imperil Deal-Making

The Euro Emerges as Unlikely Safe Haven
European Stocks Climb With U.S. Futures, Oil as Treasuries Drop
Emerging market currencies are crashing because of the drop in oil prices
China-led market distress echoes taper tantrum

Awakening to a Future Without the Fed, S&P 500 Lurches Into Correction
Is the Fed trapped now? Rate hike remains elusive
Market Turmoil Pulls March Into Bond Traders’ View for Fed Move
A lot of analysts are saying the Fed will chicken out in September
Larry Summers: 'Raising rates risks tipping some part of the financial system into crisis'

U.S. presidential candidates blame China, the Fed, Obama for stocks rout
CNN: Obama Gives Biden 'Blessing' to Run for President

  Aug 24 pm Here's What Usually Happens to Markets After the S&P 500 Drops 5 Percent in a Week
Dow Industrials Tumble 588 Points to 18-Month Low Amid Global Market Selloff
Forced Selling Helped Spark Dow’s Plunge in Opening Minute
Trading in Stocks, ETFs Was Halted More Than 1,200 Times Early Monday
Making sense of financial carnage
Global Market Routs Came With Ample Warnings
The Truck Running Over the Stock Market Was Headed Our Way for Months

What Bill Miller is buying in market selloff
You know the stock market is in trouble when Tim Cook is emailing Jim Cramer
Historic Profits for High-Frequency Trading Firm Today

We have reason to believe the unthinkable is happening to China's president
The causes and consequences of China's market crash
Black Monday highlights Beijing’s hard choices
There is no way to stop China’s free fall

Yellen Faces Greenspan Oasis Warning as She Weighs Rate Rise
Fed’s Lockhart Says Planned Rate Hike Complicated by China
China Aftershocks Could Stay Fed’s Hand
The Fed Has a Theory. Trouble Is, the Proof Is Patchy
People 'hooked on heroin of QE': Ex-Fed's Fisher

Residual Seasonality and Monetary Policy
Debt overhang and deleveraging in the US household sector

  Aug 24 am Alarm bells ring as China sinks, dollar tumbles
China stocks in morning freefall as pension fund rules fail to inspire
It's China's 'Black MonTday' as stocks go through the floor
China’s Stocks Sink Most Since 2007 as State Intervention Fails
Emerging Stocks Drop Most Since 2011 on China Economy Concerns
Stock Rout Spreads Through Europe After China Plunge
Base Metals Tumble as China Stocks Plunge
Gold stands tall on China fears amid equities rout

China Poised to Raise Banks’ Liquidity to Boost Lending
China to Flood Economy With Cash as Global Markets Lose Faith
1 trillion yuan might be deployed to prevent a stock market meltdown in China/a>
China to allow pension fund to invest in stock market for first time (
China's Neighbors Step Up Stock Market Support
Larry Summers: Fed Must Avoid Making 'Dangerous' Mistake
El-Erian: September Rate Hike Is Now a 'Really Tough Policy Call

Foreign Car Factories Curb Output in China Here
Why Chinese economic worries look overdone

Oil hits 6-1/2-year low on China and oversupply
Iran to Raise Oil Output ‘at Any Cost’ to Defend Market Share
Britain, reopening Tehran embassy, says to tread carefully with Iran
Too soon for 'illogical' U.S. to return to Tehran: Iran
Future Risks of an Iran Nuclear Deal
No Sign of End to Korea Talks as Kim Steps Up Force Mobilization
The Wild, Violent State That Could Make or Break India’s Future

Why the Hillary Clinton email imbroglio isn’t just politics
More Democrats crack open door for Biden presidential run
Does Secret Meeting Signal Biden-Warren Ticket?
Trump turns fire on hedge fund managers
George Will: Trump's Deportation Rhetoric Crushing to GOPe
Housing Stocks Offer a Ray of Hope
Here's your preview of this week's big market-moving events

  Aug 23 China Poised to Boost Banks’ Liquidity to Counter Weaker Yuan
Fading Economy and Graft Crackdown Rattle China’s Leaders
China Rocked by Second Chemical Blast Within Ten Days
Make no mistake--this is the opening of the 'China Decade'

VIX 'Fear Index' more than doubles on week, biggest weekly jump ever
Are we at a bottom? Two sentiment indicators are at extremes

In just one week, everything changed for the Fed
The Fed is at risk of repeating one of the biggest mistakes in the history of the US economy
Bullard Says He'll Look Through Oil's Drop as Labor Market Heals
Asset Bubbles: Detecting and Measuring Them Are Not Easy Tasks
The Accuracy of Forecasts Prepared for the FOMC

Report: Hillary May Have Had Second Server
Biden Shocks Would-Be Backers With 'Secret' Warren Meeting
Ed Klein: Valerie Jarrett Gives Biden-for-President a Thumbs Up
Ed Klein: New Book 'Unlikeable: The Problem With Hillary'
Ed Klein: Michelle and Valerie 'Connected at the Hip'
Did Time magazine just doom the Donald?

People are rioting against the arrival of refugees in eastern Germany
Migrants cross unhindered into Macedonia; trains, buses await
Thousands of refugees are trying to escape 'Africa's North Korea'

  Aug 22 Stocks Fall Most in 4 Years as China Dread Sinks Global Markets
Volatility Sees Biggest One-Day Jump in Four Years
Markets Beating Fed to Tightening Ahead of September Meeting
Emerging Markets Lead the Plunge

Bary: Stocks Swooned, But Didn’t Crash
Gundlach: No Great Case For Higher Rates
Kass: 10 Reasons the Market Tanked--And What May Lie Ahead
Ritholtz: Is the Bull Market Over?
Levisohn: Pushback on Buybacks (YRI quoted)

U.S. Existing-Home Sales Reach Prerecession Pace
China's economy: All latest updates Why Chinese economic worries look overdone
The Chinese model is nearing its end
Economic Risk of Stock Plunge Varies Around Globe
What has gone wrong for emerging markets?

Oil ends down more than 2 percent as U.S. drilling points to glut
U.S. Oil Prices Hit Fresh Six-Year Low, Dipping Below $40 a Barrel

North Korea goes on war footing against South Korea as deadline looms
South, North Korea officials to meet at DMZ in bid to ease tension

  Aug 21 Disappointing business surveys intensify growth fears
Chinese Factory Gauge Drops to Lowest Level Since March 2009
German Manufacturing Strengthens as Economy Shifts Up a Gear
Japan August flash manufacturing PMI shows fastest expansion in seven months
Markit August Flash PMIs
Brazil jobless rate hits five-year high

Growth Fears Send Stocks Into a Skid
Global Correction Seen as U.S. Stocks Succumb to Broad Selloff
S&P 500 Sinks Most in 18 Months as Emerging-Asset Rout Spreads
EM rout spreads to Korea and Japan markets
China stocks have worst week since June as hope for government rescue slumps
No Bottom for Turkish Stocks as Market Dives Below Key Support

No End in Sight for Oil Glut
The sell-off in commodities: Goodbye to all that

Tianjin Explosion Erodes Faith in Leadership for Many in China
Chinese state media: Safety hazards were found at 70% of Beijing’s chemical companies
Chinese Report Details Role of Political Connections in Tianjin Blasts
Chinese investors are gobbling up US homes
Meet Xi’s Team of Wise Men Trying to Avert China’s Hard Landing
China Said to Consider Policy Shift to Put Population Growth Before Economy
What a Chinese Population Boom Would Mean for the Stock Market

Nikkei Falls to Six-Week Low Amid Global Growth Jitters
Economists Cut Japan Growth View Again, Widening Gap With BOJ

Opinion: The Dow Theory just flashed a ‘sell’ signal
Market timer Tom McClellan sees stocks set up for ‘ugly decline’
HP revenue falls on weak PC sales, lower demand for services
The TV business is falling apart

Tensions rise as North and South Korea exchange fire
Kim Jong Un Orders North Korean Army to Be Ready for Combat
China's land reclamation in South China Sea grows: Pentagon report

  Aug 20 A Market Top? 15 Warning Signs
So Long September: Bond Traders Defer Their Date With the Fed
Latin America’s Boom-Year Promises Unravel in Stock-Market Bust
What Emerging Market Crisis? These Bonds Trump Global Assets
Hedge fund billionaire Stan Druckenmiller has made a huge bet on gold

Divided Fed Puts Yellen on Hot Seat
Conditions for rate rise approaching, says Fed
Fed Officials in July Saw Rate Rise Conditions Approaching
Fed Still Concerned by Low Inflation as Rate Liftoff Nears
Fed Minutes Show Caution in Discussion on Rates
Job growth edged Fed toward rate hike, inflation a drag: minutes
Fed Turns Wary Eye to China as Liftoff Looms (
Airline fares dampen U.S. consumer prices in July

Glencore CEO: China Is a Lot Weaker Than Anyone Expected
China's sovereign wealth fund is betting big on a stock market recovery
IMF Signals Yuan Won’t Become Reserve Currency for at Least a Year
Why China’s Yuan ‘Reform’ Merits Skepticism
China: Weakened foundations

The world should fear an emerging market rout
Surge in emerging market capital outflows hits growth and currencies
Russia Rewrites Blueprint for Growth as Recession Dooms Consumer
The Asian Century Hits a Speed Bump
Currencies lose firepower as an effective trade weapon

Glencore Blames 'Aggressive' Short Selling for the Slump in Copper Prices
Glencore Reports Loss, Warns on Trading Profit
Crude Tumbles to Six-Year Low After Unexpected U.S. Supply Gain
Oil Companies Sit on Hands at Auction for Leases
From Mining to Refining: Low Commodity Prices Force Shift at Industry Giants
Canadian Oil-Sands Producers Struggle

Seniors, Not Millennials, Are Creating New Households
Grad-School Loan Binge Fans Debt Worries
Japanese Seniors Giving Up Driving Isn't Good for the Economy
A Hundred Apps Bloom in China as Millions Bank on Their Phones

One party system: What total Republican control of a state really means
Clinton's favorability ratings lowest since 2001: CNN poll
Jeb Bush has finally decided to firebomb Donald Trump

'Side Deal' Allows Iran to Inspect Its Own Military Site
South Korea fires rounds at North in response to projectile
China's Building a Huge Canal in Nicaragua, But We Couldn't Find It

  Aug 19 Things to Watch in the Fed’s July Meeting Minutes
ECB’s Market Dilemma: What Happens When Bond Supply Dries Up?
Bond Market Has a Message for Companies Seeking M&A Debt: Pay Up
Gundlach: Rate hike a 'bad idea' due to junk bond prices

Housing Momentum Probably to Endure in U.S. Through Fed Liftoff
Is The American Dream Dead For Millennials And Gen X?
Why 6 Million Americans Would Rather Work Part Time
We Just Got a Look at How Much Higher Wages Are Costing Wal-Mart
Dark Clouds Loom for Airlines Even as Their Profits Take Off

China is in the midst of its biggest crisis in decades
Beijing Flounders on What It Has Done Best
The Tianjin blasts are a way bigger threat to China than any economic meltdown
China Stimulus Confronts Drag From Headwinds of Debt, Land Sales
The world's top China analyst has a doomsday scenario
China’s Richest Traders Flee Stocks as the Masses Pile In
Chinese stocks go on wild ride as economic gloom deepens

Ghosts of 1997 financial crisis return to haunt Asia
Brazilian rates to stay higher for longer
Russians Seek to Soften Impact of Ruble Depreciation
Turkish Lira Tumbles After Central Bank Decisions
Greek Bailout Moves Ahead After German Parliament Backs Program

Regulations Work: Benefits Of SOX And Dodd- Frank
Dodd-Frank was a disaster
Did Republicans Just Give Up on Killing the Iran Deal?
Hillary’s email server was run out of an old bathroom closet

Atlas, a Humanoid Robot, Takes a Walk in the Woods
Humans possess a particular set of skills that make them far superior to robots

  Aug 18 Hilsenrath: U.S. Lacks Ammo for Next Economic Crisis
Bonds signal trouble ahead as equities keep calm
Goldman Sachs: Four Reasons the Stock Market Will Move Sideways Until the End of the Year
Overvalued equities can keep rising

U.S. Home-Builder Confidence Hits Near-Decade High
Zillow: Why Americans Waiting Longer Than Ever to Buy First Homes
Rents Rise Faster for Midtier Apartments Than Luxury Ones
Recovery in U.S. housing market drives Home Depot sales beat
Manufacturing in New York Slumps Even as Outlook Brightens

Shanghai stocks plunge 6% as volatility returns
China stock plunge casts doubt on efficacy of government rescue
PBOC Injection Shows China Worries About Outflows
China Turned to Risky Devaluation as Export Machine Stalled
China shadow banks appeal for government bailout

Emerging Currencies Extend Longest Selloff Since Turn of Century
Russia struggles to shrug off China slowdown
Now it looks like Merkel may not be able to put the Greek bailout together
Japan’s Holdings of Treasuries Dip to Lowest Level Since 2013

Rousseff Can’t Shake Crisis as Half-Million Brazilians Rally
Despite protests, slog more likely than radical change in Brazil
Brazil's Political Crisis Puts the Entire Economy on Hold
Brazil Former President Urges Rousseff to Resign or Fix Crisis
Big business could help Brazilian president survive political storm

IRS says cyberattacks more extensive than previously thought
More Than 300 Clinton Emails Flagged for Possibly Containing Classified Data

27 movies you have to see this fall

  Aug 17 Japan’s Economy Shrinks Annualized 1.6% in Second Quarter
Tokyo Shares End Higher As Weak GDP Sparks Hopes For Stimulus
Oil prices are falling to near 6-year lows because of Japan's shrinking economy

China securities regulator says market forces to play bigger role
Problems for China’s economy extend far beyond currency
And now for China’s great foreign-capital unwind
Yuan Market Calms After Historic Currency Regime Shift
China’s Woes Echo in U.S. Earnings

Merkel Says She’s Confident IMF Will Join Greek Bailout
Merkel fights to contain Greece rebellion
Tsipras likely to call confidence vote after party revolt
Morgan Stanley's Fragile Five Swells to Troubled 10 in Selloff
Fresh Brazilian protests pile pressure on Dilma Rousseff
Bad Loans Impede India’s Economic Growth
Fears of financial instability keep demand for banknotes strong

Still standing: Storms fail to knock down U.S. stocks
Unplug From Media Stocks? Maybe Not
Why Americans waiting longer than ever to buy first homes
Millennials Are Developing Parents’ Taste for Jaguars, Cadillacs

South Carolina in Focus as ‘Draft Biden’ Gains Steam
The investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email is being run out of FBI headquarters--and that's unusual
Obama and Bill Clinton Tee Off Together on Martha’s Vineyard

  Aug 16 Encouraging Signs for Economic Growth
Retail-sales rise in July is ammunition for Fed hawks
Autos buoy U.S. industrial output; consumer sentiment dips
Renters Spent a Record-High Share of Income on Rent This Spring
As Home Prices Rise, the Foreclosure Crisis Continues to Recede

Gundlach, BlackRock Now Buying Top-Rated Debt They Had Shunned
History Shows Time to Sell Dollar Is Now With Fed Near Liftoff
Top U.S. hedge funds stayed bullish in second quarter on energy as slump began

U.S. Loosens Ban on Oil Exports, Backing Trade With Mexico
Low Oil Prices Pose Threat to Texas Fracking Bonanza
Opinion: 5 worst energy stocks that may soon be best

Brazilians Plan Mass Protests Against President Dilma Rousseff
Fear factor: Why China scares investors (YRI quoted)
Is Illinois More Like Greece or Puerto Rico? (YRI quoted)

IMF set stage for China currency shift
Devalued? Nah. Yuan Is Now Market-Driven
Emerging Markets Hit Bear-Market Territory

Comcast is about to launch a major video platform to rival Facebook and Google
Apple TV Streaming Service Delayed Until 2016
Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace

Luxury Real Estate in Los Cabos Is Coming Back
Weekend Getaway: The Best of Nantucket in Just Three Days

  Aug 14 World Growth Outlook Withstands Shock of China Currency Surprise
U.S. Economy Slogs Through Global Woes, So Far
Solid U.S. retail sales bolster Fed rate hike expectations
The junk bond market 'is having a coronary': David Rosenberg
The world economy: Stuck in the middle

China's Much-Touted Economic Model Is Broken
Study: Air pollution is killing 4,000 per day in China
Volatility Saps Momentum for China’s Market Reform
China’s Rescue Fund to Stabilize Stock Market for Several Years
Yuan Slide Takes Toll on Chinese Firms
Malaysian ringgit sinks as China ripples spread
China’s Renminbi Devaluation May Initiate New Phase in Global Currency War

Euro-Area Fragility Shown as Germany, France Fall Short
Eurozone CPI drops to 0.2% in June
Greek bailout on a tightrope—again

U.S. oil slides to six-and-a-half year low under $42 as stocks build
U.S. shale firms turn to private equity as market funding tails off

Opinion: Dow ‘death cross’ is pure voodoo
Currency-Hedged ETFs Soften Blow of Dollar’s Rise

  Aug 13 China central bank tries to soothe global markets, says no reason for yuan to fall further
Renminbi devaluation tests China’s commitment to free markets
As yuan falls, China's rich seek safe havens offshore

China puts September Fed rate lift-off in doubt
It's the Bank of Japan, not the Fed, that might change course because of China's shock devaluation

Oil price up on U.S. stock draws, demand outlook
Oil Majors’ $60 Billion Cuts Don’t Go Far Enough as Crude Slides
Iran Targets 45 Oil and Gas Projects in Plan to Boost Production
Gold demand falls to six-year low
Glencore cuts spending plans after commodities fall

Surge in Commercial Real-Estate Prices Stirs Bubble Worries
Citigroup’s ‘Bad Bank’ Isn’t So Bad Anymore
Macy’s Reduces Outlook After a Weak Quarter
U.S. Job Openings in June Fall a Bit From Record Highs

Scandals in Brazil Prompt Fears of a Return to Turmoil

Joe Biden Is Sounding Out Allies About a 2016 Bid
‘Top Secret’ emails found as Clinton probe expands to key aides

  Aug 12 (pm) Maybe China Doesn't Have a Master Plan
Devaluation Hints at China’s Rising Distress Over Economy
The More China’s Currency Falls, the More It Looks Like a ‘Currency War’
China Is Sending an Ominous Message to Junk Bond Buyers
China seeks to allay renminbi slide fears
IMF Welcomes China’s Yuan Move
TIMELINE: The Chinese yuan's tumultuous decade
China encourages worker holidays to boost domestic consumption
What next? A China housing crash?

Dudley: China Moves Have ‘Huge Implications,’ But Fed Appears on Track
Dudley Says He’s Hopeful for Fed Rate Liftoff in ‘Near Future’
Yellen's Labor Market Dashboard
Bernanke, Paulson and Geithner Join Yale Effort to Update Crisis-Response Playbook

Greece Faces Two-Year Recession Amid Bailout Cuts
Germany criticises Greek bailout agreement

Oil Demand Growing at Fastest Pace in Five Years, Says IEA
Oil Prices Bounce, Gasoline Soars on Strong Signs for Demand
Switzerland Is First to Lift Iran Sanctions After Accord

Coming Soon: Millennials, Married With Children
How Much Student Debt is Out There?

  Aug 12 (am) China economic growth falters in July, yuan's slide adds to worries
China central bank under pressure to weaken yuan further: sources
Yuan Tumble Tests China’s Free-Market Resolve as PBOC Intervenes
Yuan Bear in Wilderness in 2014 Now Warns of China Credit Crisis

China Roils Markets for Second Day as Yuan Tumbles With Stocks
Global stocks, yields tumble after China pushes yuan lower again
‘Risk off’ as China devaluation rattles traders
Dow death cross is a bearish omen for the stock market
Treasuries Are a Winner as China Exports Deflation Says Bill Gross
Slumping Yuan Threatens More Gloom for World’s Metals Producers

IEA Sees Oil Glut Through 2016 After Reaching 17-Year High
Global oil supply grows at ‘breakneck speed’, says IEA

Euro zone industrial production lower-than-expected in June
Greece’s Third Bailout at a Glance: Five Things You Need to Know

John Paulson Starts Selling Land to Reap Gains in U.S. Housing
Can the Insurance Industry Survive Driverless Cars?

  Aug 11 (pm) The curious case of China's currency
Making Sense of China’s Currency Move
What Does China's Devaluation Mean?
Why Did China Devalue Its Currency? Two Big Reasons
China steps up currency war with dramatic renminbi devaluation
Yuan Move Could Prompt Other Devaluations
China Auto Sales Fell Again in July

Here Are the Winners and Losers from China's Yuan Devaluation
Devalued Yuan Set to Take Bite Out of Apple, Give Boost to Chinese Rivals
China's currency move will hurt one country more than any other
Brazil Rating Cut by Moody’s to Cusp of Junk; Outlook Stable

Opec oil production rises even as Saudi Arabia reduces output
OPEC Monthly Oil Market Report

China’s Export Defense Will Slow Fed’s Offense
Home Prices Soar in Some Metro Areas
Sputtering Worker Productivity Vexes Economy
Here's One Sign of Trouble in the Subprime Auto Lending Market
Corporate debt frenzy leaves investment-grade market cold

For Many in Spain, a Heralded Economic Recovery Feels Like a Bust
Japan Should Plan for Fresh Stimulus, Says Abe Adviser
‘Enormous’ rise in EM debt rings alarms bells

  Aug 11 (am) Yuan in biggest fall since 1994 after surprise devaluation
5 Things to Know About China’s Currency Devaluation
China's devaluation raises currency war fear as Greece strikes deal
China’s renminbi move sends ripples through markets
Yuan Devaluation Worsens Debt Woes for Local Governments and Companies
China’s Broadest Measure of New Credit Misses Estimates in July
China turns to tourism to boost sagging economy
Buffett Bets on Chinese Tourists With Precision Castparts Deal

Greece, lenders clinch bailout deal after marathon talks
Fiscal probe for Brazil's Rousseff poses impeachment threat
Istanbul and southeastern Turkey suffer spate of deadly attacks

U.S. small business confidence bounces back in July
Stock Buybacks Draw Scrutiny From Politicians
M&A Deal Activity on Pace for Record Year

OPEC Pumps at Three-Year High Despite Oversupply
Fischer Says Temporary Inflation Factors Still a Fed Concern
Greenspan: Be Afraid of Pending Bubble in Bond Market

IBM Crafts a Role for Artificial Intelligence in Medicine
Giving Google Room to Dream Big Beyond Search
Review of Books by Jeremy Siegel and Jason Trennert

  Aug 10 (pm) Wall St. rallies with energy, materials; Google jumps after the bell
Railroads getting crushed by the downturn in oil

This Is What China's Version of Quantitative Easing Looks Like
Greed Makes a Comeback in China as Hot New Trade Sparks 5% Rally
China Slashes U.S. Debt Stake by $180 Billion, Bonds Shrug

Robot Invasion Undercuts Modi’s Quest to Put Indians to Work
India’s Narendra Modi stumbles on land reform
Taiwan’s Foxconn hopes to avoid quagmire in bold bet on India
Fears of financial crisis rise as Russia’s economy shrinks
Debt Loads Grow for Australian Miners

The Top 10 Features Of Microsoft Windows 10
Google transforms into new Alphabet tech conglomerate
Among the States, Self-Driving Cars Have Ignited a Gold Rush

Rating agencies still matter — and that is inexcusable (Roubini)
China has knocked off a Range Rover and is selling it at a third of the price of the real thing

  Aug 10 (am) China Economy Sputters Into Second Half of Year
China’s Stocks Rise Most in Month Amid SOE Merger Speculation
Here’s What China’s Rescue Fund Is Buying to End the Stocks Rout
China’s leaders: Party on the beach
China says Silk Road trade touches $485 billion
Nobody believes China's growth figures--and the truth could be much worse

Copper Bears Keep ‘Stranglehold’ on Market as Stockpiles Rise
Oil Futures Signal Weak Prices Could Last Years
Move to Allow U.S. Oil Exports Accelerates
In Iran, Voices Rise Against Nuclear Deal

OECD indicator firms for euro zone, slips for U.S. and UK
Greece nears €86bn accord with creditors
Spain’s economy: Back on its feet

Industrial Stocks Lure Bargain Hunters
Hints of a hot and frothy biotech bubble
Investors resist temptation of cheaper Apple
One statistic tells you why HTC collapsed and why Android is in so much trouble

Petrobras Oil Scandal Leaves Brazilians Lamenting a Lost Dream
Asian currencies: Plunging like it’s 1998

  Aug 9 Time to Buy Commodities
A Cheer and a Half for Cheap Commodities (YRI quoted)

China's July exports slump 8 percent, raises pressure for more stimulus
China Producer Prices Fall to Lowest in 6 Years Amid Weak Demand
China under mounting pressure to ease policy as economy stumbles
Australia Orders More Foreign Homeowners to Sell

Hilsenrath Analysis: July Job Numbers Keep Fed Rate Hike on Track
Why American Teens Aren't Working Summer Jobs Anymore

‘Media implosion’ spreads to European groups hit by streaming
Deals challenge US inversions clampdown

Ford Hires Second Supplier to Build Steel Frames for F-150 to Meet Demand
Truckers Gain an Automated Assist

Schumer: Why I’m opposing the Iran nuclear deal
White House shrugs off Schumer's decision on Iran deal
One of the most powerful Democrats is being torched by liberals after opposing Iran deal
Firms linked to Revolutionary Guards to win sanctions relief under Iran deal
Oil Prices Fall on New Drilling

Donald Trump and Jon Stewart aren’t so different after all
Carl Icahn accepts Donald Trump's offer to be Treasury secretary

  Aug 7 China Takes Its Debt-Driven Growth Model Overseas
As China Reduces Local Spending, Cities Woo Private Investors

German Manufacturing Exports Rise Sharply Despite China, Greece Concerns
BOJ Gov Kuroda Acknowledges Possible Delay in Achieving 2% Inflation
Brazil Central Bank Reiterates it is Ready to Keep Current Interest Rate

High yield bonds start living up to their name
The Irresistible China Trade That Keeps Burning Investors
Hedge Fund Losses From Commodity Slump Sparking Investor Exodus
Uber-bear Grantham survives the bull run

Despite Glut of Oil, Energy Firms Struggle to Turn Off the Tap
U.S. companies may be hiring but lid on wages, investment hits productivity
This Student Debt Relief Program Will Cost Taxpayers at Least $39 Billion

Blows for Obama as key lawmakers come out against Iran deal
Trump Doubles Down in Combative First Republican Debate

  Aug 6 The Odds of a September Rate Hike Have Surged in the Last Two Days
Title Odds narrow for September rate rise in US
US rate rise hawks and doves fan timing debate
Goldman: How Do Stocks Act When Rates Rise?

Corporate-Bond Overload: July’s Sales Deluge Leads to Buyer Fatigue
Debt markets: After the binge

China Just Revamped its Stimulus Playbook in a Bid to Boost Growth
A middle way to manage the renminbi’s rise

SEC adopts rule to reveal chief executive pay ratio
How Much Is a C.E.O. Worth? America’s Confused Approach to Pay

The Fed's New Repo Tool Could Affect Millions of U.S. Home Loans
Why Millennials Are Dominating the Housing Market
Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Aug 5 China launches Rmb1tn infrastructure bonds plan as economy fears grow
IMF signals doubts on renminbi as reserve currency
China to Embed Internet Police in Tech Firms

Bond issuance to finance M&A deals swells to record high
Raising interest rates with zero inflation is a hard sell
Grand Central: Signs of Stability in Core Inflation Should Comfort Fed Officials
Atlanta Fed’s Lockhart: Fed Is ‘Close’ to Being Ready to Raise Short-Term Rates
J.P. Morgan Loosens Terms for Jumbo Mortgages

The Devastation in Global Commodity Currencies Is Far From Over
The Oil Crash Has Caused a $1.3 Trillion Wipeout
Indonesia struggles to boost foreign investment

Goldman: Again, More Young Adults Are Living With Parents
New world of work: digital marketplace reshapes casual labour
Who will train the world’s plug-and-play workers?
Global population forecasts

The GOP Is About to Become the Party of Trump
FBI looking into security of Clinton private email account: Washington Post
Iran: No Military Site Inspections?

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Aug 4 Respite for commodities as dollar wilts, China bounces
Oil edges back up to $50 a barrel from six-month low
Shale gas is loser in Obama climate plan

China’s Response to Stock Rout Exposes Regulatory Disarray
China stock exchanges step up crackdown on short-selling
Rajan stresses RBI policy independence
IMF Says Sanctions Take Toll On Russia
Greece says expects bailout deal by Aug 18

Kerry secures Gulf support for Iran deal
Kerry: good progress made on Pacific trade deal despite talks failure

China concerns bring Apple down to earth
Samsung glamour days over as it fights to save mobile market share
Apple and Google Know What You Want Before You Do
Instagram just made a major move that is going to turn it into a huge advertising business
Microsoft’s Offshore Profit Pile Surges Past $100 Billion Mark

Review: ‘The Economics of Inequality,’ by Thomas Piketty

  Aug 3 Get ready for a massive week for the US economy
Commodity prices fall hits capital expenditure
Fed’s Bullard: ‘In Good Shape’ to Raise Rates in September

China Manufacturing Gauge Hits Two-Year Low
With Growth Target at Risk, China Lays Ground for Fresh Spending
Investors Burned by China Rout Buy Wealth Products as Bonds Gain
11 cities that China ripped off from the rest of the world
China freezes U.S. fund Citadel's account in war on stock speculation

We’re Making Life Too Hard for Millennials
Millennials Didn't Invent Living With the 'Rents

Kerry seeks to convince Gulf Arabs on Iran deal
Why Is U.S. Cozying Up to Egypt?
As U.S. influence in Asia falters, allies increasingly look to themselves

Virtual Reality Isn’t Just About Games
One Year After Trump Is Elected President
Clearly, the Donald Works for Hillary

Vacation on a Vermont Farm, a Uniquely American Tradition

  Aug 2 U.S. wage growth brakes in second-quarter; consumer sentiment slips
Occupational Licensing Hurts Just About Everyone, Says White House
WH report)

Treasuries rally after soft US wage data
Dollar Weakens on Sluggish Wage Data
Outflows from emerging market funds accelerate
Commodities Slide Deeper Into a Rut
Oil Prices Fall to Multi-Month Lows as U.S. Rig Count Rises

China July factory growth unexpectedly stalls: official PMI survey
China Car Sales Drop Flashes Yellow Light for Its Economy
Making sense of a wild ride for the Chinese economy
Why Capital Outflows From China May Be No Cause for Alarm
Capital outflows reignite debate between China bulls and bears
At the 2022 Winter Olympics, No Snow Is No Problem for the I.O.C.

IMF Gets Smart About Greece
Bailout Money Goes to Greece, Only to Flow Out Again
Brazilian households struggling to meet debt payments
Deals Flow to Contractor Tied to Mexican President

Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run
Trump shows staying power with surge ahead of first debate
What Voters See in Donald Trump
‘The Conservative Heart’, by Arthur Brooks
Charles Koch Decries Corporate Welfare

The Medicaid poverty trap is growing worse
How Medicaid forces families like mine to stay poor

  Jul 30 U.S. Economy Expanded 2.3% in 2nd Quarter
The U.S. Economy's Top Speed Has Probably Been Overestimated for Years
How Cheap Oil Is Fueling a Surge In New Factories
More homeowners drowning in debt

State Companies: Back on China’s To-Do List
Corporate giants sound profits alarm over China slowdown
Blue-chip groups face China slowdown hit
China's Great Short Seller Suddenly Turns Bullish

IMF Reiterates Unwillingness to Fund Greece Without Debt Relief
Brazil raises rates to 14.25 per cent to combat inflation
$40 Oil May Force Russia Into an Emergency Rate Hike, Economists Say

A Marriage on the Rocks? Saudis Look Beyond U.S. After Iran Deal
China says U.S. 'militarizing' South China Sea
Nato fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft

Federal Judge Threatens to Hold IRS Chief in Contempt
Trump shows staying power with surge ahead of first debate
Hillary Clinton to Testify Before Benghazi Panel
Gross: Low rates are the problem, not the solution

  Jul 29 Fed, Citing Job Gains, Stays on Track to Raise Rates Soon
Parsing the Fed: How the July Statement Changed from June

Rising Rents Outpace Wages in Wide Swaths of the U.S.
From rents to haircuts, Americans feel price hikes
Americans holding onto their cars longer than ever
Are muscle cars a good investment?

Millennial and Gen X Minorities Regret Student Debt the Most
We Just Got Some New Data on America's Student Loan Burden
More Millennials Living With Family Despite Improved Job Market

China’s Walled-Off Market May Still Bleed into the Global Economy (YRI quoted)
China stock rescue suffers exit wounds
Brazil downgrade threat is a real danger sign

China and the Economic Integration of Europe and Asia
China military exercises set to deepen concerns in region
Russians hackers used Twitter, photos to reach U.S. computers: report
China-Tied Hackers That Hit U.S. Said to Breach United Airlines

Gold Is Only Going to Get Worse
GRANTHAM: I can't stop thinking about these 10 threats that could ruin the world
GMO Quarterly Letter
GMO Quarterly Letter

  Jul 28 Chinese Stocks Just Created a New Headache for Janet Yellen
As Fed approaches rate hike, job growth shifts away from oil patch

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls to the Lowest Level Since the 1960s
Consumer Confidence in U.S. Drops by Most Since August 2011
U.S. services sector growth picks up in July: Markit
Home-Price Growth Remained Solid in May

China’s Stock Response Has No Public Face to Calm Turbulent Markets
Behind China Market’s Latest Collapse: a Government Retreat
Fearful China investors look to India
Chinese buyers feed new energy into Texas real estate

The US rental market is on fire
What millennials need to know about leasing a car

Amazon gives startups a platform with its new marketplace called Launchpad
Amazon Lays Out Plan for Drones to Navigate Skies

  Jul 27 (pm) Why bull calves and bear cubs are responsible for China's crazy share prices
The dark side of China’s heavy-handed response to its plunging stock markets
Why this China stock market plunge could be different
Altman: This is why China stock crash is a big deal
China crash is a 'canary in coal mine': Strategist

Brent Oil Returns to Bear Market as Global Glut Seen Expanding
Sudden Drop in Crude-Oil Prices Roils U.S. Energy Firms’ Rebound (layoffs)
The oil price rout is going to inflict real pain on Russia
The world is experiencing a 'negative feedback loop' decades in the making

Euro Area Recovering, But Lasting Growth Requires Collective Push (IMF report)
Has underlying inflation reached a turning point? (ECB pub)
Eurozone Recovery Continues as Bank Lending, Sentiment Rise
Alexis Tsipras Faces Race Against Time to Secure Greece Bailout Deal
Varoufakis Revealed ‘Surreptitious’ Grexit Plan in Recorded Phone Call

Fed May Hint September Liftoff Is on Table With Statement Tweaks
Yellen and Carney hint at rate rises in spite of unclear figures
U.S. business capex gauge rebound offers hope for factories

Scientists warn of killer robot arms race

  Jul 27 (am) China Stocks Sink Most Since 2007 as State-Induced Calm Shatters
China June industrial profits fall 0.3 percent year on year
China is taking 10 huge actions to save its stock market

Strengthening US economy bolsters case for rate rise
The Fed Is Closer to Hitting Its Inflation Target Than People Think
Raising Floor for Minimum Wage Pushes Economy Into the Unknown
Are Millennials saving enough for retirement?

Sudden Drop in Crude-Oil Prices Roils U.S. Energy Firms’ Rebound
Oil Bulls Are Fleeing at the Fastest Pace in Three Years

Draghi’s ‘Whatever It Takes’ Marks Three Years Proving Enough
Greece bailout monitors question access to ministries
ECB's Coeure: How, not if, to restructure Greek debt is the problem
Greek PM Tsipras under pressure over covert Syriza drachma plan reports
Italy’s Pier Carlo Padoan calls for ‘political union’ to save euro

The Only Six Stocks That Matter
Teva in Talks to Buy Allergan’s Generic-Drug Unit

China’s GSR Ventures Plans $5 Billion Fund for Overseas Tech Acquisitions
Chinese firms bag 1401 contracts worth $37.6bn along Silk Road in H1 2015
India moves to reduce central bank powers on interest rates
Turkey calls Nato meeting over militant violence

THE WEEK AHEAD: Economic Measures and an Abundance of Earnings News

  Jul 26 Clinton proposes tax, buyback changes to encourage long-term growth
What Hillary Clinton gets wrong about 'quarterly capitalism'
The Slow Economic Recovery Has a Surprising Culprit
The Housing Market Still Isn’t Rational

Treasury Bond Bulls Gain Upper Hand in Futures Positioning Shift
Hedge Funds Are Holding First-Ever Gold Net-Short Position
Nouriel Roubini: Dr Doom condemns cute investment labels

China car market braces for abnormal era of flat sales
China’s Global Ambitions, With Loans and Strings Attached
Questions over budget surplus dim Brazil’s prospects
Retail sales slump in emerging market commodity exporters

Clinton: I did not send or get classified emails on private account
Cruz: McConnell Blocked Amendments for Kate's Law, Defunding Planned Parenthood
Donald Trump Tops GOP Field in New Hampshire, Second in Iowa: Poll

Japan’s pacifism fades, but most Japanese aren’t happy about it
Obama Says Africa Must Attack Corruption, Tribalism to Grow

10 Incredible Hamptons Homes That Just Went on the Market
For Sale: 10 Stunning Modern Mansions in L.A.

  Jul 24 (pm) STOCKS TUMBLE: Here's what you need to know
Junk bond yields for miners shoot higher
Miners Shed Thousands of Jobs as Commodities Prices Slide

Free exchange: Sorry to burst your bubble
Leveraged Bubbles

Wages and 2016: Ways of seeing

Free exchange: Credit where taxes are due

Iran offers state assets to foreigners in investment drive
Turkey stages first air strikes on Islamic State in Syria
Kerry to talk with Russia on Islamic State fight and role Iran might play
Renewed bailout talks between Greece and creditors hit snags

Monster El Niño Makes Record-Hot Year Look Inevitable

  Jul 24 (am) Scientists have finally discovered massless particles, and they could revolutionise electronics
Weyl Fermion: Long-Sought Massless Particle Finally Observed
Astronomers discover most Earth-like planet yet

Chinese Factory Gauge Weakens in Threat to Economic Recovery
China Promises Trade Support as Factory Activity Slows in July
Caixin Flash China General Manufacturing PMI falls to 15-month low in July
China equities on track for seventh straight daily gain

Operating conditions improve at Japanese manufacturers
Unlucky Emerging Markets Don’t Get Lift From Weak Currency
Eurozone Exports Drop in May Despite Weaker Euro
Singapore Industrial Production Falls More Than Expected In June

Caterpillar cuts forecast on gloomy global outlook
Big Vehicles Power Surge in GM’s Profit
This Wall Street Veteran Is Whipping Google Into Shape
Regional Banks Find a Way to Lift Profits
Hillary Clinton to Call for Greater Disclosure on Corporate Stock Buybacks

U.S. Jobless Claims Fall To Lowest Level Since 1973
Does it matter who your parents are? Findings on economic mobility
Fed September Liftoff Odds Stay at 50% Despite Global Troubles
Grand Central: Absence of Fed Dissents Doesn’t Mean Dissent Is Absent
The Fed’s Independence Is Under Attack Despite an Economic Rebound

Troika Returns to Athens as Cowed Tsipras Submits to Demands
Laws passed, Greece to open bailout talks as recession pushes goals further
Turkey to Let U.S. Military Use Its Base to Launch Strikes Against Islamic State

Investigation Sought Into Hillary Clinton’s Emails
Donald Trump Is With the GOP, for Now

  Jul 23 Apple Cuts Annual Spending Forecast by $1 Billion
Qualcomm to Cut 15% of Workforce, Weigh Split
Weatherford to boost job cuts to 11,000
The stock market is disappearing

Distressed-Debt Market Upended Amid Deepening Commodities Rout
‘Jumbo’ bond deals help address liquidity concerns

Existing-Home Prices Hit Record: $236,400
Social Security disability fund could run dry soon
Social Security, Medicare Outlook: Better but Still Bleak

Japan export engine fires up in June
Eurozone borrowing rises to record as recovery remains weak
Italy's sovereign debt hits record high

Xi Hones China’s Next Economic Blueprint After Stock Turmoil
China Wind Chills U.S. Earnings
Giant Hedge Fund Bridgewater Flips View on China: ‘No Safe Places to Invest’
Cut to Brazil budget target hits markets

Greece Approves EU Demands in Order to Keep the Euro
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Remains Popular Despite Tough Bailout Deal

Are Millennials saving enough for retirement?
De Blasio Administration Dropping Plan for Uber Cap, for Now
Presidential hopeful Trump rivals Clinton in speech fees

  Jul 22 Weak Earnings Send Market Sliding Downward
Why the commodities crush is very good for stocks
The clock is ticking for stocks: Acampora
Marc Faber: Why US stocks could drop up to 40%

Stocks Drop as Apple Drags Techs Lower, Commodities Resume Slide
Apple Faces Old Question of What’s Next After Record Profit
Here's what 11 Apple analysts are saying about the sales flop and the plunging stock

Russia Braces for Longest Recession in Decades With $50 Oil
China still wary of market forces 10-years after de-peg
Western Oil Firms Will Find Tough Competition in Iran

Iran rejects sanctions extension beyond 10 years
Greek bailout vote to test Syriza party rebellion
China calls Japan foreign policy 'two-faced'

The search for extraterrestrial intelligence gets a $100m boost
Obama's best moments on Jon Stewart's 'Daily Show' since 2005

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 21 (pm) Tech Rally Unravelling With Apple Poised for $50 Billion Slump
This week's gold crash reminds us of a much scarier risk in the markets
The great bear market

The World’s Wildest Stock Market Submits to Communist Party Rule
China’s Market Plunge: Where Only 3% of Firms Could Trade
New Brics bank in Shanghai to challenge major institutions
Emerging market unemployment rises sharply

Moscovici Pushes Merkel With Pledge for Greek Debt Relief
Greek PM Tsipras rallies Syriza backing before bailout vote
Athens delays increasing farmers’ taxes

Boomers Competing With Millennials for U.S. Urban Rental Housing
Condos Left Behind in Housing Rebound

This could be the beginning of the end for the car-insurance business
Hackers Show They Can Take Control of Moving Jeep Cherokee
Taylor Swift Counters Knockoffs in China

  Jul 21 (am) This huge American company just slashed its growth outlook because of 'a slowing China'
Japan is at risk of fading from existence

Bull Market for Global Economists as Dominguez Tapped for Fed
IMF Appoints Berkeley Economist Maurice Obstfeld as Chief Economist

Japan ramps up warnings over China in maritime dispute
Kerry says Iran vow to defy U.S. is 'very disturbing'
Turkey denies turning blind eye to Islamic State as bombing stokes anger

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 20 (pm) Warren Buffett's 'single best measure' of stock market value falls short in 3 big ways
Four Signs of Pain in Commodities
Gold Leads Commodities ‘Mess’ That Has Many Investors Smartings

Signs of Overheating in the Single-Family Rental Market
The State of the Nation’s Housing 2015

Kathryn Dominguez to Be Nominated for Fed Governor
Federal Reserve Finalizes Amount of Capital Big Banks Must Maintain
Assessing the Recent Behavior of Inflation

Modi Tries, Again, for India’s Biggest Economy Reform Since ’91
U.N. Council backs Iran nuclear deal but Tehran hardliners object
Israel, U.S. Vow Defense Bond Despite Iran Rift

Jim Grant: Magical thinking divorces markets from reality
The Smartest Way to Take a Vacation

  Jul 20 (am) Bidding Wars Return to Home Market
Overtime Rules Seen Boosting Low-Wage Hiring
The Effect of the Strong Dollar on U.S. Growth

Omega’s Einhorn Sees Another Two Years Left in U.S. Bull Market
Growth-Starved Investors Bid Up Tech Shares
Analysts are 'disappointed' over low Apple Watch sales

Commodity Rout Extends Toward 13-Year Low as Gold Shunned on Fed
Dollar hits three-month high on rate view, pans gold
China's Been Hoarding Gold And It Isn't Likely to Stop
China dumped a huge amount of gold on the market and investors are spooked

History Shows Iran Could Surprise the Oil Market
Oil ‘El Dorado’ Iran Can Double Output by 2020, Scaroni Says
Russia Seen as Biggest Oil-Market Loser When Iran Comes Back

For Many Firms, China’s ‘New Normal’ Spells Doom
Modi Faces Dissent From Within on Overhaul of Indian Labor Laws
Egyptian Army Says It Killed 59 Militants in Sinai Peninsula
Turkish Town of Suruc Hit by Deadly Blast

A Discussion of Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century: Does More Capital Increase Inequality?

  Jul 19 China Unleashes $483 Billion to Stem the Market Rout
China’s hunt for short-sellers tests legal boundaries
China tightens grip on internet financing platforms
Despite Beijing’s Big Push, Investors Remain Wary
Manage, meddle or magnify? China's corporate debt threat

Nasdaq Extends Record on Google; Energy Weighs on S&P 500 Index
How much has dollar appreciation affected U.S. corporate profits?

BERNANKE: Europe has a bigger problem to fix than Greece's debt
Greek Banks to Open Monday as Tsipras Prepares for Another Vote
In Greek crisis, one big unhappy EU family
France’s Hollande Proposes Creation of Euro-Zone Government

The Iran nuclear accord: Hiyatollah!
La Dolce Donald Trump

Monetary Policy 101: A Primer on the Fed’s Changing Approach to Policy Implementation

  Jul 18 Favourable GDP data reflect reality, says China
China home prices rise for second month in June

Biotech: The Forgotten Bubble
MLPs: Have They Hit Bottom?
Time to Buy Japan’s Blue Chips
Futures markets have much to say about oil’s direction
Gold Reaches Lowest Since 2010 as Traders Shrug Off China Hoard
Let’s Be Honest About Gold: It’s a Pet Rock
Why Bessemer Trust’s Chief Investment Officer Is Still Bullish

Housing Starts Soar, Driven by Gains in Apartments
U.S. inflation, housing data bolster rate hike argument
A Tale of Two Labor Markets

German lawmakers back Greek bailout despite rebellion; Tsipras sacks dissenters
Germany, Not Greece, Should Exit the Euro
The euro zone: Pain without end

Iran leader vows opposition to U.S. despite nuclear deal
Obama's Unsatisfying Answer on Iran
From remote outpost, India looks to check China's Indian Ocean thrust
Russia's huge military upgrade hit another snag--and Putin is not happy

  Jul 17 Market Rises on a Raft of Solid Corporate Results
Dollar, stocks look set for biggest weekly gains in months

Economists See U.S. Strong Enough to Withstand Global Risks
Silicon Valley Doesn’t Believe U.S. Productivity Is Down
Moore’s Law Is Showing Its Age

China Shares Gain for Second-Straight Day
How China's Slowdown Is Worse Than You Think
China’s biggest state banks recruited into stock market rescue
World Bank backtracks on China criticism

Back Greek talks or face chaos, Merkel tells German lawmakers
Lagarde Insists on Greek Debt Easing as Merkel Faces Aid Critics
Greece: Donald Tusk warns of extremist political contagion
Fear of the Unknown Binds a Greek Deal With Few Believers
Eurozone Finance Chief Recounts Brinkmanship That Led to Greek Deal

The Freakish Year in Broken Climate Records
NOAA: State of the Climate in 2014 Report Released
The Nuclear Physicist Answering Lawmakers’ Questions on Iran Deal

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 16 Wall St. rises; eBay, Netflix push Nasdaq to record high
US earnings set to eclipse frosty forecasts
U.S. jobless claims, housing data point to firming economy
One of the world's biggest oil companies thinks the worst is over

Yellen Favors Tightening in a ‘Prudent and Gradual’ Manner
Janet Yellen Warns Congress Against Adding to Fed’s Oversight

There's a dead giveaway that China's growth numbers are fake

Europe moves to restore funding to Greece after bailout vote
Germany Offers Verdict on Greek Aid After Draghi Backing
Germany’s Wolfgang Schäuble puts Grexit back on the agenda
Draghi affirms faith in Greece’s place in euro
ECB Raises Emergency Lending to Greek Banks
Draghi Press Conference

Hassan Rouhani Says Iran Won Extra Concession in Nuclear Deal
Global oil companies will welcome Iran deal
Israel won’t strike Iran alone, no matter how much it hates the nuclear deal
Iran’s top terrorist unshackled by nuke deal
Iran deal opponents say Schumer’s assessment is key
Clearing Hurdles to Iran Nuclear Deal With Standoffs, Shouts and Compromise

While you were making Prime Day jokes, Amazon was laughing all the way to the bank
This Is How Easy It Is to Scam Obamacare

  Jul 15 (pm) Productivity mysteriously goes bust
The Future of Productivity

China's Debt-to-GDP Ratio Just Climbed to a Record High
Whether to believe China's GDP figures
If You're Feeling Bullish on China, Consult Dr. Copper
Could China Be the Next Japan?
Short-Term Fixes May Impede China’s Long-Term Goals

Greek parliament approves bailout measures as Syriza fragments
Analysis: IMF threat to pull out of Greek bailout challenges Germany

Obama Makes His Case on Iran Nuclear Deal
Here's what's really wrong with the Iran deal
Oil slumps on prospect of increasing Iranian exports
Cheap Oil Is Bad for the Economy (at Least, So Far)

Fed’s Janet Yellen, House Spar Over Rates and Accountability
Yellen: Semiannual Monetary Policy Report to the Congress
Monetary Policy Report
The U.S. Treasury Market on October 15, 2014
Current Economic Conditions

Compensation inequality: evidence from the National Compensation Survey
The Demographics of Wealth
Demography report--2015 edition
A New Tax Break for Married Couples
The Truth About Income Inequality

  Jul 15 (am) China stocks drop again, positive data shrugged off
China economy steadies on stimulus boost
China’s Bid for Chip Giant Signals Lofty Ambitions

Deal Reached on Iran Nuclear Program; Limits on Fuel Would Lessen With Time
From fear of war to diplomatic accord: the steps to a nuclear agreement
Iranians Party Into the Night as Khamenei Backs Accord
Obama’s Leap of Faith on Iran
Iran Deal Denounced by Netanyahu as ‘Historic Mistake’

Tsipras will rely on opposition to beat Syriza rebels in vote
I.M.F. Demands Greece Debt Relief as Condition for Bailout
Third Greek rescue deal met with widespread scepticism
Brussels proposes using EU-wide rescue fund to help Greece
Spain is living an 'economic fairy tale'

It’s not just OPM: Cybersecurity across the federal government is pretty awful

  Jul 14 (pm) Wall Street is in for a rollercoaster ride of a session Wednesday
Five Things Wall Street Strategists Are Watching During Earnings
The Big Banks' Quarterly Earnings

Iran’s Supreme Leader Is Wild Card in Nuclear Deal
Iran Deal Leaves U.S. Republicans Short of Votes to Stop Obama
Iran, World Powers Reach Nuclear Deal
Five key points of the Iran nuclear deal explained
The worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history
Oil-Thirsty China a Winner in Iran Deal

Madam Chair Yellen, We Have Some Questions
Janet Yellen’s Fed Flounders in Political Arena
Five Regional Fed Banks Asked to Raise Discount Rate
Bank of England Dove Says Raise Interest Rates Soon

Eurozone Seeks Short-Term Financing for Greece
Greece’s Latest Bailout Deal: What Could Possibly Go Wrong Now?
Third Greek rescue deal met with widespread scepticism
IMF signals it could walk away from Greek bailout deal
Greek Opposition Set to Bail Out Tsipras Amid Syriza Backlash
Schaeuble Says Some in German Government Would Prefer Greek Exit
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras Pushes to Keep Political Support
Greece Rewrites Economic Textbooks With Austerity on Austerity

China’s Economy Shows Few Signs of Revival
China to Allow Wider Access to Bond Market
Five things to watch in China’s second-quarter GDP data

Retailers Ring Up Consumer Caution
Here's Where Americans Have Spent Their Gas Savings Over the Past Year
Inflation Is Low, but U.S. Consumers Still Feel a Pinch
It’s Gotten Pretty Darn Easy to Get a Car Loan
Student Loans May Be Driving the Tuition Explosion

The Workers Who Say ‘Thanks, but No Thanks’ to Jobs
Who’s Getting Bigger Pay Raises? Young Workers and New Hires
Fracking Jobs Encouraged American Teens to Become High School Dropouts
A New Look at Apprenticeships as a Path to the Middle Class

  Jul 14 (am) Small-Business Optimism Tumbles in June
Euro zone May industrial production lower than expected
German inflation rate slows in June
China May Tip World Into Recession: Morgan Stanley
China's Sputtering Car Sales Could Stall European Auto Rally
China bank lending up sharply in June, helped by c.bank support

Iran, World Powers Have Reached Nuclear Agreement
What Iran's Nuclear Deal Means for the Global Crude Oil Market
Iran's Return From Exile Poses Fresh Challenge for U.S., Allies
Israel Condemns Iran Nuclear Deal, Vows to Block Bomb Production

Obama's Worldview Shown in Iran Nuclear Deal That Averts War
Obama's Iran Deal Breaks From Past

Deal on Greek Debt Crisis Exposes Europe's Deepening Fissures
Greek PM faces 'Gordian Knot' to pass reforms for deal
Greece's Alexis Tsipras faces Syriza rebellion over 'humiliation'
Greece's Banks Are Next in Line for a European Bailout
Here are the 11 cheapest Greek Islands for sale right now

Brazil Leader Faces Backlash From Friends, Foes
China's Tsinghua prepares $23 billion bid for U.S. chip maker Micron: sources

'Clawbacks' Could Backfire

  Jul 13 (pm) Factbox: Summary of Eurogroup proposal on Greece
Greek PM Tspiras faces party revolt over bailout deal
Greek Bailout Rests on Asset Sale Plan That's Already Failed
Einhorn Says Europe Letting Greece Collapse to Stop Populism
Greece Should Just Quit

Stock market rout another blow to fading 'Chinese Dream'
Foxconn to build up to 12 factories and employ 1m in India

Energy Companies to Merge in $15.8 Billion Deal

This animated map shows how religion spread across the world

  Jul 13 (am) Rising Economic Insecuity Tied to Decades-Long Trend in Employment Practices
Starbucks and Other Corporations to Announce Plan to Curb Unemployment of Young People

Tsipras Moves From Predator to Prey at Euro 'Torture' Summit
Greek Fury Meets Resignation at Demands for Concessions
ECB to Discuss Greek Bank Aid as Lenders Granted Fresh Capital
Get ready for a 'fire sale' of Greek Islands

China Exports Grow, but Remain Weak
Nearly 75 per cent of China's big cities fail to meet air quality standards
China stocks extend winning streak
Goldman Sachs: Everyone's wrong on China's 'fast and furious' stock market collapse
Apple in China: core market

Saudis Pump Record Crude as OPEC Sees Stronger Demand in 2016
Oil Production Shows Signs of Flagging
U.S., Iran Square Off Over Final Issues Blocking Nuclear Deal

Flash Boys Welcome: World Exchanges Woo High-Frequency Traders
'The Guardians" The League of Nations and the Crisis of Empire' (book review)

  Jul 12 EU Demands Complete Capitulation From Tsipras
Euro zone leaders: Greece must do more to earn rescue
Greek Debt Crisis: In Athens, Jubilation Gives Way to Dismay and Confusion
Busting the Myth of Russian Aid to Greece

Beijing Faces New Challenges After Stock-Market Rout
The Problem With China’s Efforts to Prop Up Its Stock Market
China cracks down on margin lending before markets reopen
MSCI joins the list of reasons for China market crash
PBoC tests quantitative easing with Chinese characteristics
China Targets Human-Rights Lawyers in Crackdown

Debt Load Digs Into Mining Industry
Mexico: the big oil sell off

In Bolivia, Pope Francis Apologizes for Church’s ‘Grave Sins’
In Fiery Speeches, Francis Excoriates Global Capitalism
Pope Francis On Care for Our Common Home

Michael B. Oren’s ‘Ally: My Journey Across the American-Israeli Divide’ (book review)
‘KL: A History of the Nazi Concentration Camps,’ by Nikolaus Wachsmann (book review)

  Jul 11 Strong Economic Growth to Bring Higher Wages
The Unaffordable Care Act (WSJ editorial)

Global Turmoil Could Delay Fed Hike
Greek, Chinese and Puerto Rican Crises All Fall Short of Going Global
Growth Stocks in the Lead
High valuations weigh on U.S. stocks ahead of earnings

Signs of a Growing Hush in China's Economy
Decline in China New-Car Sales Is Latest Worry for Top Auto Makers
Shanghai surges to best 2-day run in 7 years
Why Beijing Is So Desperate to Halt Stocks' Slide
China Turmoil Creates Value in Hong Kong's H Shares

Greek Proposals Could Pave Way to a Bailout
Greek Economic Plan Draws Tepid Response
Greek Bailout Dissected as German Skepticism Coulds Talks
Greece's Parliament Approves Prime Minister's Bailout Plan

Web Chief Joshua Topolsky to Leave Bloomberg as Staff Tensions Surface
Unit 8200: Israel's cyber spy agency

  Jul 10 Yellen Maintains Outlook for First Rate Increase in 2015 (YRI quoted)

Shanghai surges to best 2-day run in 7 years
Everything You Need to Know About China's Stock Markets
Memo to China: Your Market Moves Are Doomed to Fail
China's President Faces Rare Backash
Stock Market Plunge in China Dents Communist Party's Stature
Why China's Stock Market Bailout Just MIght Work

Euphoria swiftly dissolves in Greece as bailout plan emerges
A comparison of Greece's reform list and creditors' proposals
France Hails Greek Aid Proposals as Germany Reserves Judgement

Iran, powers give themselves to Monday for nuclear deal
How Iran Arms Embargo Became Key Sticking Point in Vienna Talks
U.S. Army Chief Plans Steps to Mitigate Reduction of American Forces in Europe
Islamist Threat to Russia Looms Large at Central Asia security summit
Brazil's Dilema Rousseff tries to fend off impeachment calls
Anti-Chinese protests in Turkey: Bashing and wooing China

U.S. Oil Prices Post Biggest Weekly Loss Since March
Oil price could fall further, warns International Energy Agency
At war with ISIS, Iraq is pumping more oil than ever before
Five Oil Services Stocks to Buy Now?

Unmarried Women Now Drive America's Fertility Trends, And They're Having Fewer Kids

  Jul 9 (pm) D.C. Joines Athens as Major Threat to Bull Market in U.S. Stocks (YRI quoted)
Will Fed Delay Rate Hike Due TO Greece, China Woes? (YRI quoted)
Fed's Evans wants no U.S. interest-rate hikes until mid-2016
IMF Sees 2015 Global Economic Growth at Weakest Rate Since Financial Crisis (IMF report)
This is why Apple stock was down over 2% Thursday

New Greek Reform Poposal Appears Closer to Creditor Demands
Greece Seeks EU53.5 Billion Bailout in Effort to Keep Euro
With cash fast running out, Greek bank failures loom
How Much Austerity Has Europe Actually Endured?
Britain is in the middle of a privatisation boom bigger than Margaret Thatcher's--but no one seems to notice

China's President Faces Rare Backlash
As deadline looms, Kery says U.S. in no rush to get Iran deal
Iran talks in deadlock, says Kerry
OPM Ratchets Up Estimate of Hack's Scope

Paul Ryan: The threat of a government shutdown is real
Student Loans May Be Driving the Tuition Explosion
FBI says it thwarted Islamic State-inspired July 4 attacks
The battle between Washington and Silicon Valley over encryption

  Jul 9 (am) Corporate Earnings Will Easily Hurdle a Low Bar (YRI quoted)
Why Corporate America Could Use More Completion
Fed Still Looking at Raising Rates This Year, Minutes Show

Beijing's barrage of support stems China rout
Chinese rebound lifts wider mood
How China's Market Meltdown Threatens Top Banker's Reform Agenda
Irrational Exuberance Triggers Chaos as China Watchdog Sidelined
China Stems Stocks rout, but market faces lengthy hangover

Draghi said to doubt Greek Solution as Tsipras reforms awaited
Proof That Merkel Is Europe's Economic Bully

Robots on Wall Street? Firms Try Out Automated Analyst Reports
IBM Reports Advances in Shrinking Future Chips
Apple Plans Record Number of New iPhones

U.S. Offers Billions in Arms to Ease Mideast's Iran Anxiety
FBI warns it cannot crack Isis encryption
A global middle class is 'more promise than reality'

10 things you need to know before the opening bell
Searchable archive of What I am Reading

  Jul 8 (pm) End to U.S. Taxation of Overseas Profit Finds Bipartisan Support

Global Tumult Gives Fed Some Pause on Rates
Fed’s Williams: U.S. Still on Track For 2015 Rate Rise
Fed Officials Worried Last Month That Greece Could Trigger Market Disruptions
Fed Officials Finally See U.S. Housing Sector on the Upswing
FOMC June Minutes (released today)

Chinese Government Struggles in Attempt to Stem Distress in Stock Market
China's market crash is reversing the most important thing the government has been trying to do in decades
China's stock market is screwing up the government's master plan
China Rout Spills Into Debt, Currency Markets

Greece Requests Three-Year Bailout in First Step Toward Meeting Creditors’ Demand
Greeks Work on Crafting Now-or-Never Reform Plan to Keep Euro
ECB Keeps Greek Bank Aid Unchanged Before Sunday Deal Deadline
Cranking out a new currency is no easy feat

U.S. crude falls more than 1 percent on surprise stockpile build
Risky World Makes Treasury 10-Year Auction a Buyers' Paradise
Emerging market currencies in line of fire
In Tech, Big Deals Can Mean Big Write-Downs

Data point to poorer global middle class
Mapping the Global Population: How Many Live on How Much, and Where (Pew)
These Are the 23 Cities Where Millennials Can't Afford to Rent a Home

Quip Builds for Computing Everywhere

  Jul 8 (am) OECD Indicators Point to Growth Slowdown in Major Economies
Turmoil in China markets roils Asia, yen rallies
Copper Sinks to Six-Year Low on China Demand Fears

China Stock Tumble Scarier Than Greek Debt Crisis
Greece and China expose limits of 'whatever it takes'
Twilight of the Euro Welfare State?
Global Central Banking in 2015: A third-quarter update for 24 economies

China’s Market Rescue Makes Matters Worse
Beijing’s Response to Stock Selloff Reveals Deep Insecurity
China Stocks Plunge as State Support Fails to Revive Confidence
China stock market freezing up as sell-off gathers pace
China Market Crash Spreads From Stocks to Price of Pig Food
China Stock Sellers Frozen Out of 71% of Market
5 Things Peculiar About the Meltdown

European Central Bank Holds Key to Greece’s Future (July 20 key date)
Greece Pointed to Exit Door as European Leaders Harden Tone
Gundlach Sees Greek Euro Exit Opening ‘Pandora’s Box’

Oil rises to $57 as Iran talks drag on
A nuclear deal will not banish the Middle East’s demons
Iran’s Legions of Weary Young People Push Against the Old Ways

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 7 (pm) U.S. Job Openings Remain at Historic Highs
Just How Stagnant Are Wages, Anyway?
Atlanta Fed: GDP Now (2.3%)

Trade Gap Widens as Overseas Headwinds Gather
Dollar rise threatens US growth and emerging markets, IMF warns
IMF: U.S. Economy at Risk of Stalling Next Year if Fed Raises Rates Prematurely
German Industrial Output Unchanged in Sign Growth Remains Stable

China stocks fall in defiance of Beijing’s support efforts
Goldman Sachs Says There’s No China Stock Bubble, Sees 27% Rally
U.S.-traded Chinese stocks fall with local market

Greece Must Meet Sunday Deadline to Reform or Face Euro Exit
Greece poised to offer new proposal for third bailout
Europe Struggles With Ways to Keep Greece in Eurozone
Greece’s Next Challenge: Paying the European Central Bank
European Central Bank Holds Key to Greece’s Future
What Would Grexit Look Like?

  Jul 7 (am) Buybacks and Dividends Are Making CEOs Even Richer
Senators Think Stock Buybacks Might Be Manipulative
Rising Buybacks Are Becoming A Political Lightning Rod
Ban the stock buyback binge, bring back the middle class

China stocks fall again despite support measures
Chinese Trading Suspensions Freeze $1.4 Trillion of Shares Amid Rout
Chinese Investors Who Borrowed Are Hit Hard by Market Turn
China's desperate attempts to control the stock market will end badly

Greece faces last chance to stay in euro as cash runs out
Greece creditors will gain nothing from toppling Europe-lover Yanis Varoufakis
Like Greece, Italy needs to leave euro: Grillo
Greek vote weighs on US rate expectations

Oil rallies after huge selloff, outlook weak
Goodbye Washington, hello Moscow? Saudi Arabia finds friendly face in Putin.

The Hugely Profitable, Wholly Legal Way to Game the Stock Market
Google's Waze to launch carpooling app experiment in Israel
Conviction of Former Goldman Sachs Programmer Is Overturned

San Francisco shooting puts scrutiny on big-city ‘sanctuary’ policies
One Boy’s Death Draws Renewed Attention to Chicago’s Street Violence
Ten People Shot in Syracuse, N.Y., Over Holiday Weekend

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 6 (pm) Oil Prices Tumble Nearly 8%
Iran demands end to U.N. missile sanctions, West refuses

China sell-off threatens party credibility
Macquarie: Is China Really That Different From Greece and Puerto Rico?
Bank Listing Gives Glimpse of China’s Rising Bad Debt
Copper hit by China equity swings
China’s Hunger for Robots Marks Significant Shift

Unyielding eurozone gives Athens last chance
Greece Extends Bank Holiday, Capital Controls Through Wednesday
Merkel, Hollande Say Greece Needs Proposals for Brussels Meeting on Crisis
Markets prepare for new Greek currency as Grexit prospect grows
Greece Will Live or Die by This Formula
Muted Greek Fallout So Far Offers Fed Little Reason for Concern
ECB Tightens Collateral Terms for Greek Bank Liquidity Aid
Greece Given Hours to Save Place in Euro
Germany Stays Tough on Debt Relief for Greece
Germany Has a Lot to Lose in a Greek Euro Exit

Markit: Global growth slows as emerging market output contracts
Japanese Companies Keep Moving Factories Overseas

Wage Measures Send Mixed Signals
OECD: Broken "Diffusion Machine" Is Slowing Productivity

U.S. banks post detailed crisis plans to avoid breakup threat
‘Flash Boys’ Programmer in Goldman Case Prevails Second Time

  Jul 6 (am) Stocks, euro fall but no rout after Greek 'No'
Greek Vote Becoming Much Ado About Nothing Special for Euro
ECB Wary of Rushed Judgment on Greece Before Leaders React
Eurozone Central Bank Now Controls Destiny of Greece’s Battered Banks
Greece’s Debt to ECB Can’t Be Restructured, Official Says
Varoufakis Quits as Greece Enters New Showdown With Europe

China’s Market Rout Is a Double Threat (also chronology)
Beijing liquidity move fails to spark equities rally
Hong Kong Shares Take the Plunge as China Stabilizes
How Chinese Stocks Fell to Earth: ‘My Hairdresser Said It Was a Bull Market’
China just had a wild trading session and now there are rumors some investors have been ordered to stop selling
China's economy shows 'positive changes': stats bureau
China's stock market is crashing and the Chinese are trying to do the exact same thing America did in 1929
China downplays Hillary Clinton claim it hacked U.S. information
Miami Condos Seek Chinese Buyers

Oil Prices Fall to 3-Month Low on China, Iran Worries
Iran Wants to Double Oil Exports After Sanctions Lifted
Robert Shiller: Stocks and bonds are overvalued--but I like oil

Firms Analyze Tweets to Gauge Stock Sentiment
How to Race With–and Not Against–Machines
Beyond Automation (HBR)
When Your Boss Wears Metal Pants (HBR)
The Great Decoupling: An Interview with Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee (HBR)

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jul 5 U.S. Earnings Season: Low Bar, High Hopes

Tsipras Triumphs as Greece Votes Against Austerity
10 Consequences of Greece's 'No'
German calls for Grexit mount as EU stunned by 'No' vote
Referendum Result Takes Greece, and Eurozone, Into the Unknown
Trillion-Dollar Stock Managers See Chaos on Greek ‘No’ Vote

China rolls out emergency measures to prevent stock market crash
China Blames Rout on Short Sellers Who Bought as Stocks Tumbled
China injects liquidity in attempt to reassure markets

U.S. and Iran: the unbearable awkwardness of defending your enemy
Book Reviews: ‘By the People’ and ‘Wages of Rebellion’

  Jul 4 Wall Street braced for profit declines
Aetna-Humana Merger Marks Sway of Health-Care Law
Aetna Agrees to Buy Humana for $34.1 Billion
Utility Stocks Are Undervalued
Despite Greece, Equities Look Like a Bargain

Why Greece Will Stay in the Euro Zone
Greek, German Tensions Turn to Open Resentment as Referendum Looms
How a Greek Default Could Hammer Bonds
Renzi threatened by political contagion from Greece

China fails to stem share market turmoil
Chinese authorities move to prop up market as rout deepens
China Brokers Set Up $19 Billion Fund to Stem Market Rout
China to Suspend New Stock Sales to Preserve Liquidity
Silk Road initiative connects countries on path of prosperity
China's new Silk Road is a disaster waiting to happen

Iran Talks Breakthrough Seen as UN Expects End to Military Probe
Report on past Iran nuclear work could be ready by year end: IAEA
Putin tells Obama he wants dialogue based on equality and respect

Punching a shark in the nose is not your best defense

  Jul 2 This Is Why Participation in the U.S. Workforce Has Plunged to Its Lowest Since 1977
Hilsenrath Analysis: Jobs Report Keeps Fed on Track for 2015 Rate Increase
The June Jobs Report in 10 Charts
Two of Yellen's Favorite Numbers Tell a Nuanced Story About the Job Market
Analysis: For Fed, a muddled jobs report even as U.S. employment continues to expand

Greek Drama Won’t End With Vote as Polls Indicate a Tight Race
Merkel Braces for Greece Turmoil Whichever Way Vote Goes
Tsipras Battles to Sway Greek Voters as Europeans Warn of Difficult Talks Ahead
IMF warns of huge financial hole as Greek vote looms
IMF Says Greece Needs Comprehensive Debt Restructuring by Eurozone
Why the EU Is Fed Up With Greece

Oil Rigs Increase by 12 to 640 in First Gain This Year
As Saudis Keep Pumping, Thirst for Domestic Oil Swells
Why Shale Oil's Safety Net Is About to Expire (video)

Chinese relaxation of lending rules fails to support flagging stocks
Japan's huge sex problem is setting up a 'demographic time bomb' for the country
The enormous ISIS attack in Egypt is a game-changer

ECB Adds State-Backed Agency Bonds to Its Purchase Program
Sweden’s Central Bank Cuts Main Rate, Increases Bond Buys
Puerto Rico Has No Easy Path Out of Debt Crisis

Rule From S.E.C. Would Allow Companies to Take Back Executive Bonuses

  Jul 1 (pm) Insurers Are Catching ‘M&A Fever’ After ACE Nabs Chubb
On Wall Street, Cautious Optimism as Merger Deals Near Peak Level
A Venture Capital Giant Says: Bubble? What Bubble?
Justice Department Probes Airlines for Collusion

Fresh Greek Bailout Proposal Falls Short of Creditors’ Demands
Three Scenarios for Greece and the Eurozone
Read the Greek Referendum Documents--and the Mistranslation
Merkel-Tsipras Sparring Leaves Greece in Limbo Until Sunday Vote
Tsipras urges Greeks to defy creditors’ ‘blackmail’

Bank of England Warns Greece Threatens Financial Stability
One dangerous idea is keeping the Chinese stock market from completely blowing up
These 10 Economies Will Be the World's Worst Performers
Australia’s Iron-Ore Pain Deepens
Rupiah hits lows not seen since 1998 Asian financial crisis, squeezing margins

Things to Watch in the June Jobs Report
U.S. Construction Spending Hits New Post-recession High
Manhattan real estate prices hit record
Eurozone Manufacturing Hits 14-Month High

  Jul 1 (am) Dealmaking Shows No Sign of Slowing Down as 2007 Records Loom
Europe Largely Absent From M&A Boom
Leon Black’s Sell-Everything Call Has Been Heard by His Rivals

Tsipras backs down on many Greece bailout demands
Fresh Greek Bailout Proposals Fall Short of Creditors’ Demands
Greek Crisis Ripples Across European Companies as Markets Swing

China, Greece and Puerto Rico: Sickly But Not Yet Contagious
Will China join the zero interest rate club?
Grand Central: China’s Slowdown is of Greater Consequence than Greece’s Debt
World Bank warns China to reform ‘distorted’ financial system
Some Chinese Are Taking 22% Margin Loans to Finance Stock Purchases

China June factory, services surveys fuel hopes economy leveling out
Japan business mood improves, capex plans strong: BOJ tankan
UK set to be fastest-growing G7 economy
U.S. consumer confidence rises; manufacturing still soft

Fed’s Fischer Speech: Monetary Policy in the United States and in Developing Countries
Fed’s Bullard Shrugs Off Greek Events, Points to Chance of Sept Rate Increase

  Jun 30 Loads of Debt: A Global Ailment With Few Cures(YRI quoted)
For Fed to Delay Rate Hikes, Global Tumult Would Need to Infect U.S.
U.S. Markets Can Float in Troubled Greek Waters
Raising the Roof on Home Sales

Greece Staggers Into Economic Unknown With Bailout Set to Expire
Tsipras Says EU Won’t Eject Greece as Cost ‘Immense’
Greek Debt Crisis Risks NATO Withdrawal, New Surge of Refugees
Few signs of market panic as Greece nears default
In? Out? In between? A Greek legal riddle for EU

Deutsche Bank: A Grexit isn't as big of a deal for the eurozone as everyone thinks
Chinese Stocks Surge After Posting The Biggest Intraday Swing Since 1992
Beijing works to calm tumbling stock market
China Stocks Fall Into Bear Market as Rate Cut Fails to End Rout
(Official press: "China’s Stock Market Is Facing a Thirty Year Golden Age.")

Obama to Expand Overtime Eligibility for Millions of Workers
How Global Threats Have Crowded Obama’s Diplomacy Agenda
Puerto Rico governor calls for bankruptcy; adviser says island ‘insolvent’
High Court Strikes Down EPA Limits on Mercury Emissions

Israeli defense official: ‘Syria is gone’
Gross Gets Personal: ‘I Just Wanted to Run Money and Be Famous’

  Jun 27 Buybacks Up 9% in 1Q, Will Drive EPS Growth
Fear of Losing Out Drives Deal Boom
U.S. consumer sentiment rises in June
Boomers Spend Their Kids’ Inheritance--on Supporting Them(YRI quoted)

China Cuts Lending Rate to a Record Low After Stock Market Slump
China is a 'bona fide financial bubble'
China: horror show

Greece’s Tsipras Calls July 5 Referendum on Bailout Demands
Anger spills over at summit to fix EU migrant policy
Terror Acts Show Extremists’ Global Reach, Coalition Challenges

This could be the tipping point for oil prices
Obama sheds cool style for 'fearless' final lap in office
Robotic weapons systems raise ethical concerns

  Jun 26 U.S. Inflation Undershoots Fed’s 2% Target for 37th Consecutive Month
U.S. Consumer Spending Soared 0.9% in May
Lending to Eurozone’s Private Sector Rises in May
Japan economic data mixed as core inflation rate ebbs to 0.1%, joblessness flat

Mergers drive next leg of US stock rally
The S&P 500 P/E Ratio Is 19, Unless It’s Actually 27
Ed on CNBC: High valuations a problem

Chinese Stocks Tumble as Morgan Stanley Says Don’t Buy the Dip
Chinese Stock Plunge Leaves State Media Speechless
China's biggest IPO since 2010 makes blockbuster debut
European Stocks Fall as Greece Talks Put Off Until Weekend

Oil Tankers Are Filling Up and Raking It In
Iran Leader’s Terms Complicate Talks as Deadline Nears
The 30,000-pound bomb that could be used against Iran's nuclear facilities

The Indian central bank chief who saw the 2008 crash coming thinks the world is now facing Great Depression-era problems
World's first commercial jetpack set for 2016 launch (video)
The Nazi's 'perfect Aryan' poster child was actually Jewish

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jun 25 Fed says it is data dependent, but whose data?
Dropout-Turned-Ph.D. Informs Yellen’s Job Market Outlook at Fed
Investor Jeremy Grantham warns stock buybacks slowing growth

Dueling Greece Plans Presented as Ministers Race for Aid Deal
Brazilian Inflation and Growth Get Worse

Onetime Obama Advisers Warn White House on Iran Nuclear Talks
Public Statement on U.S. Policy Toward the Iran Nuclear Negotiations
Nuclear deterrent on Nato agenda amid rise in Russian rhetoric

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jun 24 (pm) Goldman’s Cohn: You’re Wrong If You Think Markets Ready for Fed
More Americans Are Renting, and Paying More, as Homeownership Falls

Euro-Area Finance Ministers Adjourn Greece Talks as Deal Elusive
Greek bailout talks hit deadlock

China deflation flatters GDP figures
Investors lose patience for Indonesia’s infrastructure buildout
European oil majors hold Tehran talks

Millennials Don't Trust Stock Market
U.S. Hack May Have Disclosed 18 Million Social Security Numbers
Divergent unveils part-3D printed supercar

  Jun 24 (am) Wal-Mart to impose charges on suppliers as its costs mount
Blame Middle-Aged Americans for the Red-Hot U.S. Rental Market

Japan’s Nikkei Hits Highest Level in More Than 18 Years
Germany's Ifo confidence index at four-month low
Taiwanese industrial output falls in May

Deal or no deal: A breakdown of the latest Greece proposals
European Stocks Slide as Tsipras Says Greek Proposals Rejected
Greece, The Euro and Gunboat Diplomacy
A programme for Greece: Follow the IMF’s research

Obama clears last big hurdle to fast-track trade powers
Marco Rubio Casts Deciding Vote for ObamaTrade Without Even Reading It
Falling Oil Prices and Global Saving (FRB-NY study)
The World's Biggest Economies Are About to Feel the Impact of China's Slowdown
For Kerry, Iran deal would be a legacy hit after many misses

Krugman Battles the Austerians
What’s Really Warming the World
The cycling world can't stop talking about this new super-fast bike going into the Tour de France
10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jun 23 (pm) U.S. New-Home Sales Rise to 7-Year High
U.S. Durable Goods Down 1.8% as Businesses Remain Cautious

Berlin insists Greek parliament approves all reforms by Monday
Knives out for Tsipras as Syriza hardliners threaten mutiny
Germans’ impatience with Merkel on Greece bailout talks grows
Iran's Khamenei rules out freezing sensitive nuclear work for long period

The Way Humans Get Electricity Is About to Change Forever
Fall in sun’s energy will not halt global warming, say scientists
Google Startup Aims to Bring Fast, Free Wi-Fi to Cities
Google tests medical wearable device to track health data

  Jun 23 (am) US appetite for hostile takeovers hits post-crisis high
Takeover activity in the oil industry shows signs of revival
Cheap Gas Fuels Push For Pipeline Mergers
Patrick Drahi’s Altice Tests Limits for European Telecom Mergers
Chip Firms Focused on Returning Cash

Euro zone business growth rises to 4-year high
France is back in business
Euro falls as investors look past Greece bailout talks

Painful reality--creditors will support Greece in any case
ECB raises emergency funding to Greek banks
Syriza Members Warn Alexis Tsipras Against Betrayal With Greek Bailout Compromise

China’s Factory Activity Remains Weak in June
State-backed cheerleaders buoy China markets
China Market Feels Malaise of Good Economic News
China’s Plan for Local Debt Amounts to a Bailout
The Whiplash of Xi Jinping’s Top-Down Style

Copper’s supply glut takes shine off short-term price outlook
Platinum Slammed by Supplies, Dollar

10 things you need to know before the opening bell
Markit Flash PMIs

  Jun 22 (pm) Good times beckon for equity fund managers
China Margin Trades Buckle Leaving $364 Billion at Risk

What Obamacare Means for Janet Yellen and the Fed

New Proposals Spark Ray of Hope for Greek Deal This Week
Greek debt crisis: Key dates on the road to a possible Grexit
European Markets Seen Better Positioned to Handle Greek Default
New Eurozone Plan Calls for Greater Economic Cohesion Within Currency Bloc

U.S. pledges troops, equipment for NATO rapid response force
EU Extends Economic Sanctions on Russia Until End of January
Attack Gave Chinese Hackers Privileged Access to U.S. Systems
U.K. Says Iran Needs to Show More Flexibility in Nuclear Talks

  Jun 22 (am) U.S. share futures leap as Greece offers new reform
As deal talk dominates, could Obamacare case rattle health stocks?
Airline Stocks Could Soar Up to 50%
Fed won't hike rates because they're too scared: Economist

EU welcomes 11th-hour Greek proposals in 'forceps delivery'
Washington fears losing Greece to Moscow
Greece, Russia agree explosive gas deal

Speculators Retreat From Oil as OPEC Oversupply Crowds Out Shale
U.S., Japan Join Philippines in South China Sea Military Drills
Putin Is a 'Malign Influence' in Eastern Europe: Carter
Iran Legislation Seeks to Bar Inspections of Military Sites Under a Nuclear Deal
America's Air Force drone pilots are burning out

Cigna Rejects Anthem Takeover Bid
Williams Cos. Rejects $48 Billion Buyout Offer

10 key excerpts from Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment
Pope Francis: On Care for Our Common Home

  Jun 20 Should Stock Investors Fight the Fed?
S&P’s Malaise Could Be the Pause That Refreshes
A Time for Defensive Thinking

China Deepens Steel Cuts as Iron Bull Market Crushes Profit
Iron ore price hits a wall of steel
Nickel’s Sinking Feeling
Chinese Stocks Stagger to End of Rough Week

Weekend of Fear in Greece as Monday Brings Salvation or Ruin
ECB Said to Plan Review of Greek Emergency Liquidity on Monday

Philly Fed index rises to 15.2 in June, beats expectations
Dallas-Fort Worth Keeps Texas Engine Revving
Student-Loan Refinancing Boom Could Cost U.S. Taxpayers Billions
The Most Powerful Person at the Federal Reserve You've Never Heard Of

Despite obstacles, chances grow for final Iran nuclear deal
U.S. Says Iran’s Support of Terrorism ‘Undiminished’
Nato shows its sharp end in Polish war games

How Oculus and Cardboard Are Going to Rock the Travel Industry
School Field Trips Go Virtual
Motorcycle Sidecars Make Riding a Family Affair
Nixon: Our Most Peculiar President (book reviews)

  Jun 19 Greece Gets ECB Lifeline While Tsipras Prepares for EU Summit
Tsipras optimistic on Greek debt deal as banks bleed
Greek banks: Athens’ Achilles heel
As Greece teeters, Alexis Tsipras is feted in St Petersburg
Merkel’s one big reason to hold on to Greece

Fed may hike just once in 2015 as Yellen strikes less certain tone
Deflation No More? Draghi Loves What the Weak Euro Is Doing
China shares record worst week in 7 years as rally falters

The Shale Industry Could Be Swallowed By Its Own Debt
Growing North Sea glut pushes oil prices lower
Iran Holds Out Improved Oil-Contract Terms

This Year Is Headed for the Hottest on Record, by a Long Shot

  Jun 18 (pm) Nasdaq Hits a High as Fed Provides Lift
IPO Market Heats Up After Slow Start to 2015
Three Hints Yellen Dropped That the Fed Might Not Raise Rates in September
Yellen Press Conference Transcript

EU Calls Emergency Summit as Greece Runs Out of Time
ECB not sure if Greek banks will be able to open on Monday: officials

Iran is turning Israel and Saudi Arabia into allies
After Doubting, Economists Find China Killing U.S. Factory Jobs
That Obamacare Death Spiral Isn't Panning Out
A shack in SiIicon Valley and a mansion in Austin: Here's what a $1-2 million home looks like in 7 major US cities

  Jun 18 (am) Fed’s View of Fragile Economy Means Slow Path for Rate Increases
Yellen Says Tentative Signs of Wage Growth ‘Not Yet Definitive’
Irrational exuberance (Fed’s Dot Plots)

FOMC Statement I Press Conference I Projections I Parsing the Fed

Greece is spiraling toward default with no hope of a deal at its 'last chance' summit
Greek Exit Would Shake, but Most Likely Not Shatter, Eurozone
European Disunion: For Two Rivals in Greek Crisis, It’s Personal
Merkel Says Greece Deal Still Possible Only If Tsipras Moves
Greek showdown widens Merkel’s rift with Schäuble
ECB Said to Raise Greece’s ELA Ceiling by 1.1 Billion Euros
Greek debt crisis: Key dates on the road to a possible Grexit
Greece central bank warns of ‘painful’ EU exit if no deal reached

As the Rich Bounce Back, the Middle Class Stays Stagnant
Chinese take lead among foreign buyers of US homes
Britain's labour market Heating up
China's economy is hitting a wall--and it's going to affect everyone

Amazon's new delivery model: Your neighbor?
Delivery by drone in 30 minutes? Amazon says it's coming
Congress warned that drones present 'a nightmare scenario for civil liberties'
It’s not hard to see why big banks are going crazy over new technology
A look at the supermarket of the future

10 things you need to know before the opening bell

  Jun 16 (pm) Fed Decision Day Guide: Interest-Rate Projections, Gradual Pace
BOJ Kuroda Indicates No Intention to Stem Sliding Yen With Recent Remark

Greek PM tears into lenders as euro zone prepares for 'Grexit'
Greece: What's priced in?
It's So Bad in Greece, People Are Moving Back in With Their Parents
Greece’s Fiscal Odyssey

U.S. building permits near eight-year high; starts pull back
Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan Can’t Agree Why the Economy’s Productivity Has Slumped
Forcing Workers to Save Just 3% Won’t Solve the Retirement Crisis, EBRI Says

Fund Managers Pile Into Cash Amid Market Volatility
Chinese Firms Put Cash to Work in Stocks
The China Bubble Is Going to Burst
China Rallies Around Yuan as IMF Mulls Reserve-Currency Inclusion

Putin says Russia beefing up nuclear arsenal, NATO denounces 'saber-rattling'
Kerry says 'patience wearing thin' on Syria's Assad
Palestinian President Announces Government Will Dissolve
Head of hacked U.S. agency says problems 'decades in the making'

Global water supplies are ‘in distress’, scientists warn
Japan's chef of the future is a robot

  Jun 16 (am) Fedspeak Cheatsheet: Fed Officials a Bit More Upbeat Ahead of Policy Meeting This Week
In A.I.G. case, surprise ruling that could end all bailouts
Goldman Plans to Offer Consumer Loans Online, Adopting Start-Ups’ Tactics
Tech investors have started saying there is no bubble because 'it's different this time'

Eurozone officials discuss holding emergency summit on Greece
Greece contagion fears rattle markets
Victory for Draghi as court backs bond-buying plan
German investor morale sours in June

The World Is Facing Its Longest Oil Glut in at Least Three Decades
A massive discovery in Mexico could mark the dawn of a new oil boom
U.S. denies Israeli report on Obama inviting Netanyahu to meet

IMF raises tempo in inequality debate
IMF: Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: A Global Perspective
Millionaires control 41% of world's wealth

Former CIA Chief Says Government Data Breach Could Help China Recruit Spies
Breakdown in US talks on facial-recognition rules
Star Wars Darth Vader Deluxe Adult Full Face Mask (Amazon)

An 11-year study of 21,000 people shows eating chocolate may be good for the heart
My favorite chocolates

10 things you need to know today

  Jun 15 (pm) U.S. industrial output hurt by weakness in manufacturing, mining
America's economy: Better than it looks
The world economy: Watch out
Fed's worst nightmare: The 'ghost of 1937'

Greece Contagion Returns to Eurozone Bonds
Europe Asks if Greece Could Default Without Exiting Euro
Summers: Trade defeat will make world more dangerous
Russia says will retaliate if U.S. weapons stationed on its borders

The Speech Every 2015 College Grad Needs to Hear
The Economist explains The Magna Carta
Stop Revering Magna Carta
Pope Francis Calls Global Warming a Threat And Urges Action
Why libertarianism is closer to Stalinism than you think

  Jun 15 (am) Grand Central: For Clues on Number of 2015 Rate Hikes, Watch the Fed’s Dots

Goldman: Washington Is Coming for All Those Share Buybacks
Goldman Sachs to Companies: Stop Buying Back Your Stock: Buy other companies instead.
S&P 500 Companies Spend Almost All Profits on Buybacks
Companies' Borrowing Spree Darkens Stock Market Future
Brewing Conflict over Greece: Germany's Finance Minister Mulls Taking on Merkel (Spiegel)

Out of Options and Time, Tsipras Faces Greece’s Moment of Truth
Greece contagion sweeps euro zone bond markets, hits shares
EU preparing for 'state of emergency' after Greek talks collapse

Sex, lies and debt potentially exposed by U.S. data hack
What inheritance? Boomers blow millennials' money

10 things you need to know before the opening bell
What the devastating 'Game of Thrones' finale means for next season

  Jun 12 (pm) Stocks close lower, with Dow off more than 100 points as Greece weighs
Among active managers, value group is on a roll

Consumers Feel Much More Upbeat in Early June
Greg Ip: Three Economic Puzzles Are Now Less Puzzling

Obama quest for fast-track trade bill defeated for now in House
Iran nuclear talks 'virtually stalled', deadline may be missed: TASS
White house: cannot confirm reports 14 million affected by hack
U.S. troops at Taqaddum to help Iraqis plan fight for Ramadi

Obama making bid to diversify wealthy neighborhoods
Zhivago: Comrade Kaprugina delivers a scolding (video)

Leftist Mayors Surge Into Power in Spain
Humanoid robots: After the fall

  Jun 12 (am) Mortgage Rates Top 4% in Test for Housing
Scariest U.S. Housing Chart Shows Nasty Scar Years After Bust
Americans’ Net Worth Reaches High of $84.9 Trillion

Emerging Markets Suffer Largest Outflow in Seven Years
Oil slips as Saudis stand by to increase production

10 things you need to know before the opening bell
The Fed accidentally created the most resilient bull market ever
Goldman Gets Serious About High-Speed Trading
Biotech Led by 29-Year-Old CEO Now Worth Billions With No Sales

27 of the most incredible natural wonders in Europe
The average Manhattan rent now tops $4,000

  Jun 11 (pm) Wild Bond Market Just Getting Back to Normal – Abruptly (YRI press)
Brighter Economy Speeds Flight From Government Bonds
How the Fed screwed up the bond market
The Fed’s interest-rate projections: Dotty

Economists See Bright Consumer Outlook
It Looks Like the U.S. Economy May Not Have Shrunk This Year After All
Wrong number? (on GDP)

China's May bank loans, money supply quicken as central bank eases policy
China central bank admits defeat in war on deflation
As Japan Battles Deflation, a Bitter Legacy Looms

IMF Team Leaves Brussels After Making No Progress on Greek Deal
IEA: Oil Market Report

  Jun 11 (am) Treasury volumes raise liquidity concerns
A Derivatives Bomb Exploded Within The Last Two Weeks (Thx Bill King)

The worst of China's slowdown may be over (CNBC)
China Economy: Slowdown Eases, But Slog Remains (WSJ)
Everything you need to know about the South China Sea conflict – in under five minutes

Greek court reverses 'unconstitutional' 2012 pensions cuts
Greek Pension Mess Shows There’s No Easy Way Out of Impasse

Oil supply to grow quicker than demand, says IEA
Iran in Opec lim