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Daily Interesting Articles: 2017
  May 28

There’s Something Manic About This Market
It’s Time for Investors to Pounce on Banks
Be Wary of Hedge Fund ETFs
Bitcoin and Tech Stocks: A 21st Century Tulipmania?
Why investors aren’t giving up on bitcoins
Bullish on Emerging Markets, Bearish on U.S.
U.S. Companies’ Rising Stash of Cash

China April industrial profits up 14 percent but slowing pace stokes economy worries
Brazil’s Car Wash Scandal Reveals a Country Soaked in Corruption

US politics
Trump Lashes Out at Media After Ducking Press Questions on Trip
Trump son-in-law had undisclosed contacts with Russian envoy - sources
Homeland security secretary Kelly: 'I don't see any big issue' in Kushner-Russia back-channel
Trump just wrapped up his first trip abroad — here's where past presidents traveled in their first year
Trump’s Deficit-Cutting Plan Isn’t Realistic

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Shifts Strategy in War on ISIS
Mattis Says U.S. Plans to ‘Take Apart’ Islamic State Caliphate
Merkel Signals New Era for Europe as Trump Smashes Consensus
Europe can no longer fully rely on allies: Merkel
Trump adviser says US is fully behind Nato
North Korea fires Scud-class ballistic missile, Japan protests
Japan will take steps with U.S. to deter North Korea: PM Abe
U.S. might ban laptops on all flights into and out of the country
Britain says some of Manchester bomber's network potentially still at large

Companies & industries
Autos: Ford Races Toward an Exciting Future
Autos: How Robo Cars Will Impact Everything Else
Financials: Why Banks Haven’t Been Burned by Retail’s Meltdown
Materials: International Paper: 25% Upside and a Nice Yield
Tech: Apple Is Working on a Dedicated Chip to Power AI on Devices

Universal basic income would fail to cut poverty, says OECD
Summer Beach Reading for Investors

  May 27

S&P 500 inches up to fresh record close
YRI Press: Wall Street moves past latest Dow ‘panic attack’
As rates rise, investors scramble to lock in gains
European stocks coming back into favor
Wall Street to CEOs: The Future Is Now

Commodities & currencies
Saudi Arabia and Russia stuck in unlikely oil alliance

Investors pouring billions into the hottest part of the stock market
Harvard's Hausmann Asks JPMorgan to Cut Venezuela From Index
How to Be Your Own Quant

Central banks
Central banks risk messy ‘market melt-up’

U.S. GDP Growth Revised Up to 1.2% Rate in First Quarter
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Signals Gains in Spending Remain Likely
Soft US economic data dampens hopes of a rebound
‘Secular Stagnation’ Even Truer Today, Larry Summers Says
Rural America Is the New ‘Inner City’
Summary of Quarterly Survey of Public Pensions for 2016

Brazil Outlook Lowered to Negative by Moody's on Temer Probe

US politics
FBI Scrutiny of Kushner Brings Russia Probe Into the White House
Trump Pushing Big White House Changes as Russia Crisis Grows
Hillary Clinton Calls Trump Budget Cruel in Wellesley Commencement Speech
Restructuring Pro Prepares His Toughest Turnaround Yet: The Democratic Party

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon Opens Grocery Pickup Kiosks to Rival Wal-Mart
Tech: How Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft make money

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Faces Tensions at G-7 Summit
Six to One Against Trump on Climate in ‘Honest’ Exchange at G-7
Exxon chief urges Trump to back climate agreement
Beijing Protests U.S. Patrol in South China Sea
Gunmen in Egypt Attack Bus Carrying Coptic Christians, Prompting Airstrikes on Libya
Police make 10th arrest in search for Manchester bomber’s associates

Apple Is Working on a Dedicated Chip to Power AI on Devices
Pretty Soon Electric Cars Will Cost Less Than Gasoline

Talent Battle: Hedge Funds vs. Silicon Valley
Sean Hannity Loses Some Advertisers After Advancing Conspiracy Theory
Does Facebook Make Us Unhappy and Unhealthy?
Your Data Is Way More Exposed Than You Realize

  May 26

Wall Street Signals Bond Yields to Stay Lower, Fed Hikes or Not
US energy junk bonds shine as equity investors suffer in 2017
Vanguard takes tilt at fast-growing Chinese market
Machine learning set to shake up equity hedge funds

OPEC Leaves Market Guessing on Exit Strategy After Historic Pact
OPEC Extends Oil Output Cuts but Glut Fears Persist
The Daily Prophet: OPEC Flexes Its Muscles And No One Cares

Central banks
How the Fed plans to unwind massive market stimulus
Moodys China Downgrade and Federal Reserve Impact
China Hitches Yuan to the Dollar, Buying Rare Calm
China's Monetary Turbocharger Is Running at an All-Time High
Some Reflections on Japanese Monetary Policy

Millennials Want to Buy Homes but Aren’t Saving Up
Luxury Homes in Manhattan Are Finally Getting Cheaper
Counting on Student Loan Forgiveness? Don't Bet on It

Le Pen Wavers on Euro as Parliamentary Election Looms

Chinese Money Funneled to Far-Flung Homes Heralds Bubble Trouble

Tigers, Tiger Cubs and Economic Growth
South Korean Consumer Confidence Soars on Moon Election Victory
S Korea’s zombie companies an ‘economic powder keg’
One Thing Modi Hasn't Brought: Jobs
Saudi Aramco Struggles to Disengage From Royal Family’s Whims
Nigeria moves closer to overhaul of oil sector

US politics
Trump Officials Offer Differing Views on Tax Plan
`Mnuchin Rule' Against Wealthy Tax Cuts Comes Back to Bite Him
Senate Weighs Health-Law Rewrite Pushing Obamacare Repeal to 2020
Private money might save Trump’s infrastructure plans
Court Won’t Restore Trump’s Travel Ban
Sessions Says DOJ Will Seek Supreme Court Review of Travel Ban

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Rolls Into Awkward First G-7 Summit With Echoes of Reagan
Trump Omission in NATO Comments Rankles European Allies
As Trump Meets NATO, Obama Tells Berlin ‘We Can’t Hide Behind a Wall’
Trump Tells NATO to Pay Up for Military
Trump fails to endorse Nato mutual defence
Manchester Leaks Prompt Trump to Call for Probe

Industries & companies
Autos: GM Sued by Diesel Truck Owners Over Emissions
Energy: Activist Investor’s Pressure Builds on BHP Over Energy
Financials: Banks Want to Raise Debit-Card Swipe Fees. Republicans Say No
Retail: Best Buy Defies Retail Doldrums With Higher Sales
Retail: Sears Jumps After Posting First Quarterly Profit Since 2015
Tech: FAANGtastic Five pull tech into bubble territory
Tech: Lyft Courts Uber’s High-End Clientele With Black Car Service

Corporate finance
Tech Startups Are Infatuated With Not-IPOs

Trump and Macron Display White-Knuckle Diplomacy
Zuckerberg Asks Harvard Grads to Fight Isolationism, Nationalism
‘Smartphone addiction’ seems to only be getting stronger

  May 25

U.S. Stocks Climb as Fed Hints at June Rate Increase
Why Earnings Have Investors Feeling So Happy
China's Stocks, Yuan Erase Losses Triggered by Moody's Downgrade
S&P's Famous FANG Trade Has Nothing on Chinese Four-Stock Frenzy

China’s downgrade reaction jars with bond market move
The Bond Market Bodes Badly for the Euro's Eye-Watering Surge
Illinois Bonds an Opportunity for ‘Bold’ Investors, Citi Says

Fiduciary Rule: What’s Next for Investors, Brokers
ETF providers float idea of setting up their own market indices
This Old School Hedge Fund Is Going Quant

OPEC Committee Recommends Nine-Month Oil Cuts Extension
How American Shale Drillers Flipped OPEC’s Script

Central banks
Fed Minutes Signal Officials Ready to Raise Rates Soon | Minutes
Most Fed Officials Saw Tightening ‘Soon,’ Favored Unwind Plan
ECB Leadership Doubles Down on Guidance as June Meeting Nears

World Trade Flows Suggest Strong Economic Growth This Year

Home Sales Slip amid Housing Shortage
San Francisco Goes From First to Worst in U.S. Home-Price Gauge

China Hit by First Moody's Downgrade Since 1989 on Debt Risk
China's Downgrade Could Lead to a Mountain of Debt
Shanghai’s Financial Center Was a Swamp Last Time Moody’s Cut China’s Rating

Brazilian Ministry Building Set on Fire as Protests Turn Violent
Indian disruption offers promise and threats for investors

US politics
Mnuchin Urges Congress to Raise U.S. Debt Limit by August Recess
Ryan Rejects Trump's Branding of Comey as 'Nut Job'
Trump's Go-To Lawyer Kasowitz: A Pit Bull Loyal to the Boss
Democrats Ask Deutsche Bank to Produce Documents on Trump Family Loans

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Plans Military Boost for NATO
U.K. Police Probe ‘Network’ Linked to Manchester Attack
Father and Brother of Manchester Bomber Arrested in Libya
Get Ready to Unpack for Airport Security
TSA Will Heighten Electronics Screening at Test Airports in U.S.

In Modern Cyber War, the Spies Can Become Targets, Too

Industries & companies
Health Care: Another Insurer Leaves Missouri’s Affordable Care Act Exchange
Industrials: GE Chief Adds Some Caution to 2018 Profit Goal
Materials: US steel industry says imports threaten security
Materials: Glencore keen to bulk up in agricultural trading
Retail: J.Crew Boss Mickey Drexler Confesses: I Didn’t Get the Web
Retail: Cerberus, American Eagle Work on Abercrombie Bid
Tech: IBM fights to keep up with rivals in the cloud

Man vs. Machine: Google Takes on China’s Go Champion, but Fans Are Blocked From Watching
China's DJI Unveils $499 Drone That Flies From Palm of Your Hand
Robo-Advisers Battle Wall Street for Rich Investors
Cryptocurrency Mania Goes Beyond Bitcoin

So Much for IBM's Bright Idea on Remote Work
Toronto Homeowners Are Suddenly in a Rush to Sell

  May 24

US investors warm up to Europe but are not yet convinced
Why investors downplay US debt binge risks

Commodities & currencies
OPEC's Worst Cheater Will Get Harder to Ignore as Curbs Falter
White House wants to sell half of the US' strategic petroleum reserves
Euro enjoys renaissance as investors pivot to continent
Euro retreats from 6-month high against dollar

Investors Just Pulled the Most Cash From Small Caps in a Decade
Goldman Sachs says these 14 VIP stocks matter most to hedge funds
Japan Post Bank ramps up push into alternatives
Stock investors are making a killing chasing smart money
Religious ETFs Are About to Hit the Bond Market

Central banks
Investors keen to hear Federal Reserve balance sheet details
‘Still a Question Mark’ Around Full Employment, Fed’s Brainard Says
How will Fed react to Trump’s pump priming?

U.S. New-Home Sales Fell More Than Expected in April
America’s Cities Are Running Out of Room
What we know and don’t know about declining labor force participation: A review (Brookings)
New analysis turns up surprise on long-term wage trends
Less-Educated Workers Face Erratic Schedules, Unpredictable Incomes
Mall Troubles Threaten a Rite of Passage: The Teen Job
Americans Are Taking More Paid Vacation Days

Eurozone growth holds steady at six-year high in May
Eurozone economic recovery gathers pace
IMF and eurozone explore cash lifeline for Greece

India may be more populous than China, research suggests
Big Brother Comes for Foreign Firms in China
How to Earn Millions in China's App Economy

US politics I
Donald Trump’s Balanced Budget Goal Rests on Questionable Math
Trump, White House 2018 fiscal-year budget, Mick Mulvaney call
Trump’s 3% Growth Target Looks Out of Reach
Trump's $575 Billion Defense Budget Delays Promised Buildup
Trump's Budget Bites Deeply Into Programs Benefiting His Voters
Trump's Budget Seeks Fraction of U.S.-Mexico Border-Wall Cost

US politics II
Mnuchin Says No Guarantee Tax Reform Won't Benefit the Rich
House GOP Tries to Keep Border-Adjusted Tax Alive
Democrats Find Numbers Don’t Mean Much for Them in State Senate
White House Seeks Delay in Suit Over Health Law Subsidies
Jeff Sessions Defines ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Narrowly, Sidestepping Fight
Former CIA Chief Brennan Says Russians Were in Contact With Trump Campaign Associates

Industries & companies
Financials: Dwindling numbers in the financial industry
Materials: Glencore Makes Takeover Approach to U.S. Grain Trader Bunge
Retail: AutoZone Joins Retailers Stifled by U.S. Tax Refund Delays
Retail: The Future of Whole Foods Isn’t About Groceries
Retail: Target to Pay $18.5 Million to Settle Massive 2013 Data Breach
Tech: Google vs. Uber: How One Engineer Sparked a War
Telecom: AT&T’s Vision of TV: ‘Game of Thrones’ in Mobile-Size Bites?

Geopolitics & terrorism
China, EU and Canada Form Climate Pact as Trump Stands Alone
Suicide Bomber Kills 22, Including Children, at Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester
Security to Tighten in U.S. Cities After Manchester Bombing

Alexa’s New Avatar: Financial Adviser
Fidelity is allowing clients to see digital currencies on its website
Google's Waymo could eventually be a $70 billion company
Ford is no longer a car company
Driverless cars inspire a new gold rush in California
Insurance: Where Humans Still Rule Over Machines

Longest-Serving James Bond Star Roger Moore Dies at 89

  May 23

Wall Street gains as defense, tech stocks rise
Stockpickers, It’s Time to Bring Back the Pre-Trump Playbook
Bond Bulls Get the Most Hedge-Fund Support Since 2007

The Quants Run Wall Street Now
Low Volatility Raises Paranoia Over Leverage in the Quant Fund World
Only Robots Can Tally What the Largest U.S. Pension Fund Pays in Fees
SoftBank fund now world's biggest private equity fund with $93 billion

Central banks
Here’s Why the Fed Will Stay Central to Markets [Balance Sheet]
Economic Research | Reserve Requirements as a Chinese Macro Policy Tool

Economic Growth in Developed Countries Slows, Says OECD | Report
The global economy is looking OK, based on Japan's latest trade report

Investment, Hiring Plans Show Rising U.S. Business Optimism
Hard Data, Soft Data and Forecasting
Why Millennials Are (Partly) to Blame for the Housing Shortage
Baby boomers are making it harder for millennials to buy homes
America’s Cities Are Running Out of Room
The Future Of Work For People 50+ Will Surprise You
Another reason workers are so stressed? The slow death of Summer Fridays

Hope for Italy with Monte dei Paschi rescue deal now close

Brazilian President Temer: 'I won't resign. Oust me if you want'
China’s Bond-Yield Curve Gets Bent Out of Shape

US politics
Trump signs massive $110 billion deal with Saudi Arabia that focuses on defense
White House to Roll Out Trump’s First Budget Proposal With Little Fanfare
Mike Flynn Won’t Comply With Senate Subpoena in Russia Probe
Trump Hints at Israel Role in Spy Data He Shared With Russians
Sen. McCain Softens ‘Watergate’ Statement on Trump Administration Turmoil

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford Replaces CEO Mark Fields With Jim Hackett Amid Pressure on Profit
Chemicals: Huntsman and Clariant are joining forces to create a $14 billion chemical behemoth
Financials: Morgan Stanley on paradigm shift in financial technology
Health Care: Delay on Obamacare Subsidy Decision Leaves Insurers in Limbo
Media: Remember ‘Avatar’? Disney Hopes So With Big Bet on Theme Park
Telecom: S&P may disconnect the telecom services sector index

Trump Meets With Israeli Leader in Bid to Revive Peace Process
New Russia claims cloud Trump’s first foreign trip

The most important finance books
5 Good Summer Reads
Fox News Faces Three New Employee Discrimination Lawsuits

  May 22 Markets
Stocks don't need the Trump bump anymore
Goldilocks Is in the House
Bond Buyers Forgive and Forget, Flock Back to Online Lenders’ Debt
Gundlach [EM] Trade Comes With a Sell-By Date
Argentina Rises As Brazil Sinks

Saudis See All ‘on Board’ to Extend Oil Cuts for Nine Months
Saudi Arabia and Russia Are at Odds on Almost Everything, Except Oil
The markets frustrate OPEC’s efforts to push up oil prices
OPEC Needs Shock and Awe to Drain the Glut

Fear These ETFs, Not the Volatility
Blackstone Unveils $100 Billion Ambition for Infrastructure
SoftBank's Son Chases Boyhood Dreams With $100 Billion [Tech] Fund

Central banks
Here's the ECB's `Strong Logic' for Ending QE Before Rates Rise

Economists are puzzled about why incomes aren’t rising
U.S. Infrastructure Shows Signs of Improvement
US Hispanics: Too scared to spend
How Cell-Phone Plans With Unlimited Data Limited Inflation

Taking Eurozone Growth Seriously
Spain’s Socialist primary is a battle for the left’s future
Athens calls on creditors to strike a deal

Nine Stocks to Play China’s New Silk Road

Pressure Mounts on Temer as Brazil Lawyers Vote for Impeachment
Political Crisis Grips Brazil as Firm Admits to Bribing Nation’s Leaders

US politics
Week of chaos leaves Trump’s party hoping for a break
Fired FBI Director James Comey to Testify in Public
The 205 Open Jobs at Justice

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
North Korea Tests Another Missile in Latest Kim Provocation
James Mattis says a military solution in North Korea will 'be tragic on an unbelievable scale'
Philippines’ Duterte Says Chinese Leader Raised Threat of War Over South China Sea
U.S., Saudi Arabia Expect Deals, Investments Worth $300 Billion
Trump set to conclude $10bn Saudi arms sale
Trump Dials Back Islam Critique After Inking Saudi Mega-Deals
All IT Jobs Are Cybersecurity Jobs Now

Industries & companies
Autos: Subaru Considers Electric Versions of Its Cars to Leverage Brand
Financials: Insurers get a new global accounting regime
Materials: BHP reconsiders its foray into US shale
Retail: 5 Retailers That Can Survive Amazon
Tech: Impinj and Everspin Could Be the Next Big Thing
Tech: SK Hynix, Bain to Join in Bid for Toshiba Chip Business

Video: The Silicon Valley Startup Creating Robot DNA

Here are some videos of Trump and his cabinet members awkwardly dancing with swords in Saudi Arabia
Who’s in Charge of Outer Space?
For Business School Naming Rights, the Price Is Only Going Up
  May 20

Trump woes no match for the ‘Buy the Dip’ mindset
Stocks Higher, Wiping Out Most of Midweek Tumble
Europe Inc. Sprints Ahead of U.S.
Mutual Funds Get Crushed by Brazil
The Political Crisis Isn't Stopping Brazil Bulls

Currencies & commodities
Dollar suffers worst week in year on Trump jitters
Real leads emerging market currencies rebound
Oil Climbs Above $50 as OPEC Expected to Prolong Curbs Next Week

Global Expansion Is in Sync, Even If Everything Else Is in Chaos

U.S. Household Financial Health Improved in Recent Years
The Share of Foreign-Born Workers in the U.S. Labor Force Reaches a New High
Unemployment in the U.S. Is Falling, So Why Isn’t Pay Rising?
Americans Are Paying $38 to Collect $1 of Student Debt

Monte Paschi Bailout Plan Faces ECB Pushback on Capital Concerns
Spain’s Socialists prepare to choose new leader

China faces ‘acid test’ over credit bubble

US politics
Trump Aims to Balance Budget
Trump Pushes Back As Russia Probe Expands
Rosenstein Defends Memo Condemning Comey Before Trump Fired Him
Federalism for the Left and the Right
Impeaching Trump is more a political question
Trump’s crisis launches a thousand Watergate references
Donovan Withdraws as Nominee for U.S. Treasury Deputy Secretary
US looks at extending laptop ban to all flights

Geopolitics & terrorism
With Mideast Trip, Trump Shifts to Global Relations
What is at stake as Iranians pick next president?
Trump Ordered Changes to 'Annihilate' Islamic State, Mattis Says
China and South Korea Try to Ease Missile Tensions
U.S. Examines Russia’s Grip on Citgo Assets

Industries & companies
Financials: The Trump administration just handed Wall Street some great news
Tech: Tech Sector Is Seeing Its Biggest Annual Inflows in 15 Years, BofA Says
Tech: This is the age of the Microsoft and Amazon economy

Corporate finance
How SoftBank and Saudi Arabia Settled Their Differences to Birth the World’s Biggest Tech Fund
Bain makes $10bn bid for Toshiba’s chip business
Facebook Slapped With EU Fine Over WhatsApp Deal

David Blitzer: The Stock Picker Behind the S&P 500
Florida's Bone Dry and Burning While Rest of U.S. Is Soaking Wet
Americans Die When They Have to Work at Being Healthy

  May 19

Investors face the ‘buy the dip’ dilemma
Passive’s aggressive march poses thorny questions
Jim Chanos Says Markets Hope Pence Replaces Trump as President
It May Be Time for Markets to Worry About North Korea

Citigroup Says It's Time to Sell the Dollar for the Summer

Central banks
ECB Wary of Repeat of Fed’s ‘Taper Tantrum’

Conference Board’s Leading Economic Indicators Index Rises
U.S. jobless claims fall; continuing claims at 28-1/2-year low

Japan scores longest growth run in a decade
Japan Has What Trump Wants: Manufacturers Driving Growth

China's Demographic Time Bomb Continues to Tick
EM hit as Brazil bears brunt of investor unease
Brazil Markets Sink, Triggering Circuit Breaker on Fresh Crisis
Brazil Graft Probe Targets President, Markets Drop Amid Impeachment Talk
Brazil president taped discussing pay-off for witness in graft probe: O Globo
Mexico Unexpectedly Raises Rate to Avoid Inflation Spreading
Rebellion in Venezuela: 43 Dead in 44 Days of Relentless Protest

US politics I
Trump Claims He Is Victim of ‘Greatest Witch Hunt’ in U.S.
Trump's campaign had at least 18 undisclosed conversations with Russian officials
Trump Denies Asking Comey to Drop Flynn Investigation
FBI’s Russia Probe Gains Credibility With Mueller In Charge
Special Counsel Can Examine Trump From All Angles
Lake: The Special Counsel Who Might Save Trump
Talking Impeachment Is Easy. History Shows Why Impeachment Is Hard
Could Donald Trump really be impeached?

US politics II
Republicans worry Trump scandals may doom legislative agenda
GOP’s Path to Tax Changes Slowed by Upcoming Budget Fight
Mnuchin to Review Request to Provide List of Trump’s Business Contacts
Mnuchin Warns Some Partnerships and LLCs Won't Get Tax Break
House May Be Forced to Vote Again on GOP's Obamacare Repeal Bill
Immigration Arrests Rose Sharply in Trump’s First 100 Days

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Imposes Iran Missile Sanctions and Keeps Nuclear Deal
Trump willing to try engagement with North Korea, on conditions: Seoul
U.S. Plans to Start Nafta Talks
NATO Mulls Arctic and Atlantic Command to Counter Russia
Israeli Source Seen as Key to Countering ISIS Threat

The Global Hack Could Have Been Much, Much Worse

Industries & companies
Autos: Mercedes just made a huge play that could threaten Tesla's home battery business
Financials: Trump’s Glass-Steagall Won’t Be as Tough as Banks Fear
Media: Facebook makes biggest pitch yet for taking on TV
Media: FCC Votes to Scale Down Net Neutrality Rules
Retail: Walmart just proved it's immune to the retail apocalypse
Retail: Walmart reports surge in online sales
Retail: Ralph Lauren sales, profit beat as it reins in discounts
Tech: Salesforce Lifts Its Outlook
Tech: IBM Orders Its Remote Workers Back Into the Office
Wireless: T-Mobile Calls Sprint Most Logical Partner as Deal Talk Heats Up

Third Point Deploys AI, Big Data With Half Dozen Quants
Google puts artificial intelligence centre stage
How Uber and Waymo Ended Up Rivals in the Race for Driverless Cars

Roger Ailes, Founder of Murdoch's Fox News Channel, Dies at 77

  May 18

Critical Question for Stocks Is How Much Trump Bump Baked In
Washington Tumult Hits Stocks, Drags on Dollar
Trump stimulus doubts buoy US muni bonds
Chinese Stocks Are Finding Favor, as Long as You're Not in China

Harvard, Yale, Stanford Make Big Bets on Exchange-Traded Funds
Blackrock Says Some ETF Investors Are Making This Classic Mistake
Quadruple-Levered ETF? SEC Hits Pause on Its Approval of an Exotic Investment
Active and Passive: Complementary, Not Competing, Strategies

Move Over Dollar, the Euro Is in the Driver’s Seat
White House noise proves distracting for dollar investors
China Investors Aren’t Buying Central Bank’s Yuan Fix

Central banks
Fed's Rate-Hike Odds Tumble After Washington Chaos Hits Bond Market
Full Employment Poses Tough Choices for Trump, Fed
Bernanke Says Economy Nearing Capacity With Jobless Rate Low
Benoît Cœuré: Dissecting the yield curve - central bank perspective

U.S. Household Debts Hit Record High in First Quarter
Household Debt Reaches New Peak Driven by Gains in Mortgage, Auto, and Student Debt
Household Borrowing in Historical Perspective
Banks Tighten Auto Lending as More Borrowers Fall Into Default
Auto Loan Borrowers May Be Gaming Their Credit Scores, UBS Says
Buyers With Excellent Credit Are Getting the Lion's Share of U.S. Mortgages
Where Jobs Have Yet to Recover Since the Recession

Macron Names Bruno Le Maire Economy Minister

Topic: Belt and Road Initiative
Trump Trade Reboot Spurs U.S. Push by China Investment Corp

US politics
Wall Street Loses Faith in GOP Tax Cut Promise Amid Trump Chaos
Paul Ryan pledges to advance tax cuts amid the Trump bombshells
Trump Asked Comey to End Flynn Probe: Memo
Congress Seeks Comey Testimony After Russia Turmoil Engulfs Trump
Trump defends sharing terrorism ‘facts’ with Russia
Putin Dismisses Accusation That Trump Shared Secrets
Russian State-Run Bank Financed Deal Involving Trump Hotel Partner
Billionaire Zell Says Trump 'Cacophony' Doesn't Make Him Unfit
Ivanka Trump Criticized Over Chinese Factories Allegedly Paying $1 an Hour
Everything You Need to Know About Impeachment

Geopolitics & trade
Five Times Trump’s Foreign Policy Milestones Have Been Overshadowed By Other Events
Trump Rules Out Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem for Now
Trump Administration Weighs Adding Currency Rules to Nafta

New Threats Fuel Fears of Another Global Cyberattack

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon’s Australian Expedition to Rattle Retailers
Autos: Ford to Cut 10% of Salaried Workforce in Asia, North America
Financials: Banks Stocks Don't Deserve a Battering
Financials: Goldman Sachs piles into US leveraged loans market
Pharma: States Wage Battles Over High Drug Prices
Pharma: The world's largest drugmaker thinks it has 11 billion-dollar drugs in the pipeline
Retail: Target Aims to Reshape Image as a Leader on Low Prices
Tech: Apple Falls on Concerns About Trump's Tax Reform
Tech: Twitter cofounder Biz Stone is rejoining the company, and its stock is up
Tech: Microsoft will make the most from WannaCry

Google to Offer New AI `Supercomputer' Chip Via Cloud
Google Expands Voice-Based Assistant Service to Apple's iPhone

How a Bitcoin Clone Helped a Firm Raise $12 Million in 12 Minutes

  May 17

Nasdaq Composite Climbs Toward Fresh Record
Germans are right to be nervous over soaring Dax
Hedge fund manager earnings drop to lowest in a decade
Brevan Howard's Hedge Fund Suffered $1 Billion Outflows in April
Activist Investors Have a New Bloodlust: CEOs

Credit & currencies
Bond Math Tells One Analyst That Ultra-Long Treasuries Would Save the U.S. Money
French long-dated bond draws in €31bn of orders
Seven Banks Said to Be Focus of Mexico Bond Collusion Probe
Bullish Dollar Bets Were the Most Crowded Trade. Not Anymore

IEA: Extending Output Cuts Isn’t Enough to Reduce Oil Glut
Oil market rebalancing needs ‘much work’, says IEA

Central banks
Equity investors should hope BoJ joins tapering pack

U.S. Industrial Production Surged in April
These Charts Show There's More to U.S. Factory Gains Than Autos
U.S. Housing Starts Fell in April for Third Time in Four Months
Labor Force Poses Limits to 3% Growth
More American Workers Are Testing Positive for Drugs
Rich Retirees Are Hoarding Cash Out of Fear

Eurozone Trade Surplus Hits Record as Exports Rise
Europe’s Top Court Says Broad Trade Pacts Need Consent From All EU Countries
Austria Readies for Snap Election This Fall

China's Copy of Manhattan Is No Longer a Ghost Town
China's Web Giants Expected to Post Sales Growth Above 40%

India the next frontier for China property groups
Putin Is Playing the Melting Arctic for Everything It's Worth
Asia’s Most Overworked Hope to Gain the ‘Right to Rest’

US politics
McConnell Calls for ‘Less Drama’ From White House
McConnell Won't Guarantee All Tax Cuts Stay in Health-Care Bill
McConnell Is Pessimistic Congress Will Overhaul Dodd-Frank
Trump's Pentagon Budget Adds One Ship and No Planes to Obama Plan

Geopolitics & terrorism
Israel Provided Intelligence Trump Shared With Russia
Trump Defends Sharing Intelligence ‘Facts’ With Russia
McMaster Says Trump Disclosure Was ‘Wholly Appropriate’
Trump’s disclosures to Russians spook US allies
Japan’s Abe: China Has Pivotal Role on North Korea
Assad Regime Mocks U.S. Claims of Prison Killings, Crematorium

Researchers Identify Clue Connecting Ransomware Assault to Group Tied to North Korea
Cybersecurity Firm: U.S. Hacker Linked to Fake Macron Documents
Hackers Face Tough Task Converting Bitcoin Ransom Into Cash
New Wave of Ransom Threats Seen in Unprecedented Attack

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing Delivers First 737 Max to Lion Air
Amazon: Amazon’s 49,000% Gain: The Most Super of ‘Superstocks’
Autos: Despite Promises, Car Makers Are Set on Job Cuts
Materials: Glencore Says Electric Car Boom Is Coming Faster Than Expected
Materials: BHP says it is willing to sell US shale business
Media: Disney’s Iger Isn’t About to Let Go as CEO
Media: Unreleased Disney Film Target of Online Piracy Threat
Restaurants: Starbucks Payment Systems Crash After Company Updates Technology
Retail: U.S. Retailers Urge Trump's New Trade Envoy to Save Nafta
Retail: From Prices to Patents, Target Is Losing the Battle to Wal-Mart
Tech: Apple Plans Laptop Upgrades to Take on Microsoft
Tech: Facebook Refunds Some Advertisers After Finding New Measurement Bug

Humans and Robots Team up in New SoFi Wealth Management Push
Robots learn the business of risk

Why Carrying Concealed Weapons Could Get Easier

Research on Strokes Extends the Window for Clot Removal

  May 16

There Are Now More Indexes Than Stocks
Should We Fear the Stock Market’s Lack of Fear?
Investors Come Home to Gains
Wave of Cyber Attacks Sends Online-Security ETF Surging
China, Japan Increase Holdings of U.S. Government Treasuries

SEC filings
Snap surges after Wall Street heavyweights reveal stakes
Soros places big bet on Snap, dumps Amazon stake
Warren Buffett's Berkshire is betting more on banks and airlines

Oil Jumps as Saudis, Russia Favor Extending Output Deal to 2018

Central banks
Fed's new normal balance sheet could be huge

Can Trump Deliver 3% Growth? Stubborn Realities Stand in the Way
Economists See Modest Growth Rise From Trump Plan
Fewer Home Builders, Happier Home Builders
Real Estate’s New Normal: Homeowners Staying Put

Germany’s Merkel Advocates German-French Cooperation
JPMorgan Buying $137 Million Dublin Office for 1,000 Staff

China's new Silk Road promises trade and riches, with President Xi at helm
U.S. Firms Want In on China’s Global ‘One Belt, One Road’ Spending
Cruises Boom as Millions of Chinese Take to the Seas

US politics
Retail CEOs Renew Border-Tax Fight at Meeting With Mnuchin
U.S. lawmakers ask Trump to turn over any Comey tapes
Former FBI agent says Trump's move to fire Comey could backfire
Hillary Clinton Is Launching a New Political Group

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Inside North Korea’s Plan to Build a Viable Missile
US says Syria using crematorium to hide mass killings
Iranians See Little Hope Elections Will Alleviate Economic Strain
Global cyber attack slows; search on for hackers
Putin Blames U.S. for Global Attack
Hackers prime second classified US cyber weapon
For Many Companies, a Good Cyber Chief Is Hard to Find

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon stock price return since IPO
Autos: Technology and Car Companies Are More Intertwined Than Ever
Heath Care: Life-science tool stocks thrive away from Obamacare glare
Retail: Sears CEO Lashes Out at Suppliers Trying to ‘Take Advantage’
Tech: Apple Headquarters Signals Tech’s Boom, Bravado

Corporate finance
Thermo Fisher to Buy Patheon for $5.2 Billion

Lyft and Waymo Reach Deal to Collaborate on Self-Driving Cars

Mini-Trumps Are Running for Election All Over the World

  May 15

Europe on Sale: Time to Buy Foreign Stocks
Time to Buy Emerging Markets Stocks
Emerging Markets: Buy Into Upside Or Sell On China Risk?
How Big Are Mutual Funds’ Puerto Rico Losses? $5.4 Billion
Gundlach, Einhorn & Ackman at Sohn

Chinese, Western Banks’ Battle for Dominance Reaches Bond Market
Are US Treasury yields truly on the rise?

OPEC's Staring Down a Double-Barrel Cut

Central banks
The consequences of shrinking the Fed’s balance sheet

Employers Beware: About 63% of U.S. Workers Are Open to Leaving

Merkel’s Party Wins State Election in Germany
Merkel delivers blow to SPD in regional election
Is Germany Unbalanced or Unhinged?

China’s President Xi Casts Country as Guardian of Globalization
Chinese Banks Rattled by Regulatory Blitz
China Eyes U.S. Energy After Inking $20 Billion in Deals

India needs to curb borrowing by profligate state governments

US politics
Trump Weighs Staff Shakeup After Comey Firing
Democrats Keep Pressure on Trump Over Comey Firing
Senate Conservatives Look to Cut Medicaid

Geopolitics & trade
North Korea Fires New Type of Missile With Longer Range
North Korea Fires Missile After South Korea Gets New Leader
Why Trump’s Scorn for TPP May Have Been Hasty

Unprecedented Global Cyber Attack Poised to Spread
Why Monday May Be Another Tough Day for the World’s Computers
List of Cyberattack Victims Grows to More Than 200,000
Timeline of cyber attack: How WannaCry spread
Russian Election Meddling ‘Well Documented,’ Tillerson Says

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon’s IPO at 20: That Amazing Return You Didn’t Earn
Retail: Mall Owners See Strength in Smaller Numbers
Trucking: Trucking Industry’s Tale of Woe: Too Many Big Rigs

Corporate finance
Whole Foods Faces Specter of Long Investor Fight
Private equity fundraising in Europe hits 8-year high

Your Shoes Will Be Printed Shortly

  May 13

Move Over U.S., the Stampede Is On for European Equities
U.S. Stocks Fall as Economic Data Disappoints
Money is pouring into one of the world's biggest stock markets at a record pace
Sorry, Stock Pickers: History Shows You Underperform in Bad Markets, Too
Some of the biggest names on Wall Street all love [India's] stock market

OPEC Should Give Up on Production Cuts
Oil Rally Fizzles as Focus Shifts to Output OPEC Can't Control
U.S. Shale's Favorite Financial Trick Is Getting Less Attractive

Central banks
Evans Says Risks to Fed Inflation Outlook Still on Downside

Gain in U.S. Retail Sales Suggests Slowdown Was Temporary
The U.S. Economy Is Back on Track
U.S. Consumer Prices Rose Modestly in April
Generation of Renters Now Buying
Don’t Feel That Pay Raise? Blame Inflation

A Populist Storm Stirs in Italy
Italy struggles to cope with migrant surge
Germany Says Greece Could Secure Bailout Deal in Late May
Macron’s political renewal pledge hits bump

Yuan Becomes Oasis of Calm in China’s Volatile Markets
China yield curve inverted as regulation toughens
China's April loans growth highlights debt challenge
China Regulators Warn Against Large Stock Sales Ahead of Summit
Brazil Cuts Stake in China-Led Infrastructure Bank

US politics
Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein Agrees to Brief Entire Senate
Trump Warns Comey Not to Leak to the Press
Trump hints at releasing ‘tapes’ of talks with Comey
Trump Lawyers Say Unreleased Tax Returns Show Few Russian Ties

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
U.S. Announces Deal With China to Boost Exports
Beijing Trumpets U.S.-China Trade Plan as Summit Nears
Mnuchin's G-7 Partners Struggle to Engage Odd Man Out on Trade
Major Cyberattack Sweeps Globe
Hackers use NSA tools in UK health service cyber attack

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing Resumes Some 737 Max Flights Two Days After Grounding
Amazon: Talk About Big-Box Retailing: Amazon Pushes to Sell Furniture
Energy: China Trade Plan Is Big Deal for Natural Gas
Energy: A Single Pipeline's Taking U.S. Gas on a Rollercoaster Ride
Restaurants: McDonald’s Boosts Its Payout for Franchise Upgrades
Retail: Cratering Department-Store Sales Herald 'Do-More-With-Less' Era
Retail: Nordstrom is 'best-of-breed'
Retail: Nordstrom's same-store sales miss
Retail: J.C. Penney Is Having a Serious Wardrobe Malfunction

Corporate finance
Anthem Ends Cigna Pursuit, Plans to Seek Damages
SoftBank to Pump $5 Billion Into China’s Didi
Apple Invests $200 Million in Gorilla Glass-Maker Corning

U.S. Revives Policy of Tougher Sentences for Drug Offenders

  May 12

Stocks Retreat After Weak Earnings
Peak emerging markets heave into view
Taiwan Stock Index Rises Above 10,000 for First Time in 17 Years
China Bonds Send Fresh Stress Signal
The One Bond Market Where Yields are Still at Record Lows
Loonie, Bank Bonds Drop as Moody's Downgrades Canada Lenders

OPEC Raises 2017 Estimate for Supply Growth From Rivals by 64%
Opec faces tough challenge reducing oil inventory
Money From Chinese State Giants Helped Fund Aluminum Stockpile

Central banks
Fed Plan for Gradual Rate Hikes Is Starting to Look Complacent
Dudley Says Fed May Begin Paring Balance Sheet This Year or Next
Goldman Expects the Fed to Do More as Financial Conditions Prove Resilient
Eurozone bank and high-yield bond yields widen

U.S. Producer Prices Jump 0.5% in April
Six-Week Low in U.S. Consumer Comfort Shows Optimism Is Easing
U.S. Jobless Claims Fell to 236,000 Last Week
Next Hot Housing Market: Starter Homes
The Heroin Business Is Booming in America

EU Raises Growth Forecasts but Cites Threats From Brexit, Trump
Merkel Says Bigger Role for Euro-Area Backstop Worth Pursuing
Macron wants tougher EU on trade and foreign investment
With Tax Revenues High, German Politicians Debate How to Spend the Money
Political fears are economic and they trace back to Italy

China's $246 Billion Foreign Buying Spree Is Unraveling

US politics
Trump Says He Planned to Fire ‘Showboat’ FBI Chief All Along
Acting FBI director contradicts Trump on Comey firing
Rosenstein Pressed White House to Correct the Record on Comey Firing
Senate Confirms Robert Lighthizer as Trump’s U.S. Trade Representative
Trump Signs Executive Order Aimed at Protecting U.S. Infrastructure, Homeland Security
Trump to Launch Review of Federal Election Process
Trump’s ‘Priming the Pump’: An Old Economics Expression Has a New Fan

Geopolitics & terrorism
Saudis Boost U.S. Ties With $40 Billion Investment
China Now Has a Rail Link Into the Heart of Europe
U.S. Weighs Expanding Laptop Ban to Europe Routes

Industries & companies
Financials: The Volcker Rule: How Trump’s New Regulator May Unleash Big Banks
Financials: AIG Plans to Name Brian Duperreault as Next CEO
Financials: Wells Fargo to Shrink Auto Loan Holdings
Media: What Facebook Could Learn From China’s Censors
Retail: Amid Retail Funk, Macy’s Says ‘We’re Not Dead’
Retail: Falling Sales Mean Tougher Fixes at Department Stores
Retail: Europe’s Fashion Brands Expand in U.S. Even as American Stores Close
Tech: Tech giants need to rein in powers before EU does

Amazon’s New Echo Device Will Be Watching
Tesla’s Solar Roof Pricing Is Cheap Enough to Catch Fire

Hedge Funds Are Facing a U.S. Criminal Probe Over Bond Valuations

  May 11

Global ETF assets reach $4tn
Pimco and BlackRock Are Buying Up Assets In the ‘Fragile Five’
This Is What Can Kill the Emerging Market Rally
Millennial investors are having a big payday as a popular tech stock soars
Mobius Says Low Market Volatility Is Tied to Social Media

Oil prices are surging right now after a report showed falling stockpiles, greater demand
China Metals Bulls Aren't Panicking Just Yet as Rally Unravels

Central banks
What Happens When Central Banks Stop Buying Bonds?
Fed's Rosengren Favors Three More 2017 Hikes to Foil Overheating

OECD Tempers Global Growth Expectations

U.S. Import Prices Rose More Than Expected in April
Auto Loan Fraud Soars in a Parallel to the Housing Bubble

Germany's Schaeuble says Macron faces 'terribly difficult' decisions

China Consumer Inflation Edged Up in April
Jim O'Neill Says China Fears Are ‘Completely Overblown’
China is about to hold a giant meeting on spending billions to reshape the world
China Cement Giant Sees Big Opportunity in Paving New Silk Road
China ‘New Silk Road’ investment fell in 2016
A Chinese Giant Is on a Global Buying Spree. Who’s Behind It?

Comey firing poses new risk to Trump rally
Comey Ouster Threatens to Backfire on Troubled White House
Trump's fury over Russia investigations spurred him to fire Comey, aides say
Comey reportedly asked for more resources for Russia probe; DOJ calls reports 'totally false'
Comey Sought More Russia Funds
Russia's Lavrov Drops by White House Day After Trump Fires Comey
Trump follows Comey firing by blasting Democrats on Twitter

US politics
Senate Panel Subpoenas Documents From Flynn in Russia Probe
Trump's growth target 'not achievable' this year: Ross
Trump’s New Tax Plan Is a Mystery for the Middle Class

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
New South Korean president vows to address North Korea, broader tensions 'urgently'
U.S. Pushes for More Troops, Leeway in Afghan Fight
U.S. to Expand Intelligence Cooperation With Turkey
Turkey warns U.S. of blowback from decision to arm Kurdish fighters in Syria
Hackers Came, but the French Were Prepared

Industries & companies
Autos: Billionaire Icahn Loses $179 Million on Hertz Double Down
Health Care: Aetna to Pull Out of Current Affordable Care Act Exchanges
Materials: U.S. Steel CEO Steps Down Two Weeks After Earnings Miss
Media: Time Inc. to Cut Costs, Sell Assets
Retail: Whole Foods Plans to Remove More Than Half of Its Board
Retail: Abercrombie & Fitch in Merger Talks With Suitors
Tech: Snapchat Parent Posts Disappointing User Growth; Stock Plunges

A Trump Dividend for Canada? Maybe in Its A.I. Industry
With New Echo Speakers, Amazon Lets You Ask Alexa to Phone Mom
Rise of Robo-Taxis Won't Slow Global Auto Demand, Renault Says
UberEats is destroying your favorite delivery service
Robots Aren’t Destroying Enough Jobs
The New Hulu Looks a Lot Like the Future of TV

Wall Street’s obscene spending confessions—commentary

  May 10

Markets Are Doing Nothing, and Investors Have Nowhere to Hide
Investors Shift Bets From U.S. Stocks to Europe at Fast Clip
China Stocks Adored Abroad as Local Investors See Losses Mount
Appetite returns for riskier US corporate debt
When bonds track more than their economies

Shale Drillers Are Outspending the World With $84 Billion Spree

Central banks
Fed Won’t Sink MBS Market as Balance Sheet Slims, Rosengren Says

Hiring and Job Opening Rates Held Steady During Weak Month of March

Politicians face re-engaged German voters in poll
Macron’s Economic Plans Draw Pushback in France
Next-generation Le Pen to step down from politics
Canadian Fund With $6 Billion War Chest Picks London for EU Hub

China's Exporters Catch a Break
Chinese Millennials—Already Big Homeowners—Use Apps to Snap Up Overseas Property

US politics
Trump Fires Comey as FBI Chief
Senate GOP Plans Secret Health Debate That May Take Months
Deadline Looms for GOP’s Effort to Undo Obama Rules
Trump’s tax plan tries to take away the drinks tray
Trump Unfazed by Talk of Probe Into Russian Business Links
Trump Preparing Certified Letter Attesting to No Russia Ties

Geopolitics & trade
Nafta Revamp Is Slowed by Senate Maneuvering
Mexico’s problems threaten to undermine Nafta talks
Trump Set to Arm Kurds in ISIS Fight, Angering Turkey
S Korea’s new president set to rebalance region
In Russia, Leaked Documents Rattle the Kremlin

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford’s Board Pressures CEO
Autos: Hertz Shares Plunge on Wide Earnings Miss
Financials: JPMorgan Tells Banks to Partner Up as U.S. Deposit Drain Looms
Media: Disney’s ESPN Looks to an Online Future, as Cable Subscribers Decline
Media: Walt Disney profits boosted by Beauty and the Beast
Media: Video game maker EA posts 17% rise in quarterly revenues
Retail: To Set Prices, Stores Turn to Algorithms
Tech: Apple Becomes First U.S. Company to Top $800 Billion Value
Tech: Apple Pushes Into Analyzing Your Sleep With Beddit Acquisition
Tech: Snapchat Shuns Typical Global Approach
Tech: Alipay and WeChat Pay Make Push Into U.S.

Amazon Unveils Echo Show Capable of Video Calling
Amazon adds screen to smart speaker with Echo Show
Bitcoin Blows Past $1,700 Mark, Up 80% This Year
Facebook Says It Found Faster Way to Translate Through AI

CFA Exam to Add Big Data, Artificial Intelligence as Topics
China Is Building a Disney World for Wine
Why millennials are at risk of burnout

  May 9

You could sell in May -- or score by buying these stocks
It’s Time to Buy European Stocks—Sorta, Kinda, Maybe
Gundlach Says to Short S&P 500 and Go Long Emerging Market ETF
These Charts Show China's Stock Panic May Be Over: Analysts
Market’s ‘Fear Gauge’ Nears 1993 Low

Commodities & currencies
Despite Sanctions, Russia’s Oil Industry Powers On
Opec and Russia poised to roll over oil output cuts
Iron Ore Revival Snuffed Out as ‘Weakest Commodity’ Drops Again

Central banks
Fiscal Plans Could Fuel Rate Surge
Fed's Mester Warns Against Falling Behind With Rate-Hike Pace

Conference Board’s Employment Trends Index Rises to 132.64

Macron’s Brand New Party Shoots for Parliament Takeover
In France, Divisions Remain Despite Landslide Win
Macron, Winner in French Election, Pushes ‘New Deal’ for Europe—but Faces Challenges
Macron sets his sights on economic reform
Europe Expresses Caution on Macron’s Reform Ideas
Merkel rules out eased spending rules to help Macron
Meet Emmanuel Macron, the 39-year-old former investment banker who will be the next French president
Why Macron matters to the whole world

Merkel party defeats SPD in state poll surprise
Italy’s bad debt problem refuses to go away

China posted a big surge in its exports to the US again last month
Chinese Tycoons Plant Money Management Flags on Wall Street
Chinese Factories Going It Alone to Build the Next Must-Have Device

US politics
White House Presses Insurance Woes in Health Fight
President Trump Nominates 10 for Federal Courts
Yates Says She Warned White House Flynn Could Be Blackmailed

Opportunity Knocks for Trump in the Middle East; Answering Will Be Hard
North Korea Detains Fourth U.S. Citizen for ‘Hostile Acts’

Industries & companies
Consumer: Restaurant Slowdown Slices Tyson’s Earnings
Financials: Banks Want Mnuchin to Intervene in Fight Over New Loan Rule
Financials: Goldman Shakes Up Leadership at Its Investment Bank
Financials: Bank of America’s Depositors Have Less Interest in Interest
Retail: Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon?
Retail: The Long, Hard, Unprecedented Fall of Sears
Tech: Apple’s Market Cap Hits $800 Billion Mark
Tech: Buffett and Munger reassess technology sector

Corporate finance
ChemChina and Sinochem plan merger
Sinclair to Buy Tribune Media for $3.9 Billion
Coach eyes further M&A after $2.4bn Kate Spade deal
Fight over Tribune shaping up to be big news
Pandora Steps Up Hunt for Buyer, Gets $150 Million From KKR
VCs Put $110 Million Into Grammar-Checking Software

Amazon Plans to Unveil New Echo
Microsoft Speaker Challenges Amazon Echo With Calls
How Self-Driving Cars Could End Uber

A New Index Tracks Our National Mood One Tweet at a Time
Bill Clinton to team up on White House book thriller

  May 8

The Stock-Buyback Jig Is Up
Bogle Says If Everybody Indexed, Markets Would Fail Under Chaos
The doctor is in: Yardeni diagnoses stock market with 'anxiety' disorder
Stocks are stuck in a 'Seinfeld market'

Oil Closes Near $46 as Shale Revival Cancels Out OPEC Efforts
Goldman says oil prices on the brink of ‘capitulation’

Central banks
Analysis: Report Keeps Fed on Track for Likely June Move
Fed's Williams Stands by Hike Outlook as Unemployment Drops
Fed's Williams sees balance sheet as future policy tool
Janet Yellen’s Long, Personal Speech on Women and Work
Global markets face uphill struggle as China, US tighten policy

Businesses Struggle to Find Workers
Labor Shortage Squeezes Builders
Don’t Shrug Off Puerto Rico Risks

Macron sweeps to victory in France elections
Macron Vows to Heal France's Divisions After Victory Over Le Pen
Relief in Europe but Macron must consolidate win
Macron Wins: Now Can Europe Do What Investors Want?
Macron’s ‘New Deal’ for Europe Faces Old German Doubts

China Forex Reserves Swell to $3.03 Trillion, Beating Forecasts
China to further tighten its internet controls
World Bank warns of China debt risk from backdoor local borrowing

US politics
Senate Tackles Rewrite on GOP Health-Care Bill
‘No District Is Off the Table’: Health Vote Could Put House in Play
Yates Testimony to Shine Public Light on Russia Probes
FBI found email that Lynch would do everything she could to protect Hillary from Criminal Charges

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Pressures Abbas to End Controversial Family Payments
For Arab Gulf States, Israel Is Emerging as an Ally
Nigeria exchanges 82 Chibok girls kidnapped by Boko Haram for prisoners

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon’s Next Move
Health care: How US health care stacks up against the world
Retail: The Amazoning of American Retail
Retail: Who Says Retail Employment Is Dying?
Tech: Our Favorite Security Blanket: Big Tech
Tech: Buffett Says IBM Thesis Was Flawed, Blew It on Google
Tech: Strategies: The Fabulous Apple Cash Machine

Corporate finance
As IPOs Pick Up, Big Startups Hold Out

Buffett Says Money Spent on Plumbers Better Than on Hedge Funds
Buffett assails Wells Fargo, defends 3G at wide-ranging meeting
Buffett Laments 'Roadkill' Who Lose Jobs, Says U.S. Must Help

Eleven Madison Park is the best restaurant in the world — here’s what the 11-course tasting menu looks like
Retiring: The ‘Best’ Places to Move in Retirement? They’re All Over the Map
Stephen Colbert’s Diatribe Against Trump to Be Reviewed by FCC

  May 6

Quantitative Investing: a Crisis Waiting to Happen
Valuation expert Damodaran says he 'doesn't get’ Shiller’s portfolio advice
Virtu CEO Aims to Be Good Guy of High-Speed Trading

Commodities & currencies
Oil Hovers Near $46 as Shale Revival Cancels Out OPEC Efforts
5 Charts Explain Crude Oil's Sudden Nosedive Toward $45
Surging Copper Stockpiles Point to Concerns Over Global Demand
Templeton Says Emerging-Currency Rally Is Just Getting Started

Central banks
Fed should start trimming balance sheet in second half: Bullard
Fed's Williams pushes new approach to U.S. inflation goal | Speech
Fischer: Committee Decisions and Monetary Policy Rules

U.S. Economy Added 211,000 Jobs in April
Tight Jobs Market Equals Higher Pay, Lower Profits
Labor Slack's Vanishing Act Signals U.S. Wage Gains Coming Soon
Jobs make a comeback, unemployment rate drops to the lowest in a decade
Wage growth slows down
Labor force participation ticks down
Men Slowly Return to the Labor Force
Yellen Says More Women in U.S. Workforce Would Help Boost Growth

Poll boost for Macron as French campaign enters final kilometre
In French Election, Voters Can Choose Le Pen, Macron—Or No One
Power behind Macron is his best friend and wife
A Curious Calm in Italy's Drama
Blankfein Says City of London Growth May ‘Backtrack’ on Brexit

Economic Survey of China 2017
After Months of Steady Growth, Economists See China Slowing
Commodities Slump Fueled by Softening Demand From China
China’s Booming Service Industry Can’t Keep Up With College Grads
China’s New Jet Completes First Flight as Xi Modernizes Economy

Shinzo Abe’s wager on weaning Japan off pacifism

Former presidents warn crisis deepening in S Africa

US politics
Trump signs spending bill to avert government shutdown
What’s at Stake Under New GOP Health-Care Bill
14 Players to Watch in Senate Health-Care Overhaul
Democrats celebrate Trump’s healthcare victory
Trump Campaign Associates Questioned Over Russia Ties
Barack Obama and the Big $400,000 Question

Geopolitics & trade
North Korea says CIA tried to kill Kim Jong Un
U.S. Aircraft Barred From Syria Safe Zones, Russia Says
Putin awaits return on Le Pen investment
Forget the tough trade talk: Some US leaders are courting Chinese investment
New cyber ‘guerrilla’ attacks evade detection

Industries & companies
Retail: Wal-Mart Wants to Know When Your Milk Is About to Expire
Tech: Cramer: Warren Buffett's decision to sell shares 'devastating' for IBM

Corporate finance
Syngenta Shareholders Accept ChemChina’s $43 Billion Offer
Companies Rack Up Profits, but Aren’t Ready to Spend Them
Here are the companies hoarding the most cash outside America

Europe Leads as Industrial 3-D Printing Takes Shape

Stephen Colbert’s Trump Comments Face FCC ‘Obscenity’ Scrutiny

  May 5

Commodities Drop Damps U.S. Stocks
Stocks and bonds are fully valued
Ed Yardeni has a simple reason why stock-market investors are so relaxed
Macron, earnings hopes send European shares to 20-month high
Why the ‘Fear Gauge’ Is Missing the Market’s Anxiety

The Slow, Leaking Poison of the [Junk] Bond Market
The U.S. Treasury Is Studying the ‘Costs and Benefits’ of Ultra-Long Bonds

Deepening Gasoline Glut Pushes Oil to a Five-Month Low
Crude Tumbles to Lowest Since OPEC Deal
The World Is Buying American Diesel as Fast as Refiners Can Make It
Metals Extend Sell-Off on Mounting China Concerns, Fed Outlook

Central banks
Fed officials are giving more speeches than ever but their message is still muddled

U.S. Trade Activity Picks Up in First Quarter
U.S. Productivity Fell in the First Quarter
American Consumer Comfort Remains Close to a 15-Year High
As U.S. Jobs Move to High Skill, Men Join College at Record Level
Medical Examiners Skip Some Autopsies as Opioid Crisis Mounts

Europe I
Eurozone’s Recovery Broadens
Europe's economy is doing even better than we thought
Schaeuble Says Euro Area Needs Fiscal Discipline to Be Strong

Europe II
Poll Says Macron Wins Brutal French Debate With Le Pen
France's Macron accuses presidential rival Le Pen of spreading lies
EU Warns Emotions Getting Out of Hand on Brexit
JPMorgan to Move Hundreds of Staff to Three EU Offices on Brexit

China’s Push to Stabilize Financial System Leaves Markets in Disarray
China is becoming more cautious with credit — and that's not good for growth
How China has become America’s equal, as showcased at a Harvard forum

US politics I
House Passes GOP Health-Care Bill
Senate GOP to Snub House Obamacare Repeal Bill and Write Its Own
Legislation Faces Uncertain Senate Prospects
Obamacare Is Still Not Dead Yet
GOP’s Health Plan: Tracking Key Changes One Amendment at a Time
Insurers Signal Big Shifts in State Health Plans
Out-of-Pocket Caps in Employer Plans at Risk
The Balance Sheet for Republicans

US politics II
House Panel Approves Plan to Undo Parts of Dodd-Frank
Trump’s Tax Math Has a Big Problem
Ruled Out: 13 Obama Regulations Rolled Back Under Congressional Review Act
Trump to Ease Restrictions on Religious Groups
Comey's Calculations Favored the GOP
Comey Says It Makes Him ‘Nauseous’ to Think FBI Might Have Impacted Election

Russia, Turkey and Iran Sign Syria ‘De-Escalation Zone’ Deal
North Korea issued a rare statement attacking China — and China hit back
Trump’s Plan to Isolate North Korea Faces Trouble—in the South
Trump’s tax cut plan poses a new threat to China
Trump visa crackdown spurs tech moves to Mexico
Trump to Visit Saudi Arabia, Israel and the Vatican

Industries & companies
Airlines: Global air passenger demand rises 6.8 percent in March: IATA
Autos: As Inventor of Subprime Car Loans Exits, Critics Smell a Lemon
Autos: Tesla is building stores all over the world ahead of the Model 3 launch
Autos: Musk predicts Tesla will overtake Apple one day
Autos: VW Is Back and Rolling in Cash—and That Could Be a Problem
Autos: Ferrari Surges to Apple-Like Margins With $2.1 Million Car
Energy: Shell Profit Soars as Oil Sector Bounces Back
Financials: BofA’s Moynihan calls big bank break-up ‘crazy’
Financials: HSBC buoyed by higher interest rates
Financials: State Farm to Displace 4,200 Workers, Shutter 11 Locations
Media: Media Investors Fret About Outlook for Ads, Pay TV
Media: New York Times Co. Reports Rising Digital Profit as Print Advertising Falls
Retail: Can Wal-Mart’s Expensive New E-Commerce Operation Compete With Amazon?
Retail: Why the Retail Crisis Could Be Coming to American Groceries
Tech: Here’s how Apple’s iPhone sales have progressed over the years
Tech: Apple Plans $1 Billion Manufacturing Fund
Tech: Apple Buys More Company Debt Than World's Biggest Bond Funds

The Future of Jobs and Jobs Training
Bosses believe your work skills will soon be useless
The Upshot: How to Prepare for an Automated Future

Rich Families Go Solo on Deals, Cutting Private Equity
Obama Unveils Design for Presidential Center in Chicago
Oops! Chinese defense ministry’s PLA poster a big Photoshop fail

  May 4

No, Five Stocks Are Not Exerting Any Unusual Influence on Market
The Mystery of the Stubbornly-Low Volatility Index Is Deepening
Why Greenspan's Bond Conundrum Looks Like the New Normal
Wall Street Pushes Back on Mnuchin’s Idea of Ultralong Debt

Trump's Commodities Rally Is Almost Gone
Coal Country Is Back, Along With Signing Bonuses and Pay Raises
Gold Miners See Super-Sized Stock Moves on Earnings Surprises
Oil Decline Eases as Industry Said to Report Stockpile Plunge

Central banks
Fed Holds Rates Steady, Sees Recent Economic Slowdown as Temporary
Fed Remains on Track for Two More Rate Rises in 2017
Why Rallying Bank Stocks Should Worry the Fed

ADP Reports 177,000 Rise in Private Payrolls
U.S. Service-Sector Activity Accelerated in April
Most U.S. Homes Are Worth Less Than Before the Crash

Le Pen Against Macron: The French Presidential Debate
Renzi provides cautionary tale for Macron
Far-Right Vies With Center-Left for German Workers
StanChart picks Frankfurt for post-Brexit subsidiary

US politics
Trump Says a Shutdown May Be Needed to Get His Priorities Passed
House Passes Spending Bill That Omits Most Trump Priorities
Changes to Health Bill Bring Back Two GOP Holdouts
GOP Struggles to Find Last Few Votes to Pass Obamacare Repeal
Bernanke Questions Strategy and Timing of Trump Tax Cut Plans
What Is Washington Doing to My 401(k) Tax Break?
Comey Defends Handling of Clinton Email Investigation

Geopolitics & trade
Ross Says TPP Could Form Starting Point for U.S. on Nafta Talks
Global Trade Growth Is About to Roll Over
Trump Meets Abbas, Says of Peace: ‘We’ll Get It Done’

Industries & companies
Airlines: American Airlines Plans to Squeeze You In Even Tighter
Airlines: What Caused an Epic Meltdown at Delta
Autos: Banks Pull Back on Car Loans as Used-Auto Prices Plummet
Autos: A $50,000 Chrysler Minivan Explains Slowing U.S. Auto Sales
Autos: Tesla Bulls Can Exhale as Musk on Time With Dawn of Model 3 Era
Consumer: Kraft Heinz Faces Pressure to Do a Deal as Sales Stagnate
Tech: Qualcomm Said to Seek U.S. Import Ban for iPhones
Tech: Facebook beats with $8 billion revenue and closes in on 2 billion users
Tech: Facebook's Social Network Fuels Growth as Ad Slowdown Looms
Tech: After Posting of Violent Videos, Facebook Will Add 3,000 Content Monitors

BlackRock Warns It Would Be ‘Folly’ to Ignore Home Capital Woes
Einhorn Says Tesla Investors ‘Hypnotized’ in Dot-Com-Like Bubble

  May 3

Wall Street’s small-cap guru: Bull market for smaller stocks has years to run
Investors Pull Almost $7 Billion from Hedge Fund Giant in Four Months
John Paulson’s Fall From Hedge Fund Stardom

Oil Heads for Lowest Level in More Than Month

Central banks
Fed set to leave interest rates unchanged, may hint at June hike

Slumping Car Sales Are Latest Data to Rattle Bets on Growth
Infosys plans to hire 10,000 U.S. workers after Trump targets outsourcing firms
Evidence Is Scant on Tax Cuts for Business Fueling Growth
IRAs Mostly Serve People Who Need Them the Least

Pledging more austerity, Greece cuts deal with lenders

China’s corruption clampdown risks paralysis
We haven't heard JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon go this dark on China in a long time

US politics
Republicans still short of votes in healthcare battle
GOP Losing Votes on Its Health Bill
U.S. government shutdown possible if Democrats don't act better: Mulvaney
Clinton Blames FBI and Russia for 2016 Loss

Trump Follows Instincts, Not Establishment, With Overtures to Kim and Duterte
U.S., China talk firmer U.N. response to North Korea's missiles: diplomats
Trump nominee for China ambassador promises firm line on Beijing
Putin, Trump agree to work together on Syria, set up meeting: Kremlin
Putin, Merkel struggle to move past differences in tense meeting
In Palestinian Power Struggle, Hamas Moderates Talk on Israel

Industries & companies
Airlines: U.S. lawmakers eye airline legislation, citing 'terrible' experiences
Autos: Auto Sales Fall for Fourth Straight Month
Health care: Aetna to Pull Back Further From Health Exchanges
Media: Twitter Teams Up With Bloomberg
Tech: Apple Sells Fewer iPhones in Last Quarter, Shares Slide
Tech: Apple Can’t Ignore Microsoft’s Slick New Laptop
Tech: Samsung Gets Green Light to Test Self-Driving Cars

Corporate finance
Global Deal Making Falls to Slowest Pace in 20 Years

Dr. Doom: Trump is the biggest risk in the world
New York Times columnist Bret Stephens responds to letter from climate scientists: 'I find their reaction odd'
The big goal for Alexa is a nice, long chat, says Alexa's chief scientist

  May 2

Forget sell in May, we're still buying, investment experts say
Wall Street Fear Gauge VIX Sinks to Decade Low

US shale oil cannot meet the world's growing demand for crude, Chevron CEO warns

China’s Credit Slowdown Poses a Threat to Global Growth
Is Chinese Growth Overstated?

US politics I
GOP Weighs Longer Term for Red Ink Tied to Tax Cuts
Treasury's Mnuchin: Trump's tax plan eliminates all but two loopholes
Trump Weighs Breaking Up Wall Street Banks, Raising U.S. Gas Tax
Dodd-Frank ‘out of control,’ Trump tells community bankers
Trump says he is open to increasing US gasoline tax to pay for infrastructure: Report
Details on infrastructure plan to come 'pretty soon,' Transportation secretary says

US politics II
Obamacare replacement bill still doesn't have votes to pass House
Trump Wants Health-Care Bill to Protect Pre-Existing Conditions
Bipartisan Agreement Reached to Fund Government Through September
BlackRock CEO Fink suggests Trump’s personality could be an economic risk

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Says He’d Meet With Kim Jong Un Under Right Circumstances
Hamas softens stance on Israel, drops Muslim Brotherhood link
U.S. issues travel alert for Europe, citing threat of terrorist attacks

Industries & companies
Financials: Goldman Sachs Embraces Banking’s Bland Side: Lending Money
Technology: Chipmaker AMD's server business revenue misses, shares drop
Technology: Apple’s Stock Races Ahead as Investors Bet on New iPhones

J.P. Morgan's Dimon says biggest fear is bad public policy
‘Alt-Left’ Strategist Bannon Isn't Going Anywhere, Trump Says

  May 1

Pros Are Near-Term Bulls But See Recession in ’18
All Those Bubble Sightings Turned Out to Be Mirages
Most VIX Analysis Is Outright Nonsense
Some Cautionary Notes on Smart Beta
Byron Wien: The Scary Signal of the Bond Market

European markets
Europe Investors Bid Adieu to Political Jitters, Begin Buying
European Stocks Rise as Fear of Frexit Falls
Grudging Public Support for Euro Could Hold It Together

Central banks
Fed Expected to Keep Rates Steady

Homeownership Ready to Rise After Hitting an All-Time Low
The Rich Are Living Longer and Taking More From Taxpayers

With the French Run-Off Looming, Macron Still Has a Lot to Learn
Facing election defeat, France's Le Pen flip-flops on euro
EU calls May’s Brexit stance ‘completely unreal’
Germany's Schaeuble says Greece has made good reforms progress

Iran's leader dismisses Rouhani's detente policy ahead of vote

US politics
Trump celebrates first 100 days, blasts media
How Trump Has Reshaped the Presidency, and How It’s Changed Him, Too
The Trump Tax Plan: The Good, Bad, and Dumb
Trump’s corner-store tax cut set to aid Wall St
Banks, Restaurants, MLPs Could Win Under Tax Plan
Trump could target 'carried interest' tax loophole: official
Trump splits from the GOP and says Trumpcare 2.0 will guarantee pre-existing protections nationwide

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Trump hints that the US may be sabotaging North Korea's nuclear program
Trump Leaves Open Possibility of Military Action Against North Korea
Mexico calls on Trump to reuse TPP deals for Nafta
Hackers Ran Through Holes in Swift’s Network
Trump just made his most appalling claim about China yet
U.S.-backed militias claim big advance against IS in Syria's Tabqa

Industries & companies
Autos: Detroit Auto Makers Are Upbeat as Sales Volumes Stall
Financials: US credit card stocks sink to fresh lows
Industrials: Caterpillar Stock Revs Up
Technology: Apple’s Cash Hoard Set to Top $250 Billion

Flying Taxis Will Be More Like Taking the Bus
Tesla just delayed the roll-out of its solar roof — here's everything we know about the project so far
Here's a visualization of Elon Musk's tunneling project that could change transportation forever

The 100 Days of 1933: Dangerous and Unwise
The founder of LinkedIn says too many of us are using the site all wrong
Stanford top in MBA ranking for jobs in finance
Avocado Prices Are Skyrocketing

  Apr 29

U.S. Stocks End Month Higher, Buoyed by Earnings
Turning point as US earnings recession ends
The long-term sting in passive investing’s great success
This Chart Shows How Trump's Stock Market Gains Compare to the Last 13 Presidents
Bull herd nears Europe as US stocks break records

Bond Vigilantes Lie In Wait for Trump's Debt-Swelling Tax Plan
Bond Market Discounts Trump Tax Plan, Bigly

Central banks
Euro Area's Inflation Surge Won't Help Draghi Hold the ECB Line

GDP Growth Slowed as Spending by Consumers Lagged
Economic Growth, at 0.7%, Is Weakest in Three Years
Consumer Sentiment Remains High Despite GDP Report
Fatter Paychecks Set to Perk Up U.S. Growth
It’s a Good Time to Trade Your Student Debt for Home Debt

The Calculated Rise of France’s Emmanuel Macron

US politics
What Trump’s Done—or Undone—for Business in 100 Days
Trump has already signed 78 executive actions — here's what each one does
Trump Signs Executive Order Easing Offshore-Drilling Regulations
How Trump Wants to Change Your Tax Deductions
Tax Plan Could Turn ‘Everyone and Their Dog’ Into an LLC
GOP Health-Care Push Falls Short
New Plan, Same Hurdle in GOP’s Quest to Gut Obamacare
Congress Passes Stopgap Spending Bill to Avoid Government Shutdown
Larry Fink Says U.S. on Path to 'Exploding' Deficits
Greenspan Says Trump Has a Math Problem With His Budget

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Presses for Tougher Action on North Korea
North Korea Test-Fires a Ballistic Missile
Draft Nafta order puts US trade partners on notice
US launches security probe into aluminium imports

Industries & companies
Airlines: Airlines Will Still Overbook, Even After United Incident
Airlines: United Blunder Prompts Airlines to Throw Cash at Their Problems
Autos: Truck, SUV Sales Power GM’s Profit
Energy: Exxon, Chevron Profit Up in Sign of Strengthening Oil Companies
Financials: Barclays Profit Tumbles on Africa Write-Down
Tech: Qualcomm Warns of Lower Profit as Apple Dispute Bites
Tech: Tech’s Titans Go From Big to Bigger

Meet the People Who Train the Robots (to Do Their Own Jobs)

  Apr 28

Markets Think Trump Speaks Loudly But Carries No Stick
Stocks reined in by doubts over US tax reform
Bankers Use Trump Rally to Cash Out
ETFs Are ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction,’ FPA Capital Managers Say

Why Some Investors Are Betting the High Yield Party Is Over
Behind the 2017 Bond-Market Rally

Saudi Aramco CEO Says Peak Oil Demand Is a Misleading Theory
Shale revolution casts shadow over longer-dated US oil futures
Iraq to break with tradition in debut oil auction

Central banks
Draghi Sees Solid Recovery While Inflation Concern Remains

U.S. Durable Orders Edged Up In March
Homeownership Ready to Rise After Hitting an All-Time Low
Fannie and Freddie, Back in the Black
Millennials Will Aspire to Elected Office, Not Startups

Angry French voters muscle into the picture
Macron offers patriotic antidote to nationalism
Merkel warns Britain over Brexit ‘illusions’

China’s short-term money market rate hits 2-year high
[China] Venture-Capital Quandary: Too Much Money Chasing Too Few Ideas

US politics
Trump’s ‘Massive’ Tax Plan: One Page, Many Unanswered Questions
CEOs Salivate Over Trump's Tax-Cut Plans, Vague as They May Be
Here's What Wall Street Is Saying About Trump's Tax Plan
On Trump Tax Play, Watch What You Wish for, Drillers Warned
Next Tax Battle: Trump’s Bid to Ax a Favorite Blue State Deduction
Trump Tax Cuts Don’t Solve Tech’s Massive Overseas-Cash Problem
Trump Tax Cut: Pro-Business Or Pro-Scams?
House GOP ‘Struggling to Get to Yes’ on Revived Obamacare Repeal
Obamacare Customers Left Without Options as Insurers Bolt
Loyalists See Course Correction Amid Tumult

Geopolitics & trade
Putin Warns North Korea Situation Has ‘Seriously Deteriorated’
Trump Says Nafta Partners Persuaded Him to Stay in Trade Pact
Explosion Rocks Damascus Airport

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Reaches Settlement With Passenger Dragged Off Flight
Airlines: Southwest To End Overbooking on Flights By June
Amazon: Amazon Posts Bigger-Than-Expected Increase in Profit
Amazon: Amazon is worth so much because AWS is tech’s true unicorn
Autos: US car sales slow while Europe picks up
Autos: Ford’s Profit Falls 35%
Financials: Deutsche Bank Woos Back Clients After Torrid Year
Restaurants: Starbucks slides after a key measure of sales misses expectations
Tech: Microsoft's quarterly profit rises 27.8 percent
Tech: Google parent Alphabet's profit soars on strong ad sales
Tech: Samsung, Facing Calls for a Shake-Up, Offers ‘Plan B’
Telecom: Verizon Invests in Self-Driving Car Startup Renovo

We’re Getting Closer to Mass Production of Bones, Organs, and Implants

Working From Home? Developers Seek to Help
Pentagon Opens Probe Into Flynn’s Foreign Payments

  Apr 27

Don't Let ETF Mania Fool You, There Are Plenty of Bearish Bets in U.S. Stocks
In Dot-Com Bubble Time, It's Still Only 1997 for U.S. Equities
Here Are the Markets Moving on Reports That Trump Will Drop Nafta

Oil rises as US crude stocks retreat for third week

Le Pen ambushes Macron at factory gate
Banks Get Serious About Moving Jobs to Frankfurt on Brexit
Deutsche Bank executive warns UK roles at Brexit risk

US politics
Trump Tax Plan Sets Deep Changes for Individuals, Firms
White House Unveils Trump’s Opening Tax-Cut Bid
Ryan Says Spending Bill Excludes Key Payments to Health Insurers
Freedom Caucus Endorses Revised GOP Health Bill
Mnuchin: Trump Has 'No Intention' of Releasing Tax Returns

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Tariffs Pose New Reckoning on Canadian Lumber
China Launches First Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier

Industries & companies
Consumer: From Diapers to Soda, Big Brands Feel Pinch as Consumers Pull Back
Financials: Tax Cut Would Cost BofA, Citi Billions. Here’s Why They Still Win.
Health Care: Anthem Says ACA Payment Loss Could Cause 20% Premium Hike
Materials: U.S. Steel Posts Surprise Loss, Plans Mill Upgrades
Media: Disney's ESPN Said to Cut 100 Jobs This Week Amid TV Woes
Retail: The Hedge Fund Manager Who’s Shorting America’s Malls
Tech: In the Chips: Tech’s Sleeping Giant Becomes a $352 Billion Cash Cow
Tech: Tencent Expands Its Cloud-Computing Services in U.S.
Tech: Twitter Surges After Better-Than-Expected Net User Adds
Tech: Gett Acquires Juno for $200 Million to Challenge Uber

America’s Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Replaced by Robots
Amazon adds eyes to AI ears with smart home camera

Wall Street’s New Problem: When Fund Titans Invest on the Side

  Apr 26

U.S. Stocks Rise, Driven by Earnings
The French Election Made Stocks Great Again
Nasdaq Composite Tops 6000 for First Time
Einhorn's Greenlight Warns of Bubble With Tax Reform Prospects Fading
There's a Huge Disagreement Between Bonds and Stocks
Hasenstab Says Treasuries Are Bubble Set to Burst as Yields Rise

Central banks
Bank of Japan Sends Message: Don’t Expect Higher Rates

U.S. New Home Sales Up 5.8% in March
Rising Home Prices Raise Concerns of Overheating
U.S. Consumer Confidence Falls — Conference Board
Where College Seniors Are Falling Short
The U.S. Makes It Easy for Parents to Get College Loans—Repaying Them Is Another Story

French Election Will Signal Nation’s Commitment to Economic Overhauls
Marine Le Pen’s Bid to Lead France Hinges on Low Turnout

China Markets Reel as $1.7 Trillion in Shadow Funds Unwinds
China Markets Stress Hits Bonds

US politics
Trump to Seek 15% Tax Rate on Owner-Operated Firms
Trump Seems to Retreat on Shutdown, But Secret Spending Bill Still Looms
Americans’ Dissatisfaction With Paul Ryan, Congress Is Growing
Flynn's Secret Foreign Ties May Have Broken Law, Chairman Says

Trudeau’s Reward for Courting Trump Is a Trade War on Lumber
Ross Says U.S. Would Welcome New Canadian Lumber Proposal
Russian hackers targeting Macron, say cyber experts
North Korea Sanctions Unevenly Enforced, U.S. Says
Ivanka Trump Gets Cool Reception in Berlin

Industries & companies
Consumer: Coke to Cut 20% of Corporate Staff as It Battles Soda Slump
Energy: The Electric-Car Boom Is So Real Even Oil Companies Say It's Coming
Energy: Liquefied Natural Gas Is All the Rage in the Trump Administration
Industrials: Caterpillar Turns Corner, Boosts Outlook
Media: Netflix Secures Portal Into China via Baidu-Unit Deal
Pharma: Corporate Feud Exposes Big Profits on Drug Sales
Retail: Retailers’ Call Centers Bring Life to Dead Mall Space
Tech: Google Retools Search Engine to Demote Hoaxes, Fake News
Tech: Apple Car Races to Catch Up
Telecom: Verizon, AT&T in Billion-Dollar Bidding War for 5G Spectrum

Uber Plans to Test Flying Cars Within Three Years

  Apr 25

Markets Surge After French Election Result
US bank stocks are soaring on French election relief
European Stocks Aren’t as Cheap as They Look

Oil slips on OPEC cut extension doubts, Russia output worries
Oil Slides on Signs of Oversupply

Homes are flying off fast this spring in the 'strongest seller's market ever'

German business morale near 6-year high, defies political uncertainty
French election looks like another setback for Europe's left
EU Leader Sides With Macron in French Vote
Italian Politics Could Still Derail Markets

US politics
Trump Orders Plan to Cut Corporate Tax Rate to 15%
Trump Advisers Set to Discuss Tax Plan With Top Republicans
Trump's plan for the 'biggest tax cut we've ever had' is already looking like it could be messy
Trump’s Plan Can Cut Taxes, But Only Temporarily
White House says vote on healthcare plan may not come for weeks
Trump’s Wall Demands May Decide Whether 100th Day Is a Shutdown

Entire Senate to attend North Korea briefing
China’s Xi Urges Trump to Be Cautious Over North Korea
Top U.S. general in Afghanistan sees Russia sending weapons to Taliban

Industries & companies
Amazon: Amazon Crashes Digital Gate
Autos: The Electric Car Revolution Tesla Began Faces Its Biggest Test
Autos: Tesla’s big Model 3 bet rides on risky assembly line strategy
Autos: Tesla to Double Number of EV Chargers at Stations
Financials: Wall Street mystery solved: Why Goldman whiffed on earnings
Pharma: Bleak Outlook for Big Drug Makers

The newest flying car is backed by Larry Page — and you can buy it by the end of the year
Apple Hires Rocket Scientists as It Tries to Catch Up in Driverless Cars
Apple Signals Interest in Self-Driving Software
Amazon Forms Team to Harness Driverless Tech
Jack Ma Sees Decades of Pain as Internet Upends Old Economy

What Earth would look like if the ice melted

  Apr 24

Trump’s announcement on tax cuts may rekindle the stock-market rally
Stocks Unlikely to Plunge if U.S. Government Shuts Down
Another Year of Double-Digit Gains
Paul Tudor Jones Says U.S. Stocks Should ‘Terrify’ Janet Yellen
Legendary investor Prechter awaits a ‘depression-type’ shock in the U.S.
China’s Stock Markets Dive in Anti-Speculation Drive

Central banks
Draghi Seen Choosing Faster QE Exit If French Hurdle Cleared
ECB Stands Ready to Support Banks If Needed After France Vote

Geopolitical Concerns Dominate IMF, World Bank Talks
Mnuchin Urges IMF to Bolster Oversight of Currency, Trade Policies

Ryan Tells Colleagues House Will Act in Time to Avoid Shutdown
White House Appears Ready to Go to the Mat for Its Border Wall
Tax Expenditures: The Hidden Side of Federal Spending
Top Economist Finds Small U.S. Cities Thriving
Northern New England’s Good Jobless Numbers? They’re Bad

Europe's populist wave stalls as Macron storms into French runoff
EU Takes Encouragement From Macron, Le Pen Election Outcome
May's Conservatives on course for sweeping British election victory
I.M.F. Torn Over Whether to Bail Out Greece Once Again

Flood of Dollar Debt Could Come Back to Haunt Emerging Economies
German conservatives urge end to EU-Turkey talks after pro-Erdogan vote
Mexico's unrelenting violence is climbing to new highs

US politics
Trump Vows to Unveil Tax-Cut Plan Next Week, Surprising Staff
Mulvaney Says Trump Tax Plan Details Won't Be Ready Until June
Timing of Tax Plan’s Release Is in Dispute
Trump Plan Said Unlikely to Back Ryan’s Border-Adjusted Tax
Trump Puts Two Dodd-Frank Powers on Hold in Symbolic Move
Mnuchin Sweetens America First as Chance for Better World Growth
At a ‘Unity’ Stop in Nebraska, Democrats Find Anything But

Geopolitics & trade
Pence Says China Has Power to Calm Korean Peninsula
Japan: TPP Would Be Better Than U.S. Bilateral Trade Pact
US reopens door to reviving EU trade talks
Smoot-Hawley Tariff: A Bad Law, Badly Timed

Industries & companies
Consumer: A Band-Aid for J&J
Financials: Deutsche Bank Is First Bank Busted for Breaking Volcker Rule
Financials: It’s Time to Put Some Money Into Banks
Industrials: Alcoa’s Split Is a Hit in the Market
Retail: Stores are closing at an epic pace
Retail: Brick-and-Mortar Stores Are Shuttering at a Record Pace
Retail: Three Hard Lessons the Internet Is Teaching Traditional Stores
Tech: Facebook’s Augmented Reality for Stock Prices
Wireless: Spotlight on AT&T’s Media Strategy as Wireless Loses Luster

Robert Taylor Nurtured Computer Visionaries
How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything
American Poets, Refusing to Go Gentle, Rage Against the Right

  Apr 22

US equities the boldest contrarian trade right now
Investors Unmoved by Auto Results
France’s Two-Round Vote Spells Period of Volatility for Markets

Oil Falls Below $50 as Surging U.S. Output Undermines OPEC Cuts

Central banks
Fed's Fischer Says Two More 2017 Hikes Still Feels Right
Fed Intensifies Balance-Sheet Discussions With Market Players
The Fed must be clearer on its balance sheet plan

Global economy: Spring breaks through a political storm

Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Rise to Fastest Pace in a Decade
Ritholtz: Be Smart When You Compare Reagan's Economy to Obama's

EU watches French vote with bated breath
French Presidential Candidates Take Positions on Attack
French electorate bewildered by campaign twists
Why Le Pen is the choice of ‘unhappy France’
France Fires Up Eurozone Economy Ahead of Presidential Poll

China Should Open Service Sector to Boost Trade Flows, IMF Says

US politics I
Trump says he plans tax reform announcement on Wednesday
White House Banks On Sweeping Tax Plan
Need Revenue? Try Slashing the Capital Gains Tax Rate
Squabbles that sank health plan once could do it again
In ‘Buy American’ Push, Trump Is Starting in a Hole
Border Lawmakers Balk at Trump’s Wall Request

US politics II
Trump To Put Two Dodd-Frank Powers on Hold in Symbolic Move
Banks and Borrowers Are Waiting on Washington
Too Many Questions on Too Big to Fail
Fannie-Freddie Overhaul Is 'Very Important' Goal, Mnuchin Says

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Denies Exxon Bid for Waiver on Russia Sanctions
In China, U.S. Steel Move Is Seen as Self-Destructive
China’s Secret Weapon in South Korea Missile Fight: Hackers
U.S. Defense Chief Mattis: ‘No Doubt’ Syrian Regime Has Chemical Weapons

Industries & companies
Airlines: Airlines Bolster First Class, Skimp on Economy
Autos: Ford CEO reveals his company’s plan to get cars to hit 54 miles per gallon by 2025
Autos: In Japan, Technology Helps Seniors Hit the Brakes, Not the Gas
Retail: Bebe to Close All Stores
Retail: U.S. Retailers Face Growing Hostility From Suppliers
Retail: Desperate Malls Turn to Concerts and Food Trucks
Tech: Galaxy S8 Complaints Throw Shade on Samsung’s U.S. Launch

‘It is lonely at times’: The power of Princess Kate and the royal family’s vulnerability
Musk Lays Out Plans to Meld Brains and Computers

  Apr 21

Stocks Gain on Upbeat Earnings
U.S. Stocks Jump on Tax Bets as Treasuries Slump: Markets Wrap
Rattled Investors Seek Shelter Amid Global Tensions
China bond party attracts few takers

Central banks
The Fed's Sticking to Its Rate-Hike Plan Despite Soft Patch
Trump Signals Provide Comfort to Central Bankers, Finance Ministers
Governor Jerome H. Powel Speech

World Economic Outlook April 2017

YRI Press: Bank lending is rolling over, giving economists some 'hard' data to worry about
The Changing Economics and Demographics of Young Adulthood From 1975 to 2016
A Quarter of Millennials Who Live at Home Don’t Work — or Study
Millennials aren’t job-hopping any faster than Generation X did
U.S. Farmers, Who Once Fed the World, Are Overtaken by New Powers

French campaign reaches climax with all to play for
Le Pen Rise Before French Vote Fueled by Industrial Malaise

US politics
Mnuchin Says Tax Overhaul Plan Will Still Happen by Year's End
White House, GOP Leaders at Odds Over Obamacare Vote Plans
Insurers Offer Early Sign of ACA Exchange Plans for 2018
Democrats Reload for Georgia Runoff, But Party Divisions Remain

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Launches National-Security Probe on Steel Imports
Trump moves towards imposing steel import tariffs
South Korea Tells Trump It Has Never Been Part of China
Paris Police Say Officer and Attacker Shot, Killed

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Recalls 53,000 Cars to Replace Faulty Parking Brakes
Autos: Tesla Sued Over ‘Dangerously Defective’ Autopilot Software
Financials: BlackRock’s AUM tops $5.4tn for first time amid record ETF flows
Industrials: GM Ceases Venezuela Operations After Plant Is Seized
Retail: Wal-Mart Steps Up Price War, Boosts Pressure on Big Grocers
Wireless: Verizon Loses Core Wireless Customers For First Time

Robots are pretty bad at value investing

  Apr 20

Big-money investors haven't hated US stocks this much since the financial crisis
Who is buying all these ETFs? Increasingly, it’s mutual-fund managers
Trump 'absolutely not' trying to talk down dollar: Mnuchin

OPEC Chief Sees Oil Producers Closer to Re-Balancing Market
Oil slides toward $50 after spike in stockpiles
Citi Sees Oil Surging $10 as OPEC Combats Roaring U.S. Shale

Japan’s 10-year bond yield falls below zero
Muni Bonds See Record-Setting Winning Streak
Does the market have the appetite for ultra-long bonds? Treasury wants to know

IMF urges countries to use fiscal policy wisely amid uncertainty
IMF says Trump corporate tax cuts could lead to financial risk-taking
IMF Warns High Corporate Debt Could Threaten Financial Stability

Central banks
Markets Start to Ponder the $13 Trillion Asset Gorilla in the Room
Fischer Says Foreign Economies Better Able to Handle Fed Hikes | Speech
Fed June Hike Odds Below 50% on Inflation Expectations

Fed Beige Book: Modest Wage Growth Is Broadening | The Beige Book
Surprise: The Economy Isn’t Heating Up
Larry Fink: ‘Warning Signs Are Getting Darker’ for the U.S. Economy

Mainstream European Leaders Try New Election Tactic: Full Embrace of the EU
French Election Shocker: Pollsters Baffled by Four-Way Race
Macron clings on to lead in tense French election race
Britain's May calls on parliament to back snap election plan
Theresa May is a tactical genius — the snap election locks Labour into an impossible dilemma

China's $8.5 Trillion Shadow Bank Industry Is Back in Full Swing
As Zeal for China Dims, Global Companies Complain More Boldly

US politics
Trump signs ‘Buy American, Hire American’ order
Interview with Steven Mnuchin: Transcript
Runoff likely in much-watched Georgia congressional race
Here's Gorman's Wish List for Changes to U.S. Bank Regulations
New book suggests Hillary Clinton blamed everyone but herself for her humiliating defeat to Trump

U.S. says Iran complies with nuke deal but orders review on lifting sanctions
PENCE WARNS NORTH KOREA: 'The sword stands ready'
As Trump warned North Korea, his 'armada' was headed toward Australia
White House Says It Didn’t Mislead With Ship Location
Xi Jinping restructures military, consolidates control

Industries & companies
Energy: Exxon Seeks U.S. Waiver to Resume Russia Oil Venture
Financials: Fidelity predicts wave of M&As among asset managers
Financials: Morgan Stanley Trades Its Way Past Goldman
Financials: BlackRock Managed Assets Continue to Rise
Financials: American Express Revenue Beats Estimates After Marketing Push
Tech: Big Blue's big miss
Tech: Mark Zuckerberg Sees Augmented Reality Ecosystem in Facebook
Tech: Alphabet to help researchers predict disease

Bill O’Reilly Is Out at Fox News

  Apr 19

Stocks & bonds
Defensive Stocks Are Getting Expensive Even With an Economy That's Doing Fine
Follow $17 Trillion of Fund Money to See Reflation Trade Retreat
Hunt of PGIM Says Bet on China, Europe Rather Than Trump Meeting Targets
Treasurys Rebound on Political Uncertainty
Market indicators to watch in France’s election
IMF Boosts Global Growth Forecast to 3.5% Despite Geopolitical Angst

Commodities & currencies
Industrial Metals Are Diving
Iron Ore Ignores China Data, Index as Decline Accelerates
Beware the Rally in Emerging-Market Currencies

Central banks
Fed’s George Says Continuing With Rate Rises Is ‘Necessary’
Expected Fed Pick on Collision Course With Current Members on Rates

U.S. Housing Starts Fell 6.8% in March
US inflation expectations at lowest levels for 2017
Young White America Is Haunted by a Crisis of Despair
Group of Addiction Experts, Insurers Unites to Combat Opioid Abuse

May calls snap poll to strengthen Brexit hand
Le Pen steps up anti-immigration rhetoric
Leadership feuds threaten Germany’s populists

Missing Billionaire Has Ties to China’s Military

Observers Question Result of Turkish Referendum

US politics
Trump Takes Aim at Tech Outsourcing
Trump to Boost ‘Buy American,’ ‘Hire American’ Directives
H-1B Applications Drop as U.S. Employers Anticipate Reforms
Health Insurers Scramble to Price Plans as Policy Seesaws
Georgia Votes in Critical House Race Seen as Part of Trump Referendum
Trump Resumes Early-Morning Twitter Attacks
Mnuchin sets out Trump administration’s softer side
Eric Trump Says Presidency Is Bad for Business

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Jet Fighters Intercepted Russian Bombers Near Alaska
Pence Reaffirms U.S.-Japan Alliance Amid North Korea Provocations
Men Accused of Plotting Attack in France Pledged Allegiance to ISIS
French find arms, bomb equipment and Isis flag in Marseille

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Airlines Says Corporate Clients Seek Policy Fixes
Autos: Volkswagen earnings beat market expectations
Financials: No Joy for Goldman, Its Mighty Traders Strike Out
Financials: Goldman, BofA Cash In on a Leveraged-Loan Frenzy Like No Other
Media: Netflix’s Subscriber Growth Slows at Home and Abroad
Retail: Malls Deploy Technology to Lure—and Keep—Shoppers
Tech: Facebook’s Zuckerberg Sets His Sights on Augmented Reality

Corporate finance
Verizon's CEO Is Open to Deal Talks, From Comcast to Disney

Hollywood’s New Script: You Can’t Make Movies Without China

  Apr 18

U.S. Stocks Climb as Earnings Season Ramps Up
This Is a Risky Time to Own Emerging Markets
Investors Pile Into Risky Chinese Debt
Gold Seen Climbing on Weak Dollar, Global Political Tension

North America
The retail apocalypse is creating a 'rolling crisis' that is rippling through the US economy
Homebuilder Sentiment in U.S. Cools From Almost 12-Year High
Canada Is the G-7’s Surprise Growth Leader, For Now

Will the French election shake the euro?
Far-left veteran Melenchon draws big crowd as French election enters final straight
EU Investigates How Its Cash Is Being Used by Its Critics

China Roars Back to Lift Global Outlook as U.S. Consumer Weakens
China’s Economy Accelerates as Retail, Investment Pick Up
Behind China’s Pickup in Growth: the Strong Hand of the State
China’s Economy Grows 6.9%, but Warning Signs Persist

Erdogan Claims Vast Powers in Turkey After Narrow Victory in Referendum
Monitors criticize Turkey referendum; Erdogan denounces 'crusader mentality'
Turkish Opposition Plans Challenge to Results

US politics
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin admits Trump's next big economic promise will take longer than expected
Trump’s Renewed Focus on Health Bill Vexes GOP Tax Strategy
US admits tax reforms will be hit by healthcare blow
Obamacare's Insurers Struggle for Stability
Donald Trump Criticizes Democrat in Georgia House Race
Exxon and Shell Join Ivanka Trump to Defend Paris Climate Accord

US warns of 'significant international response' if North Korea conducts another nuclear test
Trump Is Willing to Consider a Sudden Strike on North Korea
Pence warns North Korea of U.S. resolve shown in Syria, Afghan strikes
A ‘Cuban Missile Crisis in Slow Motion’ in North Korea
U.S. Pressures China to Act on North Korea
Trump Ties China Currency Decision to Help With North Korea
Trump Is Finding China’s Blind Spot on North Korea
In Japan talks, Pence to seek market access, investment

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Airlines beats on earnings and sales
Amazon: Amazon's NFL Deal Includes $30 Million in Free Marketing
Autos: What Is Tesla Really Worth?
Manufacturing: Boeing to Dismiss Hundreds of Engineers Amid Sales Slowdown
Media: Netflix Falls Short on Users Without a ‘House of Cards’-Size Hit
Tech: Google Makes Nevada Land Grab for Data Center

Corporate finance
Cloudera IPO Terms Point to Potential $1.79 Billion Valuation
Ant Financial Raises Bid for MoneyGram to $1.2 Billion
The Activist Battle That Felled Arconic’s Kleinfeld

Robots May Help Build Your Next Home and Fill the Labor Gap

  Apr 17

A New Dawn for Active Investment Managers?
JPMorgan Is Watching for Treasury Yields to Break Out, One Way or the Other
Commodities in Your Portfolio? It’s All Hogwash, Says Wall Street Dissenter
ETFs Show Limits in World of Emerging-Market Bonds
Calpers Is Sick Of Paying Too Much For Private Equity

Central banks
YRI Press: The Great Unwinding: What Happens To Treasury Yields When The Fed Trims Its Balance Sheet?
Bond Investors: Don’t Panic as Fed Cuts Balance Sheet
Fed Tightening May Not Require Many Rate Hikes
Fed Puts Together Plan to Unwind Securities Portfolio

Global economic recovery ‘broad-based and stable’
IMF warnings of US protectionism ‘rubbish’, says Ross

Economic Gains Elusive Despite Strong Confidence
Here's Why Robust Job Market Isn't Producing Better Pay
Builders Bet Tiny Apartments Will Lure Renters

How a Scrappy Newspaper Is Roiling the French Election

Informal Lending in China Ramped Up in March

A $165 Billion Manager Says the Japanese Stock Gloom Is Overdone

US politics
Trump's big shifts come at a dizzying pace
Trump to Speak at NRA Forum, First President to Do So Since 1983
White House to Keep Its Visitor Logs Secret
Cohn's Goldman Sachs Shares Sold While He Touted Financial Overhaul
Lee Cooperman's Omega on Trump administration

North Korea Likely Conducted Failed Missile Test, South Korea Says
North Korea Missile Launches, Nuclear Detonations: Timeline
McMaster: North Korea’s Behavior ‘Can’t Continue’
China Warns of ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ in U.S.-North Korea Standoff
Trump Ties China Currency Decision to Help With North Korea

Industries & companies
Airlines: Lawyer Battling United Airlines: Plain-Spoken, Affable, Media-Savvy
Media: Will Comcast Really Cut the Cord?
Pharma: As Drug Prices Fall, These Stocks Could Rise

As millions watch via webcam, giraffe gives birth in New York zoo

  Apr 15

Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage

Central banks
Falling Inflation, Retail Sales Bolster Fed's Go-Slow Approach
The Fed Is Watching Wall Street
Trump warms up to Janet Yellen. Really?

US economy
Retail Sales Declined for a Second Month in March
Fall in US consumer prices dents ‘Trumpflation’ hopes

French presidential race tightens further as vote looms
Le Pen Ready to Be ‘Crucified’ for France as She Slides in Polls

Asia Becomes Bright Spot in Global Trade as Exports Rebound
China's economic picture brightens as trade beats forecasts, Trump softens tone

US politics
Trump's Morphed From Spy Agency Critic to Fan, CIA's Pompeo Says
U.S. Urges China to Open Trade After Sparing It Manipulator Tag
Trump's Policies and Jibes Suggest Bannon's Star Is Fading
Separate mothers and children: How a Trump threat deterred illegal migrants
Trump's top economic adviser says Washington is a 's---show'
U.S. Treasury Declines to Label Any Country a Currency Manipulator
For Trump, a Steep Learning Curve Leads to Policy Reversals
Trump Threatens Health Subsidies to Force Democrats to Bargain

Geopolitics & trade
Pentagon taking steps to secure US cyber infrastructure from attacks as war looms with North Korea
China Warns of War Risk as Trump Rattles Saber at North Korea
U.S. Raid Against IS Killed 36 With Biggest Non-Nuclear Bomb
Russia Says Evidence Growing Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged
China says North Korea tensions must be stopped
China's dilemma over North Korea on show at border
Here's what's going on with Chinese troop movements on North Korea's border

Here Are the Secrets to the Insane Car Scenes in Fate of the Furious
As Solar-Panel Prices Fall, Leasing Model Loses Market Share

  Apr 14

Stocks Fall as Bonds Extend Rally
Geopolitical risks will cause markets to bend before they break
These Assets Would Benefit From a Weaker Dollar
Dollar finds support after hit from Trump rhetoric

IEA says global oil market ‘very close’ to reaching a balance

U.S. Producer Prices Down 0.1% in March
U.S. Consumer Sentiment Climbs on Upbeat Assessment of Economy
Forecasters Lower Growth Outlook as Hopes for Quick Stimulus Fade

China’s Gamble: How a Crusade to Prop Up the Yuan Imperils Other Pressing Mandates

Brazilian President Michel Temer Allegedly Linked to $40 Million Bribe

US politics
The astonishing reinvention of Donald Trump
Trump Threatens to Withhold Payments to Insurers to Press Democrats on Health Bill

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Drops Its Largest Nonnuclear Bomb on ISIS Tunnel Complex in Afghanistan
How much the MOAB 'mother of all bombs' costs
Syrian president Assad accuses US of fabricating reports of chemical attack

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Promises Refunds After Man Dragged From Flight
Airlines: Boeing’s Largest 737 Max Takes Flight
Autos: Musk Lays Out Timeline for Tesla Semi Truck, Electric Pickup
Financials: Wall Street Banks Are Beating Main Street Banks at the Start of the Trump Era
Financials: Loan Growth Slowdown Hurts Some Banks More than Others
Financials: Big US banks defy calls they should be broken up
Financials: J.P. Morgan’s Earnings Climb, Boosted by Bond Trading
Financials: Jamie Dimon on mortgage market
Financials: Citigroup Profits Jump 17%, Rising Rates Boost Bond Trading
Financials: Wells Fargo Results: High Costs, Weak Mortgage Results Keep Profit in Check
Financials: AIG's board denies CEO 2016 cash bonus after dismal earnings
Media: Netflix scorecard to test mettle of tech rally
Retail: J.C. Penney Delays Plan to Close Stores After Sales Pick Up
Tech: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 Gets Strong Orders Ahead of Debut
Tech: Toshiba Puts Temporary Hold on Memory Chip Sale Process

Society ‘flying blind’ over robots’ impact on jobs

One of Saturn’s Moons Has Potential for Life

  Apr 13

Financial Stocks Drop Ahead of Bank Earnings Season
Trump Says Dollar ‘Getting Too Strong,’ Won’t Label China Currency Manipulator
Wall Street Rout: Indexes Beat Stockpickers 92% of the Time
Weird Thing Happening to Global Profit Estimates: They're Rising

Central banks
Trump Says He's Open to Renominating Yellen at Fed, WSJ Says

IMF Hails Global Momentum, Warns of Protectionism
World Economic Outlook, April 2017

U.S. Budget Gap Reaches $176.2 Billion in March: Treasury
Inflation Is Back, But Don’t Worry

EU Threatens Hungary With Legal Action
Forget France, Italy May Be Markets’ Big Risk

Higher Yields Damp China’s Corporate Bond Market

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Says NATO Allies Must Meet Defense Spending Obligation
Trump Offered China Better Trade Terms for Help on North Korea
Trump labels North Korea ‘menace’ after phone call with Xi
US and Russia try to tackle ‘low trust’ over Syria
Tillerson Says Russia Ties at Low Point After Putin Meeting
Trump Taps Another Trade Hawk, Invokes New Import Penalties

Industries & companies
Airlines: Delta upbeat on outlook despite higher fuel costs
Airlines: Delta Is Reviewing Its $14 Billion Wide-Body Jet Deal With Airbus
Airlines: United Says It Won’t Use Police to Remove Paid Passengers
Amazon: Bezos Discusses How He Keeps Amazon in Startup Mode
Autos: GM Idling Truck, SUV Factories 10 Weeks to Retool for New Models

Bezos Says Artificial Intelligence to Fuel Amazon's Success
How Technology Liberates Human Capital

For Real Innovation, Try a Desktop PC
People Love Talking About Bitcoin More Than Using It

  Apr 12

Gold, Yen Climb to 5-Month Highs as Refuges Sought
Stretched valuations warning is key for US earnings
DALIO: There's not going to be another 2008-style crash, but there will be 'a gradual noose tightening'
Top Mexico Stock-Picker Says Country's Benchmark Gauge Expensive

Central banks
Yellen Says Era of Stimulative Monetary Policy Is Ending | Video

Hiring and Quitting Rates Show No Signs of Renewed Labor Market Vigor
U.S. job openings rise to seven-month high in February
If Everyone Is So Confident, Why Aren’t They Borrowing?
Sorry America, Your Taxes Aren’t High
Why the U.S. Overtaxes Labor
Coming to America: How Immigration Policy Has Changed the U.S.

Investors Dump French Assets as Presidential Race Opens Up
Banks Stick to Market-Friendly Scenario for French Elections
France’s Volatile Presidential Race Puts Far-Left Crusader in the Mix
The French town that shows how Le Pen could win
Setting Up in Euro Area After Brexit? Do It Right, ECB Says

China Is Playing a $9 Trillion Game of Chicken With Savers
China Powers Up in Biotech
China Moves to Further Tighten Regulation of Digital Information

US politics
Fitch changes its mind: Trump isn't a threat to the world economy after all
Trump says he’s still thinking about scrapping Dodd-Frank law
Fight Looms Over Planned Rollback of Net-Neutrality Rules
Newly Energized Liberals Pour Record Effort Into Local Races

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Issues New Warning to North Korea
North Korea state media warns of nuclear strike if provoked
Seoul Plays Down Possibility of Pre-Emptive U.S. Strike on North Korea
Syria Clearly to Blame in Chemical Attack on Town, U.S. Says
White House Says Russia Tried to Cover Up Syrian Chemical Attack
Tillerson Says Russia Should Give Up ‘Unreliable Partner’ Assad
U.S. Unlikely to Tag China Currency Manipulator, Schwarzman Says
Trump Promises ‘Pleasant Surprises’ on Nafta in Session With CEOs

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Struggles to Extinguish Social Media Firestorm
Autos: Tesla's Valuation Is ‘Inexplicable’: AutoNation CEO
Energy: The Oil Giant Hidden in the World’s Biggest Mining Outfit
Financials: Goldman Sachs wants to become the Google of Wall Street
Media: Casinos Get Into the Esports Game
Media: Facebook has reached its Microsoft Bing moment, and history shows the results won't be pretty
Pharma: Mylan Gets FDA Warning on Drug Quality at Factory in India
Retail: 'The dominoes are starting to fall': Retailers are going bankrupt at a staggering rate
Tech: Microsoft Opens Store in ‘Minecraft’ to Outside Sellers

Corporate finance
KKR Among Lyft Investors at $7.5 Billion Valuation for Startup
Toshiba Says It May Be Unable to Stay in Business
Gymboree Prepares to File for Bankruptcy Ahead of Debt Payment

  Apr 11

Contrarian Oppenheimer Call Says Ditch European Stocks for U.S.
U.S. Steelmakers Press Their Luck With Price Increases
Junk-Bond Investors Can't Make Up Their Mind About Oil Prices
Should the Social Security Trust Fund Invest in Stocks?

Central banks
This Is What Dimon and Kashkari Are Really Fighting About

Conference Board Employment Trends Index Rose in March

Merkel seeks to strengthen EU’s liberal voice
France’s wealth tax divides presidential candidates
Le Pen Calls Multiculturalism a Weapon for Islamic Extremists
Le Pen opponents seize on Jewish round-up ‘insult’

Japan’s population set to fall to 88m by 2065

US politics
In Trump's White House, Family Comes First
Five Big Players Steer Trump’s Foreign Policy Toward Mainstream
White House Plays Down Rifts Among Top Staff

Geopolitics & trade
U.S. Reroutes Warships Toward Korean Peninsula in Show of Force
U.S. Hints at Tougher Stance on Syria
White House Warns Syrian Use of Barrel Bombs Could Trigger Response
Putin Has Eastern Europe Hearing Trump's Call to Arms
Global Finance Institutions Go to Bat for WTO

Industries & companies
Airlines: United in social media storm after man dragged off flight
Amazon: Amazon’s Third-Party Sellers Hit By Hackers
Autos: Tesla Rivals GM as the Most Valuable Auto Maker in U.S.
Autos: Quarter of Miles Traveled in the U.S. by 2030 Seen as Driverless
Energy: BHP Billiton Urged by Activist Investor to Shed Oil Operations
Energy: Drillers in Biggest U.S. Gas Play Get More Bang for Their Buck
Financials: Tangled web of Cohn, Goldman and Glass-Steagall
Financials: Wells Fargo Claws Back $75 Million From Executives for Sales Abuses
Financials: Auto Insurers Chase an Elusive Motorist: The Uber Driver
Media: Comcast Is Planning a Netflix Rival Using NBC Shows
Media: In the $75 Billion Videogame Industry, Hiring People Is a Last Resort

Corporate finance
Foxconn Offers Up to $27 Billion for Toshiba Chip Business
Germany’s Stada Backs $4.4 Billion Private-Equity Takeover Offer
Truckers Swift and Knight to Merge
Activist Takes Stake in Whole Foods, Will Seek Possible Sale

Scammers Used SeekingAlpha for Bogus Stock Promotions, SEC Says
Barclays CEO Investigated Over Aim to Unmask a Whistleblower
WSJ’s Noonan Wins Pulitzer Prize for Commentary

  Apr 10

Nothing to Fear, But the Lack of Fear in Markets
Unease grows about bets on market stability
Will the reflation trade show further cracks?
Record Bond Issuance Signals Doubts About Economy
US stock funds see biggest outflows in 18 months
Copper Rally Comes a Cropper

Central banks
Wall Street sees Fed balance sheet normalization plan by year end: Reuters poll
Low U.S. Jobless Rate May Tempt Fed to Rethink Wage-Gain Trigger

Plenty of Beauty in U.S. Jobs Data Beneath Ugly Main Number
US college debt bubble becoming dangerous

Euro exit for Italy or France would be a trauma
A French Town Known for Picking Presidents Sees Big Upset Ahead

The future lies in automation
Xi Jinping wants officials to declare allegiance to himself

US politics
Do Airstrikes Signal New Priorities for Trump?
Democrats’ Price for Tax Overhaul Makes Bipartisan Deal Unlikely

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Says Goal in Syria Is to Defeat Islamic State
Tillerson: U.S. to Press Russia Over Syrian Chemical Weapons
European powers to raise pressure on Russia over Syria
U.S. Carrier Diverts to North Asia Amid North Korea Tension
Trump, Japan's Abe Agree to Keep Unity on North Korea: NHK
China offers concessions to avert trade war with US
Blasts Hit Two Egyptian Churches, Killing at Least 47
Sweden faces reality of higher security and vigilance

Industries & companies
Financials: TIAA: A Trillion Dollar Startup Is Making A Move
Financials: How Goldman Sachs Made More Than $1 Billion With Your Credit Score
Financials: A Very Weird Week for Banks
Retail: Online Retailers’ Warehouses Heat Up Local Job Markets

Corporate finance
Tech IPO supply falls short of fresh market demand

Now Anyone Can Invest in Startups—if They Have the Stomach for It
Cash Is Dead. Long Live Cash

  Apr 8

U.S. Stocks Steady After Eventful Week
Markets Reconsider Trump Effect After Syria Airstrikes
Traders Are Going on the Defensive Despite Muted Market Reactions to Syria
U.S. Tax Cuts Could Drive Key Buyers Away From Muni-Bond Market

Pace of Hiring Slows in Mixed Jobs Report
U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Expands at Slower Pace
U.S. weekly jobless claims post largest drop in almost two years
America’s Credit-Card Tab Hits $1 Trillion

German Industrial Output Unexpectedly Rose in February
Greece, Creditors Move Closer to Deal
Europe Should Stick to Rules on Bank Rescues, ECB's Mersch Says

US politics
Gorsuch Confirmed by Senate as Supreme Court Justice
Trump Considers Shakeup of Senior White House Team
In Battle for Trump’s Heart and Mind, It’s Bannon vs. Kushner
Gary Cohn Says White House Will Push ‘One Cohesive’ Tax Plan
Trump Taps Kevin Hassett To Be Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers
Hillary Clinton Says Russia Used Hacking ‘to Great Effect’ in Her Defeat

Trump Shows He Is Willing to Act Forcefully, Quickly
Lawmakers Give Trump Rare Bipartisan Backing for Strike
In abrupt shift on Syria, Trump turns to military advisers
Tomahawk Launches Practiced by U.S. Before Trump Gave Go-Ahead
With Strike on Syria, Trump Sends a Global Message
Syria Strike Sends Not-So-Subtle Warning to Rivals
US and Russia clash over Trump’s strike on Syria
Syria Decries US 'Aggression' After Attack
Strike Alters U.S. Military Strategy in Syria
U.S. Strike on Syria Shakes Up ISIS Fight
U.S. Strike Unlikely to Endanger Assad Rule
Timeline of the Syrian Civil War And US Response
Merkel, Hollande Say Assad Alone to Blame for Syria Strike
Turkey Holds Out Hope for a Revival in US-Turkish Relations

Geopolitics & trade
Trump warns Xi that US prepared to act alone on North Korea
Trump Aims to Push China on Trade, North Korea at Summit
Trump Administration to Take Harder Tack on Trade With China
Five Ways to Look at the U.S. Trade Deficit With China

Industries & companies
Autos: First Look at Tesla’s Tweaked Model 3
Financials: What 'Bring Back Glass-Steagall' Means to Left and Right
Financials: Trump still open to populist bank break-up proposal
Financials: Trump and Warren Agree? Maybe, on Plan to Shrink Big Banks
Restaurants: KFC to Stop Using Chicken Raised With Human Antibiotics
Retail: The Whole 'Malls Are Dying' Thing Is Getting Old, Say Mall CEOs
Tech: Samsung Expects First-Quarter Operating Profit to Rise 48%

Tech’s High-Stakes Arms Race: Costly Data Centers
FDA Approves 23andMe’s Genetic Test for Personal Disease Risks
Soon, Your Car May Be Able to Read Your Expressions

More Brands Withdraw From O’Reilly’s Show on Fox News

  Apr 7

High Tax Stocks Show Investors Doubt Trump Cuts 2017
Strategist Ed Yardeni: Bonds have not ‘bought into’ the big rally
Investors Are Tiptoeing Back Into One of the World's Biggest Junk Bond ETFs
Not a Dot-Com Bubble, not 2007, but a Nasty Mix of Both
A JPMorgan asset manager overseeing $350 billion thinks Europe is an unexploited opportunity for investors

Oil Rises to 1-Month High as OPEC Cuts Weighed Against U.S. Glut
An Oil Giant Is Still Burning Through Its Cash Pile

Central banks
Traders Bet the Fed Will Slow Rate Hikes to Shrink Balance Sheet
Most Fed Officials Saw Reduced Balance Sheet ‘Later This Year’
Investors in the dark on Fed’s balance sheet plans
The Fed isn't sure if Trump can deliver on his economic promises
ECB’s Draghi Says It’s Too Soon to Reduce Stimulus
Kashkari Slams Jamie Dimon's Complaints About Regulatory Burden

IMF Global Financial Stability Report – April 2017

Two of Wall Street's Biggest Names Are Sounding the Alarm on the U.S. Economy
What does the federal government spend your tax dollars on? Social insurance programs, mostly
Number of U.S. adults cohabiting with a partner continues to rise, especially among those 50 and older

Europe’s Nationalist Parties Are No Passing Fad
JPMorgan softens tone on Brexit jobs warning

China’s Efforts to Boost the Yuan

US politics
White House Takes Lead on Tax Plan
Senate Eliminates Filibuster for High Court Nominees
Republicans rewrite Senate rules with Gorsuch vote
How powerful is the Congressional Review Act?
Movement to Raise Minimum Wage Runs Into Resistance
House Intelligence Chairman Nunes Recuses Himself From Russia Probe
Nunes Recusal Gives House Russia Inquiry Chance at New Start

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Fires 60 Missiles on Syrian Airfield in Response to Gas Attack
Syrian Deaths Linked to Sarin Gas
Putin hits back at US over alleged Syria gas attacks
Philippines’ Duterte Orders Fortification of South China Sea Islands

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford to Make Electric Cars in China Amid Green Drive
Autos: GM Joins Ford Worrying About Declining Used-Car Prices
Financials: Cohn Backs Wall Street Split of Lending, Investment Banks
Health care: Aetna to Exit Iowa’s ACA Marketplace
Media: Cable Giant Comcast Jumps Into the Mobile-Phone Wars
Tech: Amazon to Add 30,000 Part-Time U.S. Jobs

Amazon’s Robot War Is Spreading
Machine learning is now used in Wall Street dealmaking, and bankers should probably be worried
Volkswagen Invests $180 Million in a Chinese AI Startup
Thousands of Uber, Lyft Drivers Fail Massachusetts Background Check

A senator found Medicare blowing hundreds of millions on a drug private insurers wouldn't touch — and nothing happened

  Apr 6

Stocks Pare Gains After Fed Minutes
Oil prices flirt with 1-month peak as US inventories rise

Central banks
Fed Minutes: Most Officials Saw Reduced Balance Sheet ‘Later This Year’ | Minutes
Inside the Fed’s March Meeting: The Annotated Minutes
Why the Refinancing Slowdown Matters for the Fed
ADP data point to ‘solid trend’ in employment — Fed’s Tarullo

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Added 263,000 Employees in March
U.S. Nonmanufacturing Activity Expanded at Slower Pace in March
Here's What Financial Markets Are Telling Us About the Economy

Markets turn against a Le Pen victory in France
European Parliament adopts Brexit resolution
Greece and Brussels ‘a breath away’ from deal

US politics
Steve Bannon Removed From National Security Council With Trump’s Sign-off
What to make of the fuss about the filibuster
Beware of the return of the Clinton dynasty

Geopolitics & terrorism
North Korea fires missile as Trump and Xi prepare to meet
Trump Calls North Korea ‘Big Problem,’ That Will Be Focus of Meeting With China’s Xi
US retreat from global financial system lets China in
Syria attack survivors describe ‘bloodless massacre’
Trump Warns Poison Gas Attack in Syria Goes 'Beyond Red Lines'
Trump Says U.S. Will Work to 'Eradicate' Islamic State
Homeland Security Secretary Doesn’t See Building a Solid Wall Along U.S.-Mexico Border

Industries & companies
Amazon: NFL and Amazon Reach One-Year Streaming Deal for About $50 Million
Autos: Peak Auto? These Charts Point to Industry, U.S. Economy Concerns
Financials: Citi Has an Alternative 'Big Short' on Retail
Restaurants: Starbucks Under More Pressure to Upgrade Food After Panera Deal

Corporate finance
Panera Bread Agrees to $7.16 Billion Buyout by JAB Holding

Apple Pay Promised to Make Plastic Obsolete. Then Came Wary Shoppers, Confused Clerks
It Looks Like JPMorgan Is Building a Robo Adviser

Steven Cohen invests in start-up aiming to shake up bank research
Federal probe into Fox News casts shadow over Murdoch empire

  Apr 5

S&P 500 Falls, Hit by Decline in Financial Shares
U.S. Companies Expected to Post Strongest Quarter Since 2011
Convertibles bonds catch a ride on equity rally
European Debt’s Biggest Buyer Becomes Its Biggest Risk
China fund-of-funds industry beginning to blossom

China Surpasses Canada as Top Buyer of U.S. Crude
Oil’s seaborne picture suggests Opec cuts taking effect

Global debt has hit an eye-watering $215 trillion
Demographics are destiny
Reinvigorating Productivity Growth

U.S. Trade Gap Shrinks as Exports Rise
Housing Boom Is Anything But as Ownership Loses Appeal
U.S. Factory Activity Continued to Expand in March
Young Americans Are Killing Marriage I Report
Wage Stagnation in the U.S. Might Not Be As Bad as You Think

DIMON: We fear the EU will split apart, and it could have 'devastating economic and political effects'
May hints at no final EU trade deal before Brexit
Europe’s New Safe Haven: German Real Estate
Are Migrants a Burden or Boon to the German Economy? It Could Depend on the Skills Gap

US politics
White House Pushes New Health-Care Deal
Ryan’s Border Tax Is on the Ropes
Trump Is Ready for Tax Cuts, but His Treasury Department Isn’t
Rice Says Unmasking Is Necessary, Different Than Leaking
'Absolutely false': Top Obama adviser denies she 'unmasked' Trump associates for political purposes
Supreme Court Filibuster? A Mirage Since 2013
U.S. Considers Far-Reaching Steps for ‘Extreme Vetting’
Trump Administration Reopens H-1B Program, With a Twist

Geopolitics & trade
Wilbur Ross: Trump will make trade fair again
Kushner Tells Iraqis That Alliance Should Endure for ‘Many Generations’
South Korea Talks Tougher on China Retaliation
U.S. and China, Sniping in Public, Try to Lower the Volume in Private

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing Agrees to First Plane Sale to Iran Under Trump
Autos: Carmakers Post Surprise Declines as Discounts Fail to Buoy Sales
Autos: U.S. Car Demand Collapse Jeopardizes Trump's Auto Factory Push
Financials: Jamie Dimon: Time to ‘Open Up the Rulebook’
Media: Google to Allow ‘Brand Safety’ Monitoring by Outside Firms
Retail: Retailers Drop as Bad News Keeps Piling Up on 2017's Worst Stocks
Retail: Ralph Lauren to Close One of Its Main New York Stores
Retail: Why Contrarians Won’t Clean Up in Bed Bath & Beyond

Corporate finance
Sluggish US IPOs need more than a new Jobs Act
Staples Explores Sale After Failed Office Depot Deal
A European company you've never heard of might buy Panera

Meet Sally, the Robot Who Makes Perfect Salads
Fear of Automation’s Dark Side Leads to Calls for Action
Banks Turn to Virtual World to Modernize Commodities Trading

Dimon's Annual Letter: Key Takeaways on Brexit, Tech and Taxes
Fox News faces fresh financial and legal pressure

  Apr 4

Markets begin quarter on risk-averse note
Test of nerve awaits investors as Q2 dawns
China’s Yuan Takes a Twist Ahead of Trump-Xi Meeting

Dollars Are Now Flowing (Almost) Normally Again
Italian bond yields rise amid political worries
Chinese Firms Shy Away From European Debt
The Corporate Debt Bonanza Is Helping Employers Shore Up Pensions

Central banks
Fed’s Rebel Defends Autonomy as Trump-Molded Central Bank Looms

U.S. March auto sales indicate long boom cycle may be waning
Manufacturing’s Recovery Is a Double-Edged Sword

Euro zone factories struggled to meet soaring demand in March: PMI
Eurozone jobless rate falls to lowest in 8 years
UK MANUFACTURING MISSES: 'Manufacturers must be wary of over confidence'
France’s disillusioned voters prepare to abstain
A Le Pen win in the French election would place a 'sword of Damocles' above the eurozone
Even a Thriving French Shipyard Town Falls Under Le Pen’s Spell
UK stranded between the Rock and a hard place
Just one in 5 UK financial chiefs think Brexit will be good for business
Brexit Could Disrupt Millions of Expats’ Lives

Solid Asia factory growth caps a strong first quarter but outlook cloudy
Zombies Are Eating Asia

US politics
Tribalism Spreads in D.C.
Looming Gorsuch Votes Put Red-State Democrats in a Bind
Democrats Have Votes to Block Gorsuch, Sparking Rule Fight
Flynn did not initially disclose income from Russia-linked companies
Trump Aides’ Disclosures Reveal Surge in Lucrative Political Work
Trump Donates First-Quarter Salary to National Park Service
New H-1B Visa Guidelines Crack Down on Computer Programmer Jobs
'Nothing prepared us for the magnitude of this trainwreck': LA Times editorial tears into Trump

Geopolitics & trade
Trump presses China on North Korea ahead of Xi talks
Trump warns China that US is ready to tackle N Korea
China Learns How to Get Trump’s Ear: Through Jared Kushner
Kushner to Visit Iraq in Latest Sign of Foreign Policy Role
Mexico Ready to Play the Corn Card in Trade Talks
Gibraltar tensions bubble over into British war talk
A Clear Winner in Syria’s Civil War: Hezbollah

Subway Bombing in St. Petersburg Kills 11 During a Putin Visit

Industries & companies
Media: Cable TV is Powering a Big Increase in News Consumption
Restaurants: New Starbucks CEO Sees Growth in Suburbs, Midwest and Lunch
Tech: Apple’s iPad Problem: The Old Ones Are Just Fine
Tech: Interactive Feature: How Uber Uses Psychological Tricks to Push Its Drivers’ Buttons

Corporate finance
Tech Founders Want IPO Riches Without Those Pesky Shareholders
Panera Is Exploring Possible Sale After Receiving Interest

Brexit Britain Could Replace Migrants With Robots

Warren Buffett's Face Will Adorn Cans of Cherry Coke in China
Digital Clue Ties North Korea to Theft at New York Fed
Soros’s University Turns Into Democracy Battleground in Budapest

  Apr 3

The Market Lull That Refreshes
Active Managers Stage a Comeback
Stockpickers Make Room for the Quants
Byron Wien: Will ‘Anarchy’ in D.C. Undermine Stocks?
Fading Trade-Crackdown Fears Power Overseas Rebound
How to Make Sense of Europe ETFs
Emerging Markets Brandish Bargain Label

Flatter Yield Curve in 2017 Shows Growth Concern Lingers
EM Debt Lures Income Hunters
What the Largest Active Bond Fund Is Buying Now

Central banks
Rethinking the Widely Held 2% Inflation Target
Federal Reserve Readies Plan for Balance Sheet
Bond Traders Are No Fools, Dismissing Bluster of Four Rate Hikes

Hints of a Strong Earnings Season Ahead
Buying a Home Will Be Harder Than Ever This Spring
Want That Apartment? You May Have to Bid For It
The American Dream That's Not Backed Up by History
Americans Owe Other Countries Far More Than They Owe Us
How Social Security and Medicare Are Ruining Us

Outlook Brightening for Euro Zone Banks
Cleaning up: The life and times of an Italian non-performing loan
Implications of a Le Pen win French election
Sturgeon Sticks With Timing for Scottish Independence Referendum

For Chinese Companies, If You Can’t Move Money Overseas, Raise It Overseas

Latin American Markets Feel the Pressure From Political Turmoil

US politics
Conservative Split Over Import Tax Imperils Trump’s Overhaul
The Senate Faces the "Nuclear Option" to End the Filibuster
Vote on Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee to Test Red State Democratic Senators
Remember When Trump Said He Saved 1,100 Jobs at a Carrier Plant?
All the President's Millionaires: Trump Staffers Disclose Assets
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Apologizes for Plugging His Movie

Geopolitics & trade
Haley Says Russia Was ‘Certainly’ Involved in U.S. Election
China says U.S. trade orders should respect international rules
Tortoise v hare: Is China challenging the United States for global leadership?
FT exclusive: Trump ready to tackle North Korea alone
Trump, Reshaping Syria Policy, Sets Aside Demand for Assad’s Ouster

Industries & companies
Autos: CarMax Could Stall as Risky Loans Rise
Air Freight: FedEx Will Deliver More Gains, Could Rise Nearly 20%
Amazon: Amazon Web Services: Launchpad for a New Generation of Start-Ups
Energy: Oil Companies’ Modest Prize: Breaking Even
Financials: Citigroup’s drop in branch rankings highlights move upmarket
Pharma: Trump’s Drug Policy Takes Shape, With Split Personality
Real Estate: Shopping for Mall REITs
Retail: Consistency Is in Fashion This Year at Retailers
Retail: Lowe’s Shares Could Rise 20% or More
Shipping: FedEx Will Deliver More Gains, Could Rise Nearly 20%
Tech: Apple Shares Shine, Rising 24%
Tech: Intel’s Need to Chip Away at Fab Rivals
Tech: Intel, With a 3% Dividend Yield, Can Rise By 30%

White-collar jobs and automation
Out of road: driverless vehicles are replacing the trucker

Dr. Doom’s Diagnosis of the Banks, the Fed, and the Economy
Bill O’Reilly Thrives at Fox News, Even as Harassment Settlements Add Up

  Apr 1

Why Emerging Markets Are Looking Better Than the U.S.

Central banks
Inflation Tops 2% Target for First Time in Almost Five Years
How the Yellen Fed Got Religion Over the Stock Market and Policy
There's a simple reason why the Fed should stop raising interest rates

U.S. Personal Spending Cools
Consumer Sentiment in U.S. Rises on Views of Current Finances
Americans have never been this conflicted about the economy's direction
The U.S. Consumer Will Probably Be Fine After Weak Start to Year
‘Hard’ and ‘soft’ US data paint a muddled picture
Steve Eisman of ‘The Big Short’ Says Subprime Auto Loans Concern Him
If You Have 29 Credit Cards, You’re Probably a Millennial

Euro-Area Inflation Slows More Than Predicted on Oil, Food
EU Signals U.K. Will Get Only a Year for Post-Brexit Trade Talks
EU Rules Out U.K. Trade Deal Before Brexit Is Finalized

China’s Global Currency Ambitions Falling Flat With Central Banks
Biggest China Banks' Bad-Loan Problem May Finally Be Easing
Investors walk back from the edge on China, but big risks remain

Russia has finally returned to growth
Making the Most of India's Big Tax Reform
Zuma Fires Nine Cabinet Members Including Finance Chief
South Africa's president fired his respected finance minister — and now the rand is tumbling

US politics I
Top GOP Senator Signals Tax Plan's Permanence Is 'Up in the Air'
Two Senate Democrats Say They Will Back Neil Gorsuch
In Gorsuch Fight, Wider Political Battles Play Out
GOP disarray deepens
Pence Breaks Tie on Bill Aimed at Planned Parenthood
Ryan Signals Support for Insurance Payments Under ACA
How a Hillary Superfan Ended Up Inside Trump’s Treasury
White House to Release Financial Disclosures for Cohn, Kushner

US politics II
Flynn Seeks Immunity to Testify in Russia Investigations
Trump backs Flynn’s call for immunity in Russia probes
Top Democrat Says Too Early to Grant Flynn Immunity
Flynn Wants Immunity. Here's Why It's Complicated

Geopolitics & trade
Tillerson and Mattis Blast Russia for Aggression
NATO says trans-atlantic bond 'rock solid' as Tillerson visits
Trump demands solution to US trade deficit with China
Ross Backs Trump's China Criticism With ‘Most Protectionist’ Dig
American Jobs Are Headed to Mexico Once Again
India and Pakistan Escalate Nuclear Arms Race
Hackers Boosting Destructive Attacks Against U.S., FireEye Says

Industries & companies
Airlines: Airlines Make More Money Selling Miles Than Seats
Energy: OPEC and U.S. Production Shape Oil Market Dynamics
Financials: Bank Stocks Pause After Postelection Surge
Tech: Samsung, Apple Intensify Battle for Smartphone Users

In Warehouses of the Future, Robots Do the Walking

Wall Street’s New Favorite Way to Swap Secrets Is Against the Rules

  Mar 31

Corporate Profits Gain Steam
Bargain Hunters Are Flocking to European Stocks
Insatiable Demand for Long Bonds Isn’t Short Term

Central banks
Fed Officials Say They May Need to Pick Up Pace of Rate Increases
Fed's Dudley Says Fiscal Stimulus Outlook Shifts Risks to Upside
Draghi's German Problem May Fizzle as ECB Sticks to Its Plan
ECB’s Knot Says Central Bank Could Soon Start Unwinding Stimulus

U.S. Fourth-Quarter Growth Revised Upward to 2.1% on Consumption
Sentiment vs. Reality: The Economy Is Telling Two Different Stories
U.S. debt to reach 150 percent of GDP in 30 years: CBO
America Needs Small Apartment Buildings. Nobody Builds Them
U.S. College Grads See Slim-to-No Wage Gains Since Recession

German inflation tumbles to 1.5% in March
Ian Bremmer Says Le Pen Can Really Win and Cause Crisis
U.K. Steps Out of EU and Into a ‘Bureaucratic Jungle’

Japan's tepid retail sales raise concerns about consumption, growth

Ousted South Korean president Park Geun-hye arrested
Mexico Raises Rate as Inflation Hits Highest Since Recession

US politics I
Trump says 'we must fight' Freedom Caucus
Trump and Ryan Warn Republican Holdouts Amid Talk of Reviving Health Bill
Paul Ryan is worried Trump will ditch the GOP to work with Democrats on healthcare
Top Republican senator takes shot at Paul Ryan for discouraging Trump from working with Democrats
Larry Summers: GOP's 'stunning' lack of unity on health care undermines rest of Trump's agenda

US politics II
Keystone XL Pipeline Block Sought to Undo Trump's Approval
GE Chief Says ‘Climate Change Is Real’ in Rebuke to Trump Policy
The Cheapest Way to Build Trump’s Wall
Senate Panel Backs Labor Secretary Nominee Alexander Acosta
Report: The FBI is using the explosive Trump-Russia dossier as a 'roadmap' for its investigation

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Administration Signals It Would Seek Mostly Modest Changes to Nafta
Trump Backs Away From Document Suggesting Softer Nafta Stance
Trump’s Hope for Rapid Reset With Russia Fades
Putin Says He’s Ready to Meet Trump If Finland Hosts Summit
China's Xi to meet Trump in Florida next week
China Poised to Take Lead on Climate After Trump’s Move to Undo Policies
China says 'no such thing' as man-made islands in South China Sea
All Signals Point Once Again to War in Gaza
Netanyahu set to approve first West Bank settlement for 20 years
Years After 9/11 Chaos, U.S. to Build Wireless First-Responder Network

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing Makes Billion-Dollar Bet on the 747 Hauling Cargo
Autos: Ford Hires BlackBerry Employees to Work on Connected Cars
Financials: Banks’ Trading Desks Not Invited to Stock Market Party
Restaurants: McDonald’s Upgrades Quarter Pounder, Using Fresh Beef
Retail: Amazon Wants Cheerios, Oreos and Other Brands to Bypass Wal-Mart
Retail: States’ Next Target on Sales Taxes: Sellers on Amazon
Telecom: Telecom Giants Get the OK to Mine Your Web History
Telecom: AT&T Lands Valuable Spectrum With Contract to Build First-Responder Network

Corporate finance
US raids on cheaper rivals send Europe M&A soaring
Chinese capital constraints send shock through global M&A

Jeff Bezos Is Now the World's Second Richest Person
NASA's $1 billion Jupiter probe just sent back breathtaking new images of the gas giant
Best cruise ships in the world

  Mar 30

Opinion: The stock market’s strength has little to do with Trump
Euro under pressure from ECB rumours

Santoli: Here's why BlackRock is throwing in the towel on human stock picking
BlackRock's machine strategy is like a self-driving car for stock-pickers
BlackRock Bets on Robots to Improve Its Stock Picking
BlackRock Cuts Dozens of Jobs and Fees in Stock-Picking Unit
The Upshot: Evidence That Robots Are Winning the Race for American Jobs
Domino’s Will Begin Using Robots to Deliver Pizzas in Europe

Central banks
Fed's Williams: Don't 'rule out' more than three rate hikes this year
Fed's Rosengren wants four rate hikes this year

U.S. pending home sales surge to ten-month high ahead of spring
Homebuilders struggle to fill jobs 'Americans don't want'
Old, rich Americans are loving life after Trump's win
Heroin use, addiction up sharply among U.S. whites: study

May Calls for Friendly Divorce in Brexit Letter
U.K. Sets on Path to Unravel Ties With European Union
The Thorniest Numbers for Brexit Negotiators
All you need to know about Article 50 and the Brexit process

US politics
Majority of Democrats in Senate Plan to Vote Against Gorsuch
Jared Kushner Versus the Bureaucracy
Amid White House Tumult, Pence Offers Trump a Steady Hand
Trump FDA Nominee Wants Lower Drug Costs With More Generics
Trump’s Health Secretary Won’t Say If Administration Still Supports Obamacare Repeal
States Weigh Wider Medicaid After Health Bill’s Demise
Russia Probe Stalls as More Questions Surround Nunes
Intel chair digs in

Geopolitics & terrorism
Whatever Happened to Free Trade?
General calls Iran 'destabilizing' force, suggests US 'disrupt' regime by military means
Nations Renew Climate Vows, Press Trump to Do Same

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford to Expand U.S. Production of Trucks and S.U.V.s
Pharma: F.D.A. Approves First Drug to Treat Severe Multiple Sclerosis
Retail: Amazon and Facebook Hit Unexpected Obstacle in India: China
Tech: Samsung launches the Galaxy S8 with its own Apple Siri rival called Bixby

Wealthy Backers Rush in to Shore Up Trump

  Mar 29

Why long-term U.S. stock returns look dismal

Central banks
Fischer: Two More 2017 Rate Hikes Seem About Right
Yellen Calls for Better Public Education, Workforce Development Programs

There's been a 'stunning' shift in the US economy since Trump's election
U.S. Home Prices Rise at Fastest Pace in 31 Months
Consumer confidence hits 16-year high in boost to economy
‘Deep Subprime’ Auto Loans Are Surging

U.K. Government Rejects Move for Another Scottish Independence Vote

Swipe by Swipe, Chinese Smartphone Users Flock to Risky Investments

US politics I
Trump Sweeps Away Climate Rules Vowing 'New Energy Revolution'
Trump Sets Stage for Power Market Fight With Climate Rollback
Despite Climate-Change Move, Firms to Still Shift Away From Coal
Exxon urges Trump to keep US in Paris climate accord

US politics II
Republicans’ Tough Call on Taxes: Quick, Short Yardage or Hail Mary?
Trump Can Still Wreck Health Care
Obamacare's Not Exploding, But There Are Some Rough Spots
Kansas GOP-Led Legislature Approves Medicaid Expansion

US politics III
GOP attorneys general target rival Democrats
Sanctuary City Mayors Vow to Protect Immigrants
Police Forces Hope to Deploy Military Gear Obama Banned
No one seems to buy Devin Nunes' explanation for why he was at the White House last week
Ryan Backs Nunes After Intelligence Chairman Rejects Recusal Calls
Justice Department Discouraged Yates Testimony on Russia

Geopolitics & trade
Planned Russian Exercises Sow NATO Worries
Iran Mends Fences With Gulf States as U.S. Tensions Grow
Russian, Iranian Leaders Tout Stronger Ties

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Gets Backing of Chinese Internet Giant Tencent
Retail: Amazon Launches Grocery Pickup Stores in Seattle
Weed: The market’s first marijuana-themed ETF could start trading next week

Amazon’s shopping spree at business schools
Bill Gross and Pimco Settle Suit Over His Ouster

  Mar 28

Dow Suffers Longest Losing Streak Since 2011; Nasdaq Rises
Eurozone Stocks Overtake U.S.
Foreign Investors Flock to Iran as U.S. Firms Stay on Sidelines
US dollar close to erasing Trumpflation gains

US producers build up sales hedges as oil falls
China Tanked Oil Once, It Can Do It Again

Central banks
Evans Says Two Fed Hikes in 2017 May Be Right

U.S. Travel Industry Fears a ‘Lost Decade’ Under Trump

Forget Trump v. Congress. The Real Political Danger’s Still in Europe
In Populists vs. Establishment, the Establishment Strikes Back
Merkel’s Party Scores Election Win, in Key Test of Voter Sentiment
With Help From France’s Elite, Le Pen Tries to Steer Far-Right Party to Mainstream
Macron and Le Pen Spar, Anticipating French Election Runoff
When investors will really need to tune in to Brexit

Evercore's Hyman Says China a Mess, Will ‘Blow Up’ at Some Point
China plans fresh crackdown on steel production

US politics I
Trump tax reform faces hurdles after healthcare defeat
Democrats, Buoyed by G.O.P. Health Defeat, See No Need to Offer Hand
What Trump could do to undermine Obamacare, now that the GOP health bill has failed
Health-Law Suit Takes Center Stage After Bill’s Failure
Letting Obamacare implode would be a 'catastrophe,' GOP ex-HHS secretary warns Trump and Ryan
Dealt a Defeat, Republicans Set Their Sights on Major Tax Cuts

US politics II
House Conservatives Undeterred After Health Bill
In Health-Care Failure, a Lesson on Treating Politics Like Business
How Democrats Aided in the Health Bill’s Demise
Chuck Schumer is jumping on Trump's new openness to working with Democrats

US politics III
Trump Will Tap Kushner to Lead Office to Fix U.S. Bureaucracy
Kushner to Oversee Office of American Innovation at White House
Trump is tapping Chris Christie to tackle the opioid epidemic
Nunes Saw Intercepts Related to Trump on White House Grounds
Kushner to Tell Senate Panel About Russia Bank Contact
Veteran journalist Ted Koppel to Fox's Sean Hannity: You are 'bad for America'

Geopolitics & terrorism
Putin Critic Jailed for 15 Days After Mass Rallies Energize Russian Opposition
Anti-corruption protests hit Putin’s plans
For Trump, ‘Extreme Vetting’ Has Wide Scope

Industries & companies
Autos: Plateau in U.S. auto sales heightens risk for lenders: Moody's
Autos: Hertz Shares Bear Brunt of ‘Freak Out’ Over Used-Car Price Drop
Cruise: Carnival Shareholders Are Having Fun Now, Too
Financials: ‘Project Scalpel’: Behind Big Banks’ Plan to Save $2 Billion
Financials: Deutsche Bank in Bind Over How to Modify $300 Million Trump Debt
Media: Hollywood Studios Seek to Offer Films Sooner Online
Retail: These brands you've never heard of are propelling Amazon to outsell Macy's
Retail: Amazon Pushes Off Opening of Cashierless Store
Tech: The High-Speed Trading Behind Your Amazon Purchase

U.S. Falls Behind in Global Race to Build Robotic Industrial Machines
Made in the U.S., With the Help of Foreign Robots
Foreign Robots Invade American Factory Floors
Elon Musk’s Latest Startup: Brains Linked to Computers

Fake news shared as widely as the real thing
Who Killed the Iceman? Clues Emerge in a Very Cold Case
Devastating photos show how much the Great Barrier Reef has changed over the last 20 years

  Mar 27

OPEC, non-OPEC to look at extending oil-output cut by six months
OPEC Warns Members to Comply With Oil-Production Cuts
Gulf Countries Weigh Pledging Oil Revenues to Shore Up Budgets

Foreign Robots Invade American Factory Floors
Slow Housing Recovery Takes Toll on Economy
1 in 4 have less than $1K saved for retirement

Poland Is Best Emerging Stock Market of 2017
Thousands Across Russia Protest Corruption

US politics I
Trump Weighs New Health Strategy
Trump May Have Lost on Obamacare Yet Still Controls Its Fate
With GOP Plan Dead, Trump Eyes Other Ways to Reshape Health Care
How 'Trumpcare' went up in flames — and why it should worry the GOP about the future
Trump attacks Republicans for wrecking health plans
Trump bets Democrats will be blamed if Obamacare fails
The Republican healthcare plan just failed because Trump is bad at making deals

US politics II
Trump tax reform faces hurdles after health defeat
White House looks to Democrats on tax reform
House Ways and Means Chairman aims to move tax bill through committee in spring
GOP Eyes Tax Overhaul -- And Lessons From Health-Care Failure

US politics III
Trump Becomes Ensnared in Fiery G.O.P. Civil War
White House Opens Door to Democrats After Bill Failure
N.C. Congressman Plays Key Role in Bill’s Failure
Trump to Begin Reversing Obama-Era Cutbacks in Carbon Dioxide
Trump Truth: The President With False Claims Faces Reality

Geopolitics & terrorism
Iran sanctions 15 U.S. firms, citing human rights abuses and Israel ties
NATO Official Sounds Alarm on Russia Libya Role
Belgian Security Forces Foil Possible Car Attack in Antwerp

Industries & companies
Financials: Why Silicon Valley Bank’s Stock Could Rise 25%
Financials: Mall REITs: The Next Nightmare?
Media: Viacom Flips the Script: Stock Has 40% Upside
Media: Disney’s ‘Beauty’ Still Radiant at No. 1 for Second Weekend

One Nation, Under Fox: 18 Hours With a Network That Shapes America
Starbucks to Hire More Vets After Backlash to Refugee Hiring Plan
A Stanford engineer is making stretchable, flexible skin that's straight out of Westworld

  Mar 25

Wall Street's pivoting toward a bullish pitch on Trumpcare's collapse
The Markets Don't Care About Health Care as Long as They Get Their Tax Cut
US stocks knocked as healthcare vote gets pulled
Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore

OPEC Be Warned: Russia Battens Down the Hatches for Oil at $40

Airplanes Boost U.S. Durable-Goods Orders

Le Pen Calls For Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Sharing With Moscow

China’s coal policy: a victim of its own success?

US politics I
TRUMP: 'The best thing we can do is let Obamacare explode'
House Obamacare Repeal Collapse Raises Doubts on GOP Agenda
Divided GOP Drops Health-Care Bill
Seeds of Health-Bill Defeat Were Sown Months Ago
Trump’s Need: Build a Coalition
Trump Praises Ryan on Health as Aides Privately Blame the Speaker
Speaker Ryan dented by healthcare debacle, but keeps support

US politics II
With healthcare bill dead, Republicans turn to taxes
Republicans Turn to Tax Overhaul
Trump Administration Grants Pipeline Permits Without All His Promised Conditions
Boom! Keystone pipeline would suddenly make US and Canada bigger competitors with OPEC
Trump’s Trade Vows at Risk Under Moderate Advisers, Trumka Says

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Beijing Defends Its Right to Guard South China Sea With Arms

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla Will Take Orders for Its Solar Roof in April
Financials: Health Insurers Wrestle With Next Steps as GOP Bill Fails
Media: Netflix: The Monster That’s Eating Hollywood
Media: YouTube's Better-Than-TV Pitch Undermined by Offensive Video
Media: Time Inc. Moves Closer to Sale for More Than $20 a Share

The Robots Are Coming for a Third of U.K. Jobs, PwC Says
Robots Have Existential Crises, Too
Mnuchin said robots replacing jobs is 'not even on my radar screen' - here's why it should be

A German Bank Accidentally Transferred $5.4 Billion to Four Other Banks

  Mar 24

Stocks Fall as House Postpones Health-Care Vote
Here's Why Wall Street Is closely Watching The Health Vote
What Comes After the Trump Trade for Markets?
Bye-bye bull—this is the market’s ‘final wave,’ warns the 'Northman Trader'
China Debt Risks Go Global Amid Record Junk Sales Abroad

Central banks
Williams Says Three, Maybe More 2017 Fed Hikes Make Sense
Fed Could Allow Higher Inflation as Interest Rates Remain Low, Papers Suggest
ECB's Free Money Has Helped Banks More Than It Aids the Economy
ECB needs to be original on tapering

Jump in U.S. New Home Sales Defies Expectations
The Outer Suburbs Are Once Again Outgrowing Cities
Is the U.S. Economy’s Slow Growth ‘As Good As It Gets’? | Brookings Paper
‘Deaths of Despair’ Claiming More White Americans I Brookings Paper

Schäuble moves away from federalist EU vision

Debt piles add to risk for China’s property groups

US politics
House Republicans Cancel Planned Vote on Health-Care Bill
Timing of crucial healthcare vote uncertain
Here’s what happens to tax reform if the health bill passes — or doesn’t
Trump SEC Pick Says He Has No ‘Specific’ Plans to Gut Dodd-Frank
Warren Wants SEC to Review Icahn’s Role Advising Trump on Rules
Schumer Urges Filibuster to Block Gorsuch Confirmation

Geopolitics & terrorism
Russia Uses Fake News to Sway Foreign Votes, Document Says
Europeans Won’t Follow Suit on Electronics on Flights
Attacker Was U.K.-Born, Probed for Extremism

Industries & companies
Autos: Why America's Auto Debt Boom Fuels Bubble Talk: QuickTake Q&A
Autos: Ford Says Higher Rates, Lower Resale Values to Hurt Results
Financials: Banks Trimming Compliance Staff as $321 Billion in Fines Abate
Health care: Health Rules Targeted by GOP Could Upset U.S. Insurance Markets
Media: Disney Extends CEO Iger’s Tenure
Pharma: Pharma Gets Roped Into the Trumpcare Maelstrom
Pharma: Drug Companies Are Buying Ads on Shows They Know Donald Trump Watches
Retail: 0% Financing Deals Bite Back Retailers as Fed Raises Rates
Retail: What Investors Missed in the Sears ‘Going Concern’ Warning
Tech: Google Faces Tall Order Policing Content
Tech: Apple to Start Making iPhones in India Over Next Two Months

Populism emerges as key economic influence

  Mar 23

Reflation Trade Hangs in the Balance as Health Care Vote Looms
Stock Pickers Can Thank the Fed for the Drop in Correlated Moves
European markets join selling as Trump trade falters
Everyone's a Net Seller of Japanese Stocks This Year: Analyst

Currencies & commodities
Investors Are Turning Bearish on the Dollar
EM currencies prosper as US dollar falters
Gold's Six-Day Winning Streak Ranks as Best Gain Since Brexit

Home Sales Slide on Tight Supply, Higher Prices
US commercial real estate has plenty of room to keep booming
'Subprime credit losses are accelerating': There's a problem in the auto loan market
Qualified Teachers in Shorter Supply in Cities, Education Report Says

Italy’s corporate spoils system unsettles investors

How uncertainty became the ‘new normal’ for Mexico

US politics
Republican Leaders Search for Health-Care Bill Votes
Health Bill Would Bring Big Changes to Medicaid
Trump’s Misplaced Priorities Imperil His Economic Agenda
Republican Nunes Tries to Give Trump Some Cover on Wiretap Claim
Nunes: Trump Team Messages Incidentally Intercepted
Democrats Seize on Disability Ruling to Bolster Their Case Against Gorsuch
What Trump's SEC Pick Needs to Explain
A Senator’s Plan to Reduce the Flow of Legal Migrants
Emirates to Let Travelers Keep Laptops, Tablets Until Boarding

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Preparing Cases Linking North Korea in Theft at N.Y. Fed
Attacker Leaves 3 Dead Near U.K. Parliament
London attack fits increasingly familiar pattern
Lawyer for Russian Whistleblower’s Family Falls Out of Window

Industries & companies
Financials: Deutsche slips in European investment bank ranking
Financials: Meet the CFO-Banker Who May Be Next to Run Deutsche Bank
Financials: JPMorgan climbs up the prime brokerage rankings
Health care: There's a massive recall of EpiPens outside the U.S. after reports of failure
Health care: Health-Stock Slump Deepens Before Obamacare Repeal Vote
Media: Game Publisher Tencent Warns of Risks Even as Profit Jumps
Retail: Sears Warning Slams Mall Stocks
Retail: Sears Plummets After Filing Sparks Concern That End Is Near
Retail: Payless Is Said to Be Filing for Bankruptcy as Soon as Next Week
Retail: Nike’s Biggest Sneaker Launch Ever Is a 1996 Reboot
Retail: Nike's business is 'going to get darker before the dawn'
Retail: Starbucks Doubles Down on Military Hiring After Boycott Threats
Tech: LinkedIn Wants to Hook Users With ‘Trending Storylines’

Corporate finance
Elliott Steps Up Pressure as Akzo Spurns New PPG Bid

Smart Lights Are a Bright Idea, With Alexa and Siri

Ray Dalio Says Populism May Be a Bigger Deal Than Monetary and Fiscal Policy | Paper

  Mar 22

Stocks Post Biggest Drop of Year as Trump Trade Stalls
As Easy-Money Era Winds Down, Markets Bet on Growth
Record Number of Fund Managers Say U.S. Equities Are Overvalued
High-Frequency Traders Fall on Hard Times as Costs Rise

Currencies & commodities
Saudi Arabia’s Oil Supremacy Falters
Big Oil’s Plan to Buy Into the Shale Boom
Dollar Bulls Are Throwing in the Towel as Trump Wagers Evaporate

Two in Five Americans Say They’ll Need $1 Million to Retire

EU Trade Restrictions Would Hamper Productivity Growth, ECB Says

Emerging Markets Are on a Tear
China Has Risky Task in Rebalancing Economy

US politics
House GOP Presses for Retroactive Investment-Tax Cut
Why Trump’s Tax Cut May Be Later, Smaller Than Thought
Tax Overhaul Threatens Affordable-Housing Deals
Trump Warns House GOP to Support Health-Care Bill
Ryan’s Leadership Is Tested by GOP’s Civil War on Health Bill
How the House GOP Health Plan Compares to the ACA
Partisan Divisions Weigh on Questioning During Gorsuch Hearing
There's a big difference between Reaganomics and Trumponomics

Geopolitics, trade, & terrorism
China Ramps Up Charm Offensive With U.S. Business Leaders
China Sees a Manufacturing Future—in America
China’s Taxes on Imported Cars Feed Trade Tensions With U.S.
The Laptop Ban and What It Means for Air Travel

Industries & companies
Media: Channels You Pay for—but Don’t Watch—Are Dying
Media: Google Acts to Keep Ads Away From Controversial Content
Retail: Retailers Stare Into the Darkness, But It Keeps Getting Darker
Retail: Avon Freshens Up In a Bid to Win Back Middle America
Retail: Bebe Plans to Shut Its Stores and Focus on Web Sales
Shipping: FedEx shares fall 4% after earnings miss
Tech: Microsoft Modifies Windows 10 for China’s Government

Remote workers are NOT watching daytime TV in their pajamas

  Mar 21

YRI Press: Top strategist says this will keep the bulls running on Wall Street
ETFs Are Giving Mutual Funds a Run for Their Money
Outlook for US corporate profits dims
Foreign investors net sellers of eurozone bonds
World’s Biggest Hedge Fund Joins Pivot to Local Emerging Bonds
Why Not Everyone Thinks Smart Beta's a Smart Idea: QuickTake Q&A

Currencies & commodities
Oil Drops as U.S. Drilling Growth Threatens to Counter OPEC Cuts
Dollar bulls checked by US rate policy concerns

Central banks
Fed Is Stuck in the Past With Its Forecasts of the Future
Interest Rates After Inflation May Be a Real Bubble

Investors ignore broader dangers of a Le Pen victory
U.K. Says It Will Start Formal Brexit Process Next Week
Italy’s Struggling Economy Has World’s Healthiest People

China regulator warns on outbound M&A spree, says acquisitions like ‘a rose with thorns’
Default Fears Resurface Over Singapore's Looming Debt Wall

US politics
President Trump's approval rating has hit a new low, says Gallup poll
Comey Deals Trump a Political Blow When He Can Least Afford It
Comey: No Evidence Found for Trump’s Wiretapping Claim
Trump Mounts Lackluster Defense of Ryan's Unpopular Health Bill
Wall Street is getting worried 'Trumpcare' could delay the biggest thing it wants from Trump

Geopolitics & trade
We may have just moved closer to a global trade war
G-20 meeting was 'disappointing' and 'disturbing': Yale’s Stephen Roach
Choice of I.M.F. Critic Highlights Trump’s Reversal of Global Policy
Globalization is facing a 're-calibration,' says Dow Chemical chief
Germany Fires Back at U.S. Critique of Its Trade Surplus
Trump Shifting Authority Over Military Operations Back to Pentagon
Saudi Arabia and China just hit the 'next level' for strategic collaboration, Saudi CEO says

Industries & companies
Financials: BofA poaches veteran Morgan Stanley dealmaker
Tech: Google apologises to advertisers for extremist videos
Tech: Uber president resigns over corporate culture
Tech: Snap’s stock is a buy, according to this analyst

Sorry, a Robot Is Not About to Replace Your Lawyer

Norway ranked world’s happiest country as the US gets sadder
Stephen Hawking plans to ride to the edge of space inside Richard Branson's ship
What’s Attacking the Web? A Security Camera in a Colorado Laundromat

  Mar 20

Record ETF flows fuel fears of stock market bubble
The Bull Market: 6 Things to Worry About, 3 to Ignore
Are higher interest rates bad for stocks?
Small-Caps Turn Sluggish as Trump Economic Policy Hangs in Balance
What Are Transports Telling Us?
Nouriel Roubini warns: Markets are overestimating Trump policy positives

OPEC's Cuts Are Treading Water
Inventory Glut Could Push Oil Down Further

Central banks
While Markets See Growth, Fed Officials Rightly Wait and See
Why the Federal Reserve Could Turn More Hawkish
Yellen's exit may prompt the Fed to pare its balance sheet sooner rather than later, Goldman says

Dutch Vote Allays Fears of a Euro Breakup for Now
Scottish leader softens stance on possible independence vote timing

Emerging Markets Thwart Short Sellers

US politics
U.S. Republicans working on Medicaid, tax credit changes: Ryan
Tax reform may begin in late spring, Spicer says
Kill the Border Adjustment Tax
What America would look like under the Trump budget
U.S. Starts Bidding Process for Border-Wall Construction
Donald Trump: A Fox News president
How Kellyanne Conway became one of America's most powerful political operatives
Trump adviser Roger Stone is in the crosshairs of the Senate's Russia investigation

G-20 Drops Anti-Protectionist Pledge as Price of U.S. Assent
Mnuchin at G-20 Plays Nice While Snubbing Rules of World Trade

Geopolitics & trade
Tillerson finally speaks: 'The threat of North Korea is imminent'
North Korea Tests U.S. as Tillerson Meets China’s Xi
Tillerson ends China trip with warm words from Jinping
Tillerson trip fails to narrow US-China differences
Vietnam steps up islands battle in South China Sea
Germany Trades Barbs With Trump on Defense After Merkel Meeting
Germany rejects Trump's claim it owes NATO and U.S. 'vast sums' for defense
Syria Retaliates Against Israeli Airstrikes as Tensions Escalate

Industries & companies
Tech: How Chip Designers Are Breaking Moore’s Law
Tech: Changes at Oracle, IBM, and Intel: Less Than Meets the Eye
Tech: Apple Could Rise 10% In 6 Months

Bill Gates wants to tax robots, but ABB CEO says that's 'as intelligent' as taxing software
Marijuana Industry Presses Ahead in California’s Wine Country
Kalorama: The Charming Elegance and Urban Allure of the Obamas’ New D.C. Neighborhood

  Mar 18

The S&P 500 and Dow have now gone 108 days without a 1% decline

Non-OPEC oil producers keep on pumping, deliver just 64% of pledged output cuts in Feb, source says

Consumers Say Economic Conditions Best Since 2000
Homebuyers Face Bidding Wars on Scarcer-Than-Ever U.S. Listings

US politics
Trump wants to ax 19 federal agencies — here's what they all do
Trump Takes a Gamble in Cutting Programs His Base Relies On
Trump Budget Proposals Prompt Concern at U.N.
Key Conservatives Endorse House GOP Health-Care Plan
Republicans Move Ahead on Health Repeal Despite Weak Support
Trump to nominate Kellyanne Conway's husband to lead the Justice Department's civil division
Sessions to Chicago Police: Don't hold your breath for federal help

Geopolitics I
President blasts North Korea for ‘behaving very badly’
U.S. Would Consider Military Strike, Tougher Sanctions on North Korea
Tillerson delivers stark warning to North Korea of possible military response
Next Stop Beijing: Tillerson to Press China on North Korea

Geopolitics II
Merkel hands Trump his second win of the week
Trump reiterates NATO support, presses Merkel on spending targets
It's what Trump didn't say with Merkel that worries Europe: Former US ambassador to NATO
Israel intercepts missile fired at its air force in Syria
Russian elite invested nearly $100 million in Trump buildings

Industries & companies
Financials: More Hedge Funds Shut Last Year Than Any Time Since the 2008 Crisis
Financials: Blackstone Is Shutting Its Distressed-Debt Fund
Pharma: Amgen cholesterol drug cuts heart attack, stroke risk but shares fall
Retail: JC Penney isn't the only major retailer leaving these malls
Tech: Snapchat continues to dive

The People From ‘Government Sachs’
Edge or Liability? White House Ties May Cut Two Ways for Goldman

  Mar 17

YRI in the News: Where are the Bulls in This Bull Market?
The Market Is Acting Like the Fed Cut Rates Yesterday
Credit Suisse and UBS Tell Wealthy Clients the Same Thing: Buy Stocks

Currencies & commodities
Despite U.S. Rate Increases, the Dollar’s Biggest Gains Look Done for Now
Treasury's Mnuchin Repeats Long-Term Dollar Strength Is 'Good'
The Gold Party's Back on After Yellen Reassures the Market

Central banks I
Fed Sees 2 More Increases in 2017
Fed Signals It Is Entering New Phase
Fed happy to walk into a run of rate rises
Yellen’s Message: My Work Here Is (Mostly) Done
Yellen Calms Fears Fed’s Policy Trigger Finger Is Getting Itchy
Janet Yellen just made an unsettling admission about the economy

Central banks II
China Tweaks Policy to Get Comfortable With Fed’s Rising Rates
Fed-PBOC Moves Hint at Calibration Mooted a Year Ago at G-20

Philly Fed's new order index highest in nearly 30 years
U.S. housing starts jump; weekly jobless claims fall
More Hiring and Quitting Points to an Improving Labor Market
Millions of Manufacturing Jobs Could Go Unfilled

Europe Gets Reprieve in Dutch Election, But the Center Fragments
Dutch Vote Sets Tone for Coming Elections in Europe
Dutch PM Mark Rutte sees off election threat of Geert Wilders
Italian debate on ditching euro grows louder
Ireland cries foul over competition for Brexit moves
Theresa May rejects calls for new Scottish referendum

US politics I
Winners and Losers in Trump’s ‘Skinny Budget’
These 80 Programs Would Lose Funding Under Trump's Proposed Budget
Trump’s budget—and much of his agenda—is still stuck in the mud
White House wants to strip infrastructure funds to divert them to its own infrastructure plan
Trump Seeks Billions in New Spending for Border Wall
Trump Proposes Historic Cuts Across Government to Fund Defense
Budget Proposal Would Slice EPA Spending by Nearly a Third
Trump Seeks to Cut State Department, UN for ‘America First’

US politics II
Conservatives just dealt 'Trumpcare' a significant blow
Republicans Explore Changes to Health Bill
Ryan Clings to Core of GOP Obamacare Bill
Trump’s Second Bid at Travel Ban Knocked Down by Two Judges
Trump Wiretapping Claims Rejected by Senate Intelligence Chiefs
Trump Says He Based Charge of Obama Wiretapping on Media Reports
Obtaining Land for Trump’s Border Wall a Daunting Task, Experts Say

Geopolitics & trade
Deficits Are a Flawed Guide to Unfair Trade
G-20 Said to Be Stuck on Trade Language After German Nod to U.S.
Tillerson Tells North Korea It Has Nothing to Fear From U.S.
Tillerson to Press China Over North Korea Threat
China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea
The King and Xi: Saudi Leader Pitches for China’s Billions
Behind Trump’s Russia Romance, There’s a Tower Full of Oligarchs

Industries & companies
Autos: Trump, Easing Emissions Rule, Vows to Expand Auto Jobs
Autos: Tesla Returns to Wall Street as Musk Readies Model 3 Rollout
Financials: Insurers See Health-Care Premiums Increasing Significantly
Financials: Americans Shun Life Insurance, Forcing New Tactics at Prudential
Financials: Goldman Sachs Scoops Up Delinquent Mortgages
Retail: Venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya says Amazon close to a 'natural monopoly'
Tech: Oracle’s Cloud Business Drives Revenue Growth

China Thinks It Has Figured Out Online Grocery Shopping

Economists’ Costly Obsession With Demand
Great Barrier Reef faces unprecedented threat

  Mar 16

The Fed just hiked rates for the 3rd time — that has a history of signaling a 'major cyclical top for stocks'
With no recession on the horizon, we're full speed ahead, Doubleline's Gundlach says
Goldman Turns Cautious on Stocks as Fed Threatens to Upset Calm

Oil at $40 No Problem as U.S. Drillers Snub OPEC With Hedges
Opec faces quandary as cuts fail to prop up prices

Central banks
Fed Raises Benchmark Rate as Inflation Approaches 2% Target
Here's what changed in the new Fed statement
The Fed maintains 2017, 2018 rate forecast
The Fed's New Dot Plot
Fed chief Yellen says stock gains figured into thinking on interest-rate hike
Janet Yellen just took on the Fed's $4.5 trillion question
Economic Scene: Fed’s Challenge, After Raising Rates, May Be Existential

U.S. retail sales weakest in six months, inflation firming

Francois Fillon placed under formal investigation

Remark by China Premier Li Keqiang Stirs Questions About His Future

Japan’s 7% Raise for Part-Time Workers Signals Wage Pressure

US politics
Ryan to Stick With GOP Obamacare Bill Despite CBO Estimate, Aide Says
GOP Senators Say Health Bill Won’t Pass Unless Changed
Trump loyalists sound alarm over ‘RyanCare,’ endangering health bill
Trump to Nominate Goldman Banker to No. 2 Treasury Post
Prerequisite for Key White House Posts: Loyalty, Not Experience
House intel committee: No evidence that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower'

Geopolitics & trade
Turkey vows to mobilize Islamic world against Euro-fascism
The US may send 1,000 troops to fight ISIS in Syria
Espionage risk to US heightened as China's military presses its domestic tech firms
Trump’s Top Trade Adviser Quietly Seeks an Alliance With Mexico
Russian Spy Agents Accused by U.S. of Masterminding Yahoo Hack

Industries & companies
Autos: Trump Answers Auto Industry Call for Review of $33 Billion Rules
Energy: Energy companies feeling pain from Saudi Arabia production and low oil prices
Financials: Trump and Fed are throwing a party for banks

Google's Schmidt Flags Promise in New Goodenough Battery

Manhattan Residential Real-Estate Market Heats Up

  Mar 15

Where are the bears? Stocks go 104 days without 1% drop
Why Robert Shiller Is Worried About the Trump Rally
Trump Waiting Game Turns a Stock Picker's Paradise Into ETF Land

The Great Corporate Bond Rush of 2017 Persists as Fed Mulls Hike
Rising ‘Real’ Yields Signal Optimism on Economy
Bond market complacency over Fed risks painful end
Junk’s stellar run under threat from a hawkish Fed
Fund Investors Load Up on Property Debt

OPEC's oil production ticks down in February as Saudis cut output more deeply
How Plunging Oil Prices Are Hurting the Global Reflation Rally
Saudis stand by commitment to oil production cuts

Central banks
Central Banks Set to Signal Monetary Mood Has Changed
Fed to Hike But Avoid Signaling Faster Pace: Decision-Day Guide
Fed, in shift, may move to faster pace of rate hikes
CNBC survey: Look out for a more aggressive Fed this year
Federal Reserve Ponders How To Do The Big Unwind
Strategist Mark Grant says Trump Fed appointees may lack desire to hike rates
These Fed Officials Give the Best Policy Signal

CEOs’ Economic Optimism Jumps by Most in Seven Years

Wilders's Party Slumps in Final Dutch Polls
Could France’s Marine Le Pen deliver Frexit?
Brexit bill approval overshadowed by Scotland demand
Scotland's Next Independence Vote Needs Hard Facts

Why Emerging Markets Shouldn’t Fear the Fed

US politics I
GOP Health Care Plan Takes Hit With CBO’s Dire Estimates
WH's estimate of coverage losses under the GOP's health care plan is even larger than the CBO
Health Bill Would Add 24 Million Uninsured but Save $337 Billion, Report Says
Paul Ryan: The CBO report 'actually exceeded my expectations'
"We disagree strenuously": Trump team attack CBO's unflattering "Trumpcare" report
Trump Warns It Could Take Several Years for Health Costs to Drop
Health bill may cost more for low income seniors
Young People to Pay Less Under GOP Health Plan, CBO Says

US politics II
Debt Ceiling Fight May Be Too Tempting for Trump to Pass Up
Justice Department seeks more time on Trump wiretap evidence
Steve Bannon and the Making of an Economic Nationalist
Preet Bharara: ‘Sheriff of Wall Street’ or Pragmatic Showman?
EPA Deputy Accused of Working With Monsanto to Kill Cancer Study

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Nominee Lighthizer Says U.S. Can Do Better in Trade Negotiations
North Korea warns U.S. of 'merciless' strikes
The leading presidential candidate in South Korea could thwart US plans to counter the North
To China, America Finally Looks Vulnerable
China waits to hear why Japanese warship going to South China Sea
Trump adviser makes first foray into MidEast talks

Industries & companies
Financials: FT Explainer: Dodd-Frank picked to pieces

Corporate finance
Saks Owner in Talks to Buy Neiman Marcus
VW Is Open to Fiat Chrysler Talks

Intel's $15 billion purchase of Mobileye shakes up driverless car sector
DeepMind Finds Way to Overcome AI’s Forgetfulness Problem

Trump Force One Is Ready for Takeoff
U.S. Applications for New Zealand Citizenship Jump 70%
How To Build a Hack-Proof Smart Home
When the Children Crashed Dad’s BBC Interview: The Family Speaks

  Mar 14

Despite Eerie Calm, Stocks Are Where They Should Be in the Rate Cycle
Traders Brace as Crucial Events Loom for Markets
The ETF Canaries Signaling Danger in the Credit Coal Mine
Wall Street Has Found Its Next Big Short in U.S. Credit Market
Pound Shows Resilience in Face of Second Scottish Referendum

Crude prices are almost back to where they were when OPEC announced production cuts (BI)
Drilling Boom in Hottest U.S. Oil Play Is Bad News for Gas Bulls

Central banks
Fed Signal Could Revive a Problem for China’s Central Bank
These Fed Officials Give the Best Policy Signal

Dutch Election Upended as Turkey Dispute Seen Aiding Wilders
May Enters Brexit Process in Strong Position, Though Threats Loom
Scotland to Seek Second Independence Referendum

Fake China data: was it just one province?

Surprise fall in Japan January machinery orders raises doubts about recovery

Modi Win Spurs Jump in Indian Stock Futures, Rupee Forwards

US politics
CBO Sees 24 Million More Uninsured, $337 Billion Deficit Cut With GOP Plan
Trump Gave CIA Power to Launch Drone Strikes
Schumer Warns of Government Shutdown Over Trump’s Border Wall

Geopolitics & trade
Nations Gather to Recast TPP

Corporate finance
Intel in $15 Billion Deal for Self-Driving Tech Firm Mobileye
Vista to Buy DH Corp for $2.03 Billion, Combine With Misys

Intel Joins Silicon Valley’s Race to Make Best ‘Server on Wheels’
Alexa and Cortana May Be Heading to the Office
How AI Is Transforming the Workplace

Sugar and Salt Content Shrivels as Consumers Get Wise on Health

  Mar 13

Investors Brace for Week of Events That Could Rattle Markets
What Fund Flows Really Say About the Market

Central banks
Trump Wants Faster Growth. The Fed Moves for Restraint.
Cohn: Fed doing 'good job,' respects independence
Fed and Markets Align Despite Looming Interest Rate Increase
Is the Federal Reserve Using Overheated Data?
Draghi Outlook Snaps Euro Interest-Rate Bears Out of Hibernation
ECB could lift rates while tapering QE

The $160 billion US manufacturing boom that started before Trump
U.S. Subprime Auto Loan Losses Reach Highest Level Since the Financial Crisis
Credit Reports to Exclude Some Negative Data, Boosting Scores
Your Pension Check May Soon Be Coming From an Insurance Company
U.S. Budget Gap Reaches 3.1% of GDP Over Past 12 Months

Dutch Leader Takes Populist Turn to Fend Off Far-Right
Anti-Le Pen splits open a narrow path to victory
FT Special: The Europopulists

China Says Economy Showed Signs of Improvement in Start of Year
After $225 Billion in Deals Last Year, China Reins In Overseas Investment
Modi’s Party Wins Big in Indian State Election

US politics
Republicans Pose Growing Challenge to Trump’s Trade Agenda
White House civil war breaks out over trade
White House Pledges No One 'Worse Off' in Obamacare Replacement
The G.O.P.’s High-Risk Strategy for Health Law Repeal
Tillerson struggles to make his mark in Washington
Trump Said to Weigh Political Risks of Firing CFPB's Cordray
U.S. Attorney Fired After Refusing Request to Resign
McCain on Russia: 'There's a lot more shoes to drop from this centipede'

Geopolitics & trade
Merkel to Warn Trump That U.S. Tax Changes May Spark Retaliation
Mnuchin to Focus on Currencies as G-20 Girds for Trump Era
Turkey-Netherlands Row Escalates as Dutch Deport Minister

Industries & companies
Biotech: Resisting the Allure of Gilead
Consumer: Norwegian Cruise Line Stock Could Rise 25%
Industrials: Ball Corp.: The Can-Do Can Maker
Retail: In Retail, Few Payouts Are Certain
Tech: Uber Urges Drivers to Reject Unionization Effort in Seattle

Next Top Fashion Designer? A Computer

No Privacy: Chinese Feel They’re ‘Running Naked’ Online
Why market reporters lean towards negative news
SEC Denies Winklevoss Application for a Bitcoin ETF

  Mar 11

Individual Investors Wade In as Stocks Soar
Has Trump unleashed America's animal spirits?
Oil’s Ripple Prompts Fast Exit From Junk Funds
Some bank bulls grow wary on policy uncertainty

Race to Bottom on Costs May Cause Oil to Choke on Supplies

Central banks
Strong U.S. job growth, rising wages set stage for Fed rate hike

America's Labor Market Is Getting Better by Almost Any Measure
Don't take the 235K jobs number at face value, Goldman's chief economist says
The Animal Spirits in the Jobs Report

China’s Auto Sales Grow, but Pace Weakens

US politics
Trump chooses Gottlieb to run FDA; Pharma breathes sigh of relief
Trump Plays Background Role on Health Care
Trump Lowers Profile After Obama Wiretap Accusation
Trump Didn’t Know of Flynn’s Work for Turkey Before Security-Post Nomination
Attorney General Seeks Resignations of 46 US Attorneys
Bharara, Wall Street's Enforcer, Among Prosecutors Asked to Quit
E.P.A. Chief Doubts Consensus View of Climate Change

Geopolitics & trade
White House civil war breaks out over trade
U.S. hopes to launch NAFTA talks in just over 90 days: Ross
Nafta Renegotiation Timeline Could Weaken Mexico’s Bargaining Power
South Korean President’s Ouster to Trigger Shift on U.S. Policy
Trump invites Palestinian leader Abbas to White House: aide

Bonfire of Wall St analysts burns some big names
WikiLeaks Will Help Tech Companies Fix Security Flaws, Assange Says
Ivanka Trump sales boom in February

  Mar 10

This Crazy, Expensive Market Is for Speculators Not Investors
The Market Is Suddenly Having Second Thoughts on Reflation
You Can’t Retire on the Trump Bump
Dimon Says Trump Has Reawakened ‘Animal Spirits’ in the U.S.
Hedge-Fund Trump Bump Turns to Slump
Insider Stock Buying Lowest in Three Decades

The OPEC Deal Is Facing Its Biggest Test
OPEC Faces Quandary as U.S. Oil Inventories Swell
Oil Settles Below $50 a Barrel for the First Time in 2017
Shale Billionaire Hamm Says Industry Binge Can ‘Kill’ Oil Market

Commodities & currencies
Gold Suffers Worst Run Since October as Slide Below $1,200 Looms
Gold looks vulnerable if Treasury yields push higher
Euro jumps as ECB declares victory against deflation
Investors’ itch to switch to euro foiled by Le Pen

Central banks
ECB Keeps Bond-Buying, Rates Unchanged Amid Inflation Flare-Up
ECB Won’t Apply Brakes to Stimulus—Yet
ECB exit strategy need not mimic the Fed’s

U.S. Consumer Comfort Just Reached Its Highest Level in a Decade
U.S. Household Net Worth Reaches Record $92.8 Trillion
U.S. Infrastructure Gets ‘D+’ Grade from Civil Engineers
The Growing Gap Between Jobless Claims and Job Losses
Led by Baby Boomers, divorce rates climb for America’s 50+ population

The economy that France’s next president will inherit
Brexit Brings Absolutely `No Benefits' -- the View From Norway
Netherlands election in the words of Dutch voters

China Tries Again to Stitch Together a Unified Civil Code of Law
China’s Consumer Inflation Hits a Low Point

Micromanager-in-Chief Modi Upends How India Is Run

US politics
GOP Health Plan Advances After Clearing Two Panels
‘This Is Not the Obamacare Repeal Bill We’ve Been Waiting For’
A Key Part of the GOP’s Plan to Overhaul the Tax Code Is in Deep Trouble
To Reduce Trade Deficit, White House Wants Partners to Buy American
Trump Begins to Map Out $1 Trillion Infrastructure Plan
Some States Aren't Waiting for Trump to Fund Infrastructure
Pruitt Says EPA to Take More Cues From States
Are Trump’s Deleted Tweets Official Records? The House Oversight Committee Thinks So

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Senators Have More Questions After Viewing CIA Documents on Russian Influence
FBI Eyes Contractors in CIA Leak
It’s Time for VIPs to Take the Hacker Threat Seriously

Industries & companies
Autos: Costlier Cars and Lost Jobs Give Trump Ammo to Ease Rules
Consumer: Soda Loses Its U.S. Crown: Americans Now Drink More Bottled Water
Energy: Energy sector weighs rewards and risks under Trump
Financials: Senate Banking Panel Advances Series of Deregulatory Bills
Financials: Bank Analysts Signal End of Political Risk
Financials: AIG CEO Hancock to Resign as Insurer’s Turnaround Falters
Hotels: Hoteliers Cast Airbnb as Fast-Growing Professional Rival
Telecom: A World Without Wi-Fi Looks Possible as Unlimited Plans Rise

Corporate finance
Shell Cuts Debt With $7.25 Billion Sale of Canada Oil Sands
PPG Makes $22 Billion Offer for Paint Rival Akzo Nobel, Is Rejected
Stronger signal for US telecoms M&A
Airbnb completes $1bn fundraising

Chicago Wants to Be a Hub for China Stock Trading

  Mar 9

Stocks Have Tripled Since Crisis, but Low Rates Are Still Squeezing Savers
A Freakish Calm Surrounds the Eight-Year Bull Market
Trump adviser Carl Icahn bets against the Trump rally
David Tepper is long the market up to his eyeballs
Bill Gross's Bond Bear Market Looms as 10-Year Yield Nears 2.6%

Oil Slumps to Lowest This Year on Record Supply
Oil Companies Take to Thrifty Bets

Central banks
Fed to hike until 'something breaks': Gundlach

This indicator on the health of the global economy is growing at the fastest pace in 6 years

ADP Says Companies in U.S. Hired the Most in Almost Three Years
U.S. fourth-quarter productivity unrevised at sluggish 1.3 percent

Schaeuble rejects U.S. criticism of German trade surplus
Germans Really, Really Love the Euro

China’s Newest Economic Data Don’t Add Up
China posts first monthly trade deficit in three years as imports soar

Brazil tumbles deeper into its worst ever depression

US politics I
GOP Set to Push Ahead on Health Plan Without a Price Tag
Republican governors are complaining about the GOP healthcare plan
GOP Health Plan Sparks Debate Over Obamacare Comparisons
Trump Open to Changes in GOP's Obamacare Replacement
How Tax Credit in GOP Health Plan Would Work
Republicans Give Rich Investors a Tax Break in Obamacare Revamp

US politics II
GOP Is Divided on How, and Whether, to Pay for Tax Cuts
Border Tax Fans Fail to Consider Stronger Dollar
Trump guts regulations from Wall Street to coal mines
Musk to join Trump at infrastructure meeting
White House budget chief expects to release budget next Wednesday
The man set to take the Trump hot seat at DoJ
NSA Whistleblower Bill Binney Says Trump Is Absolutely Right About Wiretap Claims
George Soros gave $246 million to partners of Women's March

Geopolitics & trade
China warns US and N Korea against ‘head-on collision’
WILBUR ROSS: 'We're in a trade war — we've been in a trade war for decades'
Nafta Talks Likely Won't Begin Until Later This Year, Ross Says
Trump is suffering from trade deficit disorder

WikiLeaks Releases Trove of Alleged C.I.A. Hacking Documents
WikiLeaks File Dump Stirs Debate Over CIA Hacking
CIA planned to hack cars and trucks to carry out undetectable assassinations claims WikiLeaks

Industries & companies
Airlines: Discount Business Class? Thank JetBlue
Retail: Starbucks Loses Market Share After Competitors Roll Out Drink Deals
Tech: Google Adds More Cloud Customers, Nabbing Verizon From Microsoft
Tech: Amazon CEO’s Rocket Firm Blue Origin Emerges as Force in Aerospace

Scientists Discover New State of Matter Called ‘Time Crystals’
New Force on Wall Street: The ‘Family Office’

  Mar 8

OECD Warns of ‘Disconnect’ Between Markets, Growth Outlook
The Volatility Puzzle: Can Political Uncertainty Make Markets Tamer?
Why the Bull Market May Die Under Trump
Fed Takes Fear Out of Markets as Volatility Plunges in Bonds, FX

The Shale Industry Is Scrambling to Catch Up to Its Own Boom
OPEC and Shale Learning to Coexist

Central banks
As Eurozone Economy Strengthens, Divisions Within ECB Re-Emerge
Central Banks Are Stockpiling Foreign Reserves

U.S. Posts Biggest Monthly Trade Deficit in Nearly Five Years
Consumer Borrowing in U.S. Posts Smallest Gain Since July 2012

German trade surplus sparks concern at home and abroad
Dutch Populist Wilders Feels Trump Burn With Slide in Polls
Will EU core states leave rest behind after Brexit?
Hungary Lawmakers Approve Tough Anti-Migrant Measure
Road map for eurozone investors shaken up

Are U.S., China Headed for ‘Hot War’ on Trade?
China's Most Valuable Drugmaker Sees Sales Surge on Global Push

Russia Is Running on More Than Just the Black Stuff
Republican tax reform could shake up emerging economies

US politics
Conservatives Savage GOP Obamacare Plan Despite Trump Praise
GOP’s Health Plan Draws Skepticism on Capitol Hill
What Insurers Like and Dread About GOP’s Plan to Replace Obamacare
Q&A: How the House Plan to Replace Obamacare Would Affect Consumers
Top Earners Would Pay Less Tax Under GOP Health-Care Proposal
Donald Trump Presses Twitter Attack on Barack Obama

Geopolitics, trade, & cybersecurity
Trump’s trade team yearns for the battling 1980s
South Korea Gets First Parts of Missile-Defense System
China rebukes US for anti-missile shield in S Korea
WikiLeaks Posts Purported CIA Hacking Documents

Industries & companies
Autos: Mercedes Is Making the World’s Most Expensive SUV
Pharma: Trump Sends Pharma Stocks Down With New Tweet on Drug Prices
Pharma: Lower $1,000 Pill Price? We'd Love It, Says Express Scripts
Pharma: J&J’s legal costs surge in wave of product lawsuits
Retail: Coming Soon to Your Local Mall: Celery and Dog Food
Tech: Bezos Gets First Paying Customer for Blue Origin Rocket
Tech: HP Enterprise to Acquire Nimble Storage for About $1 Billion

How AI Will Change Everything

Big data scramble in markets still relies on people

  Mar 7

Global equities slip as Asia rattled by NK missiles
Dollar Ticks Higher on Renewed Fed Optimism

IEA Sees No Peak Oil Demand ‘Any Time Soon’

Americans could be killing the McMansion for good

Juppe says no to French presidential bid but slams candidate Fillon
Greek Economy Contracts, Complicating Bailout Talks

China exerts control over hot debt markets
China’s Steel Cutbacks Look Deeper Than They Are
The Big Problem With China’s Bridge and Tunnel Addiction

US politics I
Forget the Border Levy. Here's the Really Big GOP Tax Idea.
Auerbach (2016): The Role of Border Adjustments in International Taxation
Auerbach (2010): A Modern Corporate Tax
House Republicans Release Plan to Replace Obamacare
Trump's New Travel Ban Swaps Chaos for Snooze as Prep Pays Off
U.S. to Temporarily Suspend Fast-Track Processing of H-1B Visas
If Trump Wants Growth, He'll Need Immigrants

US politics II
Former Intelligence Chiefs Dispute Trump's Wiretap Allegations
White House spokesperson says Trump does not accept FBI denial over phone tap claims
White House doubles down on Trump's wiretap claims
Trump's Wiretap Tweets Raise Risk of Impeachment
U.S. Supreme Court Cancels Transgender Bathroom Showdown
Lawmakers Renew Calls for James Clapper Perjury Charges

Geopolitics & trade
North Korea fires four ballistic missiles
Trump adviser Navarro: U.S., Germany should discuss trade outside EU
U.S. Shift on Russia Pleases Europe, Worries Moscow
Russian Hackers Seek Hush Money From Liberal U.S. Groups
China Takes Heat on Trade, but Germany’s Power Continues to Grow
As Netanyahu faces police questioning, rivals look 'post-Bibi'

Industries & companies
Autos: General Motors Waves Goodbye to Europe
Energy: Exxon Is Steering Its Construction Dollars Back to U.S.
Energy: Exxon’s $20 Billion Spending Plan Points to U.S. Energy Surge
Shipping: Hanjin Creditor Wins Court Approval to Sell Shipping Containers
Tech: Snap drops 12% to close below Thursday’s open price
Tech: IBM, Salesforce Agree to Partner on Artificial Intelligence

Rich Asian Millennials Pool Family Fortunes to Build Venture Fund

  Mar 6

Stocks: A Crowded Elevator Ready to Go Down?
How Expensive Are Stocks -- Really?
U.S. Stocks Look Pricey
Brace your portfolio: Stocks are set to pop and then drop, says strategist Jim Paulsen
Investors bet Trump-fueled tech rally far from over
U.S. energy stocks, darlings last year, stumble in 2017
Europe’s Bargain-Priced Shares Draw Fleeting Interest

Credit, commodities & currencies
Bonds See Gloom Where Stocks See Zoom
Commodity Bets Hit Record Highs as Investors See Growth Signs
Mexican peso surges as US signals softer stance

Central banks
What a Trump Fed Might Look Like
Fed's Powell warns of digital currency's risks

U.S. Jobs Outlook Far Brighter Than Reported
Dying shopping malls are wreaking havoc on suburban America
The American suburbs as we know them are dying
Millennials Delay the Homeownership Move

China Sets Growth Target of About 6.5% or Higher
China’s Premier Maps Out Cautious Economic Course
China to Raise Military Spending, but Less Than in Recent Years

US politics
Conservative Groups Jeopardize GOP Plan to Repeal Affordable Care Act
Keystone Pipeline Won’t Be Required to Use American Steel Despite Trump Vow
Out in the cold: New U.S. budget priorities threaten housing aid programs
Trump administration to propose 'dramatic reductions' in foreign aid
U.S. suspends fast processing of high-tech visa applications
Comey Asks Justice Dept. to Reject Trump’s Wiretapping Claim
Trump Relied on Breitbart to Claim Obama Tapped His Phones
Does Stephen Miller Speak for Trump? Or Vice Versa?
'Deplorables for Trump' — president's supporters rally across the country

Geopolitics & trade
Fight the Myth of Fair Trade
Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles
Netanyahu to meet Putin, says Iran seeks permanent foothold in Syria
Mexico opens migrant defense centers at U.S. consulates

Corporate finance
Corporate Urge to Merge Roars On

Rise of the Robots
Why no job is safe from the rise of the robots

How to Escape Your Political Bubble for a Clearer View
Schwarzenegger on 'Celebrity Apprentice': I Quit
U.S. Airport Pat-Downs Are About to Get More Invasive

  Mar 4

Growth momentum is fuelling the rally, not Trump
One of the hottest Trump trades is about to soar even higher: Strategist
If Trump fails to deliver on a corporate tax cut, expect a 10-15% correction, says expert
Investors Are Shunning Hedges in the Trump Rally, Goldman Sachs Says
Fed Hawks Have Markets Already Gaming 2018
ETFs Race to Fastest Yearly Start
World’s Biggest Pension Fund Posts Record $92 Billion Gain

Central banks
Yellen Speech: From Adding Accommodation to Scaling It Back
Yellen Says March Hike 'Likely Appropriate' If Progress Persists
Fischer Speech: Monetary Policy: By Rule, By Committee, or By Both?
Federal Reserve releases examples of new charts that illustrate uncertainty around projections
Draghi should resist calls to prepare exit from QE
Pressure on ECB as eurozone inflation hits 4-year high

The global manufacturing sector is back

U.S. Service-Sector Activity Expanded to Highest Level in More Than a Year
Consumers May Have Cut Back in February. Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Worry

Goldman Sachs Is Skeptical About a Big Profit Rebound in Europe
Fillon’s support drains away within own party
Greece Approaches World Bank for $3 Billion Loan

Japan returns to inflation for first time since 2015

Morgan Stanley is really bullish on China, here's what's behind the contrarian call
Xi Jinping, Seeking to Extend Power, May Bend Retirement Rules

Peso climbs after Wilbur Ross talks of currency stabilisation ‘mechanism’
These Mexican Companies Are Reaping the Rewards of a Weak Peso
Mexican Central Bank's Peso Support Is Gift to Biggest Companies

US politics
Chasing leaks fuels paranoia in Washington
Jeff Sessions Used Political Funds for Republican Convention Travel
With Sessions sidelined, prosecutor Obama promoted would oversee Russia probes
In Short Supply in Trump’s Cabinet: Lawyers
Democrats ask if the Oprah effect can beat Trump
The GOP's secret plan to repeal Obamacare won't work
House Committee Aims to Reshape Medicaid Program
Trump's EPA budget proposal targets climate, lead cleanup programs

Geopolitics & trade
Trump says wants defense buildup to project U.S. power abroad
Trump's 'bromance' with Russia's Putin appears to be cooling
Trump’s Russia ties leave Washington puzzled
Sergey Kislyak, Russian Envoy, Cultivated Powerful Network in U.S.
China hints at trade war strategy in South Korea standoff
Nafta Has Room for Improvement, Mexico's Economy Minister Says
Hundreds of Firms Vie to Build Trump’s Border Wall
Syria Talks End With Little Progress
US military test shows the A-10 'Warthog' can obliterate the small boat swarms that Iran uses
Young Palestinians give up on two-state solution
The nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam is lethal to touch — here’s how his suspected assassins survived

Industries & companies
Aerospace: More Than 1,800 Boeing Employees Accept Voluntary Buyouts
Autos: Tesla Responds to Bloomberg News Story on Management Departures
Energy: Canada Says No Big Hurdles Remain for Keystone Approval
Financials: Deutsche Bank Is Nearing a Plan to Boost Capital by $10.6 Billion
Financials: Hedge-Fund Swagger Sinks Along With Profits and Fees
Health Care: Trump’s Obamacare reforms hang over health stocks
Industrials: U.S. authorities raid Caterpillar's Illinois facilities
Retail: Retailers Had a Dismal Christmas. Now Comes Ryan’s Import Tax
Retail: Costco to Raise Membership Fees as Costs Dent Profit
Tech: Facebook Intensifies Hunt for TV-Like Video Programming

Amazon looks to universities in artificial intelligence race
Japan worker shortage has one winner so far: robots

The CEO of the world's biggest ad company says Amazon keeps him up at night
Behind the Bridgewater Shakeup: Ray Dalio’s Unorthodox Culture
Pimco’s New Bond Chief Is Nailing It
Tom Hanks keeps White House press corps caffeinated

  Mar 3

Skeptical Wall Street Strategists Undone by Market Rally
US share buybacks punch below their weight
Esoteric ETFs boost number of passive US funds

Central banks
Video: Ed Yardeni Says Fed Realized They Achieved Their Mandate
Businesses are expecting inflation to rise in the coming months, Fed's Beige Book says
Pressure on ECB as eurozone inflation hits 4-year high

U.S. Jobless Claims Lowest Since March 1973
US auto sales rise less than forecast in February
Ageism Thwarts Policies to Boost the Senior Workforce, Study Finds

Europe starts to think the unthinkable: break-up
French Twist: Here’s How Investors Are Playing ‘Frexit’
Le Pen Stripped of Immunity in ISIS Twitter Case
How education level is key predictor of Wilders support

China’s Xi Positions Allies for Transition Battle
Six Chinese Billionaires Spring Up With Delivery Fortunes Worth $47 Billion

US politics
Trump’s $1 Trillion Infrastructure Dream Faces the Same Old Nightmares
‘Secret’ Obamacare Plan Leads Lawmakers on Hunt Across Capitol
Trump muddies the waters on import tax plan
Trump’s World Increasingly Shaped by Fox News, and Fox by Trump
Fox CEO Worried About Dismissal of Negative Stories as Fake News

To Russia with Love
Trump Taps Ex-Intelligence Officer, Putin Critic for NSC Post
Sessions Recuses Himself From Russia Inquiry
With Sessions Under Fire, Trump Faces Threat to His Inner Circle
Donald Trump Jr. Was Likely Paid to Speak at Pro-Russian Group’s Event
Has Trump Already Sidelined His Secretary of State?

Industries & companies
Defense: Lockheed's Satellite Boost System Is Under U.S. Air Force Review
Financials: World’s Biggest Banks Fined $321 Billion Since Financial Crisis
Financials: Goldman’s $3 Billion Drop in the ETF Bucket
Industrials: Caterpillar Shares Plunge After Federal Agents Raid Its Offices
Retail: In Retail’s Slump, Saks Looks to Woo Guys with DJs, Putt-Putt Golf
Tech: Twitter Adds More E-Sports to Live-Streaming Efforts

Corporate finance
Snap Shares Soar in Heavy IPO Trading
Snapchat's two 20-something founders are each worth ~$4 billion
Snapchat already has a "sell" rating, and the analyst thinks it will crash 58%
Lyft Seeking At Least $500 Million in New Funding

AI Scientists Gather to Plot Doomsday Scenarios (and Solutions)
Self-Driving-Truck Startups Race to Take On Uber
Amazon Says Employee Error Caused Tuesday's Cloud Outage

Bitcoin climbs above gold for the first time

  Mar 2

Investor Euphoria Has Stocks Set to Race Past Fair Value
Dow Surges 303 Points to Top 21000
Traders are sending a warning that the stock-market rally is running out of steam
Retail stocks, ‘decimated’ by tech, could fall even further
Investors back French banks over government debt

Oil inches up as OPEC sticks to output pledges

Central banks & inflation
Fed's Brainard Says Rate Hike Likely Appropriate `Soon'
Beige Book
Inflation Ticks Up Around the Globe

Mortgage applications surge 5.8 percent, as rates briefly dip
Video: Why are so many American men not working? (Brookings)

Juncker suggests return of powers to states
Fillon Stays in French Election Race Despite Facing Charges
Fillon’s chances gored as formal probe launched
London’s ‘Cheesegrater’ Sold to China Firm for $1.42 Billion

Pimco, BlackRock and Mobius's Predictions for China in 2017

US politics
Trump’s Softer Tone Masks Hard Road Ahead for Agenda in Congress
Breaking Down the Speech by Topic
U.S. Commerce secretary says Trump did not endorse border tax plan
Trump and health care: President gives Congress five principles for Obamacare replacement
Trump Backs Tax Credits To Replace Health Law
The Next Dilemma of the Republican Tax Overhaul: Pass-through Business Income
White House to Kick Off Infrastructure Planning Thursday
Trump’s spending plan tests the soul of his party

Geopolitics & trade
Trump is (still) spoiling for a trade war

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla's China Sales Triple to More Than $1 Billion
Financials: Bridgewater’s Dalio Stepping Down as Co-CEO of Hedge Fund
Financials: Even Bankers Are Feeling More Upbeat About Banks
Financials: Wells Fargo Warns a Deeper Review May Uncover More Bogus Accounts
Retail: Lowe's forecasts 2017 sales ahead of estimates; shares up
Retail: Why Costco Bucks the Retail Malaise
Retail: Best Buy shares slip 5 percent as revenue, outlook fall short
Restaurants: McDonald’s Decides to Embrace Fast-Food Identity
Tech: YouTube Unveils Subscription Television Service

Corporate finance
Snap Raises $3.4 Billion, Pricing Shares in IPO Above Range
The private equity party is overcrowded
SEC freezes accounts in SoftBank-Fortress inquiry

Video: Boston Dynamics: Introducing Handle the Robot

Denmark: Welfare Icon Now Wants People to Take Care of Themselves
Coding Boot Camps Band Together to Boost Accountability

  Mar 1

S&P 500 Could Top 4,000 in Eight Years and It's Not Because of Trump
The S&P 500 charts that make bulls skittish
Mom and Pop Investors Are Behind This Historic Market Rally
Treasuries Plunge After Fed Speakers Jolt March Hike Odds Higher
Retail Stocks Slide on Target’s Forecast
One of the most senior women on Wall Street just issued a rallying cry for stock pickers

Central banks
Fed officials talk up rate rise prospects
Fed's Williams Says March Hike to Get ‘Serious Consideration’ | Speech
Bullard: "The Role of the Fed's Balance Sheet for the U.S. Monetary Policy Outlook in 2017"
China's Central Bank Faces a Delicate Balancing Act

U.S. GDP Advanced 1.9% in Final Quarter of 2016
U.S. Housing Market Roars Into 2017, Case-Shiller Says
Why Construction Has Seen Particularly Weak Productivity Growth
A Stronger Dollar and the Profitability of U.S. Firms

Brussels to lay out plans for more ‘multi-speed’ EU-27

Zombie companies still threaten China’s living

BoJ publishes bond-buy plans to keep yields at 0%

Are emerging markets entering a new virtuous cycle?
India GDP Hurt by Cash Crunch

US politics
Trump Faces a Conservative Revolt in Congress
In Speech to Congress, Trump Looks to Jump-Start Momentum
Trump wants to cut $54bn in spending from domestic agencies--enough to wipe several of them out
Trump Expects Growth to Pay for Defense Boost
Lawmakers Expect Trump Will Get on Board With Medicare, Social Security Cuts
Ryan and Bannon Forge Unexpected Alliance on Border Tax
Trump to Repeal Obama-era Regulations on Firearms, Water
Wilbur Ross is confirmed
Trump Slow to Submit Nominations for Top Posts
Trump’s Travel Ban Likely to Exempt Those With Visas

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Infrastructure Plan Seen as Key to Dodging China Trade War
Russia Says Preparations Beginning for Trump-Putin Meeting
Merkel tries ‘strategic patience’ with Trump

Industries & companies
Financials: Dimon Says U.S. Future ‘Very Bright’ If Trump Can Enact Reforms
Financials: JPMorgan calls for easing of bank regulation
Financials: J.P. Morgan Executives: Let the Good Times Roll
Pharma: Valeant shares drop 14% as drugmaker cuts guidance
Media: Time Inc. Asks Suitors to Submit Offers by Next Week
Retail: Target Plunges Most in Eight Years
Tech: Google’s YouTube to Launch $35-a-Month Web-TV Service
Tech: Apple’s Next iPhone Will Have a Curved Screen
Tech: Snap's Investors Could Disappear After the IPO

JPMorgan Software Does in Seconds What Took Lawyers 360,000 Hours

Bill Gates says it's too early for basic income, but over time "countries will be rich enough"
The Night They Locked Up All the Smartphones
Keep Your Kids Away From Connected Toys
What Press Freedom Means When You Can Just Press 'Tweet'

  Feb 28

Trillions of Dollars Are at Stake When Trump Speaks to Congress
Infrastructure Stocks Climb After Trump Pledges to Spend 'Big'
Stocks Tick Higher, Led by Energy and Financial Shares
A New Way to Look at Crazy Stock Valuations
Tudor Jones’ New Hedge Fund Pitch: Low, Low Prices
Gold bulls bet on uncertainty over US stimulus
French bonds enjoy best run since Brexit vote

Central banks
Fed's Kaplan Says FOMC Shouldn't Overread Market Expectations

Aircraft Sales Boosted U.S. Durable-Goods Orders in January
Pending Purchases of U.S. Existing Homes Unexpectedly Decline
As Wall Street Thrives, America's Little Guy Chokes on Paperwork

Eurozone Business Confidence Grows Despite Impending Elections
Le Pen, Trump and the Atlantic counter-revolution

Corporate China hits global debt market milestone
China Gives Foreign Bond Investors Help With Hedging

US politics
Trump: Nobody Knew Health Care Could Be So Complicated
Trump Promises ‘Something Special’ on Health Care Before Speech
GOP Leaders Dare Republicans to Block Obamacare Repeal Bill
Trump to Propose 10% Defense Increase in Budget Plan, Aides Say
Trump wants $54bn increase in military spending
Buffett Sees Republicans Needing to Dial Back Tax Plan Ambitions
GE’s Immelt urges Trump deregulation and tax reform
Senate Poised to Confirm Ross
As Trump Heads to Congress, Polarization Is Hardening
Slight Majority of Americans Sees Media as Too Tough on Trump, Poll Finds
Indian Workers in U.S. Fear a Trump H-1B Crackdown

Geopolitics & trade
Mexico Warns It'll Cut Off Nafta Talks If U.S. Proposes Tariffs
Trump team looks to bypass WTO dispute system

Industries & companies
Financials: US banks hit brakes on lending after election
Financials: AIG Directors Weigh Consequences for CEO After Big Setback
Financials: ETFs Provide Some Good News at Deutsche Bank
Industrials: GE Chief: Globalization Isn’t Over, It Is the End of the ‘Global Elite’
Materials: Teck Bullish on Coal, But Not Enough to Add Production Capacity
Retail: Two Retailers, One Big Worry
Tech: YouTube Tops 1 Billion Hours of Video a Day
Tech: Berkshire Hathaway More Than Doubles Apple Stake

Corporate finance
Tech Startup Market Sinks to Lowest Point in Three Years
Private equity outbid by cash-rich buyers on deals
FCC Chairman Doesn’t Expect to Review AT&T-Time Warner

Supersmart Robots Will Outnumber Humans Within 30 Years, Says SoftBank CEO
Amazon’s Alexa assistant is gaining ‘skills’ at a tremendous rate

WHO raises alarm over drug-resistant superbugs
Man Who Moved Oil With His Words Won't Talk About It Anymore
PwC Partner Tweeted Minutes Before Oscar Best Picture Mix-Up

  Feb 27

Will investors cheer Trump in speech to Congress?
Eight Years a Ball: cracks in its façade are beginning to show
Robert Shiller: With stock valuations high, it’s time to reduce your holdings
David Rosenberg: Cautious on Trump Rally

Bond Market Is Flashing Warning Signal on Trump Reflation Trade
The Case for U.S. Treasury Bonds

With Shale Oil Production Like This, Who Needs Trump?

Central banks
The Most Radical Experiment in Monetary Policy Isn’t Working [for Japan]

Whatever happened to secular stagnation?
California Governor Calls for Billions of Dollars to Upgrade Infrastructure
More than one in 10 staff at US banks work in Asia

What Does the French Election Mean for the Euro?
Le Pen’s online army leads fight for French presidency
Fillon wins temporary reprieve in embezzlement probe

Commodity Rebound Would Be Boon for Russia, Indonesia

US politics
Many Americans Disapprove of Trump but Are Open to His Agenda
Budget Won’t Touch Entitlement Programs, Mnuchin Says
GOP Governors at Health-Law Impasse
Trump to Meet With Health-Insurance Executives
Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump
For Commerce Pick Wilbur Ross, ‘Inherently Bad’ Deals Paid Off
Tom Perez to Lead Democrats, in Blow to Populist Wing
Anti-Trump Protests Are ‘Balancing Act’ for Police
Trump to Skip Washington Press Corps Dinner
Trump Goes After Familiar Targets
Brennan Says Russia Probe Must Be Bipartisan

Geopolitics & trade
Planned Back-Channel Talks Between U.S., North Korea Scuttled
German business prepares to defend free trade in US

Industries & companies
Consumer: U.S. Workers to Manufacture Play-Doh Again
Consumer: Harley-Davidson: An Uneasy Rider
Energy: Bottom Fishing Transocean: Reel In 35%
Financials: Deutsche Bank Cuts 2016 Bonus Pool by Almost 80%, FAS Reports
Industrials: Infrastructure Maven
Retail: J.C. Penney Is Latest Retailer Forced to Downsize
Retail: The Anti-Trump Activist Taking On Retailers

Google Assistant Goes Beyond the Pixel to Take on Apple's Siri
Goldman Sacked: How artificial intelligence will transform Wall Street

Warren Buffett's Shareholder Letter
Buffett Assails Money-Manager Fees as Berkshire Reports Higher Profit
Buffett suggests shift from long-term perspective

The Upshot: Economists Have Been Demoted in Washington. That’s a Bad Idea

  Feb 25

Stocks Turn Higher in Final Minutes of Trading
Timing the US market a big challenge for passive investors
How Dangerous Is a Stock Market of Mindless Robots?
America in Cap-Ex Mode Can't Beat Buybacks as Bull Market Engine

U.S Treasuries Might Finally Be Ready to Stage a Breakaway
High-yield strategies take baton from long duration to end 2016
Reasons for Bunds rush go beyond fears over Le Pen

Central banks
Fed Isn’t Ready to Cut Balance Sheet Yet
William C Dudley: Transcript of Cornell Annual Predictions Event

Michigan Consumer Sentiment Shows First Post-Election Drop
Sales of New U.S. Homes in January Were Slower Than Forecast

Germany and Italy back Brussels on Brexit
French Prosecutors Extend Investigation Into Fillon
Marine Le Pen refuses to be questioned by French police

Capital-Control Policy Puts Brakes on Chinese Investment in Hollywood
China seeks baby boom to counter low birth rates

US politics
White House denies report that it doesn't support a controversial Republican tax plan
Here's the first look at the House Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare
Trump Orders Agencies to Identify Unnecessary Regulations
Trump to Call for Repeal of Obama-Era Environmental Rules
White House Denies Briefing Access to New York Times, Politico, CNN
Trump Says His Victory Marked Win for Conservative Values
Contest for Democratic Party Chairman Turns on Local Issues
Priebus Sought FBI Help in Refuting Reports on Russia

Geopolitics & trade
World Trade Flows Grew at Slowest Pace since Financial Crisis in 2016
U.S. Talks With Mexico Clouded by Mixed Message
Brexit could help EU strike free trade deal with India, MEPs believe

Industries & companies
Energy: Losing 4.3 Billion Barrels Is Good For Exxon
Financials: Aflac Pushes Into Infrastructure Debt Investing in U.S., Japan
Financials: RBS CEO: 'We're approaching a level of normality'
Financials: Wall Street’s Humans Notch a Win Against the Computers
Retail: J.C. Penney is closing up to 140 stores to against online retailers

Corporate finance
M&A raises concerns over market peak
The case for and against investing in Snap's massive IPO
Unilever defends rebuff of Kraft Heinz deal
How GM’s pension shortfalls might affect PSA deal

What’s the Latest Buzz in Electric Cars? Speed, Baby!
Virtual-Reality Goggles Come With a Hitch: Real Reality

Robot tax: Do androids dream of personal deductions?
'Trump: ‘I was the best golfer of all the rich people"
Have $6 Million? Avoid Taxes By Using Exports and an IRA

  Feb 24

Dow Hits 10th Straight Daily High as Dollar Slips: Markets Wrap
Nasdaq Slips as Biotechnology Shares Decline
Aramco: Saudi Arabia's Oil Wealth Is About to Get a Reality Check

Mnuchin's Ultra-Long Bond Chatter Sends Treasuries Curve Steeper
Treasury eyeing issue of 100-year US government debt
Can You Make Money in a Euro Collapse?

Central banks
Fed Eyes Aggressive Rate Increases

How Our Expectations of Weak Economic Growth May Have Helped Cause It
Landlords Are Taking Over the U.S. Housing Market

ECB Warns of a Europe of `Small Countries' If Populism Triumphs

Pimco Says China Needs to Get Tougher in Cat-and-Mouse Debt Game
China Shakes Up Economic Team as Power Shift Looms

US politics
Treasury Secretary Mnuchin Sees Tax Overhaul by August
Border-Adjustment Tax Divides Energy Sector
Trump is reportedly putting off one of his biggest economic promises until next year
Copper is tumbling following a report that Trump will wait on infrastructure spending
Business Leaders Send Trump Their Deregulation Wish List
Bannon: ‘Every Day Is Going to Be a Fight’
Homeland Security Head: No Military Force on Migrants

Geopolitics & trade
US retreats from Trump pledge on China currency
Trump says he can't find any country the US has a trade surplus with — here they are
U.S. Official’s Diplomatic Line in Mexico Differs From Trump
Trump Deportation Plan Dominates Mexico Trip by Kelly, Tillerson

Industries & companies
Airlines: The $65 European Airfare Is Coming to the U.S.
Autos: Renault-Nissan’s Problem: There’s Only One Ghosn
Energy: Exxon Caves to Oil Crash With Historic Global Reserves Cut
Financials: Barclays Swings to Profit as Sweeping Overhaul Nears End
Industrials: Trump Love Can't Save Caterpillar or U.S. Steel From Slump
Industrials: Where Are The Toilets? Order Glut Stretches Giant Jet Makers to Limit
Mining: Glencore swings back to profit in 2016
Retail: Nordstrom Tightens Belt to Deal With Department-Store Slump
Tech: HP Enterprise Posts Steep Revenue Drop, Lowers Outlook

Corporate finance
Viacom debt deal turns spotlight on Trump tax plan

Gary Cohn to Recuse Himself From Goldman Sachs Matters
Olympics in ‘Crisis’ as Just Two Cities Vie to Host Summer Games

  Feb 23

German bond yields fall on French election worries

Central banks
Fed Officials See Rate Hike ‘Fairly Soon’ | FOMC Minutes
Speech by Governor Powell on the economic outlook and monetary policy

Existing-home sales jump to a 10-year high
Trump’s Growth Target Made Harder by Immigration Plans
Why Trump's Immigration Crackdown Could Sink U.S. Home Prices
More of This Year’s Tax Refund Will Pay Down Debt

Eurozone Finally Finds Itself Free of Deflation
Merkel leads in the polls
Marine Le Pen has a better chance than you think
Italy’s political parties relapse into old ways

China's housing market is starting to cool
China will navigate debt challenge and avoid financial shock
Long Days at Chinese Tech Firms

US politics
Trump Says ‘Enormous Work’ Ahead on Budget to Deliver Priorities
Goldman Has Grim Prognosis for Tax Reform Amid Obamacare Debate
Citigroup Sets Up D.C. Team to Prep for Trump's Regulatory Overhaul
Will Trump’s plan reverse the deterioration of America’s Aging Infrastructure?
Trump Would Reconsider Bannon’s NSC Role if Asked
Bernie Sanders Loyalists Are Taking Over the Democratic Party One County Office at a Time

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Scorns the IMF's Globalism, and Now He Gets to Vote on It
Tillerson, Kelly Head to Mexico for Talks Amid Diplomatic Tensions

Mark Cuban calls universal basic income "one of the worst possible responses" to robot automation

Several Earth-Like Planets Discovered Orbiting Nearby Star
Your Biggest Online Security Risk Is You

  Feb 22

Why Trump’s much-awaited tax plan announcement could be a ‘sell the news’ event
Global stocks hit record highs, dollar rises on rate-hike view
Goldman Sachs Warns U.S. Stocks Are Now Reaching Peak Optimism
US uncertainty offers opportunities, says Goldman
Wal-Mart helps Wall Street's record-setting rally march on

Central banks
The Fed and the market are having a hard time getting on the same page
Fed's Williams Says Historically Low Interest Rates Will Persist | Economic Letter

Here's how Trump may overhaul US trade data — and why it matters

Europe Combats a New Foe of Political Stability: Fake News

US politics
Trump Team Maps Sweeping Deportations for Undocumented Migrants
Trump to exclude U.S. 'dreamer' migrants from crackdown
How CEOs across America feel about Trump — and what they think he'll do to their businesses
Trump Condemns Anti-Jewish Threats as ‘Painful and Horrible’

Geopolitics & trade
Ex-NATO Chief praises Trump's national security team 'now that Flynn has been dismissed'
Mexico and Canada Say Nafta Should Be Re-Negotiated Trilaterally
Vietnam Shrugs Off the Loss of TPP
Homeland Security staff locked out of networks

Industries & companies
Autos: Tesla’s Stock Now Rivals Ford and GM
Logistics: UPS Tries Arming Its Brown-Clad Drivers With an Octocopter Drone
Mining: Mining Companies Return to the Black
Pharma: Bristol-Myers shares jump on report that Carl Icahn has taken a stake
Tech: Apple’s stock surges to another record after Morgan Stanley boosts price target

The Age of the Giant Battery Is Almost Upon Us
Fed's Williams touts potential benefits of blockchain technology
Paul Tudor Jones Rallies at Palm Beach Party to Rescue the Swamp

  Feb 21

European stocks start week on firmer note
Europe’s Periphery Debt Market Welcomes New Member: France
Le Pen poll lead hits Franco-German bond spread

A Billion Barrels Bet Oil Prices Will Rally
Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World's Top Crude Producer
Saudi Arabia Breaks Records on Oil Exports and Output for Year
Saudis Kick Off $50 Billion Renewable Energy Plan to Cut Oil Use

Central banks
President Trump Will Be Able to Recast the Fed by Filling Vacancies

U.K. Factory Orders Rise to Highest Level in Two Years, CBI Says
U.K. Will Need Low-Skilled EU Migrants After Brexit, Davis Says
France is frightening the market, but Italy could be the real threat for investors
France's far right denounces 'media stunt' over fake jobs probe
Greece Misses Another Bailout Deadline as Talks Set to Resume
After seven years of bailouts, Greeks sink yet deeper in poverty

Japan's Trade Deficit Widens on Drop in Car Exports, Oil Imports

US politics
Trump’s Agenda Is Beset by Opposition on Many Fronts
GOP Tax-Cut Plan Mired Down in Trump Discord
Republicans are struggling to get their act together on Obamacare repeal
Iconoclast McMaster Tapped as U.S. National Security Adviser
Don't Dismiss President Trump's Attacks on the Media as Mere Stupidity
Trump supports free press: Pence
U.K. Lawmakers Sound Off About Trump's State Visit
Verify What You Spread, Sweden Premier Says After Trump Comments
EU welcomes Pence assurance of Trump's support

Mattis Says U.S. Isn’t in Iraq to Take Its Oil
Pence Pledges EU Support on Ukraine, Terror, Economy
Russia’s Ambassador to U.N. Dies Suddenly
Kim Jong Nam Killing Caught on Video
North Korea is a major threat to the country most people think is its friend: China

Industries & companies
Consumer: Kraft’s Interest in Unilever Comes Right Out of 3G’s Playbook
Industrials: Wall Street Starts to Contemplate GE After Jeff Immelt
Retail: Alibaba Teams Up With Traditional Retailer
Tech: Apple claims Brussels tax case breached its rights
Tech: Samsung Heir, Seeking to Remake Family Legacy, Instead Faces Scandal

Robot tax, odd as it sounds, has some logic
Mark Cuban: Robots will ‘cause unemployment and we need to prepare for it’

Texting and Driving: Higher Smartphone Usage Drive Up Insurance Rates
Warren Buffett Lists Longtime Laguna Beach Home for $11 Million
The 15 worst cities for rush hour traffic

  Feb 20

'Massive exodus' continues from active funds, and Vanguard is reaping the gains
European Bond Investors Seek Havens as Political Risks Increase
Flows and France: big market questions this week
A Quiet Revolution May Be Underway in Japanese Stocks
Gold Isn't Doing in Practice What It Should in Theory, Yet Again

There's one thing going right for Trump: The economy
White House Weighs Change in Trade Deficit Calculation

Schaeuble denies 'Grexit' threat, says Greece on right path
Italy’s Ruling Party Faces Quandary as Renzi Steps Down
EU targets UK’s €60bn exit bill before trade talks
Germany aims to deport record number of rejected asylum seekers in 2017

Japan's Trade Deficit Widens on Drop in Car Exports, Oil Imports

US politics
Trump, an Outsider Demanding Loyalty, Struggles to Fill Top Posts
Trump administration drafts plan to raise asylum bar, speed deportations
McCain defends a free press: ‘That’s how dictators get started’
Trump Says ‘Life Is a Campaign’ as He Seeks Validation From Fans
Trump isn't adjusting well to life in the White House — he's reportedly experiencing 'cabin fever'
U.S. Weighs Prosecuting Parents Helping Children Enter Illegally

War Is the Climate Risk That Europe's Leaders Are Talking About
China’s Message to Trump With North Korea Coal Ban: Let’s Deal
US sends strike group to South China Sea in 'routine operation'
Lindsey Graham Says 2017 Is All About Hitting Back at Russia
Priebus Says No Known Trump-Related Contacts With Russian Agents
Iran Mocks Trump Threats, Sets Sights on Gulf Nation Deals
How Do You Say 'Drain the Swamp' in Chinese?
Trump cited a nonexistent incident in Sweden during his rally on Saturday

Corporate finance
Kraft Withdraws $143 Billion Offer for Unilever

Bill Gates calls for income tax on robots

SpaceX just flew a rocket back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station — and the footage is epic
Mexico City, Parched and Sinking, Faces a Water Crisis
Trump’s ‘Winter White House’: A Peek at the Exclusive Members’ List at Mar-a-Lago

  Feb 18

The S&P could hit 2,500 by the end of the year: Yardeni
Bank of America: Davos Man Vs. Joe Six-Pack

More Oil Drillers Decide to Leave It in the Ground
Shale Drilling Is on a Roll as OPEC Cuts Keep Oil Above $50

Central banks
Bullard Speaks with Fox Business, Part 1: Monetary Policy Outlook

Why Small Business Favors Trump—So Far
Americans have $12.58 trillion of debt — here's what it looks like
Student Debt in America Has Hit a New Record

Marine Le Pen wants to leave the euro — here's what that might mean for the 'new French franc'
French Left Weighs United Front Against Le Pen; Bonds Drop
Brexit Bulletin: Blair Calls for an Uprising
UK retail sales had a horrible month in January as post-Brexit inflation starts to bite
Greece will run out of money in July and its creditors can't agree on what to do
OECD Economic Surveys: Italy

China’s Growth Odyssey

Japan Quietly Reflates, Buying Time for Reckoning With Debt

US politics
As Tax Debate Heats Up, Lawmakers Struggle to Think of a Plan B
Trump Team’s Growth Forecasts Far Rosier Than Those of CBO, Private Economists
Climate doubter Pruitt takes EPA reins as Trump targets regulations
Four Candidates ‘In Play’ for National Security Adviser
Congress Goes Home, and Constituents Fired Up Over Health Care Are Waiting
Popular Domestic Programs Face Ax Under First Trump Budget
A Tale of Two Trumps
Trump's approval rating is off to the worst start for a president in recent history
Trump goes to his comfort zone: campaigner-in-chief
Trump's In-Laws May Put Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac in a Tough Spot

Pence Pledges to Hold Russia Accountable
Pence pledges U.S. support to Europe, NATO
Tillerson Urges China to Confront North Korea
China to suspend all imports of coal from North Korea
North Korea’s young marshal flexes his muscle
German business chief hits back at Trump attack
Trump was going to be super tough on China — then they granted his company trademark rights

Industries & companies
Autos: GM Shares Could Drive 35% Higher
Autos: Auto Parts Maker Adient Could Have 35% Upside
Biotech: Why Biotech Looks Like a Good Bet in 2017
Consumer: Nestlé Drops Targets as Consumer Giants Struggle
Defense: Trump Hints at Large Order for Boeing's Super Hornet Fighter Jet
Financials: Fannie Mae Will Pay U.S. $5.5 Billion After Reporting Profit
Financials: Pimco's Turnaround Gathers Pace With $5 Billion in January
Financials: Global insurance market trends
Retail: At Home With Home Depot
Retail: US Census Bureau: Quarterly Retail e-Commerce Sales
Tech: AT&T to Sell Unlimited Wireless Data Plan Without Pay TV
Tech: Future Phones: Technology You Can See and Touch

Bershidsky: Facebook Plans to Rewire Your Life. Be Afraid.
Industrial Revolution Comparisons Aren't Comforting

Financials: Fund’s $600 Million Lost Week Captivates Traders
Dog Walkers to Be More in Demand Than Teachers in Next Decade

  Feb 17

Investors Look Past Headlines as Bull Market Roars Ahead
Stocks pause for breath as reflation trade falters
BlackRock Backs Gold to Hedge Market Risk
French bond trading soars on fear of populist wave

Central banks
Markets brace for a shakeup at the top of the Fed — Deutsche Bank economists
Scoring the Fed's Decision: Will It Be Wise to Tighten in March?
BOJ's Kuroda warns low rates may sow the seeds of a new financial crisis

While We’re Distracted by the Drama, the Economy Seems to Be Taking Off
Philly Fed index rockets to 33-year high in another postelection blast
Short-Run Effects of Lower Productivity Growth: A Twist on the Secular Stagnation Hypothesis
The US economy may be catching up to America's Trump-inspired enthusiasm
U.S. Housing Starts Slide in January
U.S. Household Debts Climbed in 2016 by Most in a Decade

Eurozone set to miss deadline for Greek deal
Don't Expect a Fake News Epidemic in Europe

China Moves to Keep Its Deadly Opioids Out of U.S.

US politics
Rahm Emanuel: The tax code will be easier for Trump to reform than Obamacare
Administration Plans New Immigration Order Next Week
Alexander Acosta Nominated for Labor Secretary
Trump, in unprecedented fashion, airs grievances in an epic 77-minute press conference
Trump says 'press is out of control' in news conference
Trump Defends Himself, Denies Links to Russia
Trump Rejects Portrait of Chaotic White House in Attack on Media
Trump says Flynn did nothing wrong in Russia calls

Zuckerberg: Building Global Community
Trump, Meeting With Netanyahu, Backs Away From Palestinian State
U.S. ambassador at U.N. says Trump supports two-state solution

Industries & companies
Financials: Goldman Sachs climbs to a record high
Tech: Google boasts of a big sudden improvement in its plan to connect the world with internet-beaming balloons

Tillerson Forced to Stay at Sanitarium in German Village for G-20
Here's a giant image of Putin caressing a pregnant Trump projected on a New York Apple store

  Feb 16

Stocks post best winning streak in 25 years
U.S. Stocks Again Close at New Highs
Political fears hit Europe’s corporate bond market

Central banks
Markets Learn to Live With a More Hawkish Yellen
Yellen Defends Fed’s Large Balance Sheet During House Questioning
FED'S ROSENGREN: I think we could hike rates at least 3 times in 2017 | Speech

No More Waiting: Inflation May Have Already Hit Fed's Target
Consumer Prices Up 0.6% in January
U.S. Retail Sales Rose More Than Expected
U.S. Industrial Output Slipped in January
U.S. Home Builder Confidence Slips in February

French Election Puts Possibility of ‘Frexit’ on the Agenda
EU Approves Long-Awaited Trade Deal With Canada
Stop Dithering Over Greece
Rise of refugee ‘fake news’ rattles German politics
People are ignoring the biggest threat to the eurozone — and it isn't the French or Dutch elections

Lost Sleep Is Costing Japan's Economy Billions

Goldman Warns of China Economy Risks During Year of the Rooster
From 'Made in China' to 'Made by China for China'

US politics
Trump blasts 'criminal' leaks by intelligence agencies, calls Flynn 'wonderful'
Spy Agencies, FBI Probe Trump Team’s Russia Calls
The Political Assassination of Michael Flynn
Congress struggles to deal with White House chaos
Puzder Withdraws as Trump’s Nominee for Labor Secretary
Three Charts That Show Markets Aren't Betting on GOP Border Tax
The Trump administration just proposed big changes to Obamacare

The Kremlin Is Starting to Worry About Trump
Trump Drops Two-State Solution as Cornerstone of Mideast Peace
Trump directly tells Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to 'hold off on settlements for a bit' in Israel
U.S. Defense Secretary Warns NATO Allies on Military Spending

Industries & companies
Financials: Trump Administration Aims to Calm Insurers During Health-Law Limbo
Financials: Bank of America Misses a Big Options Payday, Goldman Cashes In
Retail: Trump Tells Retail Executives Tax Overhaul Plan Coming Soon
Media: Verizon, Yahoo Near Revised Deal That Cuts Price
Media: Fox probed on sexual-harassment deal disclosures
Telecom: Amazon, Google Consider Turning Smart Speakers Into Home Phones

For the Blind, an Actual-Reality Headset

Trump is reportedly 'especially upset' by portrayal of Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper on 'SNL'
What Impeachment Meant to the Founders
Americans Just Broke the Psychologists’ Stress Record

  Feb 15 Markets
U.S. Stocks Again Close at New Highs
Warren Buffett's Berkshire takes huge bite of Apple shares, ups stakes in airlines
Don’t write off investment research

Central banks
Yellen Says Fed Will Consider Raising Rates at Coming Meetings | Testimony

Small-business sentiment keeps up post-election groove, NFIB says
PPI shows biggest gain in wholesale inflation since 2012
When It Comes to Moving, Millennials Are Stuck in the Mud
No tax reform without border adjustment tax, Rep. Nunes says

Eurozone Economy Weaker Than Previously Reported
Greece Wants Concessions on Creditor Demands
Italy considers €5bn bailout of regional banks

Inflation in China is heating up fast

US politics
Trump Knew Weeks Ago of Misleading Statements by Flynn
After Flynn Tumult, Trump White House Is at a Crossroads
Pressure builds for probe into Trump-Russia ties
Omarosa Manigault reportedly said the Trump administration is compiling 'dossiers' on journalists

Geopolitics & trade
A quick guide to the ‘border adjustments’ tax
U.S. business in China warms to possible Trump trade policy shake-up
Russia has secretly deployed a cruise missile that US says violates an arms treaty, report says

Industries & companies
Autos: Ditching Opel Is Next Step in GM CEO’s Profit Drive
Financials: Cigna Faces Off With Anthem, Escalating Fight by Scrapping Deal
Financials: AIG Posts $3.04 Billion Loss, Adding to CEO Hancock's Woes
Financials: Credit Suisse just made a $2.3 billion loss
Financials: Goldman Stock Hits Record on Bets Trump Will Unleash Wall Street
Financials: Yellen Rejects Trump Attacks on Dodd-Frank, Says Banks Now Safer
Financials: The Dodd-Frank Rule Banks Want to Keep
Financials: How Fintech can take off without getting hampered by regulations
Health Care: Humana says it plans to pull out of Obamacare exchanges in 2018

North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un’s Brother Killed in Malaysia
  Feb 14

America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump
Bond Buying Surges, Tightening Corporate Spreads

Oil Prices Slip Despite OPEC Cuts
Oil and gas discoveries hit 60-year low

Central banks
It's Way Too Early for the Fed to Consider a March Rate Increase
Yellen Unlikely to Rule Out March Hike in Capitol Hill Testimony
No Laughing Matter for Kuroda With BOJ Near 40% of Bond Market

The head of the IMF says Trump is good for the US economy for now
The Status Quo Would Be Better Than Trump for Growth: Goldman
Did Dodd-Frank really hurt the US economy?

Greece Doing Better Than IMF Concedes, Top EU Official Says
France warned on austerity to meet EU budget rules

China mulls radical output cuts, port coal ban in war on smog
Steel Rebound Seen Cooling as China's Property Market Slows

Japan GDP missed

US politics
Ex-Banker Gary Cohn Emerges as Economic-Policy Powerhouse in Trump Administration
Speed Limits on Trump’s Infrastructure Drive: Federal Laws, Rare Species and Nimbys
Steven Mnuchin Is Confirmed as Treasury Secretary
Trump on Immigration: ‘Doing What We Said We Would Do’
Trump's national security adviser Flynn trying to survive crisis
Turmoil at the National Security Council, From the Top Down

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Hands Xi a Diplomatic Victory
U.S. Eyes New Tactic to Press China
Few good options in Trump arsenal to counter defiant North Korea
Trump Plans Only ‘Tweaking’ of Canada Trade Pact
Marchers across Mexico vent anger over Trump, and their own president
Netanyahu opposes Palestinian state, Israeli minister says ahead of U.S. visit
EU gears up for WTO challenge to US border tax
Why Europe Is Warning of Pax Americana's End

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford CEO reveals a major fear about self-driving cars
Pharma: Allergan to buy fat-freezing company for $2.47bn
Tech: Apple Shares Hit New Closing High on iPhone Optimism

Second home buyers and tourists leave the Hamptons for Hudson Valley

  Feb 13

Like The Dow, The Boom-Bust Barometer Is Making New All-Time Highs
The Aging Market’s Meltup Continues
Energy Shares: Last Year’s Winners, This Year’s Laggards
Border Tax Could Upend Global Markets, but Investors Shy Away From Any Bets

OPEC's Amazing and Shortlived Compliance

Central banks
'Significant uncertainty' about fiscal policy under Trump: Fed's Fischer
Investors don't trust the Fed anymore
China’s Monetary Policy Is Looking Like Alphabet Soup

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Steps Back From Last Month’s High
U.S. Homeownership Rate Hits a 35-Year Low
The Jobs Surplus Is Real—Even in Manufacturing
The New Face of American Unemployment
The Obamacare repeal 'could be a disaster' for states fighting the opioid epidemic

Germany Picks Anti-Trump President
Even a Le Pen Win Won’t Be Enough to Break Up Euro, Banks Say
Market questions: what next for French bonds?
Tsipras warns IMF and Germany over bailout talks
Swiss voters reject corporate tax reforms

Why Chinese Real Estate Stocks Are Rallying
A Quarter of the World’s GDP Is Undergoing Big Experiments

US politics
Ex-Goldman Executive Takes Lead Role on Economic Policy
Trump Team Leery of Too Many ‘Goldman Guys’ in Top Posts
Something missing from Trump's Cabinet: Economists
Immigrant communities fearful after hundreds arrested in what feds call routine 'surge'
Rowdy Anti-Trump Crowds Target GOP Town Halls

Geopolitics & trade
Donald Trump’s Diplomatic Moderation
While Trump and Abe Bond, Their Deputies Talk Trade
Japan’s Abe Calls North Korea Missile Launch ‘Intolerable’
U.S. to weigh options on North Korea missile test
Russia Considers Returning Snowden to U.S. to ‘Curry Favor’ With Trump: Official

Industries & companies
Media: Walt Disney Increases Theme Park Ticket Prices

Germans outraged as U.S. plays wrong version of their anthem
Americans Renouncing Citizenship at Record High
Yale Renames Calhoun College Over Slavery Ties

  Feb 11

Wall Street at record levels as risk appetite improves
Blankfein is so bullish on Wall Street, existing words don’t describe it
Fitch warns Trump poses risk to global economy
Bulls Are Back for European Stocks as Earnings Stagnation Ends
Vanguard Reaches $4 Trillion in Assets for First Time

Oil up on widespread OPEC deal compliance, U.S. rig count rises

Central banks
Resignation at Fed Will Help Trump Reshape Bank Rules

U.S. Consumer Sentiment Steps Back From Last Month’s High
Housing Shortage Fuels Price Gains

US politics
White House Says Cohn-Led Tax Plan Is Real and It’s Phenomenal
US senators ask Blankfein to disclose Cohn links
Top Democrats to Trump: Fire Flynn

Geopolitics & trade
Trump changes tack, backs 'one China' policy in call with Xi
U.S., China military planes come inadvertently close over South China Sea
Trump embraces Abe after move to heal Beijing rift
Trump says U.S. committed to Japan security, in change from campaign rhetoric
Shootouts in Mexico show Trump's drug cartel fight will be tough
Trump says Israel should be 'reasonable' in peace process
Trump May Turn to Arab Allies for Help With Israeli-Palestinian Relations

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford Invests $1 Billion in Startup Founded by Two Autonomous Car Pioneers
Autos: Trump Wants More American Cars in Japan. Japan’s Drivers Don’t.
Financials: Financial Stocks Spike on Fed Regulatory Chief's Plan to Resign
Retail: Amazon Takes Aim at Victoria’s Secret
Retail: Sears shares surge on Lampert’s restructuring plan

Apple CEO Tim Cook believes augmented reality is 'a big idea, like the smartphone'
Dodge to use its parking tech to protect police from ambush attacks

Abby Joseph Cohen, Famous for Bullish Calls, Plans to Retire
What it's like to stay at Mar-a-Lago, Trump's 'winter White House'

  Feb 10

Stocks Surge as Trump Signals Plan for Lower Taxes
US small-caps guru Ellenbogen warns over post-election rally
BlackRock CEO Fink sees 'dark shadows' in financial markets
Biggest Stock Market Bull Says Trump Rally’s Just Getting Going
How China’s Dumping of Treasurys Will Affect U.S. Borrowing Costs

Central banks
Kevin Warsh is a Contender for Federal Reserve Chair 2017
Fed’s Bullard Says Fiscal Uncertainty Should Delay Rate Hike | Speech
In Departure, ECB Officials Stump for the European Union
BOJ Deputy Governor Speech: Japan's Economy and Monetary Policy

U.S. jobless claims near 43-year low; wholesale inventories surge
What’s Happening With Wage Growth?
One chart shows just how devastating healthcare costs are for American families
Why Does Economic Growth Keep Slowing Down?

Worries Grow Over Euro’s Fate as Debts Smolder in Italy and Greece
Greek bonds sell off sharply as EU-IMF rift deepens
Treat French Debt Like Italy, But Don’t Worry About Le Pen
How the Euro Became Decoupled From the Price of Assets
Greece’s Never-Ending Fiscal Drama Bubbles Back Up
Schaeuble Rules Out Greek Debt Cut as Violation of EU Rules
Greece’s Economy Minister Confident of Creditor Deal
Le Pen debt plan threatens massive default, say agencies
Candidate for German Chancellor Finds a Rallying Cry: Trump
MPs give green light for Theresa May to trigger Brexit
Merkel toughens plans to remove failed asylum seekers

Chinese Companies Rush In Where Bankers Fear to Lend
China January currency outflows

PwC: Emerging economies expected to dwarf developed markets by 2050

US politics
Trump Dealt Major Setback as Appeals Court Sides With Immigrants
Trump vows 'phenomenal' tax announcement, offers no details
If Trump and Congress 'botch' tax cut, GOP could lose House: Steve Forbes
Trump Slams Air-Traffic System, Cheering Privatization Advocates
Anti-Trump Employees Put Their Bosses in the Hot Seat

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Senators denounce Trump plan to focus counter-extremism program on Islam
In call with Putin, Trump rebukes nuclear treaty
Putin orders Russia's air force to prepare for a 'time of war' — and NATO doesn't stand a chance right now
Why Trump Might Target Iran’s Revolutionary Guard
Nuance added to Trump's pro-Israel stance
Washington Turns Attention to Yemen, Pleasing Gulf States
Domestic Politics in Other Nations Are Churned by Trump’s Wild Start

Industries & companies
Autos: Morgan Stanley's top auto analyst suggests GM could be broken up
Consumer: Strong demand for soda in North America boosts Coca-Cola
Consumer: Yum Brands whiffs on sales as fewer people eat at Pizza Hut
Retail: Whole Foods is sliding after missing on earnings and slashing its guidance
Tech: Intel, in Show of Support for Trump, Announces Factory in Arizona

The 10 Biggest Superyachts Docking in Miami Next Week

  Feb 9

Corporate Earnings Have Been Great, and Markets Just Don't Care
Gold Nears Three-Month High as Buyers Flock Back to Top ETF
Confusion Over Dollar Policy Is Keeping Currency Traders Up at Night
Euro redenomination risk edges on to investors’ radar

Corporate finance
Firms Slash Interest Tab in $100 Billion Refinancing Blitz

Central banks
How the ECB has changed European bond markets
BOJ Minutes

A Mismatch of Home Buyers and Sellers Points to Pain This Year
What Happened When the U.S. Got Rid of Guest Workers? Farms Used Less Labor
The Next American Farm Bust Is Upon Us

IMF: Greek debt will become 'explosive' within 13 years | IMF Report
Greek Government Divided Over Deadlock in Creditor Talks
Greece’s crisis flare-up couldn’t come at a worse time — for France
Brexit Bill Passed by Lower House of Parliament, Heads to Lords

China Should Allow Three or More Children: Top Demographer
Hong Kong's Frenzied Home Buyers Just Can't Be Stopped
Cracks Are Appearing in Australia’s Trillion-Dollar Debt Pile

US politics
Obamacare Provisions Gain Unexpected Backers as GOP Moves to Rewrite Law
Trump Fixes Flaw in Post-Crisis Regulatory Crackdown
Trump Keeps Up Pressure on Courts Over Immigration Ban
Trump claims legal authority to impose travel ban
U.S. Weighs Terror Label on Iran Guard, Muslim Brotherhood

Companies Plow Ahead With Moves to Mexico, Despite Trump’s Pressure
United Airlines CEO: Trump's Mexico wall is "damning and damaging" to America

Industries & companies
Financials: Wells Fargo Board Likely to Eliminate 2016 Bonuses for Top Executives
Financials: Banks Are Finally Sprouting Anew in America
Media: Disney beat on earnings despite struggles at ESPN
Media: Time Warner Posts Large Jump in Revenue
Media: Viacom to Narrow Focus to Six Key Cable-TV Channels
Retail: The case for why Amazon should buy Macy's
Retail: Books are back because Amazon likes them
Retail: Nordstrom Just Keeps Getting Trumped
Tech: Intel Announces $7 Billion Investment in Arizona Plant

Robot Baristas Serve Up the Future of Coffee at Cafe X
Dyson’s perfectionists invent a future beyond vacuum cleaners

Study raises questions about the usefulness of equity research
Assessing international capital flows after the crisis

  Feb 8

Rumors Of The Bond Market Bull's Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated
In Shadow of Le Pen and Brexit, Traders Redraw European Strategy
Politics Don’t Scare Fans of Ultralong European Debt
Lazard’s Temple Says Time to Reshape Portfolio on Inflation Risk
Emerging Markets Rally Despite Trump Worries

Central banks
Fed, BOE Join Pimco's Cold Currency War With Covert Depreciation
Kashkari Says Economy Still Needs Low Rates as Inflation Lags
US Bank Corporate Loan Growth is Stalling
BOE’s Forbes Says U.K. Economy May Soon Need a Rate Increase

U.S. Trade Gap Widens in 2016 as Exports, Imports Both Shrink
Investors Cut Back on Commercial Property
FRB-ATL: GDPNow model forecast for real GDP growth (saar) for Q1 is 2.7% down from 3.4%

German Industrial Output Unexpectedly Falls Most in 8 Years
Merkel faces clash with Poland’s Jaroslaw Kaczynski
PwC predict UK economy to be the fastest growing in G7 over the next three decades
Scottish Parliament Votes Against U.K. Pulling Brexit Trigger

Greece, again
IMF says Greece should meet lower fiscal surplus target
IMF board split over bailout terms for Greece
Greek Two-Year Yields Approach 10% Amid IMF Standoff With EU
Struggling Greece Makes Data the Enemy

China Jan FX reserves fall below $3 trillion for first time in nearly 6 years
As China’s Doors Open, Foreign Investors Worry About Exits
Trump could name China a 'currency manipulator' in the coming weeks
China Courts Ivanka, Jared Kushner to Smooth Ties With Trump

Business bets on Brazil economic rally
Korea is 20 years away from a 'demographic time bomb,' IMF says
Flood of Cash Swamps India’s Tax Hounds

US politics
GOP Plan to Overhaul Tax Code Gets Held Up at the Border
Trump’s $1 Trillion Plan May Buy Less Metal Than You Think
Trump is promising a big shake-up at the FDA — here’s what that could mean
Trump’s Immigration Action in Court’s Hands
Tech CEOs Take a Stand Against Trump Order
Trump’s H-1B Visa Crackdown Threatens Cutting-Edge U.S. Medicine
Ivanka Trump: The Quiet Power Behind the President

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Abe drums up business pledges to woo Trump
‘Dark Web’ Sites Hit in Cyberattack

Industries & companies
Asset Management: Even if Fiduciary Rule Changes or Dies, Fund Firms’ New Share Classes Will Stay
Autos: GM Closes Profit Gap on Rivals as Truck Sales Rise
Autos: Mexico Is Key Cog in GM’s Profit Machine
Autos: GM hit from Brexit takes shine off strong US sales
Autos: VW Subsidiary to Invest $2 Billion to Promote Electric Vehicles
Autos: Volkswagen Forms U.S. Unit for Zero-Emission Vehicles
Autos: Ford Tries to Regain Momentum in Oversize SUVs
Financials: Debating Whether Dodd-Frank Is Worth Saving
Financials: Trump's push to roll back financial regulation is a 'big mistake'
Financials: French bank BNP Paribas is spending €3 billion to 'build the bank of tomorrow'
Pharma: Trump Sinks Drug Stocks Again on Medicare Drug Price Negotiation
Retail: Michael Kors Focuses on Handbag Quality to Battle Discounting
Tech: Apple beat Samsung in smartphone shipments for the first time in 5 years

Investment: Final call for the research analyst?
Sen. Warren Book on Middle Class Coming in April

  Feb 7

Trump-Policy Concerns Send Gold Shooting to a Two-Month High
Goldman Sachs Economists Are Starting to Worry About President Trump
European Bonds, Not the Euro, Take the Biggest Political Hit

U.S. Oil and Gas Prices May Tumble On Trump's ‘Energy Revolution’

Central banks
The Mortgage-Bond Whale That Everyone Is Suddenly Worried About
ECB'S Draghi fires back at the Trump team
FRB January 2017 Senior Loan Officer Opinion Survey on Bank Lending Practices

Abe to Tout Japan’s U.S. Investment Plans in Trump Meeting
Japan readies package for Trump to help create 700,000 U.S. jobs

German Factory Orders Surge Most Since 2014 on Investment
Euro fades in face of French election risks
France's Le Pen takes aim at EU in presidential bid launch
Scottish independence vote may be decided 'within weeks'

China's services sector, now the largest part of the economy, is chugging along nicely

US politics
Donald Trump might be more popular than you think
Trump and Staff Rethink Tactics After Stumbles
Trump Immigration Ban on Track for Supreme Court
The ‘Unflappable’ Guy Helping Paul Ryan Keep Peace With Trump
Pence May Have to Cast an Unprecedented Vote to Get DeVos Confirmed
Trump says he's mulling 'defunding' California in fight against sanctuary cities
Federal workers turn to encryption to thwart Trump

Iran Moves Atop Trump’s Confrontation List
Iran Avoids Taking Trump Bait to Collapse Nuclear Deal
Iran says U.S. sanctions stop American oil firms taking part in projects
Trump Administration Explores Driving Wedge Between Russia and Iran
Russia Open to Pragmatic Relationship With U.S.
The Kremlin wants an apology from Fox News after Bill O'Reilly described Putin as 'a killer'
China welcomes Mattis' emphasis on South China Sea diplomacy

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Trump's 'America First' policies are catapulting Boeing into dangerous territory
Autos: Toyota raises profit outlook, says will keep producing at home
Financials: SEC Faces Obstacles to Rolling Back Dodd-Frank Rules
Financials: The $100 Billion Reason Investors Loved Trump’s Bank Order
Media: Time to Hop Off Disney’s Thrill Ride
Media: Disney CEO Iger May Extend Tenure Again
Pharma: Big Pharma’s Offer to Trump: Discounts When Drugs Don’t Work

Amazon's supermarket of the future could operate with just 3 staff — and lots of robots

The Patriots’ Insane Comeback: One for the History Books
This incredible bobbling catch will go down as one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history

  Feb 6

Ed Yardeni Sees Upside of 10% for US Stocks
Is It Too Late to Get In on MLPs’ Latest Bull Run?

Oil's Promised Land Slips Away on OPEC Leaks
Gusher in Oil Prices Could Gain Strength
G.O.P. Hurries to Slash Oil and Gas Rules, Ending Industries’ 8-Year Wait

Central banks
The Uneasy Politician: Yellen Struggles to Fend Off Fed Critics
Schäuble says ECB keeps euro ‘too low’ for Germany

US politics
Cohn Emerges From Shadows Touting Dodd-Frank Overhaul
Republicans Are Poised to Roll Out Their Roll Back of Dodd-Frank Law
Trump's border tax plan has one problem
Democrats See Opening Against Gorsuch in Trump Attack on Judge
'So-called judge' derided by Trump known for fairness, work with youth
McConnell Distances Himself From Trump Stances
Why Democrats probably won't win back Congress in 2018

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Troubled by Ukraine Fighting, Watching Russian Response
U.S. Issues Perplexing Statement on Ukraine Conflict
U.S. Suggests Path to End Russian Sanctions
Rubio blasts Trump's defense of Putin: 'We are not the same'
China’s Intelligent Weaponry Gets Smarter
Why cyber attacks are becoming Iran's weapon of choice
Not ‘Lone Wolves’ After All: How ISIS Guides World’s Terror Plots From Afar

Mexico Teeters Between Recent U.S. Friendship and 170 Years of Hostility
Mexico warns of global impact if Nafta collapses

Industries & companies
Financials: Dodd-Frank Rollback Sets Up $100 Billion Windfall for Bank Investors
Retail: Steer Clear of Retail Wrecks
Tech: This Time, AMD’s Revival Is for Real

America’s Most Expensive House ... Times Two

  Feb 4

Should Dollar Rise or Fall? The Trump Team’s Message Is Garbled

Central banks
Jobs Report Justifies Yellen's Patience on Rate Hike Timing
Higher Jobless Rate Suggests Economy Has Room to Run
Fed Toughens Stress Test for Banks | FRB releases scenarios for 2017
BOJ Minutes
Bank of Japan intervenes to buy 10-year JGBs

U.S. job growth accelerates in January, but wages lag
Slowdown in Wage Gains Muddies Picture of Tight U.S. Job Market
Skilled Workers Are Scarce in Tight Labor Market
The End of Employees
Trump Isn't the Only Older Worker Staying on the Job

Trump Ghost Looms Over EU Summit as Leaders Push Back
Conservative Fillon fights to stay in French presidential race

US politics I
Trump to Order Dodd-Frank Review, Halt Obama Fiduciary Rule
Trump Signs Actions to Begin Scaling Back Dodd-Frank
How Big Banks Want Donald Trump to Change Regulation
G.O.P. Campaign to Repeal Obamacare Stalls on the Details
Republican border adjustment tax: how it could work

US politics II
Senator Warren to Gary Cohn: Recuse yourself
U.S. Revokes Tens of Thousands of Visas in Trump Travel Ban
U.S. business leaders express concerns to Trump about travel ban
Der Spiegel published a very graphic cover on Trump's immigration ban
Trump Vows to ‘Destroy’ Law Banning Political Endorsements by Churches

Trump’s Bluntness Unsettles World Leaders
Trump Embraces Pillars of Obama’s Foreign Policy
The Anti-Trump Is Rising in Mexico
Taking the Land for the Wall Will Be a Nightmare
U.S. sends Navy destroyer to patrol off Yemen amid Iran tensions: officials
U.S. Imposes New Sanctions on Iran in Wake of Missile Tests
U.S. warns North Korea of 'overwhelming' response if nuclear arms used
In Japan, U.S. defense chief reaffirms commitment to security treaty
A quick roundup of US allies the Trump administration has already attacked
Israel interprets U.S. settlements statement as green light

Industries & companies
Defense: LOCKHEED MARTIN: Trump's 'personal involvement' helped get lowest price on latest F-35 batch
Financials: Deutsche Bank to Cut Equities and Fixed Income Trading Staff
Materials: Coal Miners Begin Selling Shares to Public Again After Period of Tumult
Retail: Macy’s Receives Takeover Approach From Hudson’s Bay
Retail: Hours after Nordstrom cut ties, Ivanka Trump's line has disappeared from Neiman Marcus' website
Retail: Amazon’s rising costs take shine off bumper sales

Will Lady Gaga Take on Trump at the Super Bowl? Place Your Bets!
Vancouver home sales are crashing

  Feb 3

For Many Firms, Trump Dominates Earnings Calls

U.S. May Export More Oil in 2017 Than Four OPEC Nations
This oil market black swan is emerging as Michael Flynn puts Iran 'on notice'

Central banks
Janet Yellen: The Uneasy Politician
Fed’s Bonds Are Growing Up, and That Means Less Economic Support

Factory Skills Gap Could Spell Trouble for Trump’s Jobs Plan
Trump’s Blue-Collar Populism Is Dividing Unions
'Just Send Them': Emanuel Tells Trump to Send Federal Help

Bank of England upgrades UK growth forecasts

China sends its billionaires a chilling message

How Do Israel’s Tech Firms Do Business in Saudi Arabia? Very Quietly

US politics
US will ‘leapfrog’ the world with tax reforms, says Kevin Brady
Trump corporate tax plan may yet reshape the world for investors
Trump Urges Senate to ‘Go Nuclear’ Over Court Nomination
Trump threatens UC Berkeley after campus protests Milo Yiannopoulos
'Trump Adviser' Is a Contradiction in Terms
Trump donor Anthony Scaramucci will not get White House role

White House Set to Impose Fresh Sanctions on Iran
Trump to Mexico: I might deploy troops into your country to take care of 'bad hombres'
Trump Slams ‘Dumb Deal’ With Ally Australia After Testy Call
‘Don’t worry’ about tough calls, Trump tells US
Ryan and McCain Play Diplomatic Cleanup After Trump Lobs Attacks
US launches review of North Korea policy
Trump Pushes Dark View of Islam to Center of U.S. Policy-Making

Mexico Starts 90-Day Countdown to Opening Nafta Renegotiations
One Tiny Widget’s Dizzying Journey Shows Just How Critical Nafta Has Become

Industries & companies
Financials: Deutsche Bank Posts Loss as Litigation Costs Bite
Pharma: Trump Volatility Index Takes Pharma Companies on a Wild Ride
Retail: Amazon plans more than 200 daily flights from new cargo hub
Tech: Snapchat Parent Files Publicly for $3 Billion U.S. IPO
Tech: Alphabet pulls ahead in driverless car race
Tech: Trump Immigration Order Unlikely to Affect Tech Hiring

The 15 best states to live in when you retire

  Feb 2

S&P 500 ends four-day losing run as Fed holds rates
CalSTRS' actuarial staff recommends lowering assumed rate of return to 7.25% from 7.5%
BlackRock Goes $3.7 Billion Deeper Into Pipelines, Power
Warren Buffett: I bought $12 billion of stock after Trump won

Central banks
Fed Stands Pat, Offers No Hint on Next Rate Move | Statement
Fed Waiting to See Economic Results From Flurry of Trump Actions
Japan Outlook for Economic Activity and Prices

Measures of Inflation Tick Up Around the Globe
Bridgewater's Dalio says Trump's populist policies could hurt world economy

U.S. Factory Activity Accelerated to Fastest Pace in More Than Two Years
Atlanta Fed GDP now increases to 3.4% from 2.3%
BOOM! 2017 job growth starts with a bang: ADP
Wage Growth Tracker: Every Which Way (and Up) (FRB-ATL)
U.S. Auto Sales Cooled in January
Cities in Midwest, Rust Belt Say They Need Immigrants

Brexit is about to move a step closer to reality
Top French Presidential Candidate Battered by Scandal
Greece’s Deadlocked Debt Talks Unnerve Investors
Navarro revives European criticism of German policy

Chinese manufacturing expands in January, official PMI shows
Pakistan’s Middle Class Soars as Stability Returns
India unveils budget aimed at reviving demand
This Mexican Town Paid the Price for Trump’s Attacks on Ford

US politics I
Meet Trump’s Pick for Supreme Court Justice
Trump Supreme Court nominee can clear Senate with simple rule
Scalia Disciple on Path to Supreme Court
Gorsuch Is Critic of Legal Doctrine That Bolsters Executive Authority
Trump's Supreme Court pick once criticized lawmakers for 'grossly mistreating' judicial nominees
Trump Court Pick Faces Senate Split by Bitter Fights
The fight over Trump's Supreme Court pick might go 'nuclear'
Liberal Groups Pressure Democrats to Block Gorsuch
Trump Urges Senate GOP to Scrap 60-Vote Rule for Court Pick

US politics II
Tillerson Wins Confirmation as Secretary of State
Trump's early moves spark alarm, resistance within the government
Executive Order Draft Looks to Re-Examine Visa Programs
State Dept. Dissent Cable on Trump’s Ban Draws 1,000 Signatures
US trade chief seeks to reshore supply chain
Scaramucci's career as a Trump advisor is apparently stalling thanks to a deal with a Chinese firm

Geopolitics & trade
US puts Iran ‘on notice’ after missile test
Trump's defense chief heads to Asia, eying China, North Korea threat
Russia says Trump should be more specific on Syria safe zones plan
Trump Tells Pena Nieto He Might Send Troops to Mexico: AP

Industries & companies
Consumer: Reckitt Benckiser Is in Talks to Buy Mead Johnson
Pharma: Trump’s Criticism of Imports Adds to Drugmakers’ Headaches

Michael Jackson Is Worth More Than Ever, and the IRS Wants a Piece of It
You Can Now Buy and Sell ‘WEED’ on Toronto’s Stock Exchange

  Feb 1

Will Trump kill the Trump rally?
Here’s why a Trump-ban selloff may be just the tip of the iceberg
History suggests that a tough month is ahead for stocks
TRUMP ADVISER: Germany is exploiting the EU and US with a 'grossly undervalued' euro

OPEC achieves 82 percent of pledged oil output cut in January

Central banks
Markets Are Right Not to Fall in Line With Fed's Dots
Fed Grapples With Massive Portfolio

U.S. Homeownership Rate Falls
Why the Homeownership Rate Isn’t Likely to Take Off Anytime Soon
Home Price Growth Showed No Signs of Slowing in November
Why Single Women Are Buying Homes at Twice the Rate of Single Men
A Job-Hopping Generation Has Second Thoughts

Eurozone Economy Grows at Faster Pace Than U.S.
Italian Banks Get Smarter on Real Estate

US politics I
Trump Taps Gorsuch For High Court
Trump Firing of Acting Attorney General Widens U.S. Immigration Clash
Trump just ousted the acting head of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Is Trump’s Refugee Ban Legal? The Fight Ahead
'Outraged by this order' — Google's cofounder blasts Trump's immigration ban in fiery speech
Corporate Criticism of Trump’s Travel Ban Moves Beyond Tech

US politics II
Democrats Boycott Hearings for Two Cabinet Nominees
Republicans’ Paths to Unraveling the Dodd-Frank Act
Trump's isolationism is bad for business
What Execs Are Saying About Trump's Policies
What Wall Street thinks about Donald Trump
Trump vows to continue LGBT workplace rights protection
Carl Bernstein: Trump presidency is in chaos

Geopolitics & trade
Trump’s Trade War May Have Already Begun
Trump Backlash Turns Mexicans Against Nafta
Mexico sees signs of U.S. change on wall payment
Iran Missile Launch Detected, a Possible Violation of U.N. Resolution
Germany sends tanks to Lithuania for NATO mission

Industries & companies
Energy: Exxon Profit Tumbles on Charge
Financials: Mastercard earnings beat by a penny a share, driven by higher holiday spending
Logistics: UPS shares sink after earnings and revenue miss Street's expectations
Pharma: Trump vs. Big Pharma on Drug Prices. Any Bets?
Pharma: Trump to meet Novartis CEO, other pharma bosses on Tuesday
Tech: Facebook Is Trying Everything to Re-Enter China—and It’s Not Working
Tech: Apple beats on revenue and profit but forecasts weakness ahead

Tesla Gives the California Power Grid a Battery Boost

Astronomers found evidence the Milky Way is one of thousands of galaxies being hurled through space by a hidden void

  Jan 31

US stocks suffer biggest decline of 2017
Negative effective of currency rates on company results fall in third quarter

Oil slides as strong U.S. drilling activity weakens deal to cut output
OPEC Convinces Investors That Its Oil Output Cuts Are Real

Central banks
Trump Era May Mean Fireworks on Fed Days
Fed Gives Break to Regional Banks in Annual Stress-Test Demands

U.S. Consumer Inflation Climbed in December

Euro-Area Economic Confidence Hits Highest Level Since 2011
Draghi’s Right, It’s Too Early to Start the Euro Inflation Party
German current account surplus to hit record, world's largest in 2016: Ifo
Italy Tries to Skirt a Populist Revolt

With Pen Plan, China Etches Nationalist Economic Policy

Japan faces working hours ‘shokku’

US politics
Trump Signs Executive Order to Cut, Restrict Regulations
Trump’s Bid to Slash Regulations Faces Bureaucratic Roadblocks
Trump Pledges ‘Big Number’ on Dodd-Frank
Trump just made an unprecedented, 'radical' change to the National Security Council
Trump to Add CIA Director to National Security Council
Hillary Clinton received 800,000 votes from noncitizens, bolsters Trump argument, study finds
New York Gov. Cuomo Wants to Amend State Constitution to Protect Abortion Rights

US immigration
Trump’s Entry Ban Promises Constitutional Showdown
Donald Trump backs down on green card immigrants
State Department Told to ‘Get With the Program’
Countries Under Ban Aren’t Main Sources of Terror Attacks
Next Trump Move on Immigration to Hit Closer to Home for Tech
Amazon Is Working With Lawmakers to Counter Trump’s Immigration Order
Coca-Cola Opposes Trump Travel Ban, Assesses Employee Impact
Chobani Founder ‘Very Concerned’ About Trump’s Immigration Order

Geopolitics & trade
What We Know About Border Adjustment and How It Would Work
Putin's Russia in biggest Arctic military push since Soviet fall
Ukraine says more soldiers killed in deadliest clashes in weeks
Israeli parliament to vote on bill legalizing settlement outposts

Industries & companies
Airlines: U.S. Airlines Tumble Amid Fear Trump Travel Ban Will Spread
Energy: Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass
Pharma: Mylan Faces U.S. Antitrust Investigation on EpiPen Practices
Retail: Walgreens, Rite Aid Shave $2 Billion Off Deal Price
Tech: Facebook Is Trying Everything to Re-Enter China—and It’s Not Working

InterNations: Countries with the best quality of life in the world for expats

  Jan 30

Next Stop, Dow 30,000
20,000 Reasons to Be Wary of the Market
A Skeptic’s View of the Trump Rally
The Rally’s Next Test: Can Earnings Keep Up With Stock Prices?
Patriots Bearish, Falcons Bullish in Super Bowl

Border tax ideas roil oil markets, favor Gulf Coast refiners

U.S. economy slows on wider trade gap; business spending rises
Immigration Rules to Exacerbate Home Builders’ Labor Shortfall
U.S. Jobs for U.S. Machines

Germany's Schaeuble admits 'mistakes' in refugee policy

Trump policies lift Kuroda hopes of new term

Why Indonesia Is a Haven From Protectionism

US immigration I
Trump bars door to refugees, visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations
Trump Says Move on Middle East Travel ‘Not a Muslim Ban’
Judges Block Parts of Trump’s Order on Muslim Immigration
White House Says Green-Card Holders Exempt
Trump aides divided over policy shielding 'dreamer' immigrants: sources
Trump’s Visa Ban Order: The View From a Worried Middle East
Airports Gripped by Confusion After Courts Rule on Travel Curbs

US immigration II
U.S. tech leaders sound alarm over Trump immigration order
Google Recalls Staff to U.S. After Trump Immigration Order
Under fire, British PM May criticises Trump curb on refugees
Justin Trudeau takes jab at Trump, says refugees are welcome in Canada

US politics
There are a lot of problems with Trump's 20% border tax idea
Trump puts five-year lobbying ban on his political appointees
Trump Adds Steve Bannon to National Security Council
Kellyanne Conway on Trump executive orders: 'Get used to it'
Trump’s Tax Plan Could Preserve Millions in Savings for His Businesses
Trump’s Immigration Ban Excludes Countries With Business Ties

Geopolitics & cybersecurity
Trump talks to Putin, other world leaders about security threats
On Globalization, China and Trump Aren’t So Far Apart
Rudy Giuliani’s Passion for Cyberdefense

Industries & companies
Autos: Auto Parts Maker Would Raise Prices to Offset Trump’s Proposed Mexico Import Tax
Insurance: Health Insurer Anthem Has 30% Upside
Retail: Retailers in Crisis
Retail: Amazon and Auto Parts
Tech: Apple strategy in 'smart home' race threatened by Amazon
Tech: Apple Joins Tech Rivals in AI Research Group
Tech: Microsoft Looks Like a Better Bet Than Intel

Scientists see a mind controlled virtual reality
Virtual Reality’s Latest Step Toward Substance

Guess Which Way the Doomsday Clock Just Ticked
Trump Tower Has Rental Bargains, If You Can Get Past Security

  Jan 28

U.S. Stocks Slip but End Week Higher
German Inflation's Back. Look Out, Bonds
A Default in China Spreads Anxiety Among Investors
Trump Win Pushes Recession Back Five Months, Says Deutsche Bank

Central banks
Wait-and-see central banks to play second fiddle to Trump

U.S. Growth Cools on Trade Drag as Business Spending Rises
U.S. Durable-Goods Orders Fall Due to Big Drop in Defense Category
Consumer Sentiment Notches New Decade-Long High
Share of U.S. Workers in Unions Falls to Lowest Level on Record
The huge disparities in US life expectancy in five charts

US politics
House Speaker Paul Ryan: 'It's going to take more than simply 100 days'
Republicans Now Marching With Trump on Ideas They Had Opposed
Trump Warms to House Republicans’ Proposed Border-Adjusted Tax
Trump to halt refugee flow from some Muslim-majority nations: White House official
Sanctuary cities see legal holes in Trump's immigration orders
Trump’s campaign made big data personal

Geopolitics & trade I
Trump and Peña Nieto in ‘very friendly’ phone call
Trump says Mexico has taken advantage of U.S. 'for long enough'
Nafta’s Impact on U.S. Has Been Mixed
White House Sows Confusion About Plan for a 20% Import Tax
Trump’s 20% Import Tax May Be Another Gift for Canadian Oil
Trump Tax Idea for Wall Echoes House GOP Plan

Geopolitics & trade II
Chinese military official warns that war with US under Trump is becoming a 'practical reality'
May Preaches Free Trade in U.S. as Trump Turns Up Heat on Mexico
Trump Emphasizes Close Ties With U.K. in News Conference With May
U.N. envoy warns U.S. allies: have our back or else
Trump’s Gamble: Luring Countries Into Deals

Industries & companies
Consumer: Nesquik Cuts Back on Sugar, Hoping to Sweeten Sales
Consumer: Colgate-Palmolive Plans Ad Push to Stoke Sales
Pharma: Merck Gives Details on U.S. Drug-Pricing Practices
Tech: Google Parent Alphabet Finds New Growth Beyond Search
Tech: Microsoft’s Profit Rises 4 Percent, as Cloud Business Booms
Tech: Toshiba to Sell Part of Its Memory-Chip Business
Tech: With supplies tight, memory chipmakers head into ultra-super-cycle

Scaramucci Scores Millions From a Buyer With Mystery Investors
New Mnuchin Pay Disclosure Shows a $5.6 Million Payout
Kushner’s Felon Father Back at Helm of New York Empire With Two Fellow Inmates

  Jan 27

We’re Already at Dow 30000, You Just Don’t Know It
The Dow Hit 20,000. Now What?
The Fragile Economic Foundation of Dow 20000
German bond yields hit year-high in broad sell-off

Donald Trump’s 4% Growth Target Is Easier Said Than Done
Fourth-Quarter Growth Likely to Be Typical of Obama Era
New U.S. Home Sales at 10-Month Low as Mortgage Rates Rise

Le Pen uses environmental issue to broaden appeal

Mexico Registered Small December Trade Surplus
China Seeks to Calm U.S. Over Its Semiconductor Ambitions

US politics I
Trump’s Uncertainty Principle
Trump's Economic Approach Starts to Take Shape
Corporate America split over radical import tax plan
What Obamacare Repeal Could Mean for Medicaid
The EPA just delayed 30 environmental regulations created under Obama
How the Debt Ceiling Could Foil Trump Spending Plans

US politics II
Trump Fulfills Conservative Wishes With Supreme Court Shortlist
Trump's voter fraud probe could pave way for tougher voting rules
Sanctuary cities face huge cuts by Trump policy
U.S. government scientists go 'rogue' in defiance of Trump
Trump Strategist Steve Bannon Says Media Should ‘Keep Its Mouth Shut’
Mass exodus at the State Department of people who don't want to work for Trump

Geopolitics & trade
Trump Wants to Build a Wall. Finding Workers Won’t Be Easy
Mexico's President Rejects U.S. Plan to Build a Wall
How Donald Trump’s Wall Would Measure Up to World’s Barriers
How Mexico’s Trump Whisperer Could Save Nafta
Kyle Bass Calls Trump ‘Gasoline’ on Smoldering Fire in China
Japan Open to Two-Way Trade Talks With U.S.
Philippines says U.S. military to upgrade bases, defense deal intact
Israeli Cybersecurity Industry Grows as Global Threats Multiply

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford Motor quarterly profit matches Street expectations
Consumer: Johnson & Johnson agrees $30bn deal for Actelion
Fintech: China’s Ant Financial, Owned by Jack Ma, Makes U.S. Play
Media: German Media Giant Betting on Ink and Paper as E-Books Falter
Tech: Alphabet Earnings Miss Analyst Estimates on New Hardware Costs

The Day Harvard Stopped Being a Hedge Fund
Here's how much people make working for a hedge fund

  Jan 26

Boom: Dow hits 20,000 for first time ever
Does Dow 20,000 Mean It's Time to Get Out?
Dow Index Vaults Over 20000 Milestone
Earnings Feed Global Stock Rally as Bonds Retreat
Who's President Doesn't Matter That Much to the Stock Market

BP Warns Battle for Oil Market Share Could Return
No Stopping Texas Shale Boom as Permian Fever Spreads to Pipes

Central banks
New Keynesians, You Were Right All Along, ECB Economists Argue

Americans Are Flipping Houses Like It’s 2006
Middle-Aged Americans Beat Millennials in Time Spent on Social Media
Existing Home Sales Fell 2.8% in December

German Business Expectations Fall as Protectionism Fears Grow

China Likely to Stick to Two-Child Policy
Drop in China corruption prosecutions

Emerging Markets Greet Trump by Rushing to Sell Debt
Dubai is officially home to the world's busiest international airport

US politics I
Federal Debt Projected to Grow by Nearly $10 Trillion Over Next Decade
Conservatives Collide With Trump Over Budget Plans
Trump Calls for ‘Major Investigation’ Into Alleged Voter Fraud
Jake Tapper issued the strongest takedown yet of Trump's baseless voter-fraud claims
Trump vows federal intervention to quell Chicago gun violence
Cohn to receive $100m-plus Goldman exit package

US politics II
Under Trump, It’s Make a Deal With the President—or Else
Trump to sign executive orders on immigration
Trump seen boosting border agents, targeting those in U.S. illegally
Trump expected to order temporary ban on refugees
Trump’s Immigration Revamp to Include Plans for Safe Zones Inside Syria

Geopolitics & trade I
Trump to Unveil Mexico Border Wall Plans in Security Push
Trump’s Orders on Border Wall Stir Concern Over Presidential Power
Trump Border Wall Announcement Builds More Resentment in Mexico
Mexico issued an ultimatum to the Trump administration
Mexico’s Potential Weapons if Trump Declares War on Nafta

Geopolitics & trade II
High Tariffs on China, Mexico Wouldn’t Guarantee U.S. Jobs
Trump Injects High Risk Into Relations With China
As Trump stresses 'America First', China plays the world leader
Trade war between China and the U.S. is a lose-lose: state media
Trump's allies claim the US could 'do a trade deal in a week' with the UK
Why Obama sent the Palestinians $221 million during his last hours in office

Industries & companies
Airlines: Boeing’s Quarterly Profit Climbs
Autos: Toyota's 'Made in America' Strategy Isn't Enough to Shield It From Trump
Media: AT&T Revenue Declines
Media: Amazon Steals Netflix’s Spotlight to Become Toast of Hollywood
Shipping: Amazon Expands Into Ocean Freight
Tech: Cisco to buy AppDynamics for $3.7 billion in growth push

A Challenge to the ‘Secular Stagnation’ Theory
Has the World Reached Peak Productivity?

Wall Street Is Hiring ... in Florida
‘La La Land’ Dominates Oscar Nominations

  Jan 25

Dow Makes Another Run Toward 20000
U.S. Stocks at Records Amid Earnings, Metals Rally: Markets Wrap

Central banks
Fed Debate Over $4.5 Trillion Balance Sheet Looms in 2017

Existing Home Sales Fell 2.8% in December
CBO Sees Budget Deficit Falling to $559 Billion in 2017

U.K. Supreme Court Rules Brexit Trigger Needs Parliamentary Vote
What Does U.K. Ruling Mean for Brexit and What Comes Next?
Euro Area Starts 2017 on Strong Note as Price Pressures Build

China’s Efforts to Stem Capital Outflows Are Starting to Pay Off
Alibaba revenues rise 54% in ‘blowout quarter’

US politics
Trump Pins Keystone and Dakota Pipeline Fate on Renegotiation
Trump Takes Action Aimed at Approving Keystone Pipeline
CEOs Savor New Status in Trump’s Washington
Trump’s budget nominee urges cuts to entitlements
Trump just got his first approval rating as president — and it's not good
Trump repeats debunked claim that voter fraud caused him to lose popular vote to Hillary Clinton
This 36-Year-Old May Be Helping Run America

Geopolitics & trade
China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty
After U.S. exit, Asian nations try to save TPP
China’s Bid to Fill U.S. Trade Shoes Risks Falling Flat
A U.S.-China Role Switch: Who’s the Globalist Now?
How Trump Would Rework Nafta—and What Mexico, Canada Want in Return
Renegotiating Nafta: 5 points to keep in mind
Angela Merkel is facing a broader Russian disinformation campaign ahead of the German elections
Trump’s US embassy vow fires emotion over Jerusalem
Report: Obama quietly sent $221 million to the Palestinian Authority hours before leaving office

Industries & companies
Autos: Shares in US carmakers rise after Trump meeting
Financials: At Wells Fargo, Bank Branches Were Tipped Off to Inspections
Health Care: U.S. blocks health insurer Aetna's $34 billion Humana acquisition
Tech: Microsoft Names LinkedIn Executive to Tech Chief Role
Media: Verizon misses estimates ahead of Yahoo purchase

Robots Are Taking Over Oil Rigs

Animated map reveals the most dangerous countries in the world for tourists
CFA Institute Says 43% of Test-Takers Pass Level 1 Exam

  Jan 24

‘Trump trades’ in reverse as new presidency sparks jitters
Inside the Mind of Mnuchin: Too-Strong Dollar May Hurt Economy

Oil falls as signs of U.S. output rise overshadow OPEC-led cuts
Oil Producers Claim Progress in Curbing the World’s Daily Supply
China and India Curb Their Enthusiasm for Oil Reserves

China Readies for World’s Biggest Human Migration
Top Goldman Forecaster Urges China to Tighten Monetary Policy

US politics I
Trump Promises ‘Very Major’ Border Tax on Outsourcers
Why Repealing Obamacare Is Harder Than It Sounds
States Send Trump Wish-Lists for Roads and Bridges
Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil and the separation of oil and state

US politics II
Trump the Campaigner Isn’t Going Anywhere, First Days Show
First days of Trump era signal America's deepening political divide
Rocky First Weekend for Trump Troubles Even His Top Aides
Here’s What Trump Can Learn From Andrew Jackson's First Inaugural Address

Geopolitics & trade I
Trump must address Obama's withdrawal from world stage, says Kissinger
Trump’s Tough Talk Further Rattles World Capitals on Day One
Trump Makes Revised Trade Deals an Early Priority
Trump Pulls U.S. Out of Pacific Trade Agreement
Japan's PM says will keep seeking Trump's understanding on TPP
Canada Signals Possible U.S. Trade Deal That Excludes Mexico
Mexican President Vows to Protect Migrants, Free Trade
Merkel vows compromise with U.S. on trade, military spending

Geopolitics & trade II
China Says Prepared to Lead Global Economy if Necessary
Trump and Xi Can Help Each Other on Trade
China Slams Western Democracy as Flawed
China urges Trump administration to grasp importance of 'one China'
US to protect its interests in South China Sea

Industries & companies
Autos: Auto Industry’s No. 1 Preoccupation: Trump
Autos: A Rising Tide of Used Cars Threatens Ford’s Profits
Energy: Halliburton Profit Beats Estimates as U.S. Drilling Gains
Media: Yahoo Faces SEC Probe Over Data Breaches
Media: Yahoo Sees Verizon Deal Taking Longer Than Expected
Media: Sprint to Buy 33% of Jay Z’s Tidal Music Service
Retail: Retail Malaise Puts Pressure on Chains to Shutter More Stores

Soros has ties to more than 50 ‘partners’ of the Women’s March on Washington
Secret Service to investigate Madonna

  Jan 23

‘Trump rally’ at crossroads as markets await clear signals
Investors Taper Bullish Bets
How Often Does a Stock Move 19% in One Day? Not Often
Global Uncertainty Gets Brushed Off in U.S., Europe

Oil-Output Cuts Proceeding Faster Than Planned
Why Saudi Arabia May Unravel OPEC's Big Deal
OPEC Shrugs Off Threat of U.S. Cutting Oil Imports
U.S. Oil Producers Ramp Up Spending

Raging Inflation Has Not Arrived

Europe’s Future Scares Davos Elite

US politics I
Trump’s inauguration speech — annotated
Inaugural Speech Dims G.O.P. Hopes for a More Conservative Trump Agenda
Trump Turns a JFK Phrase Against His Message
White House says media delegitimizing Trump, won't 'take it'
Trump Aide Says Press Secretary Presented ‘Alternative Facts’
Trump attack on media sets tone for start of presidency

US politics II
Massive Protests Target Trump Agenda
Unprecedented anti-Trump protests led by women
Trump reacts to mass protests with conciliatory tweets
CEOs Say Take Trump Seriously, But Not Literally
After Trump’s Health-Law Directive, a Dash to Decode It
Trump Reverses Obama's Mortgage Fee Cuts on First Day

Geopolitics & trade
Trump trade strategy starts with quitting Asia pact: White House
Chief of Taiwan's Foxconn says rise of protectionism unavoidable
Foxconn CEO says investment for display plant in U.S. would exceed $7 billion
Syria Talks to Test Russia-Turkey Cooperation
Netanyahu to Speak to Trump
May Says She Won’t Back Down From Challenging Trump
Here are the 4 geopolitical hotspots of 2017

Industries & companies
Retail: Department stores are facing 'the worst results since the recession’
Tech: Samsung Blames Battery Size for Galaxy Note Fires

Technology’s Long-Term Toll on the Middle Class

Watch Ashley Judd’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Speech at Women’s March [VIDEO]
Watch Madonna’s Speech at the Women’s March in Washington [VIDEO]
'Pathetic. Embarrassing': Morning Joe host dubs Trump press secretary's first briefing a 'hostage video'

  Jan 21

Dow Rises Nearly 100 Points as Trump Takes Office
Markets give muted response to Trump speech
How Markets Reacted to U.S. Presidents’ First 100 Days
Mexico's Peso Is Top Performer on Trump's Inauguration Day

U.S. Oil Producers Ramp Up Spending
Big Oil May Finally Get to Drill in the Arctic, But Is It Worth It?

Central banks
Now (Jan. 2017): YELLEN: Running the economy 'hot' would be 'risky and unwise'
Then (Oct. 2016): Yellen Cites Benefits to Running Economy Hot for Some Time
Yellen Backs Gradual Rate Rises as Fed Not Behind the Curve
ECB Survey Sees Draghi Wishing Farewell After Increasing Rates

Trumponomics may be wrong medicine for U.S. economy today
What to Expect from Trumponomics
Trump Seeks 4% Annual GDP Growth, High End of Prior Goals
Companies’ Job Pledges: Analyzing the Numbers

China Leans on Stimulus to Hit 6.7% Growth

US politics I
Trump Takes the Reins of a Deeply Divided Nation
Trump’s Presidency Opens With Combative ‘America First’ Address
Trump Indicts Political System, Remains the Outsider
Trump Vows Sweeping Changes for U.S.
How Trump Aims to Broadly Reshape Policy
The government secrets Trump is about to discover

US politics II
Republican Governors Balk as Congress Races to End Obamacare
Mnuchin Puts Pressure on Banks Over Volcker Rule, Glass-Steagall
Trump Nominees Make Clear Plans to Sweep Away Obama Policies
Conway blasts confirmation hearing 'show trials'

US politics III
Trump can't stop talking about how he won
‘He Has This Deep Fear That He Is Not a Legitimate President’
How Trump Left Hollywood in the Cold
Who Is Paula White, Trump's Spiritual Adviser Praying at His Inauguration?

Geopolitics & trade
In Trump We Trust: Inauguration prompts celebration in Russia
Trump Doctrine’ Upends Alliance With Europe
Where Trump’s Protectionism Could Hit the Hardest
Davos Elites See an ‘Abyss’: The Populist Surge Upending the Status Quo

Industries & companies
Autos: Ford to record pre-tax remeasurement loss of $3 billion in 2016
Industrials: GE profit up 36 percent, sales slow; affirms 2017 forecast
Industrials: GE Revenue Slips, Hurt by Oil Woes
Pharma: Bristol-Myers shares slide on immunotherapy setback
Retail: Walgreens Faces U.S. Antitrust Concerns Over Rite Aid Deal

Impact of job-stealing robots a growing concern at Davos

Trump aides jockey for best White House real estate
Melania Trump’s blue dress channels Jackie Kennedy
Indian Travel Boom Is Sending Tourists Home With Superbugs

  Jan 20

Trump’s presidency could give investors a bumpy ride
Blankfein: The markets were already great before Trump's win
Soros Says Markets to Slump With Trump, EU Faces Disintegration
Markets Take China’s Treasury Selloff in Stride

US shale is ready for a comeback
‘Permania’ grips the US shale oil industry
Aluminium on a tear on hopes for China supply cuts

Central banks
Trump and Yellen Look to Be on a Collision Course
Fed Unlikely to Snuff Out U.S. Economic Expansion, Dudley Says
Fed's Kaplan, warning on debt, urges care on fiscal policies
Draghi Dovish as ECB Stands Pat
ECB holds steady on rates amid inflation dilemma

Davos Elite Seeks Fixes to Defend the System From Populists
Davos Elite Fret About Inequality Over Vintage Wine and Canapés
Davos CEOs 'go local' on supply chain in Trump era
Joe Biden Speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos: Transcript
Global Americanization ends tomorrow: Eurasia's Ian Bremmer

Does a Strong Dollar Slow the Growth Rate of GDP? (FRB-STL)
The Mortgage Market’s $1 Trillion Pocket of Worry
CBO’s Long-Term Projections of Labor Force Participation
Household Formation over Time: Evidence from Two Cohorts of Young Adults (FRB-BOS)

Abe Seeks to Give Japan's Temporary Workers a Lift

The real problem with China's corporate debt load

US politics
Trump’s Style: ‘Deliberate Chaos’
Voter Anxiety That Fueled Trump’s Victory Turns to Hope for Jobs
Trump, His Children, and 500+ Potential Conflicts of Interest
Mnuchin Defends Banking Past, Advocates Strong U.S. Dollar
Mnuchin adds to mixed signals over Trump dollar policy
Perry Regrets Call to Eliminate Energy Department
Trump to Keep Top Obama Administration Officials
How Border Adjustment Could Cause a Wealth Drop
Obama's Failing Was a Lack of Ambition
In Farewell, Obama Sets Red Lines That Would Pull Him Back Into Fray

Geopolitics & trade
Ross escalates Trump trade criticism against Beijing
China Pledges Cooperation With Trump Administration on Trade
Russia Fears That Trump Won’t Be Such a Great Deal After All
Top Trump Adviser: UK/U.S. Deal Could Be Ready in 'Six Months'
May Hints at Trump Rebuke in Vow to Lead on Free Trade

Industries & companies
Autos: How Much Is a Trump Friendship Worth? For Tesla Shares, Up to 30%
Financials: Citigroup faces questions on missing its financial targets
Financials: Wall Street Firms Use ‘Buy’ Ratings to Win Clients Access
Railroads: CSX shares soar as rail industry veteran takes aim

U.S. investors see more automation, not jobs, under Trump administration

  Jan 19

Dow Slides, Weighed Down by Goldman, UnitedHealth
Dow 20,000 is overrated

OPEC Chief Says ‘So Far, So Good’ on Deal to Cut Production

Central banks
Bernanke: The Fed and fiscal policy
Yellen Says Economy Near Goals, Warranting Gradual Rate Hikes | Speech
Yellen warns rates delay risks ‘nasty’ surprise
Fed officials prepare ground to cut bank’s $4.5tn balance sheet
ECB bond buying slide raises taper questions

China takes the spotlight
President Xi's speech to Davos in full
Xi Jinping Discusses Establishing Chinese Banks in Geneva
World Economic Outlook (WEO) Update

Inflation Gauge Tops 2%, Supporting Fed’s Plan to Raise Rates
Consumer Prices, Factory Output Tick Up: U.S. Economic Takeaways
U.S. Home Builder Confidence Slips From December, But Remains High
Is the Next Recession Around the Corner? Probably Not

Annual inflation up to 1.1% in the euro area
France’s Le Pen Centers Campaign on Quitting Euro
Dimon Says Euro Zone May Not Survive If Concerns Are Ignored
German Jobs Mystery Explained as Refugees Hide in Statistics
Goldman May Cut London Staff by 50% on Brexit: Handelsblatt

China 2016 home prices surge most in five years, but moderating, easing bubble fears

Geopolitics & trade
Ross Hints at Duties on Chinese Steel Imports
Ross Sees 'Useful Role' for Tariffs in Helping Trade
Obama Warns on Mideast Volatility, Russia Tensions
Biden Lashes Out at Trump Over Comments on NATO

Industries & companies
Airlines: United Airlines beat fourth quarter earnings estimates, but a massive tax bill is killing profits Education: Pearson Shares Dive on Profit Warning
Financials: Goldman Sachs Results Surge on Trading Bounce
Financials: Citigroup Reports Higher Earnings
Financials: Deutsche Bank Said to Warn Job Cuts Continuing as Bonuses Axed
Financials: Credit Suisse Completes $5.3 Billion U.S. Deal Over Toxic Debt
Media: Netflix Tops Analysts’ Estimates With 7.05 Million New Customers
Pharma: Pfizer warns of ‘big challenge’ ahead from strong dollar
Tech: Qualcomm allegedly paid Apple billions of dollars in rebates to use its chips
Tech: Oracle Sued by U.S. Over Alleged Discriminatory Pay, Hiring

These Are the Countries Facing the Highest Risks Today

  Jan 18

These Are the Biggest Global Risks for 2017
Beware of unconditional love for Japanese shares

Trump Comments Signal Shift in Approach to U.S. Dollar
Trump’s ‘Open-Mouth Operations’ Make Twitter Key for FX Traders
Trump’s Options for Weakening Dollar Extend Far Beyond Tweeting
Trump Advisor Scaramucci Says U.S. Can Withstand Rising Dollar

One Country’s Oil Collapse Is Unintentionally Helping OPEC
Copper Tethered to Dollar’s Moves
Brexit Plus Trump Equals Winning Streak for Gold During January

Central banks
Central Banks Drop Their Bazookas
Why Fed Watchers Think Yellen Is Plotting Three Hikes This Year
Fed Unlikely to Snuff Out U.S. Economic Expansion, Dudley Says
Fed’s Williams Sees Gradual Hikes to Keep Economy on Track

Health of US public pension funds improves

Donald Trump takes swipe at EU as ‘vehicle for Germany’
Trump: Brexit 'A Great Thing,' EU to Continue to Break Apart
Trump's criticism only draws Europeans closer, says French minister
PM May indicates Britain will seek 'hard Brexit' in EU talks
May Ready to Announce Britain Will Leave EU Single Market

China Home Price Growth Slows as Further Property Curbs Imposed
Globalization not to blame for world's ills: China's Xi
China’s Xi Jinping Defends Globalization at Davos

Political Crisis Engulfs Samsung, a Firm Tied to South Korea’s Success

US politics I
As Trump Era Arrives, a Sense of Uncertainty Grips the World
Trump Warns on House Republican Tax Plan
Trump Explains Why He Twists Business’s Arms
Trump's Nationalization by Twitter
Trump's Trade Plan Is a Looming Disaster
Top Trump trade adviser offshored thousands of jobs

US politics II
Trump Least Popular New President in at Least a Generation, Poll Finds
Treasury Pick Mnuchin Followed His Own Rules
Trump Health Secretary Pick’s Longtime Foes: Big Government and Insurance Companies
Trump team defends health pick Tom Price over ethics charge
Trump's Interior Pick Says Climate Change Is No Hoax
Ross Discloses Assets Worth at Least $336 Million

Russia expects dialogue with Trump on nuclear weapons: Lavrov
'We waited for decades': Polish govt welcomes US troops

Industries & companies
Aerospace: Trump Meets Boeing CEO Muilenburg Again Over Air Force One Costs
Autos: General Motors Plans at Least $1 Billion in Fresh U.S. Investment
Autos: Hyundai to Invest $3.1 Billion in U.S. Plants
Chemicals: Bayer Will Keep Monsanto Jobs in U.S., Trump Team Says
Chemicals: Bayer offers $8bn R&D spend to win Trump favour for Monsanto deal
Consumer: With Reynolds Deal, BAT Looks to U.S. for Growth
Consumer: BAT agrees takeover of Reynolds in $49.4bn deal
Financials: A quick look at Friday's big bank earnings
Financials: JPMorgan Profit Beats as Loan Quality, Bond Trading Improve
Financials: DOJ: Deutsche Bank Agrees to Pay $7.2 Billion for Misleading Investors
Retail: Wal-Mart to Create 10,000 U.S. Jobs in Nod to Trump
Tech: Federal Trade Commission Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Qualcomm

Airbus CEO sees 'flying car' prototype ready by end of year

Obama Still ‘Surprised’ by Level of Partisanship in Washington
How World Economic Forum Makes Its Money at Davos Confab
What Happens When Cafes Pull the Plug on Wi-Fi

  Jan 17

Every Stock Picking Opportunity Is a Way to Lose Money Too

Davos Begins Amid New Chapter for Globalization
Does Trump’s rise mark the end of Davos Man’s influence?

Central banks
Trump, Fed Headed for Clash Over Growth
Fed Officials See Less Need for Government Stimulus

IMF boosts U.S. growth forecasts on Trump spending, tax plans
Uncertainty lingers over how Trump's tax and infrastructure proposals will impact economy
Companies Examine Moving Production to U.S. Ahead of Tax Code Overhaul
Oldest Boomers Begin Mandatory 401(k) Withdrawals
How Does Business Dynamism Link to Productivity Growth?
Following the Overseas Money

German Automakers Push Back Trump’s Warning Over Mexican Plants
Luxottica and Essilor agree €50bn eyewear merger
Santander to be granted exemption in US stress test

Investors in India await Modi’s long-promised reforms

US politics
Trump’s Vow to Erase Obama Orders Takes Aim at Diversity
Workers Say Andrew Puzder Is ‘Not the One to Protect’ Them, But He’s Been Chosen To
Democrats’ Fissures Re-Emerge as Party Seeks New Leader
In Trump’s Feud With John Lewis, Blacks Perceive a Callous Rival
Summers: A bitter comedown from Donald Trump’s sugar high
Martin Luther King's daughter says 'God can triumph over Trump'

Trump flexes muscle against pillars of postwar order
Trump says NATO obsolete but still 'very important to me'
Trump Slams NATO, Floats Russia Nuke Deal in European Interview
Trump Offers Britain Quick Trade Accord as He Shuns Europe
Hundreds of U.S. Marines land in Norway, irking Russia
China warns Trump over Taiwan stance
North Korean Defections Swell as Political Elite Look South
Obama is marking the first anniversary of the Iran nuclear deal with a warning to Trump

Industries & companies
Autos: Trump threatens German carmakers with 35 percent import tariff
Energy: Drilling Costs Rise as Oil Firms Return to Shale Fields

Labor Force Needs to Work With Robots, Not Be Replaced by Them, Study Says
Harnessing automation for a future that works

2016 Was a Bad Year for Celebrity Deaths, by These Measures

  Jan 16

BlackRock and Vanguard enjoy record inflows

Industries & companies
Defense: Lockheed Tells Trump It Will Cut F-35 Costs, Create New Jobs
Energy: With a Major Oil Discovery, Guyana Is Poised to Become a Top Producer
Financials: Big Banks’ Results Show Strength
Financials: Wall Street wins big from Trump transition
Financials: Moody’s Reaches $864 Million Subprime Ratings Settlement
Technology: What Tech Earnings Will Tell Us About the Broad Market and the Economy

The New Battle for France

US politics
Clash of views in Trump cabinet sets stage for policy confusion
Hey, Congress, Smart Health-Care Reform Takes Time
Trump’s Talks With Dealmaking CEOs Rattle Antitrust Lawyers
The Ethics Official Dogging Trump Is Just Doing His Job
Rubio’s Vote Is Key for Secretary of State Nominee
Plan for pink 'pussyhats' in Washington after Trump's inauguration
Immigrant-Rights Protests Planned for 50 U.S. Cities

Geopolitics & terrorism
Trump Open to Shift on Russia Sanctions, ‘One China’ Policy
One-China Policy Can’t Be Bargaining Chip, Beijing Warns Trump
Trump suggests US sanctions against Russia are unnecessary if Moscow is 'really helping us'
Senate Panel to Probe If Trump Campaign Had Contact With Russia
Trump adviser reportedly had 5 calls with a Russian envoy the day Obama announced new sanctions
Mexico says it'll respond 'immediately' to any US border tax under Trump
US border tax threatens Asian growth

Trump Team Shunning Davos Meeting of World’s Economic Elite
Davos Chief Heeds Trump Win With Pledge to Tackle ‘Silent Fear’
The Legend of the President’s First Hundred Days

  Jan 14

Industries & companies
Defense: Lockheed Martin ‘Close’ To New F-35 Deal
Financials: Trump Trading Boom Is Boon to Big Bank Earnings
Financials: Wall Street wins big from Trump transition
Financials: JPMorgan beats, has a record-breaking quarter
Financials: Bank of America Profit Rises 43% on Trading Gains, Cost Cuts
Financials: Wells Fargo Risks Falling Behind in Era of Rising Rates
Financials: BlackRock Fourth-Quarter Profit Rose
Retail: Wal-Mart to Shake Up Online Team, Cut Prices in Amazon Fight

Central banks
Yellen Thinks U.S. Economy Has No Serious Short-Term Obstacles | Yellen speech
Bullard Discusses Low Interest Rates on CNBC
Bullard speach: Five Macroeconomic Questions for 2017
Inside the Fed's Head: The 2011 Transcripts

Davos Wonders If It’s Part of the Problem

Retail sales jump in December on strong car and online shopping
Stop Waiting for Governments to Close the Skills Gap

China posts worst export fall since 2009 as fears of U.S. trade war loom
China's trade surplus narrowed in December as exports underwhelm
China Overseas Investment Spree Set to Run Out of Steam

Japan households' inflation expectations hit four-year low: BOJ
Trump’s Remarks on Trade Deficit Rattle Japan

US politics I
Why Trump’s Obamacare Promise Will Be So Hard to Keep
Obamacare Repeal’s First Step Clears Congress
Latest to Disagree With Donald Trump: His Cabinet Nominees
Trump’s Nominees Diverge on Russia, Security Issues
CIA will not resume waterboarding, says Trump nominee

US politics II
Goldman Sachs Completes Return From Wilderness to the White House
Anthony Scaramucci is headed to the White House as an assistant to Trump
Rudy Giuliani’s Cybersecurity Role Reflects Diminished Place in Trump World
Trump Looking Beyond Traditional Medical Experts for FDA Commissioner
Trump blames 'both Democrats and Republicans' for allegations

China warns that Trump's secretary of state pick could talk his way into war
Trump’s Pick on Trade Could Put China in a Difficult Spot
China Needs Trade With Trump’s America More Than It Admits
China rules the waves: how Beijing built a maritime superpower
Iran's Revolutionary Guards position for power

Robots Will Take Jobs, but Not as Fast as Some Fear, New Report Says

For Spies Inc., $1,200 an Hour Buys Dirt on the Likes of Trump
Human Rights Group Portrays U.S. as Major Threat, Citing Trump
Milton Friedman's Cherished Theory Is Laid to Rest - Bloomberg View

  Jan 13

The Market Has Already Started to Dump Trump
Dollar and stocks retreat after Trump disappoints growth bulls
Financial Shares Drag Down U.S. Stocks
Soros Lost Nearly $1 Billion After Trump Election

Central banks
Fed’s Evans Says Fiscal Boost Could Lift Growth Forecasts
"All in all, things are looking good" Harker speech
Fed Releases Transcripts of 2011 Policy Meetings

Don’t Bet Against the Eurozone Just Yet
German GDP Grows at Fastest Rate in Five Years
European Elections Will Test ECB President Draghi

OMG! House Republicans Are Preparing To Hit Consumers With A Horrible New Tax That Will Harm Trump And Hurt The Economy

China’s Car Sales Rose Fastest in Three Years in 2016
China car sales to slow sharply as stimulus draws to close
Calm Reigns in Chinese Stocks as Yuan Swings
PIMCO sees possibility of China floating yuan in 2017

US politics I
Obamacare Repeal Effort Clears First Big Hurdle in U.S. Senate
Health Care’s Bipartisan Problem: The Sick Are Expensive and Someone Has to Pay
Trump, a New Style of Fighter, Takes the Ring
Trump Shakes Things Up. His Future Cabinet Calms Things Down.
Booker Testifies Against Colleague Sessions
Booker in 2016: ‘I Feel Blessed and Honored’ to Work With Sessions Celebrating Civil Rights Advocates

US politics II
Trump Russia memo as fake as play money you buy at a toy store, former CIA analyst says
Brit behind Donald Trump dossier flees home 'terrified for his safety'
U.S. Intelligence Chief Tells Trump He’s Dismayed by Leaks
‘You Are Fake News!’: Trump and CNN’s Jim Acosta Get Into Shouting Match at Presser
Watchdog to Probe How FBI Handled Clinton Email Case

Mattis Vows to Embrace Allies, Diplomacy as Trump Defense Chief
Mattis calls Vladimir Putin a threat to global order
Trump Nominee’s Proposal to Block China From Islands Sets Off Alarms
Tillerson Says China Can’t Have Access to South China Sea Isles
China Pushes Back After Tillerson Warns on South China Sea
China launches new electronic intelligence naval ship
2016 was just the start — 'Get ready for more populist governments'

Industries & companies
Airlines: Delta Air profit falls 36.5 percent
Autos: Trump's Twitter Bully Pulpit Has Automakers on Edge
Autos: Fiat Chrysler Accused of Diesel Emissions Cheating by U.S.
Pharma: Trump's Drug-Price Stance Puts Pharma on Notice
Retail: Amazon to Create 100,000 New Jobs in U.S. in Next 18 Months
Tech: Trump, tech tycoons talk overhaul of H1B visas

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

What ‘The Founder’ Can Teach Us About Starting a Business
John Kerry to visit Vietnam in last move of Obama ‘pivot to Asia’

  Jan 12

Jeff Gundlach gives his full outlook for markets and the economy in 2017
Gross says this key bond level is a far bigger deal than Dow 20,000
Wall Street’s Most Famous Quants Fed Up With JPMorgan Soothsayer

Iraq plans record February Basra oil exports despite OPEC cut in force

Central banks
Don’t expect the bond vigilantes to do the Fed’s work

1930s-like Demographic Headwinds Are Restraining the U.S. Economy
Studies Find Higher Minimum Wage May Have Losers
Headhunters Are Throwing Cash at People Who Know How to Flip Burgers

Italy’s New Prime Minister in Intensive Care After Surgery

In China, Insurers Sell Risky Products to Fund Risky Investments
China's central bank launches spot checks on bitcoin exchanges

US politics
Trump’s Border Tax Threat May Weaponize the Dollar
Jeff Sessions Says He Would Be Independent and Stand Up to Trump
Trump to Step Down From Business But Won’t Divest Ownership
Trump says his sons will oversee business while he is president
Ex-U.K. Intelligence Officer Prepared Dossier on Trump
Trump says he's a 'germaphobe' as he dismisses salacious allegations
Trump blasts BuzzFeed as 'failing pile of garbage;' refuses question by CNN reporter
Obama’s Farewell Address: ‘Yes, We Did’
Obama: Don't Blame Me For The Democrats' Demise

Q&A: What to Know About Rex Tillerson’s Ties to Russia
Tillerson Pressed Aggressively on Russia at Hearing
Tillerson Declines to Pledge U.S. Would Renew Russia Sanctions
Chinese bomber flies around contested Spratlys in show of force: U.S. official
Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait

Industries & companies
Autos: Two of the best cars at the Detroit auto show were boring sedans
Financials: Bank Earnings Will Need to Live Up to Lofty Expectations
Pharma: Drug Stocks Plunge as Trump Threatens to Force Price Bidding
Pharma: Trump says pharmaceutical companies 'getting away with murder'
Retail: Wal-Mart Plans New Round of Job Cuts
Tech: ‘Fang’ stocks add $83bn to their market value over 7 days
Tech: Apple seeks to expand manufacturing in Arizona

Bitcoin is getting demolished

George Lucas' $1 billion 'Star Wars' museum finds Los Angeles home

  Jan 11

The World's Best Stock Gains Are in Emerging Markets
Fund That Made Money on Treasuries Says Rally Is About to End
Europe's Corporate Bond Indigestion
Goldman: Here's One Way Passive Investing Actually Looks A Little Marxist

Problem with OPEC production cut
Libya Ramps Up Oil Production, Threatening OPEC Plans

Central banks
Fed official eyes balance sheet as US inflation picks up
Fed's Rosengren calls for faster interest rate hikes

U.S. Small-Business Optimism Index Surges by Most Since 1980
America’s Fastest-Growing Loan Category Has Eerie Echoes of Subprime Crisis

BARCLAYS: These 66 key events will shape European politics and economics in 2017
Report: German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel will challenge Angela Merkel in this year's elections
Nicola Sturgeon ruled out a Scottish independence referendum this year

Jack Ma Bets $2.6 Billion He Can Revamp China’s Retail Industry
One of the most brilliant China minds in the world has a warning
China Rolls Out New Graft Watchdog
Chinese professor sacked after criticizing Mao online

US politics
Trump’s Proposed Tax Cuts Could Boost U.S. and Global Growth, Says World Bank
Ryan, Trump team discuss border tax at Capitol Hill meeting
Trump Pressures GOP to Simultaneously Repeal, Replace Health Law
Inside Tillerson’s Negotiating Style: Unbending and Theatrical
Trump's Commerce pick Wilbur Ross is no stranger to protectionism
‘The Mooch’ Earns the Ear of Donald Trump
California Republican challenges state's hiring of Eric Holder to fight Trump policies
Industry Lobbyists Champ at the Bit, Awaiting Business-Friendly Policies

Geopolitics & terrorism
U.S. Intelligence Sees Gloomy Global Trends for Next Five Years
Trump pressured to soften pro-Russia rhetoric
U.S., Russian Pilots Playing Risky Game in Skies Over Syria
U.S. Navy Ship Fires Shots to Deter Iranian Vessels
FBI’s Comey Says Republican Data Also Hacked by Russians
US intelligence ‘found no sign that Russia hacked Trump campaign’

Industries & companies
Autos: GM Sees Higher Profit in 2017, Plans $5 Billion Buyback
Autos: How GM's Bailout Became China's Bonanza
Financials: Citigroup may benefit less from tax cuts than other U.S. banks
Financials: Wall Street firm using blockchain to handle $11 trillion transactions
Media: Marissa Mayer to Leave Yahoo Board; Yahoo to Change Name to Altaba
Pharma: Johnson & Johnson to Report Average U.S. Price Increases
Tech: Samsung Display plans to invest another $2.5 billion in Vietnam: Yonhap

Breitbart Nabs Wall Street Journal Vet to Expand Audience
An asteroid just flew by Earth about 50% closer than the moon, and we barely saw it coming

  Jan 10

Dow Retreats After Flirting With 20000
Here's Where Goldman Sachs Is Telling Clients to Invest in Equities
Don’t Worry Bond Investors, Baby Boomers Have Got Your Back
Morgan Stanley Says Investors Are Thinking About U.S. Corporate Credit All Wrong

Central banks
Regional Fed Presidents Differ on Pace of 2017 Rate Hikes
Fed official says strong jobs data rule out fiscal boost

Euro-Area Unemployment Holds at 7-Year Low
Eurozone defies headwinds to keep recovery on track
Five Star backtracks on quitting Eurosceptic parliamentary bloc

China Considers Relaxing Curbs On Stock-Index Futures
Cost to Borrow Yuan Overnight in Hong Kong Plummets

Brazil Worries the ‘China of South America’ Is Eating Its Lunch

US politics I
Nine Trump Nominees Who’ll Face Extreme Vetting by Democrats
Senate to act this week on Obamacare repeal, McConnell says
Paul: Trump Backs Repealing, Replacing ACA at Same Time
Trump’s Son-in-Law to Be Named as Senior Adviser
Meet the Mercers: A Quiet Tycoon and His Daughter Become Power Brokers in Trump’s Washington

US Politics II
Divisions Lurk Inside Trump’s Economic Team
Economists Who Advised Presidents From Both Parties Find Common Ground
Top Economists Grapple With Public Disdain for Initiatives
Kansas Offers Cautionary Tale for Trump's Tax Ambition
Summers Warns of Financial-Crisis Risk From Trump Economic Plans

Geopolitics & terrorism
Chinese state tabloid warns Trump
Why the China Manipulator Label Looks Increasingly Appealing to Trump
Divide Over Russia Deepens
To Deal With Putin, First Know His Goals
Iran to expand military spending, develop missiles
Truck Plows Into Israeli Soldiers in Jerusalem, Killing Four
Bitcoin, PayPal Used to Finance Terrorism, Indonesian Agency Says

Industries & companies
Autos: Fiat Chrysler Announces Plans to Invest $1 Billion in the U.S.
Autos: Trump tariffs threaten Fiat Chrysler’s Mexico plants
Autos: VW top management ‘authorised concealment’ of emissions cheating
Consumer: Mars Poised to Dominate Pet-Care Business
Health Care: UnitedHealth to Acquire Surgical Care Affiliates for $2.3 Billion
Restaurants: McDonald’s Sells 80% of Its China Operations
Retail: Sears' death spiral: How an iconic American brand has been driven to the brink of bankruptcy
Retail: Is There Time for QVC in the Age of Amazon?
Tech: Why Apple’s Critics Are Right This Time

Detroit Show Reveals a Google-Designed Van That Could Steer the Car Industry
Sticker Shock, and Maybe Nausea, Hamper Sales of Virtual Reality Gear

Meryl Streep bashes Donald Trump in her Golden Globes speech: It 'broke my heart'
Trump hits back at Streep over Golden Globes attack

  Jan 9

Trump trade dominates markets this week
No Sign of a Bubble as Markets March Upward
Investor Known for Calling Market Bubbles Largely Sat This Rally Out
Vanguard is best-selling fund manager of 2016

Bearish bets against US Treasuries climb to new record
The Credit Boom Just Won't Die
EXCLUSIVE WITH BRIDGEWATER'S RAY DALIO: We're sick of the media distorting us!

Central banks
Fed Officials Say More Rate Rises Coming
New policies coming to America could take weight off Fed: Powell

The Major Potential Impact of a Corporate Tax Overhaul
Aging America to Stifle Growth

China Foreign-Exchange Reserves Continue Drop
China Reserves Hover Above $3 Trillion on Government Support
Opening Up China's Markets Won't Be Straightforward

US politics
Republicans put their focus on cutting red tape
Senate Is Moving Fast to Get Trump Cabinet in Place
Tillerson Ethics Plan Foreshadows Knotty Trump Confirmations
Steve Mnuchin faces tough road en route to Treasury post
Trump Son-in-Law Poised to Quit as Family Firm CEO, Lawyer Says
Trump son-in-law held talks with Chinese tycoon
Economists Want to Be Members of Donald Trump’s Team
Trump's national security pick Monica Crowley plagiarized over 50 sections of her 2012 book

Geopolitics & terrorism
The Growing Threat to Global Trade: a Currency War
Trump Touts Prospect of Better Russia Ties, Taps Intelligence Chief
Russians Ridicule U.S. Charge That Kremlin Meddled to Help Trump
'They are totally embarrassed!': Trump goes on hours-long tweetstorm over Russian hacking
‘What’s the Big Deal?’ Ask Trump Voters on Russia Hacking Report
EU suffers jump in aggressive cyber attacks
Netanyahu tried to negotiate a good press in return for benefits-media

Industries & companies
Autos: Fiat Chrysler Announces Plans to Invest $1 Billion in the U.S.
Financials: KKR Has Upside Of 25% or More
Financials: Credit Suisse Shares Could Gain 13%
Restaurants: We went inside the first fast-food chain in America that requires zero human interaction — here's what it's like
Retail: Macy’s Bad-News Parade
Tech: Expedia Shares Have 25% Upside

Consumer Electronics Show 2017 — the hits and misses
Amazon's Alexa moves in on Google's Android system
Alphabet passes self-driving sensor milestone
Tech’s Next Hot Product: Self-Driving Cars

Inside a Killer Drug Epidemic: A Look at America’s Opioid Crisis
To Rate How Smart Dogs Are, Humans Learn New Tricks

  Jan 7

Dow Flirts With 20000 but Falls Short
Wall Street Is Starting to Get Nervous About All the Money Pouring Into U.S. Stocks
Wall Street’s Most Outspoken Stock Bull Reverses, Now Top Bear

Americans See Enduring Wage Gains as Labor Market Tightens
Jobs Growth Slows, Wages Post Best Gain Since 2009
U.S. Trade Deficit Widened in November to a Nine-Month High
Nine New Findings About Inequality in the United States
Older Americans Are Retiring in Droves

China warns US of retaliation if Trump imposes tariffs

US politics
Trump Hints at Request for Border Wall Funds from Congress

Geopolitics & cyber-security
Russia Announces Syria Drawdown
Intelligence Agencies Say Russia Ordered ‘Influence Campaign’ to Aid Trump in Election
U.S. Grid in ‘Imminent Danger’ From Cyber-Attack, Study Says

Industries & companies
Autos: VW Near Settling U.S. Case Over Emissions Cheating
Retail: In-Store Declines Drag Down Traditional Retailers
Retail: Retailers Face Multibillion-Dollar Earnings Hit Under GOP Tax Plan
Retail: DEUTSCHE BANK: Investors have given up on department stores
Tech: Apple Cuts CEO Cook’s Pay After Missing Targets

Artificial intelligence: the dash to connect the consumer
Good Alexa, Bad Alexa: Amazon’s Talking OS Is Everywhere

‘Anti-GAAP’ reporting proves a growing menace
The 27 most important finance books ever written

  Jan 6

Markets Dangerously Price in Trump-Era Perfection
BARCLAYS: These 13 'black swans' could cause market chaos in 2017
The glass is half full for Wall Street earnings expectations
Why an Infrastructure ETF May Be a Bad Way to Play an Infrastructure Boom

Central banks
Fed’s Williams Sees Three-Hike 2017 Outlook as ‘Very Reasonable’
Fed officials think Trump tax cuts could lead to higher rates
The Fed’s Point Man on Productivity

U.S. Consumer Comfort Gauge in 2016 Was Strongest in Nine Years
How Low Can the Unemployment Rate Go?

China's choices narrowing as it burns through FX reserves to support yuan
Wave of spending tightens China’s grip on renewable energy

US politics I
Ghosn asks Trump to clarify rules of the road for carmakers
Ford's Bow to Trump Benefits Robots, Not Workers
Toyota Will Take Trump’s Decisions Into Account on Mexico Plant
Trump Battle Puts GM in Tough Spot
Top US oil industry group lobbies Trump for lighter regulation
Trump Tells Confidant He Remains Opposed to AT&T Deal

US politics II
TRUMP: 'Obamacare was a lie from the beginning'
Trump Picks Dan Coats as Nominee for Intelligence Chief
Trump Plans Spy Agency Revamp
Trump’s Debts Are Widely Held on Wall Street

Geopolitics & terrorism
Chinese Media Say ‘Big Sticks’ Await Trump If He Seeks Trade War
China turns screw on corporate South Korea over US missile shield
Trump Needs a Win-Win Deal. Putin Is a Win-Lose Guy
In Turkey, U.S. Hand Is Seen in Nearly Every Crisis
German Officials Met Seven Times to Discuss Berlin Attacker Before Assault
Report Shows How Badly Belgium Mishandled Hunt for ISIS Operatives

Intelligence Chief Confident Russia Behind Hacks
Report on Hacking by Russia Will Be Released Next Week
Trump and Julian Assange, an Unlikely Pair, Unite to Sow Hacking Doubts
Assange tells Hannity that Podesta’s password was, um, ‘password’

Industries & companies
Defense: Defense Firms Cash In Amid Soaring Demand for Munitions
Retail: Macy's, Kohl's slash 2016 profit forecasts citing weak holiday sales
Retail: Macy’s warns jobs losses could top 10,000
Retail: Amazon's rumored bid for American Apparel could solve its Trump problem
Tech: Apple’s App Store Sales Top $28 Billion

Auto Makers Showcase Cars Equipped With Virtual Assistants
Ford enlists Amazon’s Alexa as driver assistant
AI is everywhere at CES

Guy Standing, advocate of Universal Basic Income: How UBI can battle against neofascism and populism
YouTube (2013): Obama To GOP: 'Go Out There And Win An Election' If You Want To Stop Health Care Law

  Jan 5

America’s Roster of Public Companies Is Shrinking Before Our Eyes
Consumer Stocks Push Dow Higher
UBS: Trump rally has risks, but now is not the time to be a contrarian
How Trumponomics will set the pace for market uncertainty in 2017
The 10 biggest risks the world faces in 2017
Harvard Academic Sees Debt Rout Worse Than 1994 ‘Bond Massacre’

Central banks
Fed officials think Trump tax cuts could lead to higher rates | Minutes
Fed policymakers agree Trump fiscal boost poses inflation risk
Fed Minutes Cite ‘Uncertainty’ About Trump’s Impact on Economy

December US auto sales come in at pace of 18.4 million, vs. 17.7 million estimate

Eurozone inflation soars to highest level since 2013
British consumers borrow at fastest rate in 11 years as inflation threat rises

Yuan Surges as China Seeks New Tools to Block Outflows
China Goes on $26 Trillion Commodity Binge as Shortages Seen

US politics I
With Choice of Trade Negotiator, Trump Prepares to Confront Mexico and China
Trump Tariff on GM Would Violate NAFTA. That May Not Stop Him
Why Trump Tariffs on Mexican Cars Probably Won’t Stop Job Flight
Chided by Trump, Ford scraps Mexico factory, adds Michigan jobs
Repealing Obamacare Could be Trump's First Lesson in the Glacial Pace of Congress
Obama Tries to Save Parts of Health Law Amid GOP Attack
Rand Paul Endangers Health Law Repeal
Trump to Nominate Wall Street Lawyer Clayton as SEC Chair

US politics II
Rough start for U.S. Republicans on first day of Trump-era Congress
Republicans Retreat From Ethics Change Following Backlash
California Democrats hire Eric Holder to fight Trump
Trump’s desire for longer maturity debt will be a hard sell
Schumer Says a Trump ‘Twitter Presidency’ Won’t Work
Kissinger's Washington Is Coming Back Around

Geopolitics & cyber-security
Trump's Four Options for Stopping North Korean Missiles
Trump's North Korea red line could haunt him
Trump Attacks of U.S. Intelligence on Russia Unnerve Lawmakers
Trump mocks US intelligence officials over Russian cyberattacks

Industries & companies
Autos: Auto Makers on Track to Set Annual Record
Financials: Big banks are gearing up to fight the Volcker rule
Financials: We now know how Wall Street banks stack up in dealmaking, and it isn't even close
Tech: New Qualcomm Chip Will Mean Thinner Phones, Better Battery Life, Company Says
Tech: Apple Confirms $1 Billion Investment in SoftBank Fund

Mark Zuckerberg to study impact of globalisation with US tour
Start-ups take aim at errant drones

Manhattan Home Prices Are Tumbling Down
Megyn Kelly to Leave Fox News to Join NBC

  Jan 4

Earnings Recovery Set to Propel Stocks Higher in 2017
Why chart master Louise Yamada is bullish on 2017
Summers and Eurasia Start the New Year With Dire Global Warnings

ISM: U.S. Factory Activity Accelerated in December
That Bubbling Sound Coming From U.S. Factories May Be Inflation

German Inflation Jumps to Fastest Since 2013 on Oil Prices
Paris Wants to Lure 20,000 Bankers From London

China Caixin manufacturing PMI climbs to 51.9 in December, fastest improvement since January 2013
China tightens control of personal forex purchases
China’s Debt Boom Looks Eerily Familiar
China’s Credit Engine Is Running Out of Gas
China needs to let companies go bust to support the system
China to London Freight Train Kicked Off as Xi Boosts Trade
China Suffers From Glut of Shopping Malls

Mexican Economy Faces Tough 2017 With or Without Trump’s Wall
Singapore's Economy Expands More Than Economists Estimated
Indonesia Cuts Ties With J.P. Morgan Over Downgrade

US politics I
Trump Targets GM on Mexican Imports; Ford Drops Factory Plan
Ford Decision Cements Mexico as 'Front Line' for Trump's Policy Agenda