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2017 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Jun 10 Tech Wreck Sends Nasdaq Down 1.8%
Investors dumped tech stocks like yesterday’s trash. Oh, and blue chips hit a record high.
S&P 500: 2431.77
  Jun 5 Inside the Market’s Magical Mystery Rally
Stocks still seem to be a reasonable investment. What alternative do investors have?
S&P 500:
  May 27 What Bad News? Markets Surge Despite It All
The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq Composite both hit record highs, as stocks remain impervious to blaring headlines and disappointing data.
S&P 500: 2415.82
  May 20 Strong Profits Help Stocks Rebound From D.C. Woes
New probe into Trump administration shakes Wall Street, but earnings power quick comeback.
S&P 500: 2381.73
  May 13 Dow Dips 0.5% as Stocks Shrug Off Scandal
Comey who? The events roiling Washington struck the market as “background noise,” as another yawner of a week was notched.
S&P 500: 2390.90
  May 6 Stocks Ignore the Headlines and Hit Highs
Shrugging off shenanigans in Washington, stocks just kept advancing. Even health-care stocks rose after the House repeal of Obamacare.
S&P 500: 2399.29
  Apr 29 Profit Gains Lift Dow 1.9; Nasdaq Rises 2.3%
Strong profit reports and rising earnings forecasts are driving stocks higher. McDonald’s, Ingersoll-Rand surprise on the upside.
S&P 500: 2384.20
  Apr 22 Despite Worries, Stocks Regain Momentum
Market breaks out of two-week losing streak, driven by a small number of large stocks.
S&P 500: 2348.69
  Apr 15 Stocks Slip 1% on Week, as Geopolitical Worries Grow
Investors take cover in safer sectors in a holiday-shortened week after Syria bombing and ahead of French elections.
S&P 500: 2328.95
  Apr 8 Stocks Shrug Off Company News, Falling 0.3% on Week
Dow falls seven points, ignoring disappointing car sales, weak payrolls.
S&P 500: 2355.54
  Apr 1 Dow Rises 4.6% in Sixth Straight Up Quarter
Trump stocks have faded, but tech shares are on the rise, helping to propel the market averages. Why oil companies are leaving Canada.
S&P 500: 2362.72
  Mar 25 Stocks Weather D.C. Chaos; Dow Slips Just 1.5%
Is this the most hated bull market ever? Energy stocks could move higher. Why mall REITs may be the next investor nightmare.
S&P 500: 2343.98
  Mar 18 Stocks Sidestep Trouble After Fed Rate Hike
Instead of causing markets to tumble, the Federal Reserve’s rate boost fueled their rise instead.
S&P 500: 2378.25
  Mar 11 Major Indexes Suffer Their First Loss in Weeks
Just because the market is overdue for a correction doesn’t mean it will get one, says one strategist.
S&P 500: 2372.60
  Mar 4 Another Week, Another Dow Milestone
The major market indexes all rose for the week, after President Trump addressed Congress, and data were strong enough to alleviate fears of a Fed rate hike.
S&P 500: 2383.12
  Feb 25 Stocks Squeeze Out Gains, Hitting New Records
With a last-minute dash, the Dow managed to get into winning territory for the week. Strong economic data and doubts about the Fed helped.
S&P 500: 2367.34
  Feb 18 Washington Turmoil Can’t Deter New Market Highs
The stock market seems to be responding more to solid economic data and less to the hijinks of the Trump White House.
S&P 500: 2351.16
  Feb 11 Trump Talks, Market Listens, Up 0.8% on Week
After meandering, stocks jump when President Trump vows to offer a “phenomenal” tax plan.
S&P 500: 2316.10
  Feb 4 Dow Holds On to 20,000—by the Skin of Its Teeth
Trump whipsaws the market, then comes to its rescue. But don’t assume next move is up. Plus, insurers, value stocks, retail woes.
S&P 500: 2297.42
  Jan 28 Market Breaks Dow 20,000 and Asks, What’s Next
The Trump election has released animal spirits. But a plethora of questions remain, from protectionism to deregulation to tax policy.
S&P 500: 2294.69
  Jan 21 Stocks Fall As Trump Takes Power
Stocks fall on the week as investors try to figure out what comes next. Plus, why Disney is a sale, and bank earnings could jump.
S&P 500: 2271.31
  Jan 14 Stocks Grow Weary of the Trump Trade
The Nasdaq was up 1% for the week, though most market measures were flat or down. Expect more volatility as the new administration tries striking deals and the president continues his Twitter campaign.
S&P 500: 2274.64
  Jan 7 No Cigar Yet: Dow Stops Short of 20,000
Should we worry that the Dow can’t quite make the magic number? Probably not: Time seems to be on the market’s side. Also, why stock shoppers shouldn’t skip Macy’s.
S&P 500: 2276.98

2016 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 24 Dow Gains for Seventh Week but Misses 20,000
The market has a history of bouncing around big round numbers before passing them for good.
S&P 500: 2263.79
  Dec 17 Stocks Mixed on Fed Hike, S&P Down 0.1%
A mixed reaction was good news as the markets absorbed the rate hike and the indication of three more. Also: What Donald Trump means for the market, why Nike should be sidelined, and the implications of a stronger dollar.
S&P 500: 2258.07
  Dec 10 All Together Now: S&P, Dow, Nasdaq Set Records
Strength of the rally broadens to out-of-favor sectors as investors dive into stocks, and animal spirits revive.
S&P 500: 2259.53
  Dec 3 Stocks Slide 1% as Trump Rally Pauses
The economic data were decent. The real problem in the postelection surge seems to come down to sheer exhaustion.
S&P 500: 2191.95
  Nov 26 Postelection Rally Continues, Sending Dow Up 1.5%
The Dow, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all hit new highs in holiday-shortened week.
S&P 500: 2213.35
  Nov 19 Stocks Rise Almost 1% on Solid Economic Growth
The stock market continued its postelection rally, paced by strong gains for small-caps. Also, United Continental points skyward, shipping stocks gyrate.
S&P 500: 2181.90
  Nov 12 Dow Climbs 5.4%, Propelled by Trump’s Victory
Stocks rallied sharply on hopes for a massive stimulus plan, but infrastructure stocks look overvalued.
S&P 500: 2167.48
  Nov 5 Stocks Slide With Tight Election Dead Ahead
Markets go on extended losing streak, beset by anxieties over a Trump victory and the possibility of antitrade and anti-immigration policies.
S&P 500: 2085.18
  Oct 29 FBI’s October Surprise Rocks Stocks
New inquiry into Clinton’s emails unnerves investors and cuts rally short.
S&P 500: 2126.41
  Oct 22 After a Bumpy Week, Stocks End Up 0.4%
Many investors stay on sidelines, awaiting the elections and clarity on issues such as the likely Fed interest-rate hike. Also, the charms of Allergan.
S&P 500: 2141.16
  Oct 15 Weak Earnings Cause Stocks to Drop Again
A rising dollar and surprisingly weak data from China also pressured equities, which fell for the second straight week.
S&P 500: 2132.98
  Oct 8 Stocks Drop as Rate Worries Intensify
Dow drops 67 points as investors fret about rising rates.
S&P 500: 2153.74
  Oct 1 Stocks Edge Up on Deutsche Bank Relief
The market finished an up-and-down week on a positive note, helped by a strong showing from energy stocks.
S&P 500: 2168.27
  Sep 24 Stocks Rise About 1% on Week as Fed Holds Steady
Low rates, higher earnings, and seasonal strength could bode well for U.S. shares this fall.
S&P 500: 2164.69
  Sep 17 Dow, S&P Eke Out Slim Gains as Rate Fears Flag
But Apple shares help to lift Nasdaq 2.3% in a volatile week. Why it pays to obsess about the Fed. Also, bullish on Cognizant Technology; Polaris.
S&P 500: 2139.16
  Sep 10 Stocks Fall 2.4% on Week, on Talk of Rate Hike
A Fed official’s words Friday pummel shares. Even financials, which could benefit from higher rates, feel the pain.
S&P 500: 2127.81
  Sep 3 Stocks Turn Higher as Rate Hike Fears Dim
All signs last week pointed to a hobbled U.S. economic recovery and lower interest rates for longer. Stocks basked in the mediocrity.
S&P 500: 2173.59
  Aug 27 The Fed’s One-Two Punch Sends Dow Down 1%
Investors fret over talk of a September interest-rate hike. Also, the allure of PayPal. And, REITs could find new fans as a separate S&P sector.
S&P 500: 2169.04
  Aug 20 Stock Indexes Close Down Despite Monday’s Highs
All three major stock indexes closed Monday at all-time highs, yet two ended the week just down. The Federal Reserve is sending mixed signals as to the next rate hike.
S&P 500: 2183.87
  Aug 13 Stocks Hit Record Highs, but End Little Changed
The case for a continued rally.
S&P 500: 2184.05
  Aug 6 S&P 500, Nasdaq Hit New Highs on Robust Jobs Data
Cyclical stocks lead the way, pushing the Dow up 0.6%, and the S&P 500 ahead 0.4%.
S&P 500: 2182.87
  Jul 30 Dow Jones Industrials Fall 0.7% on Sleepy Summer Volume
The S&P 500 ends the week flat but Nasdaq adds 1.2%. The Federal Reserve surprised no one by holding interest rates steady.
S&P 500: 2173.60
  Jul 23 Another Record High as Market Parties On
Another record-setting week for stocks. Is a September rate hike back on the table?
S&P 500: 2175.03
  Jul 16 Dow, S&P 500 Soar to All-Time Highs
Short covering, good economic news from the U.S. and China, and more central bank ease push stocks to new records.
S&P 500: 2161.74
  Jul 9 Stocks Rise 1.5% Friday on Robust Jobs Growth
Dow gains 1.1% on the full week, with eight of 10 sectors advancing.
S&P 500: 2129.90
  Jul 2 Stocks Shake Off Brexit Woes, Soar 3%
After a 6% decline following Britain’s vote to leave the EU, U.S. stocks rebounded sharply. But financials, which fell 8%, are still 2.6% below their pre-Brexit level.
S&P 500: 2102.95
  Jun 25 Brexit Rocks Stocks as Dow Falls 1.6%
The stunning U.K. vote is another blow to market sentiment, but one key to the longer-term U.S. effect will be the impact on banks and lending.
S&P 500: 2037.41
  Jun 18 Dow Falls 1% on Brexit, Growth Worries
U.S. stocks fell more than 1% in a volatile week ahead of Britain’s EU vote.
S&P 500: 2071.22
  Jun 11 Dow Rises 0.3%, S&P Stays Flat in a Mixed Week for Stocks
Brexit fears rattle U.S. equity investors, but world bond markets rise. How to track expectations for the next rate hike.
S&P 500: 2096.07
  Jun 4 Stocks Fall Modestly on Subpar Jobs Report
The Dow falls less than 1%, and S&P 500 rises less than 1%, in a week of moderate trading. Air Transport is an inexpensive Amazon play.
S&P 500: 2099.13
  May 28 Stocks Surge Over 2% on Strong Economic Data
Why apathy could keep the bull market alive.
S&P 500: 2099.06
  May 21 Surprises Whipsaw Stocks in a Mixed Week
That the market was able to recover from the Fed news bolt indicates investors are coming to grips with the prospect of higher rates.
S&P 500: 2052.32
  May 14 Dow Industrials Fall 1.2% on the Week on Growth Fears
Big stocks took the biggest hit as the dollar rose, hurting companies with substantial sales overseas.
S&P 500: 2046.61
  May 7 Dow Falls 33 points For the Week on Earnings Worries
U.S. stocks backslide on concerns about global growth. Valeant Pharmaceuticals still isn’t a bargain. And, potential problems at Perrigo.
S&P 500: 2057.14
  Apr 30 Stocks Sink 1.3% on Economic, Earnings Woes
Disappointing news from Apple, and a mere 0.5% uptick in quarterly GDP, stopped the bull in its tracks last week. Also, J.C. Penney could double.
S&P 500: 2065.30
  Apr 23 Dow Tops 18,000, Just Short of All-Time High
The stock market rose on active trading, but failed to push through for the record. Earnings weren’t as bad as feared, but they weren’t that good, either.
S&P 500: 2091.58
  Apr 16 Stocks Rally 2%, Spurred by Good News From Banks
Good earnings lifted financials, helping shares rise broadly; in a bullish sign, market breadth hit an all-time high; and, American Express looks cheap.
S&P 500: 2080.73
  Apr 9 Stocks Slip 1.2% Amid Concerns About Global Outlook
Dow Jones Industrials, S&P 500 lose ground in a volatile week, as investors prepare for poor earnings news. And, World Wrestling numbers don’t add up.
S&P 500: 2047.60
  Apr 2 U.S. Stocks Rally 2%, Nearing All-Time Highs
Bullish comments from the Federal Reserve ignite a rally. Centene, Hain Celestial have rosy growth prospects.
S&P 500: 2072.78
  Mar 26 U.S. Lose 0.7% on Week, Breaking Winning Streak
Rising oil prices get the better of bullish investors as stocks fall slightly in a holiday-shortened week.
S&P 500: 2035.94
  Mar 19 Stocks Rise More Than 1%; Now in the Black for 2016
The Fed’s decision to notch back its slate of rate hikes and oil’s rise boost investors’ spirits.
S&P 500: 2049.58
  Mar 12 Stocks Up 1.1%, as Oil Rises, Europe Eases
Stocks rose for the fourth week in a row, as oil continued to move up—but investors shouldn’t get too comfortable.
S&P 500: 2022.19
  Mar 5 Stocks Soar 3% as Fears of Fed Rate Hikes Subside
Global markets jump on positive U.S. economic data and stronger commodity prices. Emerging market stocks lead the way.
S&P 500: 1999.99
  Feb 27 Stocks Jump 1.5% On Stronger Economic Data
Dow industrials, S&P 500, and Nasdaq all rose on positive economic data. Cyclicals with fat dividend yields. And, is J.C. Penney the next Target?
S&P 500: 1948.05
  Feb 20 U.S. Stocks Bounce 3% as Oil Prices Rise
While investors welcomed the bullish turn, it was more style than substance.
S&P 500: 1917.78
  Feb 13 Friday Stock Rebound Eases a Brutal Week
Investors are antsy over the possibility of a Federal Reserve negative-interest-rate policy.
S&P 500: 1864.78
  Feb 6 S&P Tumbles 3.1%, Largest Drop in a Month
Nasdaq tanks 5.4%, dragged down by LinkedIn.
S&P 500: 1880.05
  Jan 30 Bank of Japan Move Prompts Late Market Rally
The move to a negative interest rate rescued a market worried about energy-sector carnage.
S&P 500: 1940.24
  Jan 23 Stock Market Reverses to 1.4% Gain
The major indexes nearly reached bear territory before soaring.
S&P 500: 1906.90
  Jan 16 Dow, S&P 500 End Week Down 2.2%
Stocks fell into an official correction, with many entering bear-market territory. Oil dropped to $29.42 and China’s turmoil continued. There could be more bad news ahead.
S&P 500: 1880.33
  Jan 9 U.S. Stocks Shed 6% in Worst Year-Opening Ever
Dow, S&P 500 slid on China’s troubles and couldn’t recover. UPS on the mend. Chipotle in the doghouse. The outlook for stock buybacks.
S&P 500: 1922.03
  Jan 2 Stocks Fell Nearly 1% in 2015
Following 2015’s unexpected decline, 2016 opens with loads of challenges. Is it finally time to look at Brazil’s beaten-down iron-ore miner Vale?
S&P 500: 2043.94

2015 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 26 Stocks Rise 3%, Leaving S&P 500 Flat on Year
A wave of short-covering propelled stocks higher in a holiday-shortened week. Commodities stocks rebounded. A New Year’s forecast.
S&P 500: 2060.99
  Dec 19 Stocks Surge Before Fed Rate Hike, Then Sag
Stocks fell slightly last week, but the pain was worse than it looked. Also: the 2015 stock market in review, and the Trader’s yearly report card.
S&P 500: 2005.55
  Dec 12 Stocks Drop 3.8% in Overture to Fed Meeting
Plummeting oil, an unraveling high-yield bond market, and the prospect of higher rates precipitate a market hissy fit.
S&P 500: 2012.37
  Dec 5 Volatile Week Leaves U.S. Stocks Up Slightly
Stocks are whipsawed on conflicting economic data.
S&P 500: 2091.69
  Nov 28 Good Data, Bad Geopolitics Leave Stocks Flat
Plus, a look at the promise of small banks, and underappreciated FedEx.
S&P 500: 2090.11
  Nov 21 Rate-Hike Certainty Sends Stocks Soaring
The Fed signals it’s good to go for an interest-rate increase in December. Investors are OK with that and sent stock market roaring to its best weekly finish this year, up over 3%.
S&P 500: 2089.17
  Nov 14 Stocks Reel on Fed and Retail Fears
A six-week winning streak comes to an end as stocks lose nearly 4%, felled by weak economic data and interest-rate anxieties.
S&P 500: 2023.04
  Nov 7 U.S. Stocks Rise 1% on the Week
The S&P 500 rallied even though a December rate hike seems more likely. Also, McDonald’s shows improvement, and Ackman talks with Valeant.
S&P 500: 2099.20
  Oct 31 Stock Market Climbs 8% for October
Dow and S&P 500 notch best month in four years.
S&P 500: 2079.36
  Oct 24 Nasdaq Leads U.S. Rally on Rate-Cut Talk Overseas
Shares rose as Europe hinted about more easing and China cut rates again. Valeant is cheap but looks too risky. Chipotle could face tougher times.
S&P 500: 2075.15
  Oct 17 Goldilocks Scenario Helps Drive Stocks Higher
Stocks regain much of the ground lost in their summer swoon, but more volatility may lie ahead.
S&P 500: 2033.11
  Oct 10 Stocks Rise More Than 3% as Investors Regain Their Stride
Investors came round to the conclusion that things are not quite as bad as thought back in August.
S&P 500: 2014.89
  Oct 3 Despite Weak Data, Stocks Bounce 1%
Poor jobs data signal a rate-hike delay, now seen as bullish for equities. However, volatility and investors’ pain still loom.
S&P 500: 1951.36
  Sep 26 Stocks Fall as Uncertainty Over the Fed Rises
S&P 500 drops 1.4% on the week, with biotech tumbling Friday.
S&P 500: 1931.34
  Sep 19 Stocks Give Up Gains on Fed News, Down 0.2%
The central bank’s decision to hold rates steady set off worries about global growth, spurring a reversal of stock gains during the week.
S&P 500: 1958.03
  Sep 12 U.S. Stocks Rise 2.1% Ahead of Federal Reserve Meeting
Rally precedes a key Federal Reserve decision that could determine trading patterns.
S&P 500: 1961.05
  Sep 5 Stocks Fall on Renewed Fears of a Rate Hike
A mixed jobs report fueled expectations of a Fed move this month. Meanwhile, Williams-Sonoma and Wells Fargo look worth owning.
S&P 500: 1921.22
  Aug 29 Dow Ends Higher After Global Tumult
Anxiety over growth in China and a Fed rate increase spur a correction, but signals that the central bank may move slowly enable stocks to recover.
S&P 500: 1988.87
  Aug 22 Dow Drops More Than 1,000 Points
More bad news from China, plummeting emerging-market currencies, and a likely change in the Fed’s rate plans undercut markets.
S&P 500: 1970.89
  Aug 15 Stocks Rebound From Yuan Surprise, Up 0.7%
The market’s recovery signals resiliency to some experts, but breadth, a momentum indicator, remains weak.
S&P 500: 2091.54
  Aug 8 Dow Suffers Longest Losing Streak in Four Years
The blue-chip stock index fell for the seventh straight day, though traders don’t seem too alarmed by a late summer decline.
S&P 500: 2077.57
  Aug 1 S&P 500 Rises 1.2% on the Week
Stocks mount a recovery even though big names like Procter & Gamble, ExxonMobil, and Chevron disappoint.
S&P 500: 2103.84
  July 25 Dow Industrials Lose 3% on Weak Earnings Reports
Bad news from IBM, Apple, Caterpillar, 3M, and others cratered stock indexes last week. United Technologies is down, but not out.
S&P 500: 2079.65
  July 18 Nasdaq Closes at a Record 5210, Up 4% on Week
Tech and banking stocks drove the market up sharply, with the Dow rising 2%.
S&P 500: 2126.64
  July 4 Stocks Fall 1.2% on Worries About Greece
The recent upheaval is setting the stage for another relief rally in U.S. stocks, says Ed Yardeni.
S&P 500: 2076.78
  June 27 U.S. Stocks Fall Less Than 1%
Traders play the annual Russell rebalancing, and everyone else watches Greece. Good news for hospital stocks, Range Resources.
S&P 500: 2101.49
  June 20 Dow Industrials Rise 0.7% for the Week
Stocks rally on expectations that interest rates will stay low, but sell off Friday on fears that Greece might default. Transocean’s hidden charms.
S&P 500: 2109.99
  June 13 Stock Market Overcomes Worries to End Losing Streak
More Greek debt problems and the Pacific trade bill’s unraveling didn’t prevent the indexes from rising.
S&P 500: 2094.11
  June 6 Dow Falls 1% on Fears of a Coming Rate Hike
Investors expect strong economic news to hasten an interest-rate rise.
S&P 500: 2092.83
  May 30 Investor Ambivalence Sends Dow Down 1.2%
Worries about Greece, China–and the U.S.–leave investors wondering what comes next.
S&P 500: 2107.39
  May 23 Dow Stalls in Slow Pre-Holiday Trading
Dow, S&P slip back after touching new highs; Nasdaq up 0.8% on week.
S&P 500: 2126.06
  May 15 S&P 500 Hits a New High of 2122.73
The popular benchmark ends the week at a record 2122.73. Ralph Lauren’s near-term woes make the stock a bargain.
S&P 500: 2122.73
  May 9 Dow Industrials Rally 1% in a Volatile Week
A strong employment report helps lift U.S. shares Friday, and for the week. The allure of Johnson & Johnson. And, competition nicks Whole Foods.
S&P 500: 2116.10
  May 1 Social Media Stumbles, and the Market Falls
The Dow slips on slow economic growth and unexpected weakness in some hot tech names.
S&P 500: 2108.29
  Apr 25 Stocks Climb 2% as Nasdaq Tops 15-Year Record
Tech earnings beat expectations, sending the Nasdaq Composite and the S&P 500 to new highs. Also, challenges at athenahealth and World Wrestling.
S&P 500: 2117.69
  Apr 17 Soft Earnings and Jitters Produce a Selloff
The Dow slips 1.3% on the week on anxiety over China, Greece, and lackluster U.S. profits.
S&P 500: 2081.18
  Apr 10 Stocks Keep Climbing, as Bad News Turns Good
The major indexes gained nearly 2% as weak payroll data pointed to continued low interest rates and some deal news added more lift.
S&P 500: 2102.06
  Apr 3 Pre-Holiday Market Edges Up on Mixed Data
ast week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average added 51 points to 17763.24, while the S&P 500 index rose six points to 2066.96.
S&P 500: 2082.33
  Mar 27 Stocks Sag 2% as Economic News Disappoints
Selloff clips biotechs, small-caps. Why stocks could be in a “dead zone” for awhile. And, Shake Shack’s valuation could induce the shakes.
S&P 500: 2061.02
  Mar 20 Stocks Soar As Fed Softens Rate Plan
Equities jump 3% as investors cheer the central bank’s dovish stance.
S&P 500: 2108.10
  Mar 14 Oil Falls, Dollar Rises, and the Market Retreats
No rate hike is expected yet, but investors fear FOMC wording changes that spook the markets.
S&P 500: 2104.50
  Mar 06 Jobs Report Spooks a Market Wary of Rate Hike
The major indexes fell about 1.5% on the week, most of the smackdown coming on the last day of trading.
S&P 500: 2071.26
  Feb 27 As World Soars, U.S. Stocks Tread Water
It was a quiet week, but once investors grasp what’s ahead for first-quarter earnings, the ride could get bumpier.
S&P 500: 2104.50
  Feb 21 Greece Gets a Reprieve and Markets Hit Highs
Stocks stormed to new highs after debt-laden Greece and its euro-zone creditors reached an agreement late Friday on a bailout extension.
S&P 500: 2110.30
  Feb 14 The Bull Returns, and Stocks Hit New Highs
The Standard & Poor’s 500 index jumped 2% on the week to 2096.99 on oil-rebound hopes.
S&P 500: 2096.99
  Feb 6 Energy Prices and Economic Data Lift Stocks
Stabilizing oil prices and strong U.S. employment gains helped push shares 3% higher. Also, the allure of Evercore Partners. Opportunity in Donaldson.
S&P 500: 2055.47
  Jan 31 Stocks Fall Nearly 3% on Fears of QE’s Limits
Stocks’ slide reflects a troubling macro backdrop and mixed corporate fundamentals. Shake Shack sizzles; McDonald’s fizzles. And, three cheers for F5.
S&P 500: 1994.99
  Jan 24 QE Euro-Style Sends Dow Up 1% on Week
S&P 500 picks up 1.6%, and the Nasdaq does even better. Is LabCorp making a smart deal? And, Urban Outfitters could find itself back in fashion.
S&P 500: 2051.82
  Jan 17 Stocks Fall 1.3% on Oil and Currency News
Swiss National Bank rattles markets. And why Precision Castparts and Flowserve look like bargains.
S&P 500: 2019.42
  Jan 10 Volatility and Uncertainty Mark 2015’s Start
Misgivings about what oil’s plunge means for stocks as well as about the Fed’s path to higher interest rates contributed to a jittery week.
S&P 500: 2044.81
  Jan 3 As 2014 Ends, the Bull Rests, and Markets Slip
The major indexes finished more than 1% lower in a holiday-shortened week of light trading.
S&P 500: 2058.20

2014 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 27 Dow Rallies 1.4% on the Week, to a New High
Positive economic news sends stocks sharply higher in a holiday-shortened week. The case for Arris. And, a bullish outlook for 2015.
S&P 500: 2088.77
  Dec 20 Fed’s Statement Lifts Stocks 3% on the Week
Stocks jump 3% in another volatile week, as traders calm down about the ruble and oil and take a dovish view of the Fed’s next move. But they may be too sanguine.
S&P 500: 2070.65
  Dec 13 Outlook 2015: Stick With the Bull
Wall Street’s top strategists expect the S&P 500 to rally 10%. Bond yields could head higher, too.
S&P 500: 2002.33
  Dec 6 Jobs Report Lifts Indexes to Record Highs
The chief booster: A better-than-expected jobs report.
S&P 500: 2075.37
  Nov 29 Dow Hits Another Record High, as Oil Plunges
The oil price slide is a net positive for the consumer and U.S. stocks, but it will probably weigh on S&P 500 index fourth-quarter earnings reports.
S&P 500: 2067.56
  Nov 21 Dow, S&P 500 Hit New Highs for the Week
With China easing monetary policy and Europe prepared to do the same, U.S. stocks rallied 1% on the week. Bullish on Schlumberger, Keysight Technologies
S&P 500: 2063.50
  Nov 15 As Oil Prices Fall, S&P 500 Edges to New High
Retail sales beat expectations, suggesting that lower gas prices are boosting consumer spending. Plus, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, and Arista.
S&P 500: 2039.82
  Nov 8 Stock Indexes at New Highs
Not since 1998 have four major indexes finished the same day on record highs. Kellogg’s big breakfast problem. Time to bail out of Avon.
S&P 500: 2031.92
  Nov 1 A Halloween Rally Sends Stocks to Record
Plus, the chance of shares in luxury auto maker Ferrari, and the revival of infrastructure construction company MasTec.
S&P 500: 2018.05
  Oct 25 Stocks Rally on Upbeat Earnings Reports
Improving economic sentiment and solid U.S. earnings reports helped to erase the previous week’s losses and lift markets around the world.
S&P 500: 1964.58
  Oct 18 A Rocky Week Ends With a Rebound
The potential spread of Ebola and fear of slowing global economic growth continue to dominate a long laundry list of investor concerns.
S&P 500: 1886.76
  Oct 11 Stocks Tumble 3% on Week, Slammed by Growth Fears
Wednesday was the year’s best day for the Dow, up 275 points, followed by its worst day on Thursday, down 335.
S&P 500: 1906.13
  Oct 4 Late Bounce Fails to Rescue a Brutal Week
Stocks end down less than 1% on the week, after a steep drop on Thursday. Also, CIT still looks attractive; and our bearish call on Potbelly has proved correct.
S&P 500: 1967.90
  Sep 27 Dow Off 1% for Week on Global Growth Jitters
Geopolitical issues weighed on stocks, but growth in Europe and Japan were the market's bigger worries. Also: why GoPro is a no-go; and Constellation Brands may go stale.
S&P 500: 1982.85
  Sep 20 Fervor for Large-Caps Drives Dow to New High
Selling small-caps to grab after Alibaba shares contributes to the weakness in the group.
S&P 500: 2010.40
  Sep 13 Good News Is Bad News as Rate Fears Rise
Stocks fall about 1%, ending five weeks of gains, as strong U.S. economic data stirred worries about rate increases from the Fed.
S&P 500: 1985.54
  Sep 06 S&P Glances at Europe on Way to Record Close
Despite new signs of weakness across the Atlantic, U.S. stocks close the week at new peak.
S&P 500: 2007.71
  Aug 30 The World's Worries Get the Market Brush-off
Investors shrug at accusations of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Wall Street's still a cheerleader. What McDonald's must do to make its shares tasty again.
S&P 500: 2003.37
  Aug 23 Dow, S&P Score Their Best Gains of the Summer
The major indexes all headed higher on light volume as earnings reports impressed. The best bet in a dismal teen-retail market. And, Oklahoma's Southwest Bancorp looks like a winner.
S&P 500: 1988.40
  Aug 16 Earnings and Anxieties Lift U.S. Markets
The Dow rises 0.7%, as U.S. assets seem to remain as attractive as ever. Also, the retailer that seems poised to beat a sales slump; and what's rescuing Hollywood's summer.
S&P 500: 1955.06
  Aug 9 Utilities Help Stocks Edge Up on Week
Wary investors seek conservative bets, as fear of a correction continues. Procter & Gamble gets ready to diet. Walgreen backs away from inversion, chilling shares of Medtronic, Pfizer and AbbVie.
S&P 500: 1931.59
  Aug 2 Dow Slides 2.75%, Into the Red for the Year
One prominent strategist sees the start of a 10%-20% correction as the Fed withdraws support for the market. Plus, Herbalife's currency woes, and a positive outlook for footwear retailer DSW.
S&P 500: 1925.15
  Jul 26 Dow Falls 0.8% on Troubling Earnings News
The blue chips dip below 17,000 as Amazon, Visa disappoint. Requiem for an ace trader. Weakness at Wal-Mart. Tupperware aims to put a lid on its problems.
S&P 500: 1978.34
  Jul 19 Dow Industrials End Week Above 17,000 on Earnings-Based Optimism
Stocks rose 0.9% on the week as good news about corporate profits commanded investors' attention. The spinoff scene is getting frothy. And, Syntel looks like a bargain.
S&P 500: 1978.22
  Jul 12 Stocks Slip on Euro Bank Jitters, Profit-Taking
Plus fresh look-sees on Boeing, Hawaiian Electric Industries, and Lumber Liquidators.
S&P 500: 1967.57
  Jul 5 Dow Tops 17,000 on Stellar Jobs Report
Why some investment strategists and technical analysts expect the good times to keep rolling. Also, the search for growing dividends leads to Newmont, Delta Air Lines, CVS.
S&P 500: 1985.44
  Jun 28 Stocks Fall 0.1% on Hawkish Talk From the Fed
Stocks edge lower on comments hinting that interest rates might rise sooner than investors expect. Second-half forecasts from the Street's strategists. Valero's selloff seems overdone.
S&P 500: 1960.96
  Jun 21 Defying Iraqi Risk, Dow, S&P Set New Records
Investors buy in to Fed Chair Yellen's dovish rate outlook and inflation explanations while sidestepping geopolitics for now.
S&P 500: 1962.87
  Jun 14 Stocks Fall on Political Strife, Dow Down 0.9%
Violence in Baghdad and a surprising Tea Party victory that unseated Rep. Eric Cantor in the Virginia primary lead to a down week—but the markets weren't as roiled as you might expect.
S&P 500: 1936.16
  Jun 7 Dow Near 17,000 on Upbeat Economic Data
Manufacturing and jobs data may be signs that economic velocity is improving.
S&P 500: 1949.44
  May 31 Making Like 2013, Stocks Hit Another High
The Dow hits a record in a holiday-shortened week, helped by mostly positive economic data such as falling jobless claims.
S&P 500: 1923.57
  May 24 S&P 500 Up 1.2% on Week, to Record High
Stocks edged up to a record high on light volume. Plus: Why Tyson Foods looks tasty.
S&P 500: 1900.53
  May 17 Stocks End Flat, After Setting New Highs
Dow 18,000 by year end? Prof. Jeremy Siegel says that's a good bet. The bullish case for Triumph Group. And, more trouble at WWE.
S&P 500: 1877.86
  May 10 Dow Ekes Out a Record, but Internet Stocks Fall
The Dow rose nearly 71 points on the week, to 16,583.34. Broad stock market indexes lost some ground in an up-and-down week.
S&P 500: 1878.48
  May 3 Stocks Edge Up 1%; Dow Hits Record Midweek
Traders take profits ahead of the weekend as fighting rages in Ukraine; plus, the attraction of spinoffs is apparent at Hertz and Murphy USA.
S&P 500: 1881.14
  Apr 26 Stocks Fall Slightly After a Jittery Friday
Valuation concerns returned amid fears over Putin's Ukraine intentions. Some investors pared holdings ahead of a possibly volatile weekend.
S&P 500: 1863.40
  Apr 19 Resurgent Stocks Jump More Than 2%
The major indexes rose as the U.S. economy showed signs of strengthening. Why Weatherford International and Meridian Bioscience should rise.
S&P 500: 1864.85
  Apr 12 A Rough Week: Stocks Fall More Than 2%
Momentum stocks continued their reversal, bringing the S&P 500 down 2.3%. Technology and small stocks fell harder. Also: Beware LifeLock and payday lender DFC Global.
S&P 500: 1815.69
  Apr 5 Nasdaq Dives as Investors Bolt for Value Stocks
The tech-driven market's drop is just a vivid highlight of a move that's been going on for a month. A smackdown for World Wrestling?
S&P 500: 1865.09
  Mar 29 U.S. Stocks Fall 0.5%, Better News Abroad
A sluggish U.S. economy and confusion from the Federal Reserve sent investors overseas this week. Plus: Why Kate Spade's stock is as overpriced as its bags, and Coke's new compensation package.
S&P 500: 1857.62
  Mar 22 Fed Hints at Rising Rates, but Stocks Rally
A bump down right after the Yellen speech, then resilience. Plus, why Target looks like a bargain. Investment value in tweets? New day could dawn at CommonWealth.
S&P 500: 1866.52
  Mar 15 Dow Slides 2.4% on the Week
Crimea crisis and Cold War fears have financial markets roiled. Gold, on the other hand, is finally starting to shine. Plus, no bargain in men's wear.
S&P 500: 1841.13
  Mar 8 Stocks Rise 1%, S&P 500 Reaches New High
Better U.S. economic date trumped geopolitical jitters, spurring talk of a bubble. However, that may be overdone.
S&P 500: 1878.04
  Mar 1 Yellen Comments Help Lift Dow 1.4% on Week
A possible pause in the taper, along with increased consumer confidence and durable goods sales, moved markets further upward. And, why weight-loss stocks are losing.
S&P 500: 1859.45
  Feb 22 Stocks Fall Slightly on Mixed Data
Reports both cheered and worried investors, as 2014 looks ever more different from 2013. Also, the case for Ralph Lauren.
S&P 500: 1836.25
  Feb 15 Stocks Close Near Record Highs, Up 2%
Investors shrugged off weak economic data and sent the major stock indexes up more than 2% for the week. Also: What's next for Liberty Media, and why Smucker's stock looks tasty.
S&P 500: 1838.63
  Feb 8 Despite Soft Jobs Data, Stocks Edge Up on Week
Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq Composite each rise by less than 1%. AT&T looks undervalued; so does Skechers.
S&P 500: 1797.02
  Feb 1 Dow Dives 5.3% in January as Fed Pulls Back
Emerging markets hit headwinds as China slows and the Fed tapers. Plus, a positive outlook for DuPont, and Bed Bath & Beyond.
S&P 500: 1782.59
  Jan 25 Dow Slides 3.5% in a Global Retreat From Risk
Worries about slowing growth in China rippled around the world, roiling currencies and sinking stocks last week. Geopolitical fears on the rise.
S&P 500: 1790.29
  Jan 18 After Record High, S&P 500 Takes a Breather
A few unsettling differences from last year. The danger in Navistar. Why Marathon Oil could jump.
S&P 500: 1838.70
  Jan 11 Stocks Hold Steady Despite Weak Jobs Data
Big-caps slip slightly, Nasdaq rallies 1% in year's first full week. The investment case for Schlumberger, Ford, Armstrong World Industries.
S&P 500: 1842.37
  Jan 4 S&P 500 Sheds 1% in Early 2014 Trading
After a strong finish in 2013, stocks limp into the new year. The case against technology stocks. And, disappointing drug news for Sanofi.
S&P 500: 1831.37

2013 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 28 Big and Quick and Headlong
The fast-moving, upbeat, year-end stock market is a marvel. But will it maintain its momentum deep into 2014?
S&P 500: 1841.40
  Dec 21 How the Market Learned to Love the Taper
Although investors had worried about the Fed's pending move, in the end they basically got what they wanted.
S&P 500: 1805.09
  Dec 14 Stocks Tank 1.65% on Taper Fears
The stock market registered the steepest weekly loss in three months. Also, time to check out of Hilton's new shares?
S&P 500: 1775.32
  Dec 7 Stocks Rally Friday; End Mixed on the Week
Investors finally took good economic data as good news, lifting the market. Fed tapering seems more likely in the first quarter than this one.
S&P 500: 1805.09
  Nov 30 Markets Trot to Eighth-Straight Weekly Gain
Many are waiting for a correction that might not come when it's most expected.
S&P 500: 1805.81
  Nov 23 Stocks Will Finish 2013 Strong
The market is upbeat. Expect the market to stay strong as investors become inured to Federal Reserve tapering rumors in its bond buying.
S&P 500: 1804.76
  Nov 16 Stocks Rally 1.6% as S&P 500, Dow Hit Highs
Wall Street soars as Main Street struggles. Procter & Gamble needs bold steps to grow. US Airways could offer a smooth flight for investors.
S&P 500: 1798.18
  Nov 9 Dow Hits a Record, Up 1%, In a Volatile Week
Stocks hit new highs amid signs that economic growth is improving, but not by too much. Beware the boom in 3-D printing stocks.
S&P 500: 1770.61
  Nov 2 Dow Ends Week Up 0.3%, After Hitting High
Also, why Coke could be it, IBM's struggles, and Insulet's coming challenges.
S&P 500: 1761.64
  Oct 26 Stocks Up Third Week In a Row; Dow Rises 1%
The S&P 500 closes at another new high, as Main Street piles into stocks. Lackluster results from McDonald's. Questions about Suntech.
S&P 500: 1759.77
  Oct 19 S&P 500, Up 2.4%, Sets a New Record High
A debt-limit deal and some surprisingly good earnings power the indexes. If Fed tapering's on hold, stocks could rise further.
S&P 500: 1744.50
  Oct 12 Talk of Debt Deal Pushes Dow 1% Higher
As investors embraced glimmers of hope for a truce in Washington this week, stocks rose about 1%. But they are just 4% off their highs, and the road can still be bumpy from here.
S&P 500: 1703.20
  Oct 5 Stocks Mimic Washington's Back and Forth
Investors try to gauge what's going to happen next as government remains shut. And why Weatherford deserves another chance.
S&P 500: 1690.50
  Sep 28 Washington Wrangling Knocks Stocks
All the talk about budget deadlines and debt ceilings unnerves investors. And that doesn't even cover worries about Fed policy.
S&P 500: 1691.75
  Sep 21 Federal Reserve's Decision Not to Taper Lifts Stocks 1% for the Week
Stocks pulled back from record highs on Wednesday, as concerns grew over budget talks.
S&P 500: 1709.91
  Sep 14 Stocks Rally Higher as Syria Concerns Fade
The Dow industrials moved up 3% on the week, as uncertainty over a Syria attack lifted—for now. Plus, Verifone gets its act together.
S&P 500: 1687.99
  Sep 7 Dow's 0.8% Rise Ends Four-Week Losing Streak
Weak jobless numbers indicate that Fed will only modestly trim its massive bond buying.
S&P 500: 1655.17
  Aug 31 War Talk Sends Dow Stocks 1.3% Lower
Stocks fall for a third straight week, heading into a potentially perilous September. Tyson Foods could offer a finger-lickin' opportunity.
S&P 500: 1632.97
  Aug 24 Trading Glitches Only Postpone Market Gains
The Dow fell, but the Nasdaq, Russell and S&P indexes ignored the electronic problems. What about September?
S&P 500: 1663.50
  Aug 17 Stocks Slide on Fed Speculation, Weak Retail
The Dow had its worst week in 14 months, after Wal-Mart, Kohl's, Macy's, and Cisco reported weak results. Airline stocks crashed on news the merger between AMR and US Airways may be blocked. But Alaska Air is still flying high.
S&P 500: 1655.83
  Aug 10 Blue Chips Slide 1.5% on Week
Stocks marked time amid slow summer trading, but signs point toward continued gains for the year. Materials outfits rallied, and teen retailers slumped. More bad news for Linn Energy.
S&P 500: 1691.42
  Aug 3 Dow Hits New High—Up 20% for the Year
Generally, "just good enough" economic data is sufficient to lift stocks and ease investor worries about the Fed stepping back from stimulus.
S&P 500: 1709.67
  Jul 27 A Bit of a Breather: Dow, S&P Finish Flat
This week's earnings results were, on the whole, good, but traders appear to be waiting for next week's news. In the meantime, Angie's List and Nathan's both look pricey.
S&P 500: 1691.65
  Jul 20 Bernanke Soothes Markets to New Highs
Why this bull could have further to run.
S&P 500: 1692.09
  Jul 13 Another Week, Another Record for Dow, S&P
Stocks barrel higher as Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke tapers talk of tapering. Ten companies that could lift their dividends; and, why Charles Schwab looks richly valued.
S&P 500: 1680.19
  Jul 6 Heat Rises: Dow, S&P Up 1.5% on the Week
As the Fed takes the economy's training wheels off, there may be considerable wobbles ahead.
S&P 500: 1631.89
  Jun 29 About-Face for Stocks Lifts Dow 0.7% on Week
Dow's first-half finish, up 13.8%, is best since 1999. Why Cheesecake Factory could benefit from economic strength in the Western states. And higher rates could lift Zions Bancorp.
S&P 500: 1606.28
  Jun 22 Stocks Sink 2.1% on Fed Pronouncement
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke reiterated that he really means it when he talks about ending the Fed's monetary-easing policy. Stocks sank, but if rates rise gradually and inflation is in check, history indicates stocks will rebound robustly. Also: Weight Watchers as a good health-care buy.
S&P 500: 1592.43
  Jun 15 Stocks Drop for Third Week Out of Four
"The market has become a drug addict and the Fed is the dealer," says a strategist.
S&P 500: 1626.73
  Jun 8 Stocks Bounce 1.4% Friday on Decent Jobs Data
Dow rises 0.88% for the week. Is the Fed recreating 2007? Iron Mountain starts to crumble. Good news for Baker-Hughes.
S&P 500: 1643.38
  Jun 1 Stocks Notch Sixth Straight Monthly Gain
U.S. stocks fell 1.14% on the week, but are up for the sixth straight month. Bullish on General Motors. Pay attention to corporate bonds.
S&P 500: 1630.74
  May 25 Investors Flinch, Four-Week Win Streak Ends
Stocks faltered as the Federal Reserve tested the brakes on easy money.
S&P 500: 1649.60
  May 18 S&P, Dow Close Another Week at Record Highs
The parade of new highs is a nice rush for investors, but euphoria should awaken a bit of caution. Plus: the outlooks for Orbitz and Six Flags.
S&P 500: 1667.47
  May 11 Dow Tops 15,000, Finishes at a Record Close
Special Report: Record Dow -- Dow hits an all-time high, making bargains in the index harder to find. Investors are overly fond of Pinnacle Foods and Annie's.
S&P 500: 1633.70
  May 4 Dow, S&P Set Record Highs
The April jobs report, which was expected to be weak, came in stronger than expected, and the Dow industrials and the S&P 500 hit records.
S&P 500: 1614.42
  Apr 27 Stocks Climb 1.5%, Despite Wan GDP Data
Friday's stumble didn't offset the broad rally earlier in week. Why Penney bonds look less risky than the retailer's shares. Why Cisco looks like a better bet than J&J. And, a containerboard price hike could help boost shares of International Paper another 29%.
S&P 500: 1582.24
  Apr 20 Stocks Sag 2.1% on Weak Profits, China Fears
Why the bull could take a breather after a powerful selloff in stocks and gold. Also, better bank results, and how to play oil.
S&P 500: 1555.25
  Apr 13 Dow Flirts with 15,000 Despite Friday's Selloff
It was a week for coming close to nice round numbers, as the S&P 500 approached 1600.
S&P 500: 1588.85
  Apr 6 Mixed Data Keeps Stocks Flat for the Week
The major indexes were flat, though small stocks took it on the chin this week, a slightly ominous sign of things to come. Plus: Dollar General faces increasing competition from, well, everyone, and Lululemon shares are beginning to wear thin.
S&P 500: 1553.28
  Mar 30 Dreamy Quarter Ends With S&P at Record High
Dow has best initial three months in 15 years. Also, why Humana looks undervalued.
S&P 500: 1569.19
  Mar 23 Is the Market Seeking an Excuse to Correct?
Hopes for a deal on Cyprus inspires a Friday rally that erases most of the week's losses.
S&P 500: 1556.89
  Mar 16 Its Winning Streak Over, Dow Still Rises
Gold mining stocks could gain a little more shine as Fed mulls change in direction. And why the beaten-down shares of VeriFone look like a Buy.
S&P 500: 1560.70
  Mar 9 Dow Surges to Record Highs, Finishes Up 2.2%
Investors shed fears, pushing stocks up to their fourth all-time record high in five days. Banks get a clean bill of health. And why F5 Networks looks cheap.
S&P 500: 1551.18
  Mar 2 Dow: Close But No Cigar, Misses High by 0.5%
Once again the Dow flirted with its all-time high, but couldn't quite get there. But even if the index crosses that marker, the bigger indexes will have to rally for it to be meaningful. Also: How to play Capital One and dividend increases. And robotic-surgery specialist Intuitive Surgical still looks pricey after Thursday's dive and Friday's recovery.
S&P 500: 1518.20
  Feb 23 Stocks Slip 0.3% as Fed Comments Stoke Fears
The market's march to a new high was stalled last week by suggestions that quantitative easing could be coming to an end. And, why Titan International's big wheels will keep on turning.
S&P 500: 1515.60
  Feb 16 Stocks Flat on Week, but Animal Spirits Rise
After a strong January run, the stock market has stalled, even as M&A activity heats up. Why Whole Foods and Heckmann look overpriced. And Michael Dell may have to increase his offer or have the deal voted down.
S&P 500: 1519.79
  Feb 9 Looking for a Pause–or a Pullback
Two trading camps develop: those who expect this to be a breather versus those looking for a pullback after January's furious rise.
S&P 500: 1517.93
  Feb 2 Friday Surge Boosts Dow's 2013 Gain to 6%
Stocks ignore disappointing GDP report and jump at week's close, encouraged by positive numbers on employment, consumer sentiment, manufacturing, and construction.
S&P 500: 1513.17
  Jan 26 Dow Up 1.8%; Edges Toward Its All-Time High
The long-awaited tipping point may have finally arrived, as stocks start looking better than bonds. Also, LabCorp is worth a second look, and what to expect from defense contractors.
S&P 500: 1502.96
  Jan 19 GOP Debt Proposal Lifts Dow to Five-Year High
Republican initiative helps spur late-week rally. Why cheap Apple shares can't gain any traction and Lumber Liquidators shares could lose their grip.
S&P 500: 1485.98
  Jan 12 Stocks, Up 3.2% in 2013, Again Hit a 5-Year High
A growing shift from bonds to stocks by individual investors and hedge funds helps push up shares. So do good earnings from Alcoa.
S&P 500: 1472.05
  Jan 5 Tax Deal Sends S&P 500 to a Five-Year High
The Dow rallies 3.8% and the S&P 500 4.6% as Congress and the White House reach a deal on raising taxes. EMC stores a lot of value. And, an inviting look at underdog stocks.
S&P 500: 1466.47

2012 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 29 Stocks Shed 1.9% on Week on D.C. Deal Doubts
Dow futures plunge 200% after the close. But a fiscal-cliff deal before the Jan. 1 deadline suddenly doesn't seem impossible. Plus, financial stocks surge, and a way to play the Hispanic consumer market.
S&P 500: 1402.43
  Dec 22 Wall Street Rallies as Washington Dithers
Stocks rose 1% on the week on hopes of a fiscal-cliff deal. Also, how to play the proposed ICE/NYSE merger.
S&P 500: 1430.15
  Dec 15 Investors Ignore QE4; Stocks Slip on Week
Investors were unimpressed with the Fed's 0% interest-rate pledge. Berkshire's big stock buyback, and why Apple should step up its own. Puerto Rico munis get a downgrade.
S&P 500: 1413.58
  Dec 8 There's No Santa Clause Rally?
If the fiscal-cliff talks go on for a few more days, a strong end to 2012 will be tough to pull off. And do taxes really matter to stocks?
S&P 500: 1418.07
  Dec 1 Stocks and the D.C. Fear Factor
Shares inch higher in a week of reversals prompted by conflicting statements from Washington about negotiations over the fiscal cliff.
S&P 500: 1416.18
  Nov 24 Washington's Happier Tune Sends Dow Up 3.4%
Small-caps rise 4% in a holiday-shortened week. Express Scripts and Apache look like buys.
S&P 500: 1409.15
  Nov 17 Dow Falls 1.8%, Mitigated by a Friday Rally
The markets are paying more attention to the political wrangling in Washington, D.C., than to actual economic news. Expect that to continue.
S&P 500: 1359.88
  Nov 10 Dow Falls for a Third Straight Week, Off 2.1%
Stocks that were expected to benefit from a Romney administration, including coal companies and big banks, led the market's biggest slump of the year.
S&P 500: 1379.85
  Nov 3 Stocks Finish Flat in a Storm-Battered Market
Hurricane Sandy blew through New York last week, and the markets took a weather-related holiday for the first time in 124 years. When trading resumed, stocks posted small losses.
S&P 500: 1414.20
  Oct 27 Dow Falls Nearly 2% on Week as Fears Mount
Stock prices slid among worries about corporate profits.
S&P 500: 1411.94
  Oct 20 Stocks Give Back Gains on Weak Earnings
Disappointing results from Google, Microsoft, GE and McDonald's threw the rising market into a tailspin. Why BB&T and Monster Beverage look like candidates for a rebound.
S&P 500: 1433.19
  Oct 13 S&P Falls 2.2% on Tech Stock Slide
Stock investors continue to pile into high-yielding names, but it pays to be discerning. UnitedHealth Group, Aetna and Ralph Lauren look attractive. Not so Exelon and Public Service Enterprise Group.
S&P 500: 1428.59
  Oct 6 Dow Rallies 1.3% to a New 52-Week High
Solid economic reports encouraged investors. But as earnings season draws near, weak company results could dent confidence.
S&P 500: 1460.93
  Sep 29 Stocks Fall 1.3% on Weak Economic News
Concerns out of Spain and the U.S.'s own fiscal cliff weighed on stocks the second week in a row. An analyst thinks sequestration of Pentagon funds is likely.
S&P 500: 1440.67
  Sep 22 Stocks Flat as Sellers Sidestep Fed Moves
Stocks have support at current levels, and corrections are likely to be shallow. Special dividend candidates. An 8.3% yield at Spirit Realty Capital.
S&P 500: 1460.15
  Sep 15 QE3 News Spurs 2.1% Gain for the Dow
Stocks roared to their highest level since December 2007, even as Mideast tensions rise. UnitedHealth joins the Dow 30. What, me worry?
S&P 500: 1465.77
  Sep 8 And Now for Some Good News ...
Global markets rallied on good news out of the U.S., Europe and China. Technology stocks had a particularly strong showing, and Wynn Resorts poses an interesting opportunity.
S&P 500: 1437.92
  Sep 1 Summer's Rally Ends With a Whimper
Ben Bernanke's speech punctuated the last trading day of the summer and a 10% rise since the beginning of the season. The Federal Reserve's promise to do what's necessary to help the economy and a lack of bad news out of Europe helped boost traders' moods, but the market finished flat for the week.
S&P 500: 1406.58
  Aug 25 Ben Gives Investors a Hallmark Moment
The Fed chief's letter raises hopes of easing, and the market takes immediate solace. But the dependency is a little troubling.
S&P 500: 1411.13
  Aug 18 Apple and Cisco Lead the Market Higher
The summer rally has pushed stocks up 11% on low volume, but don't expect a lot for the rest of the month. The case for Deere and Pilgrim's Pride.
S&P 500: 1418.16
  Aug 11 Stocks See Five Straight Weeks of Gains
Stocks have rallied despite a multitude of fears—and they have further to run. Also, Best Buy shareholders want the board to consider a buyout from former chairman Richard Schulze, and don't check out of Intercontinental Hotels just yet.
S&P 500: 1405.87
  Aug 04 Dow Hits Three-Month High on Jobs Report
Stocks notch their fourth weekly gain in a row as employment report comes in stronger than expected.
S&P 500: 1390.99
  Jul 28 Stocks Jump 2% on Hopes of QE3, Euro Aid
Late-week rally ignited by talk of more quantitative easing. Why Caterpillar looks like a buy and P&G doesn't.
S&P 500: 1385.97
  Jul 21 Stocks Gain Ground Despite Friday's Rout
A sharp selloff Friday didn't clip all the Dow's gains. And, soft numbers persist at retailer Mattress Firm, while sturdy tool maker Kennametal may have more flex strength than investors know.
S&P 500: 1362.66
  Jul 14 Friday Rally Lets Stocks Inch Up on the Week
Sentiment improves, but small-caps don't. The cases for United Technologies and Liberty Interactive.
S&P 500: 1356.78
  Jul 07 Stocks Pop, Sparkle, and Then Fizzle
Dow and S&P 500 post losses for the week, reversing gains notched before the Fourth of July.
S&P 500: 1335.02
  Jun 30 Stocks Surge, but End Quarter in the Red
Market uncertainty eases on European plan to bolster troubled banks. Stocks finish up 2% on the week. Plus: Why U.S.-centric stocks have outperformed—and why that could change.
S&P 500: 1362.16
  Jun 23 Investors Can't Get Enough Fed Stimulus
The central bank extends Operation Twist.
S&P 500: 1335.02
  Jun 16 Dow Rallies 1.7% as Banks Get Helping Hand
Stocks stage a smart rally on the eve of Greece's elections as policymakers ready defenses. Also, trouble at Navistar, and the upside for oil majors.
S&P 500: 1342.84
  Jun 9 Stocks Rebound, Surging 3.6% for the Week
The merest hint that central banks might cut interest rates sent stocks rocketing. Why Express Scripts looks cheap, and Zillow, expensive.
S&P 500: 1325.66
  Jun 2 Ugly Week Shoves Dow Into Red for Year
Industrials at 2012 low after sliding 2.7% on week, S&P 500 slips 3%, and Nasdaq Composite loses 3.2%.
S&P 500: 1278.04
  May 26 S&P Up 1.7%, as Stocks End Three-Week Skid
The Dow rises 0.7%; Nasdaq, 2.1%. A huge pension funding gap at Delta. Why LSI still looks like a buy.
S&P 500: 1317.82
  May 19 A Miserable Week Leaves Stocks Down 4%
Shares are pummeled by Facebook's mediocre debut, bad news about Europe, and little encouragement for the U.S. economy.
S&P 500: 1295.22
  May 12 Stocks Fall More Than 1% as Bank News Stings
The Dow falls 1.7%; the S&P 500, 1.2%. Why Cardinal Health and Western Digital might be worth a bet.
S&P 500: 1353.39
  May 5 In a Flash, Sentiment Shifts and Stocks Fall 2%
Worries about the U.S. economy and votes in Europe make investors skittish. Also, why Xerox and Southwest look worth a bet.
S&P 500: 1369.10
  Apr 28 Apple and Amazon Help Lift Nasdaq 2.3%
The "Teflon" market continues to rise, as investors ignore bad news in favor of good. Nine stocks that could pay special dividends, including Limited Brands, Carnival and HCA.
S&P 500: 1403.36
  Apr 21 Even With Apple Bruised, the Week Was Up
The Dow Jones rose 1.4%, the Standard & Poor's 500 edged up 0.6%, and the Apple-laden Nasdaq Composite drooped just 0.36%.
S&P 500: 1378.53
  Apr 14 Small Stocks Lead a Fall in a "Risk Off" Mood
Jitters over Europe and weak U.S. data create a downdraft. Noted are: Great Wolf Resorts, Apollo Global Management, Westport Innovations, Cummins, Navistar, GameStop, Game Group, Amazon.com, Best Buy and Wal-Mart Stores.
S&P 500: 1370.26
  Apr 7 Stocks Skid From 52-Week Highs on Fed News
As May beckons, sellers outpace buyers. Why shares of Arch Coal and Alpha Natural Resources could heat up. And the takeover drama at Great Wolf Resorts continues.
S&P 500: 1398.08
  Mar 31 Stocks Up 12%, Best Quarterly Start Since 1998
When time ran out, the bulls led the bears by two touchdowns, but there are three quarters left to play. Best performer, Sears Holdings, up 109%; worst, Supervalu, down 30%.
S&P 500: 1408.47
  Mar 24 Foreign Jitters Translate to Dow, S&P Losses
European data were gloomy, but investors seemed most worried by a darker economic outlook for China. Among the noted companies: BATS Global Markets, Apple, Apollo Global Management, Great Wolf, IBM, EMC and NetApp.
S&P 500: 1397.11
  Mar 17 Banks Help Lift Dow to Near Record
As big banks ace stress tests, investors celebrate by buying stocks. Also in The Trader this week: Great Wolf, Tenet Healthcare, Community Health Systems, YPF and Repsol YPF.
S&P 500: 1404.17
  Mar 10 Stocks End Mixed, as Small-Caps Shine
The endgame for the Greek crisis may be here, but trading was light as investor anxiety remained. The bull market is three years old, but one strategist says the bull's living on borrowed time.
S&P 500: 1370.87
  Mar 3 Big Stocks Barely Budge, but Small-Caps Fall 3%
Downdraft in small stocks is cause for concern. Also, the hidden value of spinoff WPX Energy. And, a comeback in tanker stocks could be on the horizon.
S&P 500: 1369.63
  Feb 25 S&P Ends the Week at a 12-Month High
Its rise of more than 20% from October lows is the traditional measure of a new bull market. There are reasons for investors to be cheerful, but at times like these, reflective pauses don't hurt.
S&P 500: 1365.74
  Feb 18 Dow Rallies 1.2% to 52-Week High
Apple gives the market a psychological boost. Also, a good entry point for Corning; goals of John Paulson for Hartford Financial; and a big year ahead for spinoffs.
S&P 500: 1361.23
  Feb 11 Five-Week Win Streak Ends as Dow Slips 0.5%
Despite the setback, bears have to pay attention to the market's positive sentiment, receding fears about slow economic growth in the U.S. and predictions of doom for Europe.
S&P 500: 1342.64
  Feb 4 Nasdaq Hits an 11-Year High as Stocks Rally
Facebook's filing and strong jobs data push stocks sharply higher Friday and on the week. Plus, why MetLife and its dividend could rebound, and a positive look at Iconix.
S&P 500: 1344.90
  Jan 28 Dow, S&P End Week With a Dull Thud
The U.S. market seems to be doing a lot better job of "taking shots from Europe," says RBC's head of trading. But corporate profit growth is indeed slipping, and fourth-quarter GDP came in lower than expected. Nasdaq pulls off a small gain for the week. Thanks, Apple.
S&P 500: 1316.33
  Jan 21 The Lazarus Rally
The rebound in stocks is beginning, in its quiet way, to startle. The S&P's 500 Index's 50 worst-performing stocks of 2011 have jumped about 11% so far in 2012.
S&P 500: 1315.38
  Jan 14 Financials' Love Fest Continues to Lift Equities
Stock prices climbed last week as some of 2011's most hated issues, the financials in particular, led the market to another week of gains. Last year's dogs, the economically sensitive groups like financials, autos and materials, are leading in 2012.
S&P 500: 1289.09
  Jan 7 Despite Friday's Fade, Markets Tick Up Nicely
The Nasdaq grabbed nearly a 3% gain, while the S&P and Dow were up 1.6% and 1.2%, respectively. Not bad for the first trading week of the year. But there are several signals flashing caution.
S&P 500: 1277.81

2011 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 31 S&P Ends the Year Flat; Dow Rises 5.6%
History suggests the market will rise next year, after a dangerous stretch. No sign yet of a dividend bubble. The "mystery broker" is mystified.
S&P 500: 1257.60
  Dec 24 Investors Step on the Accelerator Again
Mostly good economic news boosts the Dow 3.6% and the S&P 500 3.7%.
S&P 500: 1265.33
  Dec 17 Parting Ways With Europe
Divergence between VIX and euro bodes well for U.S. markets.
S&P 500: 1219.66
  Dec 10 Good News Bulls Push the Dow Up 1.4%
Stocks moved up for the second week in a row as investors focused on the bright side of the cloudy news from Europe.
S&P 500: 1255.19
  Dec 3 Stocks Rally 7% in Best Show Since Fall '08
Investors buy amid helpful action by central banks and positive U.S. economic news. Also, there's upside for BB&T and Guess?
S&P 500: 1244.28
  Nov 26 Weakening Force Fields: Markets Drop 5%
The S&P 500 fell through its 50-day moving average last week, a not particularly auspicious sign. Nor is the reaction to a German bond sale. Low holiday-week volume is somewhat mitigating. Next week, eyes will be on November U.S. payrolls and purchasing managers' activity.
S&P 500: 1158.67
  Nov 19 Thanksgiving Could Be a Turkey for Investors
Just like last week, bad news from Europe next week could give U.S. markets a real basting. As the euro-debt crisis churns on, Thanksgiving celebrants over here will be subject to declines over there.
S&P 500: 1215.65
  Nov 12 More Sound and Fury, Market Barely Budges
For all of the year's market gyrations, the S&P has barely budged in 2011. Stockholm Syndrome for stocks?
S&P 500: 1263.85
  Nov 5 News on Jobs Fails to Stem Market's Slide
Stocks weighed down by concerns over whether Greek bailout would succeed.
S&P 500: 1253.23
  Oct 29 For Stocks, the Best Month in a Quarter-Century
Good news from Europe and the U.S. spur stocks, as October's market surge reverses much of the wipeout in the year's third quarter.
S&P 500: 1285.08
  Oct 22 Stocks Rally 1.1%, for a Third Weekly Gain
No bad news was good news for U.S. stocks last week. Plus, auto shares look attractive. More split-ups and spinoffs are coming. And activist investors see value in CMGI.
S&P 500: 1238.25
  Oct 15 Finally, a Rally Begins! But Its Stamina Is the Big Question
Some positive news helped stocks, but many clouds linger, including a lack of traditional buying, the European debt crisis and weak trading volume. Plus, a look at Bank of Nova Scotia and share buybacks.
S&P 500: 1224.58
  Oct 8 Earnings May Be the Rx for Volatility Fatigue
The coming earnings season might restore a focus on fundamentals, after weeks of sharp market swings.
S&P 500: 1155.46
  Oct 1 Dow Tumbles 12% in the Third Quarter
The market has been swinging continually, making for a trader's market.
S&P 500: 1131.42
  Sep 24 Dow Drops 6.4% in Worst Week Since Fall 2008
Stocks were crushed amid fears of another recession brought on by policy paralysis in Washington and Europe. Utilities are pricey, but the sector has several bargains.
S&P 500: 1136.43
  Sep 17 Five Days of Gains Send Stocks Up 5.4%
The S&P 500 rallied 5.4%, and other market measures headed higher, as central banks gave an assist to Europe. Why auto stocks look ready to roll. A slowdown at MasterCard?
S&P 500: 1216.01
  Sep 10 Stocks Skid 2.7% Friday on European Fears
Investors on both sides of the pond are spooked by rumors that Greece will default on its debt. Also, the attraction of biotech stocks.
S&P 500: 1154.23
  Sep 3 Economy's Still Stirring, but Markets Are Shaken
Equity markets finally slump at week's end as manufacturing's momentum sputters. Consumer and business sentiment are faltering—and crowd sentiment is beginning to reshape investor behavior.
S&P 500: 1173.97
  Aug 27 QE3 or Not, Stocks Rebound Nearly 5%
U.S. stocks posted their first weekly gain in five weeks, even without the Federal Reserve hinting at more quantitative easing. And, why department stores might be the best place for investors to shop.
S&P 500: 1176.80
  Aug 20 Europe and U.S. Woes Slam Stocks Again; Next, QE3?
European banking woes and more weak American economic data are making the stock market both a predictor and a self-fulfilling prophecy. And U.S. Treasuries, as a haven, see yields plunge.
S&P 500: 1123.53
  Aug 13 A Record-Setting, Stomach-Churning Week
Weekly loss is mild after a series of four consecutive 4% daily ups and downs. The joys of materials stocks and dividend payers like Merck and AT&T.
S&P 500: 1178.81
  Aug 6 Debt-Spat Aftermath Whacks Stocks
The debt-ceiling deal is done, but the investor jitters it sparked are not—and Europe's own debt woes aren't helping.
S&P 500: 1199.38
  Jul 30 Dow Slides 4.24% in Worst Week in a Year
Stocks tumbled on fears of a credit-rating downgrade for Uncle Sam and news of weak GDP growth. But IPOs soared, and the outlook for the market might be brighter than many think.
S&P 500: 1300.67
  Jul 23 Stocks Rally 1.6%, Approaching a 2011 High
The Dow Jones industrials gain 201 points, the Nasdaq Composite 69 points, as investors cheer a new bailout for Greece.
S&P 500: 1345.02
  Jul 16 The Bright Side of a Gloomy Market
Investors have been selling into market strength, activity that often sets up a rally.
S&P 500: 1316.14
  Jul 9 Stocks Sink on Friday's Foul Jobs Report
But the selloff leaves the Dow Industrials up 0.59% on the week.
S&P 500: 1343.80
  Jul 2 For the Holiday Week, a Sparkler
Progress on Greek debt and a bit of encouraging economic news pushed the stock market to its best weekly performance in two years. So what can it do for an encore?
S&P 500: 1339.67
  Jun 25 Big-Caps Post a Seventh Loss in Eight Weeks
Europe's debt woes continue to drag on U.S. stocks, although the Nasdaq and the Russell 2000 eked out gains on the week.
S&P 500: 1268.45
  Jun 18 This Gain Doesn't Mean No Pain
The U.S. stock market's first weekly gain since April doesn't mean we're out of the woods. Also, why Ford shareholders may feel the difference.
S&P 500: 1271.50
  Jun 11 Slow, Steady and Stymied
Stocks' decline hasn't reached the concentrated levels that will start to draw bargain hunters. Also, International Paper tries to wrap up Temple-Inland.
S&P 500: 1270.98
  Jun 4 Dimming Outlook Sinks Stocks
The worse the growth outlook, the more likely our Federal Reserve will come to the economy's rescue.
S&P 500: 1300.16
  May 28 May Isn't Merry for Wary Investors
The U.S. stock market falls for a fourth straight week, but investors seem more reluctant to commit than outright bearish.
S&P 500: 1331.10
  May 21 Market Eases on the Week as Wariness Climbs
Investors' caution might spur a further flight from risk if the tiniest excuse should come to the fore.
S&P 500: 1333.27
  May 14 Market Mixed on the Week, as Dow Edges Lower
Stocks fell slightly, and commodities more, as investors stepped back from risk. Also, Aruba Networks looks richly valued. And, Rosetta Stone just might be a deal in any language.
S&P 500: 1337.77
  May 7 Making Sense of the Material World
The rout in commodities spooked equity markets, but the causes remain as opaque as the outlook. Also, a play on palladium.
S&P 500: 1340.20
  Apr 30 Small Stocks and Gold Climb to Record Highs
The market was awash in records last week after Bernanke signaled an end to the central bank's Treasury-buying this June but promised to hold interest rates low well beyond that. Small stocks and gold gain record highs.
S&P 500: 1363.61
  Apr 23 Living in the Now, Stocks Surge
The market shrugs off S&P's warning as earnings reports beat expectations.
S&P 500: 1337.38
  Apr 16 Stocks Fall Slightly, Despite Decent Profit News
Pallid U.S. growth and dulling risk appetite take markets down the second week in a row.
S&P 500: 1319.68
  Apr 9 For a Moment, the Rally Is Stilled
Traders, not always given to reflection, take time to think about corporate profits, revenue growth and the not-too-distant end of QE2.
S&P 500: 1328.17
  Apr 2 Is This As Good As It Gets?
Traders are reluctant to bet against the U.S. stock market right now, and for good reason.
S&P 500: 1332.41
  Mar 26 Mother Nature Can't Mess With Markets
Dow and S&P pick up 3%, even as fearful news continues to flow from Japan and the Mideast. But what will happen when Fed easing ends?
S&P 500: 1313.80
  Mar 19 Stocks Fall About 2% in Post-Quake Shock
U.S. stock market dips briefly into the red for the year amid fears of slower global growth. Higher oil prices are here to stay.
S&P 500: 1279.21
  Mar 12 Stocks Fall 1% on the Week as Momentum Flags
Flagging momentum and concerns about European debt pushed U.S. stocks lower last week. And, good news for meat processors.
S&P 500: 1304.28
  Mar 5 Happy Anniversary, Baby
We've come a long way, but the Trader is wistful, and a little uneasy, about a two-year commemoration of the March 2009 market collapse.
S&P 500: 1321.15
  Feb 26 Market Losses Thin Bullish Ranks
Oil prices jump over $100 a barrel, sending stocks down 1.7%, the worst week in three months.
S&P 500: 1319.88
  Feb 19 Stocks Up 100% From Crisis Lows
The love fest with U.S. stocks continues.
S&P 500: 1343.01
  Feb 12 The Fundamental Things Apply
So far this year, investors have been returning to U.S. markets and eschewing more exotic locales.
S&P 500: 1329.15
  Feb 5 Shrugging Off the Woes of the World
Stocks climb 3% for the week, seemingly unfazed by the Egyptian crisis and surging commodities prices.
S&P 500: 1310.87
  Jan 29 Egyptian Conniption
With street protests rocking Cairo and other capitals, investors must rethink their assumptions about markets' vulnerability to risk.
S&P 500: 1276.34
  Jan 22 Stocks Stall, Ending a Long Streak
S&P 500 posts its first weekly decline in eight weeks.
S&P 500: 1283.35
  Jan 15 Listening to the Hallelujah Chorus
This week, the Trader is a bit uneasy about all the positive vibes in the market. Could the swelling music be a prelude to cacophony?
S&P 500: 1293.24
  Jan 8 Fast Out of the Gate, With the Crowd Roaring
A central bank bent on inflating asset prices, and a growing consensus that our economy is improving, have fueled stocks as 2011 begins.
S&P 500: 1271.50
2010 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 31 Stocks Log the Best December in Seven Years
Dow closes in on a monthly gain of nearly 7%; takeover targets revisited; bullish on Goldman Sachs, and The Trader's 2010 report card.
S&P 500: 1257.64
  Dec 24 Out With a Bang
Stocks are on track for their best December since 1987. Even the S&P 500 has returned to its pre-Lehman Brothers level. Good omens for 2011?
S&P 500: 1256.77
  Dec 18 The Buck, the Stock Market and the Year Ahead
Interest rates and the dollar will be key to equities' 2011 performance, with a look at stocks including Microsoft, Pepsi and Procter & Gamble.
S&P 500: 1243.91
  Dec 11 Rally Leaves Many Stocks Near Yearly High
The prospect of an extension of the Bush tax cuts drove the major indexes, except for the Dow, to new highs.
S&P 500: 1240.40
  Dec 4 Jobs Data Fail to Thwart Stocks
Early Wall Street forecasts for 2011 look for rising corporate profits as the economy plods along.
S&P 500: 1224.71
  Nov 27 All the World's a Stage for This Market
International conflicts mostly rattled the markets, though they didn't ruin them. Some stocks to eat and drink.
S&P 500: 1189.40
  Nov 20 GM Rides Again, But Stocks Barely Budge
Trading was volatile mid-week, but the stock market finished the five trading days just about where it began. Bank stocks tumbled on the prospect of a second round of stress tests, and General Motors came public again after a trip through bankruptcy court.
S&P 500: 1199.73
  Nov 13 Stocks Suffer Worst Week in Three Months
The U.S. stock market lost about 2% last week as Cisco Systems offered a disappointing forecast and fears swept the market that China's growth might cool.
S&P 500: 1199.21
  Nov 6 Back to the Future: Stocks Hit a Post-Lehman High
The S&P 500 is at its highest level in 26 months. Where will further gains be found? Plus, why Big Tech needs to step up, and the skinny on Guess?
S&P 500: 1225.85
  Oct 30 Preparing to Set Sail on QE2
The central bank's coming effort to stimulate the economy appears to be headed for a smaller size, but it may expand later on.
S&P 500: 1183.26
  Oct 23 What It Will Take to Keep Stocks Climbing
Near their 2010 peaks, stocks may keep rallying after the November noise dies down.
S&P 500: 1183.08
  Oct 16 Stocks Post Slight Gain as Bank Shares Tumble
Worries about banking-industry losses depressed shares late in the week, leaving the Dow with only a small gain over the five-day span. The Nasdaq gained sharply, however, on a rally in technology shares.
S&P 500: 1176.19
  Oct 9 When Bad News Brings Good Times
A grim jobs report turns out to be good news for equities. Plus, Apple's huge impact on a key ETF, Powershares QQQ, and great dividend stocks.
S&P 500: 1165.15
  Oct 2 September Sang, but October May Sink
The month just ended marked a victory for bulls, but stocks look toppy, and October may be gloomier. Also, don't get tripped up by MakeMyTrip.
S&P 500: 1146.24
  Sep 25 Stocks Break Through to Higher Ground
Shares rally for a fourth straight week and finally top the trading range that bound them all summer long.
S&P 500: 1148.67
  Sep 18 Market Still Peppy After Shot of Tea
Our survey of the equities markets at week's close.
S&P 500: 1125.59
  Sep 11 In the Dreaded Month's First Full Week, a September Surprise
Market rises on low volume, and is up 6% for the month. Will it break through its 200-day moving average?
S&P 500: 1109.55
  Sep 4 The Fence-Sitting Crowd
Stocks rallied 5.3% in the first three days of September after a summer of negativity, showing that investors' comfort zone is noncommittal going into a political season where anything can happen.
S&P 500: 1104.51
  Aug 28 Our Fickle Friend, the Summer Wind...
The stock market looks as if it could rally this fall. But will it?
S&P 500: 1064.59
  Aug 21 Bonds v. Stocks: Who's Right About Recession?
Equities markets, though down on the week, are reflecting a positive outlook based on close-up views of lots of well-run companies. The bond markets, though, are taking a longer macro view, and don't like what they see.
S&P 500: 1071.69
  Aug 14 Big Ben Strikes Out
Bernanke's half-hearted measure to instill confidence instead managed to undermine, shaving nearly 4% off investors' stock portfolios.
S&P 500: 1079.25
  Aug 7 Slow-Growth Story Restrains Gain in Stocks
Jobs data confirm the pace of recovery is weak, but not weak enough to satisfy bears.
S&P 500: 1121.64
  Jul 31 Double Dip Didn't Happen
Technically, that is, but market jitters persist. Auto parts stocks look fully valued, but a meter maker looks bright.
S&P 500: 1101.60
  Jul 24 Ahead: a "Japanese" Decade?
Fears of a 10-year span of big deficits and small growth gain traction, but strong earnings—and revenues—lift stocks on the week.
S&P 500: 1102.66
  Jul 17 Big Profits Don't Generate Much Swagger
Profits swelled at companies like JPMorgan, CSX and Intel, but forecasts remain muted.
S&P 500: 1064.88
  Jul 10 Dow Jumps 5%, Topping 10,000 Again
Stocks rallied sharply on the week, on optimism about second-quarter earnings reports and a slightly better labor market.
S&P 500: 1077.96
  Jul 3 Fear Makes a Comeback
Stocks have followed their 80% recovery rally with an ominous 16% loss since late April. How worried should investors be?
S&P 500: 1022.58
  Jun 26 Can We Talk?
Google Trends suggests investors are jittery about macro forces.
S&P 500: 1076.76
  Jun 19 Balanced for Now, but 2011 May Tip the Scale
At nearly midyear, the indexes recoup their 2010 midpoints.
S&P 500: 1117.51
  Jun 12 Stocks Post Their Best Week Since March
Indexes reach higher ground on scintilla of consumer strength.
S&P 500: 1091.60
  Jun 5 Hemmed In, and a Little Uncomfortable
U.S. jobs, Hungarian debt spell major heartburn for markets.
S&P 500: 1064.88
  May 29 The Worst May in a Half-Century
Assessing damage from the worst May since 1962.
S&P 500: 1089.41
  May 22 What to Make of the Bull's Black Eye
Jobs, housing and credit data indicate recovery may be faltering.
S&P 500: 1087.69
  May 15 Stocks Ping-Pong to a 2% Weekly Gain
After a ferocious rally, stocks surrender half their gains.
S&P 500: 1135.68
  May 8 Stocks Give Up All of 2010's Gains -- Now What?
Indexes worldwide take a huge hit as Greece burns and robots fidget.
S&P 500: 1110.88
  May 1 Good News Gets the Cold Shoulder
S&P sheds 2.5%, despite good economics news. A loss of risk appetite?
S&P 500: 1186.69
  Apr 24 Stocks Climb to a 19-Month High
Indexes muscle upward despite Goldman news.
S&P 500: 1217.28
  Apr 19 Goldman and Gravity Sink Stocks Friday
Indexes' long leg up gets kneecapped by Goldman news.
S&P 500: 1192.13
  Apr 12 Spring Awakening -- With a Vengeance
Markets don't quite stick the landing after crossing 11000.
S&P 500: 1194.37
  Apr 5 Coping With Rate Expectations
Markets like the manufacturing up-trend, but fear a rate rise.
S&P 500: 1178.10
  Mar 29 Falling Bonds Drag Stocks Down, Too
Four-week advance pushes the Dow up just 5%.
S&P 500: 1166.59
  Mar 22 Dow Industrials Climb to a 17-month High
The industrials finally match other indexes and clock a 52-week high.
S&P 500: 1159.90
  Mar 15 As Stocks Hit a New High, Investors Shrug
Major indexes grab new highs. But why the lackadaisical volume?
S&P 500: 1149.99
  Mar 8 An Upbeat Market Shrugs Off Jobs Data
Indexes touch 2010 highs, as traders focus on manufacturing rise.
S&P 500: 1138.70
  Mar 1 Against a Dreary Backdrop, Bulls Win a Bronze
The market finishes only slightly lower, despite bearish news.
S&P 500: 1104.49
  Feb 22 Despite Rising Rates, Stocks March Higher
Stocks edge higher for a second straight week.
S&P 500: 1109.17
  Feb 15 A Muted Valentine From the Market
Earnings reports are good, but markets labor to lift moving averages.
S&P 500: 1075.51
  Feb 8 Rising Profits Fail to Prop Up Stocks
European debt and a weak U.S.-jobs scenario jolt world markets.
S&P 500: 1104.49
  Feb 1 An Inverted V for the Whole Year?
The economy may be growing, but the stock market is shrinking.
S&P 500: 1073.87
  Jan 25 Eyes on the Exits as Stocks Give Back 2010 Gains
Stocks swoon as investors fret over banks and Bernanke.
S&P 500: 1091.76
  Jan 18 Second Thoughts on Earnings Shave Markets
Investors fret about more than earnings.
S&P 500: 1136.03
  Jan 11 Cheery News Boosts Stocks at Start of 2010
Dow gains 2%, despite bad jobs news. A good sign for investors?
S&P 500: 1144.98
  Jan 4 2009 Sets the Stage...for What?
Panic, then euphoria were a potent combo.
S&P 500: 1115.10

2009 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 28 Stocks Hit '09 High -- and a Critical Milestone
Stocks regain 50% of their bear-market losses to hit an '09 high.
S&P 500: 1126.48
  Dec 21 Painful Trades of 2010; A Punk Week for Stocks
Two-faced 2009. Where is the next XTO?
S&P 500: 1102.47
  Dec 14 A Shrug Despite "Real Recovery Mode"
His return could lift ITG shares 40%.
S&P 500: 1106.41
  Dec 7 December's Rehearsal for 2010
Stocks' vault to fresh '09 highs is quickly blunted by profit-taking.
S&P 500: 1105.98
  Nov 30 Of Palm-Shaped Isles and Empty Mall Aisles
Indexes' earlier gains are wiped out at week's end in a retreat from risky assets.
S&P 500: 1091.49
  Nov 23 Market Loses Steam on Shift in Sentiment
Markets lose oomph on bad news from the tech sector. And, why Buffett and Gates love garbage.
S&P 500: 1091.38
  Nov 16 Moving Object: Why the Rally Can Continue
Stocks rally more than 2% in a second week of gains.
S&P 500: 1093.48
  Nov 9 Stocks Jump Despite Rising Unemployment
Mixed data leave some investors wary -- yet indexes manage to reverse two weeks' decline.
S&P 500: 1069.30
  Nov 2 A Brutal Ending for a Bitter Month
Despite a lights-out GDP number, indexes suffer 4% selloff as other doubts pile up.
S&P 500: 1036.19
  Oct 26 Looking for the Rally's Red Flags
Stocks have failed to advance convincingly, even as many companies trump estimates.
S&P 500: 1079.60
  Oct 19 Why the Dow May Top 10,000 Again
Dow revisits 10,000 on good earnings news, and pulls back. Yet revenues hold more promise.
S&P 500: 1087.68
  Oct 12 Yet Again, a Raising of the Bar
After markets' 60% rise, the 3Q confessional is a tough room.
S&P 500: 1071.49
  Oct 5 In a Relay, Timing the Handoffs Is Everything
An up quarter ends with a down week, on poor data. But companies still have cash.
S&P 500: 1025.21
  Sep 28 A Balmy Month, Then Frosts Foretold
Stocks take a tumble on fears the Fed will become a little less benevolent.
S&P 500: 1044.38
  Sep 21 Are Bulls, Eyeing 10,000, on Borrowed Time?
Amid markets' star turns, some strategists still worry about a W-recovery effect.
S&P 500: 1068.30
  Sep 14 September Isn't Living Up to Its Reputation
The Dow's at its Sep 11, 2001, level again.
S&P 500: 1042.73
  Sep 7 Stocks Slip 1% as Financials Flounder
Anxiety about banks and economy dents the rally.
S&P 500: 1016.40
  Aug 31 Not All September Songs Are Sad
Investors roaring for a pullback may be deaf to the real story.
S&P 500: 1028.93
  Aug 24 This Bull Fights to Get Respect
Markets reach '09 high, but many investors fear double-dip recession.
S&P 500: 1026.13
  Aug 17 The End of a Four-Week Streak
Consumer-confidence flop causes indexes to drop.
S&P 500: 1004.09
  Aug 10 An Upbeat Jobs Report Sends Stocks Higher
Markets are up a blazing 50% from the scary lows of March.
S&P 500: 1010.48
  Aug 3 The Best Five-Month Run Since 1938
A 1% GDP drop counts as good news.
S&P 500: 987.48
  Jul 27 Why the Rally Should Keep Rolling…for Now
Stocks leap above 9000 as earnings ease markets' worries.
S&P 500: 979.26
  Jul 20 Market Recoups Its Losses -- and Its Optimism
Equity markets snap their losing streak.
S&P 500: 940.38
  Jul 13 The Dominance of Doubt
Markets sag as consumers flag -- and car makers drag.
S&P 500: 879.13
  Jul 6 Three Strikes, but This Market's Not Out
Markets slump on dark data about jobs and growth. Even commodities take a beating.
S&P 500: 896.42
  Jun 29 Market Pauses, Searching for Signs of Recovery
The bull may pull up short when it meets 2Q earnings.
S&P 500: 918.90
  Jun 22 Four-Week Winning Streak Over, What Now?
Stocks' four-week winning streak ends.
S&P 500: 1827.47
  Jun 15 Stocks Reach a Key Inflection Point
Despite signs of turnaround, investors feel embattled.
S&P 500: 946.21
  Jun 8 A Tough Friday Can't Derail This Rally
Investors have a rally -- but still lack direction.
S&P 500: 940.09
  Jun 1 Stocks End Best Three Months Since '98
The market demonstrates it has a lot of fight left.
S&P 500: 919.14
  May 25 The Seductions of the Summer Idyll
A summer beckons. A sparkling rally through July 4?
S&P 500: 887.00
  May 18 Stocks Slide 5% After a Raucous Rally
Was the week's 5% drop a pause that refreshes?
S&P 500: 882.88
  May 11 Time to Party On, or Pull Back?
The raging rally shows some signs of strain.
S&P 500: 929.23
  May 4 Stocks Continue Their Spring Roll
GDP craters, earnings tumble, and markets see best months since 1975.
S&P 500: 877.52
  Apr 27 Hey, It Could Have Been Worse
Decent earnings foil a market rout.
S&P 500: 866.23
  Apr 20 Against the Odds, Stocks Keep Surging
Why some big investors secretly crave a pullback after six-week rally.
S&P 500: 869.60
  Apr 13 How Far Can You Trust This Rally?
Wachovia-swallowing giant lifts the markets.
S&P 500: 856.56
  Apr 6 Promises, Not Problems, Occupy Markets
Indexes ignore bad news to accentuate the positive, and get four up weeks.
S&P 500: 842.50
  Mar 30 The Best Run in Seven Months
The rally's lift is three weeks old. But overhead items may shift in flight.
S&P 500: 815.94
  Mar 23 For Stocks, a Second Straight Week of Gains
Next, it's stress-test time for banks and the markets.
S&P 500: 768.54
  Mar 16 Maybe the Fifth Time's A Charm
Traders assess the new rally's staying power.
S&P 500: 756.55
  Mar 9 A Scorecard of Market Destruction
At least that asteroid didn't hit us.
S&P 500: 683.38
  Mar 2 Mr. Market, Meet Mr. Obama
And leaves major indexes off 12% for the month.
S&P 500: 735.09
  Feb 23 Dressing Uncle Sam in Pinstripes
As bank shocks spur markets to multiyear lows, few dare call the end.
S&P 500: 770.05
  Feb 16 Where's a Stimulus Plan for the Stock Market?
Big indexes drop 5% on the week, despite tax cuts in rescue bill.
S&P 500: 826.84
  Feb 9 Mr. Market Goes to Washington
The S&P rises 5% on bailout hopes. But some see heartbreak ahead.
S&P 500: 868.60
  Feb 2 When January's Cast as the Cruelest Month…
Scads of indexes post historic declines.
S&P 500: 825.88
  Jan 26 Change Is Coming -- but What Kind?
Stocks turned around a bit Friday, but the economy is still a drag.
S&P 500: 831.95
  Jan 19 Hold the Group Hug; No Sign Yet of Sustained Rally
With more bank corpses stinking up the Street, the indexes got beat.
S&P 500: 850.12
  Jan 12 Dow Tumbles Nearly 4.8% for the Week
Horrible jobs report means more bad news for retailers.
S&P 500: 890.35
  Jan 5 What Will Light All That Dry Powder?
There's a lot of cash on the sidelines to fuel more rallies like Friday's.
S&P 500: 931.80

2008 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 29 Imagining the Unimaginable
Bad news doesn't break for holidays.
S&P 500: 872.80
  Dec 22 Coming in 2009: Stockpickers' Paradise
The three catalysts that could bring investors some cheer.
S&P 500: 887.88
  Dec 15 Stocks Withstand Madoff and More
Dow's light drizzle of loss qualifies as a partly sunny performance.
S&P 500: 879.73
  Dec 8 Hopes Fade for Corporate Profits
Grim economic and profit news spook markets.
S&P 500: 876.07
  Dec 1 Is a Sober Retreat in the Wings?
Markets recharge on Citi, shrug off India.
S&P 500: 896.24
  Nov 24 Stocks Welcome New Treasury Head
Battered indexes retrace on reports of coming Treasury appointment.
S&P 500: 800.03
  Nov 17 Dow Tumbles 5% in Volatile Week
Bargain-hunters wade in as indexes whirl around October lows.
S&P 500: 873.29
  Nov 10 A Bad Case of Buyer's Remorse
Profit-taking may be a big factor in the selloff after Election Day bounce.
S&P 500: 930.99
  Nov 3 October's Tale: A Tragedy With a Happy Ending
The week's 11% gain limits October carnage.
S&P 500: 968.75
  Oct 27 Can a Horror Movie Have a Happy Ending?
S&P is bloodied by a 7% weekly loss; myriad markets fare worse.
S&P 500: 876.77
  Oct 20 The Rewards of Low Expectations
Stocks post gains for the first time in five weeks.
S&P 500: 940.55
  Oct 13 The Dow's Worst Week Ever
Despite central-bank plays, Dow and S&P slide 18% in worst week ever.
S&P 500: 899.22
  Oct 6 One Problem Down, Many, Many to Go
Markets crater, economic woes pile up in debt binge's vicious hangover.
S&P 500: 1099.23
  Sep 29 Stocks Sink as Congress Debates
Politicians' noise covers other distress signals.
S&P 500: 1213.01
  Sep 22 A Week of Hazard -- Moral and Otherwise
Banks tank, then revive on historic bailout.
S&P 500: 1255.08
  Sep 15 Flip-Flop and Flat: The Jumpiness Continues
Markets got away with an up-week, but the rest of the month looks rocky.
S&P 500: 1251.70
  Sep 8 Falling Crude Prices Are No Cure for Stocks
Despite cheaper oil, Dow dives by 3% on bad news for jobs.
S&P 500: 1242.31
  Sep 1 Can We Be Confident About Confidence?
An indicator flashes promising reading.
S&P 500: 1282.83
  Aug 25 Lazy, Hazy -- and Definitely Crazy
This year, the late-summer market action is anything but limpid.
S&P 500: 1292.20
  Aug 18 Yes, the Rally's Alive, Especially on the Nasdaq
OK, it's not thriving but the stock market mostly rose again.
S&P 500: 1298.20
  Aug 11 The Dow Posts Its Best Week Since April
The Dow jumped 3.6% for the week as oil tumbled.
S&P 500: 1296.32
  Aug 4 Merrill's Confession May Mark the Bottom
After a volatile week, stocks end flat.
S&P 500: 1260.31
  Jul 28 Stocks Tumble, But Hope Holds Its Ground
Stocks' ginger footing leaves much to worry about.
S&P 500: 1257.76
  Jul 21 Techs Fail to Endorse the Financials-Led Rally
The bull returned for a visit and good earnings news.
S&P 500: 1260.68
  Jul 14 Some Relief Possible Following Painful Week
The Dow tumbles to 11,000 as the bad news keeps coming.
S&P 500: 1239.49
  Jul 7 The Bear Arrives -- With Bargain Hunters
Some look for a bounce after the worst first half in 38 years.
S&P 500: 1262.90
  Jun 30 A Week of the Worst Kind of Selling
The week's drubbing of the Dow includes a 20% fall off October's peak.
S&P 500: 1278.38
  Jun 23 After a Rough Week, the Bottom May Be Near
Oil stays high, banks stumble, and Dow dives to three-month low.
S&P 500: 1317.93
  Jun 16 Stocks Accentuate the Positive -- to End Flat
This insurer's stock could climb if housing weakens further.
S&P 500: 1360.03
  Jun 9 Oil, Unemployment Rise, Stocks Fall
Bear market or no? Until financials steady, we may not really know.
S&P 500: 1360.68
  Jun 2 When Consumers' Pain Is Investors' Joy
Rebate-check spending lifts shares of discounters, cheap-goods makers.
S&P 500: 1400.38
  May 26 Stocks Fall Hard As Oil Hits New Highs
Stocks drop as oil soars, but will stored-up cash call up a comeback?
S&P 500: 1375.93
  May 19 In Stocks, Summer Nonchalance Arrives Early
Markets rally a fourth week in five, despite nosebleed oil price.
S&P 500: 1425.35
  May 12 Dude, Where Did That Rally Go?
Oil spike helps knock indexes off '08 highs, but the news isn't all bad.
S&P 500: 1388.28
  May 5 The Dow's Best Finish of 2008
Genteel profit-taking can't dent euphoria over Dow's new '08 high.
S&P 500: 1413.90
  Apr 28 Stocks Make It Two Weeks in a Row
The bulls nudged the indexes up, despite a snout full of bad news.
S&P 500: 1397.84
  Apr 21 A Sharp Rally Deposits Dow Near Its '08 High
It's much easier to deliver good news in a bad market.
S&P 500: 1390.33
  Apr 14 This Time, an Orderly March to the Exits
Indexes sag on giant GE's unexpected slip.
S&P 500: 1332.83
  Apr 7 With 20-20 Foresight, Stocks See Better Days
Market's huge gains don't jibe with news of steep job losses.
S&P 500: 1370.40
  Mar 31 The Markets' Tender Spring Shoots, But a Swift Rebound Is Unlikely
Amid a rough week for the indexes, some dare foresee a new economic cycle.
S&P 500: 1315.22
  Mar 24 Markets Defy the Doomsayers
Alternating slugs of bad news/good news whipsaw the indexes.
S&P 500: 1329.51
  Mar 17 The Smell of Fear: Is a Bottom Near?
The spreading panic may mean that an upturn is at hand.
S&P 500: 1288.14
  Mar 10 Whatever Happened to TGIF? How Much Of the Recession Is Priced into Stocks?
Stocks hit their lowest level in 18 months.
S&P 500: 1293.37
  Mar 3 Consumers' Alarm Grows Contagious
Oil and mortgage pricing hold more bad news as the consumer craters.
S&P 500: 1330.63
  Feb 25 With Signals Mixed, Stocks Score Few Gains
Stocks drift as commodities and some bond spreads fatten.
S&P 500: 1353.11
  Feb 18 Just How Bearish Are the Bears?
Bulls may have seem cowed, but short interest is weak, and falling.
S&P 500: 1349.99
  Feb 11 This "V" Truly Would Stand for Victory
The S&P's January chart: the shape of things to come?
S&P 500: 1331.29
  Feb 4 The Bull Stampedes, but Buyers Worry
Rapid-fire Fed action is tamped by job losses.
S&P 500: 1395.42
  Jan 28 It's Anyone's Guess What Happens Next
Trawling in risk-laden waters as the indexes dip and dive.
S&P 500: 1330.61
  Jan 21 For Stocks, It's the Worst Yearly Start Ever
Bush medicine can't stop indexes' slide.
S&P 500: 1325.19
  Jan 14 Market Continues to Lose Momentum
Market gyrations end in full-out Friday slump after consumer news.
S&P 500: 1401.02
  Jan 7 The Worst Start Since 1932
Rocketing commodities and plummeting jobs hammer the indexes.
S&P 500: 1411.63

2007 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 31 The Bull: What's to Be Its Fate in '08?
This year's biggest losers just might be next year's winners.
S&P 500: 1478.49
  Dec 24 This Holiday, the Naughty Get the Gifts
Bankers making biggest messes reap rewards -- from abroad.
S&P 500: 1484.46
  Dec 17 Market Gives Father Christmas Bronx Cheer
Markets pout over quarter-point Fed cut.
S&P 500: 1467.95
  Dec 10 The Market Enjoys a Refreshing Respite
Jobs report is decent, but fails to give indexes more lift at week's end.
S&P 500: 1504.66
  Dec 3 Stocks Rally Sharply; What Bad News?
After 10% corrections, Fed's words spur rallies.
S&P 500: 1481.14
  Nov 26 Will Fed Put a Gift or Coal in Market's Stocking?
A little rebound doesn't quell the cry for a rate cut soon.
S&P 500: 1440.70
  Nov 19 Nervous Market Recovers at Week's End
Investors grasp at profits and indexes rebound.
S&P 500: 1458.74
  Nov 12 A Return Trip to the Lows of August
With 7% and 4% weekly losses, the fear is clear.
S&P 500: 1453.70
  Nov 5 Hope -- and Shares -- Go Down the Drain
Rate cut is no instant fix for banking stocks.
S&P 500: 1509.65
  Oct 29 Stocks Develop a Fed Dependency
Investors on tenterhooks: Will Bernanke make the cut?
S&P 500: 1535.28
  Oct 22 Rising Stocks Finally Collide With Rising Oil
Oil spike, bank earnings spur market rout. Overoptimism figures in, too.
S&P 500: 1500.63
  Oct 15 Crosscurrents Can't Stop Stocks' Progress
Stocks manage grains, and a new high, despite headwinds.
S&P 500: 1561.80
  Oct 8 What Credit Crunch? The Dow Tops 14,000
The Dow and S&P hit records. Will financials trip up the market?
S&P 500: 1500.63
  Oct 1 Eyes on the Calendar, Wall Street Sees a Rally
Equity indexes are near records as 3Q closes.
S&P 500: 1526.75
  Sep 24 The Best Two Weeks Yet
Stocks finish best two weeks of the rally.
S&P 500: 1525.75
  Sep 17 Will the Fed Spoil the Fun?
Rally rides on hopes of half-point rate cut. What if it's only a quarter?
S&P 500: 1484.25
  Sep 10 A Nasty Post-Labor Day Surprise
The worst employment report in four years jolts the indexes on Friday.
S&P 500: 1453.55
  Sep 3 Composure Arrives at End of Volatile Month
Friday speeches inspire markets' clawback. Nasdaq is week's winner.
S&P 500: 1473.99
  Aug 27 A Sigh of Relief, but September Looms
Will tighter lending drain the economy to the point of killing profits?
S&P 500: 1479.37
  Aug 20 At Last, the Market Gets Its Correction
Will 10% from month-ago peaks be enough. Video: Kopin Tan feels further market adjustments are coming.
S&P 500: 1445.94
  Aug 13 Is It Safe to Come Out Yet?
Market's roller-coaster ride ends nearly where it started.
S&P 500: 1453.64
  Aug 6 A "Stealth Bear" Market May Be in the Offing
Small-caps could be trendsetters again, this time on the downside.
S&P 500: 1433.06
  Jul 30 A Big Market Selloff Without a New Surprise
The selloff had plenty of both. Buyers, beware more S&P volatility.
S&P 500: 1479.37
  Jul 23 Get Ready for a Rougher Ride on the Bull
A speedy ascent to 14,000 brings hopped-up visions of the next thou'.
S&P 500: 1534.10
  Jul 16 Wall Street Shops at Its Own Mall of America
The fiercest one-day rally in years.
S&P 500: 1526.75
  Jul 9 Buyouts Scatter Clouds Over Markets
A holiday week brings some $45 billion of U.S. buyouts.
S&P 500: 1530.44
  Jul 2 Doubts on Debt Weigh on Stocks
Markets sober up for the holiday.
S&P 500: 1503.35
  Jun 25 A Stalled Rally
The Dow suffered its second-worst week of the year.
S&P 500: 1502.56
  Jun 18 In the Mood for a Rousing Rally
The stock market last week opted for the path of least resistance.
S&P 500: 1532.91
  Jun 11 Where Have We Seen This Movie Before?
Rising bond yields send stocks south.
S&P 500: 1507.67
  June 4 The Cliffhanger Market
Breadth struggles, new highs build -- and hedging action grows.
S&P 500: 1536.34
  May 28 When Records Prove Elusive
U.S. stocks snap a seven-week winning streak.
S&P 500: 1515.73
  May 21 Taking Aim at a Record S&P
As the S&P 500 closes in on its old high of 1527, what's next?
S&P 500: 1522.75
  May 14 Having Your Cake. Eating It, Too
Dow drops a bundle in a day – but rises over all on a week of bipolar data.
S&P 500: 1505.85
  May 7 Even the Bulls Aren't So Bullish
Higher gas prices and jobless rate are party poopers.
S&P 500: 1505.62
  Apr 30 The Big Guys Lead the Way
With the Dow at a new peak, few are thinking about a pullback.
S&P 500: 1494.07
  Apr 23 Dow 13,000? Any Day Now
As the industrial average hits an all-time high, some still seek better breadth.
S&P 500: 1484.35
  Apr 16 Will Profits Defy the Gloom?
The gift of lowball earnings forecasts.
S&P 500: 1452.85
  Apr 9 Higher Rates May Give Stock Investors Pause
Deal talk lifts shares sharply on the week.
S&P 500: 1443.76
  Apr 2 An Orderly Ebb for Stocks
Market logs seventh gain in eight quarters.
S&P 500: 1420.86
  Mar 26 The Patient's Improving, For Now
Stocks score their best one-day gain of '07
S&P 500: 1436.11
  Mar 19 Best Subprime Analogy: Dot-Coms or Bird Flu?
Subprime shakeout doesn't look as scary as spillover effect.
S&P 500: 1386.95
  Mar 12 A Bounceback Amid Weak Data, Weak Market
Stocks rally 1% in a choppy week.
S&P 500: 1402.85
  Mar 5 Why Sensitive Markets May Toughen Up
Shanghai and Mr. G were mere catalysts.
S&P 500: 1387.17
  Feb 26 Nasdaq Finally Joins the Festivities
As Nasdaq finally gets going, some see hints of speculative buildup.
S&P 500: 1451.19
  Feb 19 Bernanke's Valentine Wins Over Wall Street
Fed chief brings market cheer.
S&P 500: 1455.54
  Feb 12 A Late Selloff Trims the High Fliers
Friday's drop pierces narrow trade range.
S&P 500: 1438.06
  Feb 5 A Fine January, but What Will February Bring?
S&P 500 sees best week in six months.
S&P 500: 1448.39
  Jan 29 Why Mr. Market May Need a Snooze
After good profits, a short correction's likely.
S&P 500: 1422.18
  Jan 22 Tech Stocks Suffer as Earnings Season Opens
Tech's troubles change the market's tune.
S&P 500: 1430.50
  Jan 15 As Oil Falls, the Dow Becomes a Gusher
Tech leads rally; retail brings upside surprise.
S&P 500: 1430.73
  Jan 8 Hey, What's Up With a Down January?
The market gets bumpy; is energy the answer?
S&P 500: 1409.71

2006 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 25 A Global Laggard Still Draws Cheers
Emotions ran wild. Stocks didn't. Not a bad outcome, after all.
S&P 500: 1410.76
  Dec 18 The Festivities Rage On…For Now
With inflation tame and holiday buying perking along, Wall Street parties hearty.
S&P 500: 1427.09
  Dec 11 Deal Talk Makes the Market Go
The hunt for the next buyout helps lift the Dow.
S&P 500: 1409.84
  Dec 4 Fears of a Weaker Economy Hurt Stocks
Poor industrial number knocks down markets at week's end.
S&P 500: 1396.71
  Nov 27 A Buyout Boom Lifts Selected Shares
Takeover talk lifts shares. And, Google at 500! Look out!
S&P 500: 1400.95
  Nov 20 Bears Go Into Hibernation Early
The indexes climb as money managers vie to get in on year-end action.
S&P 500: 1401.20
  Nov 13 A Houseful of Democrats? No Problem
D stood for anything but down in the markets last week.
S&P 500: 1380.90
  Nov 6 Specter of Inflation Rises Again
Oil and inflation worries drop the Dow below 12,000.
S&P 500: 1364.30
  Oct 30 The Rally May Pause, but Not Expire
Markets slip on weakest GDP growth in three years.
S&P 500: 1377.34
  Oct 23 Dow Pauses to Contemplate the View
Psst! Did you hear the Dow topped 12,000?
S&P 500: 1368.60
  Oct 16 It's a "Get-Me-In-Now" Market. For Now
As Dow approaches 12,000, big investors want 'in' to index-heavy stocks.
S&P 500: 1365.62
  Oct 9 A Sparkling New High for the Dow
Led by financial stocks, the DJIA finally sets record.
S&P 500: 1349.58
  Oct 2 Plodding Bull Finally Struts Its Stuff
After the markets' grand week, will public investors recommit to stocks?
S&P 500: 1335.85
  Sep 25 Buckle Your Seat Belts
Fears of a more severe slowdown hit the stock market.
S&P 500: 1314.78
  Sep 18 "V" in This Battle; the War Continues
As investors romance the market, the Dow approaches its old high.
S&P 500: 1319.87
  Sep 11 Is a Fourth-Quarter Rally in Peril?
The "V" drop-and-rebound consensus seems to be a bit pat.
S&P 500: 1298.92
  Sep 4 This Market's Ready for September
Bulls and bears are ready to square off in September.
S&P 500: 1311.01
  Aug 28 The Market's Week at the Beach
Stocks slumber through the summer doldrums.
S&P 500: 1295.09
  Aug 21 Summer Wind Blows Hot for Stocks
Stocks heat up as signs of inflation start to cool.
S&P 500: 1302.30
  Aug 14 When a Small Defeat Is a Big Victory
Stocks cope well with a tough week.
S&P 500: 1266.74
  Aug 7 A Lively Trip to Nowhere
The potential ends of rate hikes fails to give equities a lift.
S&P 500: 1279.36
  Jul 31 The Bull Busts Out, but for How Long?
Markets stage a hopeful none-and-done rally after GDP report.
S&P 500: 1278.55
  Jul 24 Forecast: Sun Today, Then Weeks of Rain
Late-week gloom follows some midweek glee.
S&P 500: 1240.29
  Jul 17 Mideast Strife Wounds Stocks
Global marts plunge as concerns displace complacency.
S&P 500: 1240.29
  Jul 10 A Less Glorious Post-Fourth of July
N. Korea rockets, oil spike and lame job count dampen pre-holiday glow.
S&P 500: 1265.48
  Jul 3 Stocks Find an Excuse to Cut Loose
One-day rally cheers bulls. But was it just a flash in the pan?
S&P 500: 1270.20
  Jun 26 In Search of a Buyable Panic Point
The Kerr-McGee buyout signals more oil-patch deals.
S&P 500: 1244.50
  Jun 19 Stocks Get a Reprieve – For Now
Indexes hit '06 lows, rage upward, then drop. What's up?
S&P 500: 1251.54
  Jun 12 No Mood for Shopping
The Dow drops more than 3% on the week -- but cheaper stocks may not be bargains.
S&P 500: 1252.30
  June 5 Jobs, Retail Numbers Tug at the Market
Inflation worries ease while fears of weaker growth rise.
S&P 500: 1288.22
  May 29 Beware of Bouncing Dead Cats
After two weeks' wrenching declines, a bit of a bounce.
S&P 500: 1280.16
  May 22 The Pungent Whiff of Inflation
Inflation signs raise odds of another rate hike, sinking stocks.
S&P 500: 1267.03
  May 15 The Big Three Run Out of Oxygen
Inflation jitters sends stocks tumbling. Is worse coming?
S&P 500: 1291.24
  May 8 Jobs Report Sends Dow to Six-Year High
Benchmark moves closer to record high. Is P&G a buy?
S&P 500: 1325.76
  May 1 Running Hard to Stay in Place
The market's expending lots of energy just to stay in place.
S&P 500: 1310.61
  Apr 24 Hello, Up There! A Six-Year Dow High
The long-term bull case for energy stocks is solid.
S&P 500: 1311.28
  Apr 17 Stocks Hold Up As Bond Yields Hit 5%
Stocks hold steady despite rising rates, gold and crude.
S&P 500: 1289.12
  Apr 10 Bond Bears' Growl Quiets Stock Bulls
Stocks get near six-year high, fall back on job news.
S&P 500: 1295.50
  Apr 3 "Frustrating," "Confusing" and "Manic"
Lack of new highs brings brow-furrowing amid the prosperity.
S&P 500: 1294.83
  Mar 27 Stocks Hitch Their Wagon to Bonds
The S&P 500 feints and the Dow ends flat as bond yields call the shots.
S&P 500: 1302.95
  Mar 18 Stocks Race to New Bull-Market Highs
The market sets new cyclical highs, despite negatives.
S&P 500: 1307.25
  Mar 13 Is Wobbly Rally on Its Last Legs?
Big names sit out as the major averages noodle about.
S&P 500: 1281.58
  Mar 6 A Flat Week Is a Victory for the Bulls
Good news for bulls: Despite adversity, stocks refuse to fold.
S&P 500: 1287.23
  Feb 27 Range-Bound at High Altitude
As this bull run ages, the number of Big Board stocks touching highs has dwindled.
S&P 500: 1289.43
  Feb 20 Averages Soar on End-of-Day Strength
What does heavy buying in the final hour mean?
S&P 500: 1287.24
  Feb 13 Bulls Are Fighting the Old Ennui
Stocks succumb to fatigue after their January run.
S&P 500: 1266.99
  Feb 6 What Happened to All the Easy Trades?
Looking back on January's easy money.
S&P 500: 1264.03
  Jan 30 A Late Save Rescues the Ballgame
Stocks come roaring back from the previous week's loss.
S&P 500: 1283.72
  Jan 23 The Dow & Co. Take a Body Blow
The stock market gets battered by a barrage of bad news.
S&P 500: 1261.49
  Jan 16 Stocks Rest, but the Bulls Stay in Charge
The '06 rally gains points for style and technical prowess.
S&P 500: 1287.61
  Jan 9 A Headline Sings a Happy New Year
Hints of an end to the Fed rate hikes spur new-year rally.
S&P 500: 1285.45
  Jan 2 Goodbye, 2005 -- and Good Riddance
That's how investors felt after the flat stock market of '05.
S&P 500: 1248.29

2005 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 26 The Year Santa Came in October
Hello, Scrooge. The October rally fizzles, leaving stocks flat.
S&P 500: 1268.66
  Dec 19 Altria, P&G Help Extend Tiring Rally
As indexes hit four-year highs, fewer stocks do the lifting.
S&P 500: 1267.32
  Dec 12 Haven't We Been Here Before?
Next year's forecasts sound a lot like those for 2005.
S&P 500: 1259.37
  Dec 5 Stocks Pause After a Winning Streak
Dow ends five-week winning streak short of 11,000.
S&P 500: 1265.08
  Nov 28 Stocks Hit New Highs in Panic Buying
A buying panic propels stocks to new yearly highs.
S&P 500: 1268.25
  Nov 21 Fall Rally Takes Stocks to '05 Highs
The S&P and Nasdaq hit their highs for the year.
S&P 500: 1248.27
  Nov 14 Month-Long Advance Gives Bulls Hope
Fear fades after the market's month-long advance.
S&P 500: 1234.72
  Nov 7 Stocks Carry a Rally Into a New Month
Expecting a year-end rally, traders bid up brokers and tech.
S&P 500: 1220.14
  Oct 31 Will Another Furious Friday Rally Fade?
But will these gains fade like those of previous weeks?
S&P 500: 1198.41
  Oct 24 Is the Bull on His Last Legs?
Even a slump in oil prices fails to lift stock prices.
S&P 500: 1179.59
  Oct 17 Is the Downbeat Story Near an End?
Was Friday's rally a pause in the decline, or a turnaround?
S&P 500: 1186.57
  Oct 10 Will Dim Dow Light Up by Halloween?
The fall fall arrives, taking down former winners.
S&P 500: 1195.90
  Oct 3 The Market's Trading Band Plays On
End-of-quarter buying helps the ninth month beat its bad rap.
S&P 500: 1228.81
  Sep 26 In Step With Rita, a Modest Downer
Markets stay married to Hurricane Rita's numbers.
S&P 500: 1215.29
  Sep 19 How the Bulls Changed Their Story
Even the negatives look positive to the market's fans.
S&P 500: 1237.91
  Sep 12 Stocks Extend Their Post-Katrina Gains
Stocks rally as oil eases in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
S&P 500: 1241.48
  Sep 5 Market Rallies Despite Katrina's Headwinds
Neither wind nor rain -- tons of it -- stalled U.S. stocks.
S&P 500: 1218.02
  Aug 29 Blue Chips Keep Singing the Blues
Investors shun big stocks' attractive valuations.
S&P 500: 1205.10
  Aug 22 Markets Hit an Oil Slick
Energy prices start to crimp retailers and other stocks.
S&P 500: 1219.71
  Aug 15 Sweating Out the Dog Days
The bull keeps up its advance despite a further rise in oil.
S&P 500: 1230.39
  Aug 8 Goldilocks Wilts in August
Rising rates point to an end of the long-running advance.
S&P 500: 1226.42
  Aug 1 Pawing Over the Picnic Grounds
Stocks run out of breath after a heady surge in July.
S&P 500: 1234.18
  Jul 25 Market's Upper Range Keeps Stretching
The Market is undeterred by uneven earnings.
S&P 500: 1233.68
  Jul 18 On the Sunny Side of the Street
Forward-looking pros see warning signs in the rally.
S&P 500: 1227.92
  Jul 11 Neutral Market Stays Resilient
Stocks come roaring back after London terror attacks.
S&P 500: 1211.86
  Jul 4 Pepless Rally Has Its Reasons
Why won't the market value earnings more?
S&P 500: 1194.44
  Jun 27 Market Falls, and Oil Takes the Blame
The market searches for motivation for its moves.
S&P 500: 1191.57
  Jun 20 There's Life Below Market's Dull Surface
While the averages have scarcely moved, a lot has changed in 2005.
S&P 500: 1216.96
  Jun 13 Sticking on the Smiley Face
Last month's negativism fades as market gains 5%.
S&P 500: 1198.11
  Jun 6 Tepid News Could Lead to Trading Rally
Traders take profits from the recent rally after May's tepid employment report.
S&P 500: 1196.02
  May 30 Stocks' Bounce Leaves Traders Flat
Sentiment swings and technicals make for an unimpressive bounce for stocks.
S&P 500: 1198.78
  May 23 The Market Violates Murphy's Law
Stocks rally as everything that could go wrong didn't.
S&P 500: 1189.28
  May 16 The Storm Before the Rally?
Unwinding of hedge-fund positions sends stocks lower as investors flee risk.
S&P 500: 1154.05
  May 9 A Can't-Win Market
Only raiders and corporations seem to be buyers of stocks.
S&P 500: 1171.35
  May 2 A Dismal April, Despite Friday's Rebound
Stocks may be stumbling over a soft patch -- or worse.
S&P 500: 1156.85
  Apr 25 Hold the Champagne on the NYSE-Arca Merger
The market's mood swings according to the data du jour.
S&P 500: 1152.12
  Apr 18 Stocks Hit 2005 Lows After a Dreadful Week
Three triple-digit Dow drops cap a dreadful week.
S&P 500: 1142.62
  Apr 11 Despite Lower Oil, Rally Runs Out of Gas
An earnings warning from USF stalls the market's rally.
S&P 500: 1181.20
  Apr 4 Investors Start Second Quarter on the Defensive
The second quarter starts as the first one did, disappointingly.
S&P 500: 1172.92
  Mar 28 Welcome Timeout as the Bears Extend Their Run
Bulls welcome a timeout after their recent losing streak.
S&P 500: 1171.42
  Mar 21 Aging Bull Suffers From Bad Breadth
The roster of winning stocks shortens, a sign of an aging bull.
S&P 500: 1189.65
  Mar 14 The Bubble: Five Years Old and Still Deflating?
The fifth anniversary of Nasdaq top finds us afloat in bubbles.
S&P 500: 1200.08
  Mar 7 Is That You, Goldilocks?
February's jobs report sends stocks to cyclical highs.
S&P 500: 1222.12
  Feb 28 Indexes Come Close to Reclaiming Year's High Ground
Good news on GDP provides fodder for a rally.
S&P 500: 1211.37
  Feb 21 Lots of Movement Below a Calm Surface
A lot can go on beneath the surface of a calm sea.
S&P 500: 1201.59
  Feb 14 Home on the Range
Stocks again seem stuck in a tight, albeit higher, range.
S&P 500: 1205.30
  Feb 7 After a Chilly Month, the Market Starts to Thaw
Stocks follow bonds' rally on soft employment report.
S&P 500: 1203.03
  Jan 31 Cocktail for Bulls Leaves Market Flat
Despite a heady mix of earnings and deals, stocks barely budge.
S&P 500: 1171.36
  Jan 24 More Static Than Clarity in This New Year
Seasonal inflows fail to prevent third straight down week.
S&P 500: 1167.87
  Jan 17 The Death of Rumors? Let's Hope Not
Without the help of rumors, stocks trim losses late in week.
S&P 500: 1184.52
  Jan 10 An Unhappy New Year as Stocks Retreat
Cashing in profits in the new year sends stocks lower.
S&P 500: 1186.19
  Jan 3 Separated at Birth: 2003, 2004 -- and 2005?
The consensus calls for a rerun of 2004 in the new year.
S&P 500: 1211.92

2004 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 27 A Holiday Rally Foments Fears of Froth
With one week still left in '04, the party's already started.
S&P 500: 1210.13
  Dec 20 Stocks Score Deal-icious Gains
The S&P tops 1200 for the first time since August 2001.
S&P 500: 1194.22
  Dec 13 Forecasts Aside, Markets Happily Fix on Short Term
Bulls bank on optimistic earnings forecasts for 2005.
S&P 500: 1188.00
  Dec 6 Stocks Start December in Style; Comforts of Cash
Stocks advance after a turnaround on lower oil prices.
S&P 500: 1191.17
  Nov 29 Will the Rally Peter Out When the News Picks Up?
The market will have to climb a wall of worrisome events.
S&P 500: 1182.65
  Nov 22 Greenspan Warning Roils the Market
The Fed chief's warning about the dollar whacks stocks.
S&P 500: 1170.34
  Nov 15 The Days of Higher Lows
The market keeps heading higher, defying sober logic.
S&P 500: 1184.17
  Nov 8 Happy Days are Here Again?
The stock market follows the script and rallies on Bush's win.
S&P 500: 1166.17
  Nov 1 Pre-election Rally Lifts Stocks
Greenlighting a traditional fourth-quarter rally.
S&P 500: 1130.20
  Oct 25 Market Slouches in Mega-Cap Malaise
Dow drifts to low for the year.
S&P 500: 1095.74
  Oct 18 Oil Prices Have Allies in Pummeling Share Prices
Greenspan's lack of concern about $55 oil ignites a stock rally.
S&P 500: 1108.20
  Oct 11 It Don't Mean a Thing if the Market Don't Swing
Stocks rally, then notice news on oil and jobs.
S&P 500: 1122.14
  Oct 4 Rally Kicks Off the Fourth Quarter
Stocks start off the final quarter of '04 with a rousing gain.
S&P 500: 1131.50
  Sep 27 Stocks Fall as Late-Summer Rally Departs
Winning streak ends as consumer-staple stocks slide.
S&P 500: 1110.11
  Sep 20 Bonds and Stocks Have a Big Disagreement
Bulls hope for an '03 replay despite message of bonds, oil.
S&P 500: 1128.55
  Sep 13 Late-Summer Bounce Continues
Beaten-down semiconductors lead the market's advance.
S&P 500: 1123.92
  Sep 6 Ready for Kickoff of Stocks' Real Action
The stock market gears up for the real action to begin.
S&P 500: 1113.63
  Aug 30 Stocks Drift Higher, Waiting for Something to Happen
Stocks edge higher while they wait for something to happen.
S&P 500: 1107.77
  Aug 23 Does This Bounce Have Legs?
Stocks jump in anticipation of a peak in crude-oil prices.
S&P 500: 1098.35
  Aug 16 Seldom Was Heard an Encouraging Word
New '04 low follows fleeting one-day rally.
S&P 500: 1064.80
  Aug 9 Market at '04 Lows on Poor Economic News
Oil, weak jobs growth and terror jitters drive stocks lower.
S&P 500: 1063.97
  Aug 2 Flirting With the Market's Lows of the Year
The market tiptoes back to the lows of the year.
S&P 500: 1101.72
  Jul 26 Dow Skids Below 10,000 on Bumpy Profit Reports
Investors get turned off by merely good corporate earnings.
S&P 500: 1086.20
  Jul 19 Market Flirts Nearer Its May Low
Sour earnings again let the air out of the market.
S&P 500: 1101.39
  Jul 12 Mid-year Market: Stuck in the Middle Again
Traders continue a pattern of anxious, tentative selling.
S&P 500: 1112.81
  Jul 5 Will Slower Growth Give Stocks Pause?
With investors all on Fed watch, slowing signs emerge.
S&P 500: 1125.38
  Jun 28 At the Crossroad, Which Way Will Stocks Turn?
oes the market know something -- or nothing?
S&P 500: 1134.43
  Jun 21 Whispers From a Trendless Market
Stocks stay tightly wound ahead of key events at month's end.
S&P 500: 1135.02
  Jun 14 Oil and Soap Lubricate the Dow
Lower oil, P&G's gain and Reagan nostalgia lift the Dow.
S&P 500: 1136.47
  Jun 7 Fears Fade and Stocks Pop
Stocks rally after fears about jobs, oil and Intel fade.
S&P 500: 1122.5
  May 31 Drop in Rates, Oil Quotes Spurs Rebound in Stocks
Dips in oil and bond yields provide handy excuses for rally.
S&P 500: 1120.68
  May 24 Are Contrarians the New Consensus?
Market mavens try to play mind games with the consensus.
S&P 500: 1093.56
  May 17 Stocks Bob Back to the Surface
After midweek plunge, markets tread water.
S&P 500: 1095.70
  May 10 High Maintenance
A litany of plusses adds up to only a flat market for 2004.
S&P 500: 1098.70
  May 3 Play It Backwards, "The Bull is Dead"
The so-called reflation trade begins to get deflated.
S&P 500: 1107.30
  Apr 26 The Quarter of Awe and Suspicion
Much-better-than-expected earnings fail to move stocks.
S&P 500: 1140.60
  Apr 19 Stock Investors Feel the Bond Market's Pain
Even strong earnings fail to overcome interest-rate fears.
S&P 500: 1134.61
  Apr 12 Live From Baghdad, Subdued on the Street
Worries about the fighting cast a pall over stock market.
S&P 500: 1139.32
  Apr 5 Wall Street Celebrates Friday's Jobs Fair
The market rallies on employment gains, rates notwithstanding.
S&P 500: 1141.81
  Mar 29 Was Thursday's Rally a One-Day Wonder?
Was Thursday's surge the end of, or a pause in, the slide?
S&P 500: 1108.06
  Mar 22 Soaring Oil Greases Stocks' Skid
But stocks don't end well, as crude rises to a 13-year high of $38.
S&P 500: 1109.78
  Mar 15 Whatever You Call It, It Hurts
Stocks get their first 5% haircut as the rally turns a year old.
S&P 500: 1120.57
  Mar 8 For Traders, It Was Still a Good Thing
Martha and the jobs report provide news, but little net change.
S&P 500: 1156.87
  Mar 1 This Overvalued Market Can't Get a Brake
As Newton would predict, a market won't stop on its own.
S&P 500: 1144.94
  Feb 23 A Whole New Ballgame?
It was a bad week for all kinds of SOX.
S&P 500: 1144.11
  Feb 16 The Mouse That Didn't Roar
Comcast's Disney bid, Greenspan break up otherwise wan week.
S&P 500: 1145.81
  Feb 9 Market Shakes Off Fright From Cisco
As employment grows, but not too much, stocks rally.
S&P 500: 1142.76
  Feb 2 Market's Patience with the Fed Lasts Seconds
The punch bowl isn't gone yet, but the market gets grumpy.
S&P 500: 1131.13
  Jan 26 The Dow Ends an Eight-Week Winning Streak
A chilly January has warmed the stock market's heart.
S&P 500: 1141.55
  Jan 19 It's Different This Time -- So Far
The market's advance is powerful, but there are differences now.
S&P 500: 1139.83
  Jan 12 Surprise on Jobs Subdues Opening Week's Joy
All was blissful until those punk jobs numbers intruded.
S&P 500: 1121.86
  Jan 5 Confident, Complacent or Cocky?
After a torrid 2003, stocks enter the new year timidly.
S&P 500: 1108.48

2003 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 29 Bullish About '04? Join the Complacent Crowd
Why do the Street's "original" thinkers all say the same thing?
S&P 500: 1095.89
  Dec 22 Goodbye, You Lousy Losing Streak!
What investors would like to find under the tree.
S&P 500: 1088.67
  Dec 15 Topping 10,000 -- Again
Hitting the sweet spot helps drive the Dow back to 10,000.
S&P 500: 1074.14
  Dec 8 Market's Pacers Trip Over Great Expectations
Hot-shot stocks stumble as jobs report disappoints.
S&P 500: 1061.50
  Dec 1 Timid Turkey: The Market Meanders Along
Fear of missing big moves keeps stocks in tight range.
S&P 500: 1058.20
  Nov 24 Without New Stimuli, Stocks Slump
Stocks decline in the absence of stimulating numbers.
S&P 500: 1035.28
  Nov 17 Stalling on Wall Street
Fed officials assure markets there will be liquid sustenance.
S&P 500: 1050.35
  Nov 10 Investors Yawn at Positive Jobs Report
Signs of a strong economy leave stocks utterly unimpressed.
S&P 500: 1053.21
  Nov 3 As GDP Booms, the Market Yawns
Big gain for GDP translates into modest rise in stocks.
S&P 500: 1050.71
  Oct 27 Earnings Realities Fail to Match (Very) High Hopes
Unimpressed by earnings, investors take some profits.
S&P 500: 1028.91
  Oct 20 Earnings Fall to Dazzle a Complacent Street
The improvement in year-on-year profits may be peaking.
S&P 500: 1039.32
  Oct 13 Showtime for Money Managers
Money managers scramble to catch up in the fourth quarter.
S&P 500: 1038.06
  Oct 6 Are Laggards Poised to Become Market Leaders?
The most volatile stocks continue to lead the market.
S&P 500: 1029.85
  Sep 29 There's More to Market's Slide Than Oil and the Buck
There might be more to stocks' tumble than the dollar and oil.
S&P 500: 996.85
  Sep 22 Sackings Help Some Stocks Surge
Several stocks post gains on layoff reports.
S&P 500: 1036.30
  Sep 15 The Market Tastes a 52-Week High, If Only Briefly
When the market's weather changes, the blowback is nasty.
S&P 500: 1018.63
  Sep 8 Taking It to the Top?
A few more weeks like the last and the Dow may hit 10,000.
S&P 500: 1021.39
  Sep 1 Will Stocks Stray from the Straight and Narrow?
What will get stocks unstuck from their tight summer band?
S&P 500: 1008.01
  Aug 25 Financial Stocks Whisper a Warning for the Market
The weakness in financials could have ominous implications.
S&P 500: 993.06
  Aug 18 Out of the Dark and Into the Black
Despite Thursday's outage, stocks end higher for the week.
S&P 500: 990.67
  Aug 11 Market Drifts While Tech Stocks Wilt
Techs' 4% decline weighs on the overall market.
S&P 500: 977.59
  Aug 4 Surge in Treasury Yields Leaves Stocks Behind
They're beginning to whisper that forbidden year, 1987.
S&P 500: 980.15
  Jul 28 T.G.I.F., Stocks' Favorite Day to Rally
Shorts stay out of style as the market parties at week's end.
S&P 500: 998.68
  Jul 21 Stocks Continue Churning, Nasdaq Underperforms
Despite a ton of news, stocks end the week little changed.
S&P 500: 993.32
  Jul 14 Despite Gloomy Data and CEOs, Indexes Rise Again
Stocks may be counting too much on good times ahead.
S&P 500: 998.14
  Jul 7 Sticking to Stocks in a Low-Return World
Despite some discouraging news, stocks push higher.
S&P 500: 985.70
  Jun 30 Market Responds Dyspeptically to the Fed's Rate Cut
Stocks slide after the Fed's quarter-point rate cut.
S&P 500: 976.22
  Jun 23 Rally Slows as Fed Meeting Looms
The rally soon will have to be backed up by real earnings.
S&P 500: 995.69
  Jun 16 Stock Market Takes a Round-trip Express
Consumer-sentiment drop provides an excuse to take profits.
S&P 500: 988.61
  Jun 9 Is the Market's Sweet Spot Turning Sour?
As the Dow tops 9000, investors see all the news as good.
S&P 500: 987.76
  Jun 2 Month's End Brings the Market to a New Everest
Stocks extend gains, sending the Dow to a new high for 2003.
S&P 500: 963.59
  May 26 The Rally Toddles Along, if a Bit Unsteadily
The Dow rises as the Nasdaq's and S&P's winning streaks end.
S&P 500: 933.22
  May 19 Is Stocks' Sugar Rush About to Wear Off?
Stocks extend their winning streak to a fifth week.
S&P 500: 944.30
  May 12 Rally Rolls On, Helped by the Fed and Tech Stocks
And the spirits are high as the market nears summertime.
S&P 500: 933.41
  May 5 Spring Fever Helps Stocks Extend Their Rally
Stocks rise to former highs, but further gains may be tough.
S&P 500: 930.08
  Apr 28 Flat Week Belies Earnings Optimism
Despite a flat market, optimism about profits takes hold.
S&P 500: 898.81
  Apr 21 Strong Profits, Sweet Prophecies Lift the Nasdaq 5%
First-quarter profits lift stocks, but the real test lies ahead.
S&P 500: 893.58
  Apr 14 Military Headlines Lose Their Market-Moving Potency
After Saddam falls, traders return to fundamentals.
S&P 500: 868.30
  Apr 7 A Market With Its Head in the Desert Sand
The Dow followed the Allies' march north to Baghdad.
S&P 500: 878.85
  Mar 31 As Advance to Baghdad Slows, Stocks Retreat
Stocks reverse course as hopes for quick Iraq victory fade.
S&P 500: 863.50
  Mar 24 War Rally Sends Dow to Best Weekly Gain Since '82
Stocks' rally accelerates as the Iraq campaign starts.
S&P 500: 895.79
  Mar 17 Anti-War Rally Lifts the Dow For the Week
Stocks surge amid hopes an Iraq war might be staved off.
S&P 500: 833.27
  Mar 10 Waiting for the Military to Kill the Bear
Report of Osama's sons' capture overshadows jobs report.
S&P 500: 828.89
  Mar 3 Smack Dab in the Middle of Uncertainty
Stocks remain paralyzed over prospects for war.
S&P 500: 841.15
  Feb 24 Is "War Paralysis" Perception or Reality?
Maybe it's not just Iraq that's weighing on the stock market.
S&P 500: 848.17
  Feb 17 Investors Ante Up and Drive Late-Week Rally
The market is tightly coiled, but it could go in either direction.
S&P 500: 834.89
  Feb 10 Fourth Down Week Brings Market Back to October
Only bad news gets any credence in this kind of market.
S&P 500: 829.69
  Feb 3 Investors Ponder Risks -- of Not Being in the Market
Investors face the risk of not owning stocks if they rally.
S&P 500: 855.70
  Jan 27 Stocks Tumble Along With Bush Approval Ratings
Stocks tumble along with approval for the President's policies.
S&P 500: 861.40
  Jan 20 New Year's Rally Fizzles on Limp Data and Earnings
New year's high hopes are replaced by cold, hard facts.
S&P 500: 901.78
  Jan 13 New Year's Rally Rolls On, Aided by Bush Tax Plan
Bush's dividend proposal helps keep the 2003 rally rolling.
S&P 500: 927.57
  Jan 6 Can Stocks' Happy New Year Last Past Jan. 2?
Thursday's rally could wind up as another one-day wonder.
S&P 500: 908.59

2002 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 30 Lessons Learned and Spurned in 2002
Oh, no! Stocks can go down for three straight years.
S&P 500: 875.40
  Dec 23 Last-Minute Shopping Lifts Stocks Ahead of Holiday
The holiday season is a downer for some electronics sellers.
S&P 500: 895.75
  Dec 16 Stocks Retreat for a Second Week on Weak Signals
Stocks retreat for a second straight week as the dollar falls.
S&P 500: 889.48
  Dec 9 Downbeat Economic News Halts Dow Streak at Eight
Hopes of a more sympathetic ear in D.C. boosts stocks.
S&P 500: 912.23
  Dec 2 Signs of A Shift: Investors Tire of Idling
After double-dip fears fade, faith in the double-bottom grows.
S&P 500: 936.31
  Nov 25 Dow Rallies Seventh Straight Week as Fear Dissipates
As tech earnings forecasts are pared, the rally rolls on.
S&P 500: 930.55
  Nov 18 Did HSBC Get Household at a Bargain Price?
Will mergers be the stock market's salvation?
S&P 500: 909.83
  Nov 11 Market Ignores Several Gifthorses on War Concerns
The realization falls short of the market's anticipation.
S&P 500: 894.74
  Nov 4 Bad News is Good News as Investors Bet on Rate Cut
Hopes for another rate cut make for the fourth winning week.
S&P 500: 900.96
  Oct 28 Is the Truth About the Market Out There?
Investors want to believe the worst is behind them.
S&P 500: 897.65
  Oct 21 Earnings Can't Take All the Credit for Stocks' Surge
The Dow didn't actually "earn" its 6% gain.
S&P 500: 884.39
  Oct 14 No Bad Earnings News Is Good Enough for a Rally
And that's good enough to generate a big late-week bounce.
S&P 500: 835.32
  Oct 7 Profit Warnings Drive Market Down for Sixth Week
West Coast dock strike adds to stocks' earnings woes.
S&P 500: 800.58
  Sep 30 Giants' Woes Create Giant Headache for Market
JetBlue may be in for a fall.
S&P 500: 827.37
  Sep 23 End of Summer Swoon as the Dow Revisits July Haunts
More bad news takes the Dow below 8000.
S&P 500: 845.39
  Sep 16 Indexes Fall Modestly for a Third Week in a Row
Investors clip Dow Industrials after profit warnings.
S&P 500: 889.81
  Sep 9 Stocks Bounce Back Friday on Surprise Jobless Dip
Stocks rally Friday on jobs data.
S&P 500: 893.92
  Sep 2 Dow Dips for Fifth Straight Month in Sluggish Trading
Tech sector drops, damping market's late-summer rally.
S&P 500: 916.07
  Aug 26 Stocks Climb a Fifth Straight Week as Fear Subsides
Phew! Stocks end in positive territory another week.
S&P 500: 940.86
  Aug 19 Stocks Lifted Up by Sighs of Relief
The Dow extends its winning streak as CEOs sign off.
S&P 500: 928.77
  Aug 12 Contained Pain Helps Market Regain
As worries about recession ease, the Dow Industrials rally 5%.
S&P 500: 908.64
  Aug 5 Grim Economic News Halts Rally After Six Sessions
Stocks erase early-week rally after disappointing data.
S&P 500: 864.24
  Jul 29 Stocks Gain Ground Though Corporate Woes Grow
Stocks manage a rare weekly gain after a huge Wednesday rally.
S&P 500: 852.84
  Jul 22 Wrenching Selloff Rocks Stocks; Dow Loses 7.6%
Dow's 7.6% plunge sends blue chips back to October '98 levels.
S&P 500: 819.85
  Jul 15 Stocks Slide as D.C. Takes Aim at Corporate Crime
Stocks plunge again as Wall Street takes its lumps from D.C.
S&P 500: 921.39
  Jul 8 A Sparkler: Market's Largest One-Day Gain This Year
Friday rally trims a bit of the gloom.
S&P 500: 989.03
  Jul 1 Stocks Battle Back From WorldCom's Blow
Stocks survive the latest beating from WorldCom and Xerox.
S&P 500: 989.81
  Jun 24 Skittish Investors Slam Stocks for Fifth Straight Week
Despite Monday's surge, stocks' losing streak hits five weeks.
S&P 500: 989.14
  Jun 17 Stocks Go Oh-for-Four Weeks
Stocks post another weekly loss despite Friday's rebound.
S&P 500: 1007.27
  Jun 10 Stocks End Losing Week With a Moral Victory
Cutting Friday's Dow loss to 35 points feels like a gain these days.
S&P 500: 1027.53
  Jun 3 Investors Snooze in a Torpid Post-Holiday Market
Stocks slide as investors can't see any reason to buy.
S&P 500: 1067.14
  May 27 Market Gets Early Start on the Summertime Blues
Stocks slump on terror worries and downgrades.
S&P 500: 1083.82
  May 20 Semiconductors Lead Year's Biggest Gain in Nasdaq
The Nasdaq soars 8.8% in its best-yet week of the year.
S&P 500: 1106.59
  May 13 Cisco-Led Rally Turns Into a One-Day Wonder
Stocks lose ground even after Wednesday's surge.
S&P 500: 1054.99
  May 6 While Dow Gains, Nasdaq Slides Another 3%
The Dow surges at midweek, but the Nasdaq falls again.
S&P 500: 1073.43
  Apr 29 Dow Dips Below 10,000; Nasdaq in Bear Range
Nasdaq's loss nears 20% and the DJIA breaks 10,000.
S&P 500: 1076.32
  Apr 22 First-Quarter Profit Reports Brighten Market
First-quarter earnings reports lead the market higher.
S&P 500: 1125.17
  Apr 15 David Beats Goliath Again in the Stock Market
The market's Goliaths have fallen and the Davids have triumphed.
S&P 500: 1111.01
  Apr 8 What Recovery? Asks the Technology Sector
There's still precious little good news for the techs.
S&P 500: 1122.73
  Apr 1 Flat First Quarter Could Be a Sign of Things to Come
Forget buy and hold, look to what worked in the 1970s.
S&P 500: 1147.39
  Mar 25 Bond Guy's Slam at GE Hits Stocks
Dow drops 1.7% on the week as investors fret about debt.
S&P 500: 1148.70
  Mar 18 The Dow Edges Up as Investors Bet on a Recovery
The old Industrials lengthen their lead on the tech crowd.
S&P 500: 1166.16
  Mar 11 Dow Builds on Its Gains While Nasdaq Soars
Recovery signs ignite explosive rally, led by a 7% Nasdaq surge.
S&P 500: 1164.31
  Mar 4 Market Sees Recovery, But Are Cyclicals Pricey?
Cyclicals signal recovery, but they're no longer cheap.
S&P 500: 1131.78
  Feb 25 Market Roller Coaster Ends on the Upswing
The DJIA swaps 100-point daily swings in either direction.
S&P 500: 1089.84
  Feb 18 A Choppy Sea Tosses All Boats
Even IBM isn't exempt as accounting questions dog stocks.
S&P 500: 1104.18
  Feb 11 Despite Late Rally, Investor Worries Remain
After more accounting jitters, bargain-hunters emerge.
S&P 500: 1096.22
  Feb 4 Dow Recovers from Accounting Jitters
Accounting worries rattle the market.
S&P 500: 1122.2
  Jan 28 Market Posts Slim Gain on Mixed Bag of Earnings
The market ekes out a gain amid an avalanche of tepid earnings reports.
S&P 500: 1133.28
  Jan 21 Dastardly Trio: Earnings, Asbestos, Argentina
Prospects for robust 2002 earnings rebound diminish.
S&P 500: 1127.58
  Jan 14 Greenspan Spoils Wall Street's Party Again
Greenspan sees weakness; the advance halts.
S&P 500: 1145.6
  Jan 7 Market Rings in the New Year With a Pop
A rousing tech rally starts 2002 with a bang.
S&P 500: 1172.51

2001 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 31 Stocks Edge Up as Investors Anticipate "January Effect"
Major indexes lift mildly -- but are off for the year, from a little to a lot.
S&P 500: 1161.02
  Dec 24 GE, AT&T, Citigroup Rally to Santa's Aid
Santa Claus brings a batch of blue-chip cheer to Wall Street.
S&P 500: 1144.89
  Dec 17 Merck Shows There's No Place to Hide in This Market
Merck and Bristol Myers Squibb drag down blue chips.
S&P 500: 1123.09
  Dec 10 Bonds Away, But Stocks Still Rally
Despite a bond slide, technology leads a sharp advance.
S&P 500: 1158.31
  Dec 3 Techs Continue Tradition of a Fourth-Quarter Rally
Bondholders may not make out as well as they think.
S&P 500: 1139.45
  Nov 26 Dow Closes in on 10,000 Mark Yet Again
Stocks extend recovery as economy seems to bottom.
S&P 500: 1150.34
  Nov 19 Treasuries Fall Sharply, but Stocks Continue to Rise
Stocks jump as they peer ahead and see recovery.
S&P 500: 1138.65
  Nov 12 Rate Cuts Lift Dow Above Pre-Attack Levels
The Fed's rate cut gets the DJIA back to pre-attack levels.
S&P 500: 1120.31
  Nov 5 Addition by Subtraction: Bond's End Boosts Stocks
Stocks pare losses after Treasury ends 30-year offerings.
S&P 500: 1087.20
  Oct 29 Bulls Look to Recovery, as Techs Lead the Surge
Stocks rally again as tech lead Nasdaq to a hefty 6% advance.
S&P 500: 1104.61
  Oct 22 Yes, This Year's Punk Earnings Do Matter to Investors
Investors cannot live on forecasts alone.
S&P 500: 1073.48
  Oct 15 Nasdaq Rallies Back Above Its Pre-Attack Level
Investors push the Nasdaq above its pre-attack levels.
S&P 500: 1091.65
  Oct 8 Stocks Continue To Rebound From Post-Attack Losses
Stocks continue their recovery from post-attack losses.
S&P 500: 1071.38
  Oct 1 A Rousing End To a Dreadful Quarter
The dreadful third quarter ends with a big flourish.
S&P 500: 1040.94
  Sep 24 The Dow Slides 14.3%; Worst Week Since 1940
The Dow suffers its worst weekly loss since the fall of France.
S&P 500: 965.80
  Sep 17 Market's Next Move Could Hinge on the Fed
Fate of the markets may hinge on a Fed move Monday.
S&P 500: 1092.54
  Sep 10 Stocks Tumble in Second Straight Lousy Week
Are some cash-rich techs too battered?
S&P 500: 1085.78
  Sep 3 Soggy End to a Sorry Summer Season
Stocks end a horrible summer season on a major downer.
S&P 500: 1133.58
  Aug 27 Cisco Trumps Fed as Tech Outlook Spurs Friday Rally
Cisco's optimism gives a bigger boost than the Fed.
S&P 500: 1184.93
  Aug 20 Autos Clamber Onto Tech Toboggan
Tech again leads the sputtering stock market downward.
S&P 500: 1161.97
  Aug 13 No Summer Love for the Marts. See You in September?
Nasdaq slides 5% as hopes for rebound are deferred til '02.
S&P 500: 1190.16
  Aug 6 Stocks Rally on Talk of a Brighter Outlook for Tech
Investors' appetite for chips returns.
S&P 500: 1214.35
  Jul 30 Braced for Bad Earnings News, Market Holds Steady
Market tries to look past expectedly bad earnings news.
S&P 500: 1205.82
  Jul 23 Summer Rally Hopes Turn Into Summertime Blues
Forget rallies -- this market's prone to the summertime blues.
S&P 500: 1210.85
  Jul 16 Even the Bad News Is Good as the Market Rallies
Just a few good words from Microsoft and GE send the market soaring.
S&P 500: 1215.68
  Jul 9 EMC Warns and Techs Swoon
EMC leads another parade of tech earnings warnings.
S&P 500: 1190.59
  Jul 2 Wild First Half Ends With GE-Honeywell Unraveling
Microsoft ruling and Fed easing fuel quarter-end gains.
S&P 500: 1224.42
  Jun 25 The Market Confronts Its Drug Problem
Drug stocks, once seen as safe havens, drag down the Dow.
S&P 500: 1225.35
  Jun 18 Telecom Woes Send Stocks Through the Wringer
Nortel and Nokia make investors feel ill.
S&P 500: 1214.36
  Jun 11 Stampede Into Semis Fuels Nasdaq Rally
Stampede into semiconductor stocks fuels a Nasdaq rally.
S&P 500: 1264.96
  Jun 4 Dow Slips as Tech Rally Is Short-Circuited
Network equipment maker leads a retreat in the Nasdaq.
S&P 500: 1260.67
  May 28 Nasdaq Moves Up on IT Spending Hopes
Nasdaq gains on tech spending hopes while the Dow dips.
S&P 500: 1277.89
  May 21 Industrial America Strikes Back: Dow Nears Old High
Cyclicals have been the stars of 2001. Can they keep it up?
S&P 500: 1291.96
  May 14 Financials Fall on Fear that Fed Easings are at an End
Stocks ease on fears the FOMC won't after Tuesday.
S&P 500: 1245.67
  May 7 Indifference to Bad News Is Good News to Bulls
The market's ability to ignore negatives is seen as positive.
S&P 500: 1266.61
  Apr 30 Not-So-Bad Numbers Put Dow in Black for 2001
Stocks consolidate gains on better-than-expected first-quarter numbers.
S&P 500: 1253.05
  Apr 23 Half-Point Rate Cut Is Worth 10% to the Nasdaq
Spurred by the Fed, the Nasdaq leads another bull stampede.
S&P 500: 1242.98
  Apr 16 Even If It Walks Like A Recovery...
Things can't get any worse, so chips power the Nasdaq to a 14% surge.
S&P 500: 1183.50
  Apr 9 Credit Ills Crunch Stocks
The "unsinkable" stocks hit an iceberg.
S&P 500: 1128.43
  Apr 2 Dismal Quarter Ends on Upbeat Note for the Dow
A miserable quarter finally ends, with a bounce.
S&P 500: 1160.33
  Mar 26 Nasdaq Rallies in First Winning Week Since January
The Nasdaq has its first up week since January.
S&P 500: 1139.83
  Mar 19 Tech Trauma Sinks the Market; Dow Drops 821
After record weekly DJIA loss, now pundits are recommending bonds.
S&P 500: 1150.53
  Mar 12 A Year After Nasdaq's Peak, Yet Another Tech Wreck
A year later and 60% lighter, another rout for the Nasdaq.
S&P 500: 1233.42
  Mar 5 Oracle Turns Out to Be No Prophet of Profits
Oracle warns about earnings and quashes a nascent rally.
S&P 500: 1234.18
  Feb 26 Market Bear-ly Misses 20% Drop With Late Friday Rally
What's in a name, anyway? This market has all the hallmarks of a bear.
S&P 500: 1245.86
  Feb 19 Nortel Tanks Techs, Nasdaq Gives Back Gains and More
Nortel's earnings warning halts short-lived Nasdaq rally.
S&P 500: 1301.53
  Feb 12 Easy Come, Easy Go for Nasdaq '01 Gains
The Nasdaq index is back where it began 2001 after a Cisco-induced selloff.
S&P 500: 1314.76
  Feb 5 Techs Fall on Fear of a Profits Recession
The blue chips come through when technology stocks fizzle.
S&P 500: 1349.47
  Jan 29 Blue Chips Feign Ahead of Expected Fed Rate Cut
The tech rally stalls and the indexes inch up on anticipation of a rate cut.
S&P 500: 1354.95
  Jan 22 Tech Rally Rolls On, Undeterred by Bad Earnings News
Tech continues its rise, Nasdaq is up 5% on the week and Intel's bad news is ignored.
S&P 500: 1342.54
  Jan 15 Good News: Techs Fail to Succumb to Bad News
The Nasdaq surges despite bad news from some big companies, meaning the worst may have been discounted.
S&P 500: 1318.32
  Jan 8 Fed Rate Cut Fails to Stave Off More Losses
Stocks are down in the week despite huge Wednesday rally. Amazon faces tough choices in 2001.
S&P 500: 1298.35
  Jan 1 Appropriately, 2000 Ends On a Downer
The Nasdaq falls but the Dow advances. More PC and wireless woes.
S&P 500: 1320.28

2000 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 25 Searching for the Bottom
Friday rally pulls stocks from Grinch's grip. A strategist's model suggests shares are fairly valued.
S&P 500: 1305.97
  Dec 18 Earnings Warnings Whack the Market Again
That's the cry welling up from Wall Street, but immediate relief by the Fed probably isn't forthcoming.
S&P 500: 1312.15
  Dec 11 Florida Court Gores Stocks in After-Hours Trade
Friday's good news for Al Gore may mean tough sledding Monday for the stock market.
S&P 500: 1369.89
  Dec 4 The Tech Wreck Deals Nasdaq Another 9% Drop
The election muddle, economic softening and savage earnings warnings drive down the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq.
S&P 500: 1315.23
  Nov 27 Friday Rally Fails to Offset Early-Week Losses
Like shoppers at the mall, investors were in a buying mood Friday, which cut the week's losses in half.
S&P 500: 1341.77
  Nov 20 Tech Stocks Continue to Skid in Teeter-Totter Market
Stocks end a topsy turvy week barely changed. Credit fears hurt the banks. Textile maker Springs seen undervalued.
S&P 500: 1367.72
  Nov 13 Investors Elect to Sell After Stunning Corporate Reversals
Dell and Disney depress the market. Onetime tech highfliers continue to descend.
S&P 500: 1365.98
  Nov 6 Buyers Outvote Sellers in Pre-Election Trading
The Dow and Nasdaq rise ahead of the election; Washington Post seen as undervalued; is Priceline through?
S&P 500: 1426.69
  Oct 30 Nortel's Nasty News Fuels Fiberoptic Flameout
The downfall of Nortel Networks, Canada's dominant stock, clobbers the Nasdaq, but the Dow rallies.
S&P 500: 1379.58
  Oct 23 Stocks Close Higher in Another Roller-Coaster Ride
Dow, Nasdaq recover. GE may emerge as Honeywell's buyer. Microsoft gains on unimpressive profits.
S&P 500: 1396.93
  Oct 16 Friday Rally Brakes a Scary Slide on Wall Street
Tech surge recoups nearly all Nasdaq's losses in prior four sessions. Dow advances less robustly.
S&P 500: 1374.17
  Oct 9 Financials, Broadcasters Sideswiped in Latest Tech Wreck
Nasdaq crunched again. Halliburton's asbestos exposure. Priceline's woes.
S&P 500: 1408.99
  Oct 2 Apple's Warning Takes a Bite Out of Nasdaq
Apple knocks Nasdaq for a loop. Philip Morris could be helped by a Kraft spinoff.
S&P 500: 1436.51
  Sep 25 Intel's Rout Fails to Derail Broad Rally
Investors shrug off bad news from Intel. eBay's grand ambition. Will GM get a premium for Hughes?
S&P 500: 1448.72
  Sep 18 Separate but Equal
Halliburton's politically inspired bum rap. Chase and Morgan.
S&P 500: 1465.81
  Sep 11 Profit Warnings Provoke Post-Holiday Selloff
All three market indexes are driven down. Terrible earnings for Campbell Soups. What's good for American Express?
S&P 500: 1494.50
  Sep 4 With the Fed on Hold, Techs Extend Their Rally
While techs gain, retailers and drug stocks are weak. Are brokerages at their peak?
S&P 500: 1520.77
  Aug 28 Nasdaq, S&P Push Past Key Psychological Barriers
S&P 500, Nasdaq surmount important benchmarks. Industrials GE, Honeywell, Boeing do well.
S&P 500: 1506.45
  Aug 21 Gore's Market Debut Slams Drug, Oil and HMO Stocks
Al Gore finally has some market impact. Can brokerage stocks stay on a roll?
S&P 500: 1491.72
  Aug 14 Dow Tops 11,000 Again, but Telecoms Don't Join the Ride
The Dow pierces 11,000 again, but the important telecoms group continues to weaken.
S&P 500: 1471.84
  Aug 7 Rate Peak Is at Hand, Financial Stocks Seem to Say
Financials star on rate hopes. American Express' rapid growth may lead to trouble. Is Juniper next for the S&P 500?
S&P 500: 1462.93
  Jul 31 In a Disappointing Week, Nasdaq Drops 10%, Dow 2%
Tech fears rattle Nasdaq. Conseco stumbles. Ford buyback offer could boost stock.
S&P 500: 1419.89
  Jul 24 Good News Isn't Enough To Keep Market Happy
Now that nobody's worrying about rate hikes, everybody's worrying about third and fourth-quarter earnings.
S&P 500: 1480.19
  Jul 17 Earnings Spur Tech Specs to Boost Nasdaq 5.5%
Buoyed by profits, the tech-heavy index surges to its highest level since April. GE: Ho-hum paragon.
S&P 500: 1509.98
  Jul 10 Jobs Report Reassures Wall Street
June jobs report keys a moderate rally. Opportunity in some retailing stocks.
S&P 500: 1478.90
  Jul 3 It Was a Down First Half -- by 9.1% -- for the Dow
Big, weak stocks are what's wrong with the world's most famous stock-market barometer.
S&P 500: 1454.60
  Jun 26 Cyclicals React to Phantom Menace of Recession
Though the economy's still healthy, key sectors of the stock market are flashing slowdown.
S&P 500: 1441.48
  Jun 19 Stocks Find Something New to Fret About: Earnings
The Dow suffers its biggest loss in two months Friday. Bank stocks hit. Cash takeovers on the rise.
S&P 500: 1464.46
  Jun 12 Microsoft Ruling Fails to Deter Further Tech Gains
Nasdaq rises, Dow falls. Upstart Transkaryotic wins a round against AmGen.
S&P 500: 1456.95
  Jun 5 Signs of Slower Growth Revive the Bulls
Nadaq has best week ever and financials also soar in Fed hopes. Battered DaimlerChrysler could be a buy.
S&P 500: 1477.26
  May 29 Indexes Fall on Pressures From All Over
The Dow drops in a broad selloff. Tech exposure hurts Chase. UAL's airline follies.
S&P 500: 1378.02
  May 22 Stocks Finally Succumb To Fed Fears
Tech issues suffer but drugs advance. Ford deal may hit a snag.
S&P 500: 1406.95
  May 15 Trading Places: Techs Slump While Dow Rises
Pricey tech stocks fall, while banks, utilities and energy come back.
S&P 500: 1420.96
  May 8 Stocks Weather the Interest-Rate Storm
Unlike bonds, stocks held up fairly well as swirling interest-rate fears buffeted the markets.
S&P 500: 1432.63
  May 1 Tech Stocks Revive Despite Microsoft Split-Up Specter
The Nasdaq jumps 6%, while the Dow slips 1%.
S&P 500: 1452.43
  Apr 24 Strong Earnings Pick Stocks Up And Dust Them Off
Good earnings pick up the stock market, but there's still plenty of skepticism out there.
S&P 500: 1434.54
  Apr 17 Ugly Friday Caps Nasdaq's Ugliest Week Ever
Nasdaq loses 25% on the week; the Dow, 7%. Are AMR and Ford good buys?
S&P 500: 1356.56
  Apr 10 Whiplash, Anyone?
Investors with stomachs of steel buy on the dip to cut Nasdaq's losses for the week to just 3%.
S&P 500: 1516.35
  Apr 3 Sector Rotation Turns Off Tech Types
In another week of rapid-fire sector rotation, Nasdaq drops 7.9%, Dow 1.7%.
S&P 500: 1498.58
  Mar 27 Brobdingnagians Lead Market's Charge
Microsoft, Cisco, GE and Intel power the S&P 500 to a new high and the Dow to a blowout.
S&P 500: 1527.46
  Mar 20 Dow Roars Back to Largest Weekly Point Gain Ever
The Dow gains 666 points on the week, largest percentage move since the '87 crash. Cheap stocks rally, could do more.
S&P 500: 1464.47
  Mar 13 New Beats Old Again as Nasdaq Tops 5000, Dow Falls
The Nasdaq rumbles through 5,000 while the Dow subsides through 10,000.
S&P 500: 1395.07
  Mar 6 Tech Leads Again, With Palm the Hands-Down Winner
Stocks finally produce a broad advance, including both the Dow and Nasdaq.
S&P 500: 1409.17
  Feb 28 The Dow Slips Below 10,000. Are Tech Stocks Next?
That's nothing new. The real question is whether tech stocks are beginning to crack.
S&P 500: 1333.36
  Feb 21 Greenspan Scares Exuberance Out of the Market
Equities fall steeply with small-caps outpacing large-caps, but biotech takes fire.
S&P 500: 1346.09
  Feb 14 Nasdaq Hits a New Record While the Dow Corrects
More of the same. The Nasdaq's up and the DJIA's down. Cisco: First trillion-dollar market value?
S&P 500: 1387.12
  Feb 7 Techs Take Off, Nasdaq Rises 9% on the Week
Nasdaq's 9% gain on the week is the biggest since 1974. Internet fever hits the cattle business.
S&P 500: 1424.37
  Jan 31 Worries About the Fed Send Stocks Tumbling
After five consecutively superb years, stocks are off to an ugly start in 2000, with the Dow, Nasdaq and S&P all down.
S&P 500: 1360.16
  Jan 24 Market Divergence: Nasdaq Up 4%, Dow Down 4%
Nasdaq gains 4% on the week, while the Dow loses 4%. Did GE manufacture its profits coup?
S&P 500: 1441.36
  Jan 17 The AOL-Time Warner Deal Sinks 'Net Stocks
What if the biggest merger deal of all time marks the end of the Internet bubble?
S&P 500: 1465.15
  Jan 10 Despite Fears of a Rout, the Dow Sets a Record
Battered but unbowed, even tech stocks bounce back in a strong rally. The Dow sets a record.
S&P 500: 1441.47
  Jan 3 Something for Everyone, Good and Bad
Tech Investors cheer, value champs mope. Asbestos-plagued Owens Corning could rally.
S&P 500: 1464.47

1999 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 27 Explosive Rally Puts Stocks in Stratosphere
Every measure you can think of hits a new high.
S&P 500: 1458.34
  Dec 20 Same Old Story: Tech Stocks Soar, Others Snore
Once again, tech stocks send Nasdaq to a record and keep other averages chugging along.
S&P 500: 1421.03
  Dec 13 Speculative Frenzy Drives Nasdaq to Yet Another Record
Nasdaq hits another new high on a surge by Net stocks. Is Freddie Mac undervalued?
S&P 500: 1417.04
  Dec 6 Tech Stocks Roar, Up 37% Since Mid-October
The S&P and Nasdaq hit new peaks, while the Dow fails to. Is tobacco-tainted Loews undervalued?
S&P 500: 1433.30
  Nov 29 Nasdaq Shines Again in an Otherwise Flat Market
Nasdaq shines again on an otherwise lackluster market.
S&P 500: 1416.62
  Nov 22 It's a Tech, Tech, Tech Market as Nasdaq Surges Again
Once again, tech stocks star. Are asset rich BCE and Seagate set to rally?
S&P 500: 1422.00
  Nov 15 Technology Stocks Roar, and the Nasdaq Soars
It roars to another new high, leaving the S&P and Dow in the dust. Financial three soar on good economic news.
S&P 500: 1396.06
  Nov 8 Stocks Surge, but the New Dow Doesn't Lead
The revamped Dow trails both S&P and Nasdaq for the week. Why Pfizer needs Warner-Lambert.
S&P 500: 1370.23
  Nov 1 Stocks Continue Rebound on Upbeat Economic News
With financials starring, stocks rise sharply for the second week in a row. Bargain hunting among retailers.
S&P 500: 1362.93
  Oct 25 Strong Profit Reports Put Stocks Back on Track
The Dow roars back , gaining 4.5% on the week. Financials star, tobacco stocks are hit.
S&P 500: 1301.65
  Oct 18 Will the Market Recover Quickly From Its Nasty Spill?
The Dow has its worst drop in 10 years; financial stocks slammed. Will the rebound come quickly?
S&P 500: 1247.41
  Oct 11 Profit Hopes Push Investors Back Into Stocks
The Dow registers its best gain in four months; tech investors mark a memorable anniversary.
S&P 500: 1336.02
  Oct 4 In a Tale of Two Markets, Former Favorites Are Shunned
Though the major averages moved little, Coke, Gillette, Avon and Berkshire Hathaway hit new 52-week lows.
S&P 500: 1282.81
  Sep 27 Stocks Routed as Dow Has Worst Weekly Point Decline
As techs crack, the Dow plunged 524 points, its worst weekly point decline ever.
S&P 500: 1277.36
  Sep 20 Cisco and Sun Shine in an Otherwise Dull Market
Techs fare best in a rocky market. Food issues get no boost from merger buzz.
S&P 500: 1335.42
  Sep 13 Euphoria for Tech Stocks Pushes Nasdaq to New High
Tech, energy shine; banks, airlines hit. Will GM split off Hughes?
S&P 500: 1351.66
  Sep 6 Friday's Rally Delivers Half the Summer's Gains
If you added Friday to the Labor Day weekend, you missed roughly half of the "summer rally."
S&P 500: 1357.24
  Aug 30 Greenspan Calls "Offsides!" and the Market Loses Yardage
By week's end, a nervous market disgorges Monday's entire 199-point gain -- and more.
S&P 500: 1348.27
  Aug 23 Will Fed Hike Be '99's Last? Rallying Markets Think So
The Dow nears its July peak.
S&P 500: 1336.61
  Aug 16 Inflation Report Jolts Stocks Out of Their Summer Funk
The market comes thundering back on a favorable report on inflation.
S&P 500: 1327.68
  Aug 9 Nasdaq Now Down 11% as 'Net Stocks Continue Dive
Union Carbide rescues the Dow for the week; S&P and Nasdaq down.
S&P 500: 1300.29
  Aug 2 Dow Continues Fall; It's Now Down 5% Since July 16
Interest-rate fears depress the Dow. Is Conoco a buy now?
S&P 500: 1328.72
  Jul 26 Stocks Slide as Words Prove More Important Than Deeds
The stock market sets aside stellar earnings reports in favor of a lot of jawboning.
S&P 500: 1356.94
  Jul 19 Microsoft's 5% Surge Leads the Nasdaq to a New High
Microsoft's market value hits a record $548 billion pushing Nasdaq to a new record of its own.
S&P 500: 1418.78
  Jul 12 Another Week, Another Set of Record Highs for Stocks
Major averages hit new peaks on a wave of profit optimism. Is Waste Management a buy?
S&P 500: 1403.28
  Jul 5 The Dow Hits a Record, Adding to the Week's Fireworks
High as a flag on the Fourth of July, the markets put on a spectacular, record-setting fireworks display.
S&P 500: 1391.22
  Jun 28 Market Slips in Advance of Key Rate Meeting
A selloff in the bond market prompts a near-3% drop in the Dow for the week.
S&P 500: 1315.31
  Jun 21 A Good Week for the Dow Despite Rate-Hike Threat
While thousands cheer, inflation is quiet. Greenspan isn't and the stock and bond markets both ignite.
S&P 500: 1342.84
  Jun 14 Dow Slides 3% as Rate Rise Gets Harder to Ignore
An upward march in interest rates sours the mood on Wall Street.
S&P 500: 1293.64
  Jun 7 Unfazed by Rates, Stocks Roar Ahead at Week's End
Stocks put aside interest-rate concerns and rally more than 2% on the week. Does Quantum split-up mean opportunity?
S&P 500: 1327.75
  May 31 Stocks Are Down, but They're Still Far From Cheap
After a rocky week for 'Net stocks and cyclicals, stocks may still be rich compared to bonds.
S&P 500: 1301.84
  May 24 Stocks Tumble, Then Drift, on Fed's Statement
Faced with a dearth of profits and economic news, stocks drift lower while investors wonder about a spring correction.
S&P 500: 1330.29
  May 17 Market Shrugs Off Rubin's Exit, but Not Big Jump in CPI
After shrugging off Rubin's departure, the Dow is knocked for a loop by inflation hints.
S&P 500: 1337.80
  May 10 Bond Vigilantes Can't Stop Dow's Rise Past 11,000
The Dow shrugs off rising interest rates and vaults over 11,000 to a new record.
S&P 500: 1345.00
  May 3 They're Not the Dowdy Jones Industrials Anymore
The Dow rallies 1% as cyclical stocks shine and 'Net stars take a beating.
S&P 500: 1335.18
  Apr 26 Big Boost From Big Blue Lifts the Market
While IBM leads the tech sector back to dominance, AT&T and Procter & Gamble pressure the Dow.
S&P 500: 1356.85
  Apr 19 And Now a Cyclical Rally as the Dow Hits Another High
Old-economy stocks roar back in a remarkable cyclical stampede toward perceived value.
S&P 500: 1319.00
  Apr 12 Investors Say Yahoo! to Yahoo!, Ho-Hum to GE
The most eagerly awaited profit report last week didn't come from General Electric but from Yahoo!
S&P 500: 1348.35
  Apr 5 AOL KOs Coke in Changing of Guard in Growth Stocks
It was great to see the Dow above 10,000, but AOL and the Nasdaq's new-economy stocks are where the real action is.
S&P 500: 1293.72
  Mar 29 Microsoft, Now the Half-Trillion-Dollar Gorilla
The market drifts down, but Microsoft roars ahead toward $500 billion in market value.
S&P 500: 1282.80
  Mar 22 The Dow Finds the Going Slippery Atop Mount 10,000
And once again 10,000 fails to stick. The culprits, IBM and cooling bank mergers.
S&P 500: 1299.29
  Mar 15 Caterpillar Buries the Dow's Effort to Surpass 10,000
The market's drive to Dow 10,000 is tripped up by Caterpillar and Oracle. Is RJR's spinoff a winner?
S&P 500: 1294.59
  Mar 8 The Dow Notches a Record, Closing In on 10,000
The Dow powers to a record with financial stocks in the starring role. Is Disney undervalued?
S&P 500: 1275.47
  Mar 1 After All the Gyrations, Stocks End the Week Flat
The bond-market bomb and the tech-sector selloff roil a market trying to muddle through.
S&P 500: 1238.33
  Feb 22 Tech Stocks Get Hit Again But Dow, S&P Rebound
Tech stocks get clobbered as the market searches for new leaders. A merger of Sprint and BellSouth?
S&P 500: 1239.22
  Feb 15 As Enthusiasm Ebbs, Stocks End the Week on a Sour Note
After some wild swings, both the Nasdaq and the Dow wind up modestly down on the week.
S&P 500: 1230.13
  Feb 8 Industrials Revive as the Techs Are Battered
The DJIA with its famous old names fell only 0.6% for the week. The Nasdaq was down by nearly nine times as much.
S&P 500: 1239.40
  Feb 1 Stocks Surge on Market's Split Opinion
Spectacular though it was, the DJIA's 2.6% gain last week trailed those of both the S&P and Nasdaq. One reason: stock splits.
S&P 500: 1279.64
  Jan 25 Despite an Awful Thursday, Tech Still Shines
So far this year, the Nasdaq is the only major index in positive territory. It ended up for the week again.
S&P 500: 1225.19
  Jan 18 Brazil's Bounce Triggers a Relief Rally on Wall Street
The market ends a down week with a monster rally Friday.
S&P 500: 1243.26
  Jan 11 Dow Tops 9600 as Some Long-Ignored Stocks Perk Up
Big old cyclicals, break out to lead stirring New Year's rally.
S&P 500: 1275.09
  Jan 4 Indexers Trounce Active Managers and Roil Market, Too
After 1998 closed in manic fashion, prospects for active money managers look better in '99.
S&P 500: 1229.23

1998 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 28 Wow! '98 Had Enough Thrills for Several Years
Thrills, spills, ecstasy and terror -- and the S&P is still set to gain over 20% for an unprecedented fourth straight year.
S&P 500: 1226.27
  Dec 21 Teflon Market Resists Dollop After Dollop of Bad News
Impeachment, Iraq, big-company earnings woes -- no problem. The market just focuses on something else.
S&P 500: 1188.03
  Dec 14 The Trusty Dow Lags Even Further Behind the S&P 500
The Dow and the S&P continue to diverge. Berkshire misses the cut for the S&P 500. Clorox: Too pricey!
S&P 500: 1166.46
  Dec 7 The Dow Hits a Bump on the Road to 10,000
The Dow takes its worst weekly tumble in two months, then turns around on encouraging news. Hang on.
S&P 500: 1176.74
  Nov 30 Energizer Rally Keeps Going, Going, Going . . . .
It keeps going, going, going with the S&P and Nasdaq hitting new highs. Merger fever in the oil patch.
S&P 500: 1192.33
  Nov 23 Optimism Pushes the Dow Within 2% of Its All-Time High
In a broad and powerful rally, the Dow gains 3% on the week. Growth clobbers value in '98.
S&P 500: 1163.55
  Nov 16 With Little Cheery News in Sight, Stocks Take a Break
Stocks take a breather ahead of the Fed. The S&P is clobbering fund managers in '98.
S&P 500: 1125.72
  Nov 9 What Bear? Dow's Roundtrip Takes It Back Near 9000
It sure looks like it, with the Dow knocking on the 9000 door again, and less than 4% below its all-time high.
S&P 500: 1141.01
  Nov 2 Despite Punk Earnings, Stocks Extend Their Rebound
In retrospect, last October 8 may be remembered as a day of extraordinary opportunity.
S&P 500: 1098.67
  Oct 26 ''Don't Fight the Fed'' Becomes Market's Rallying Cry
Wall Street team effort: First large-caps snapped back, then small-caps stepped up.
S&P 500: 1070.67
  Oct 19 Street Revels in the Greenspan Rally, but Will It Last?
The Fed's rate cuts power the Dow to its best weekly gain since 1982. But does that mean the worst is over?
S&P 500: 1056.42
  Oct 12 Dow Edges Up, but Tech Stocks Take Huge Hits
The Dow is up 1 1/2% while the Nasdaq plunges 7% as tech stocks take a savage drubbing.
S&P 500: 984.39
  Oct 5 Market Gets a Nice Bounce at End of a Bloody Week
After flirting with the mystical minus 20% that would mean a bear market, the Dow closes up for the day.
S&P 500: 1002.60
  Sep 28 Stocks Rally Further on Rate-Cut Hopes
Putting the LTCM meltdown behind them, investors concentrate on Greenspan's hints of lower interest rates.
S&P 500: 1044.75
  Sep 21 Gillette, Coke and P&G Let Stalwart Supporters Down
Gillette, Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble show they're not immune from the market's woes. Does that spell opportunity.
S&P 500: 1020.09
  Sep 14 Compared to Financial Jitters, Clinton Is a Sideshow
A nice gain that probably owed less to the President's latest apology than to another contrite crew.
S&P 500: 1009.06
  Sep 7 Stocks Edge Awfully Close to Bear-Market Territory
After an awful week, the Dow finishes 18% below its July peak. Yet one reliable forecasting model says it's time to buy.
S&P 500: 973.89
  Aug 31 The Only Real Question: Is It a Real Bear Market?
With the market swooning almost 551 points in three days, the only question left is whether this is a real bear market.
S&P 500: 1027.14
  Aug 24 Panic Hits Wall Street, But Only Briefly
That's how Friday began, but by the end of the day the situation didn't look quite so grim.
S&P 500: 1081.24
  Aug 17 Odds of a 20% Bear Market Decline: Pick 'Em
The stock market keeps declining, and history says the odds are 50-50 that it will continue.
S&P 500: 1062.75
  Aug 10 Bargain Hunters Turn to Small-Caps After Blue-Chip Rout
The Dow makes a pallid comeback after a dismal week. Small stocks do better. Rumors buoy Boeing.
S&P 500: 1089.45
  Aug 3 As the Market Tumbles, There Are Fewer Places to Hide
Consumer stocks offer no haven as the market slides. Kellogg: no snap, no crackle, no pop.
S&P 500: 1120.67
  Jul 27 Market Suffers 400-Point Decline, the Year's Worst
It leads to the Dow's worst weekly point decline of the year. Ralston-Purina and its admirers.
S&P 500: 1140.80
  Jul 20 Street Cheers Record Highs, as Some Question Sanity
The Dow, S&P and Nasdaq hit new highs, while the market's Seven Beauties power to huge multiples.
S&P 500: 1186.75
  Jul 13 Big Stocks Push Nasdaq and S&P 500 to New Peaks
Big stocks lead the market rally. Microsoft, GE hit $300 billion in market value.
S&P 500: 1164.33
  Jul 6 Despite Near-Term Negatives, Dow Noses Above 9000
Stocks rise despite profit worries. The Dow tops 9000. Is Viagra going soft?
S&P 500: 1146.42
  Jun 29 With Bad News Absent, the Dow Surges 232 on Week
With techs leading, the Dow gains 232 new points, largely on the mere absence of bad news as well as quarterly window dressing.
S&P 500: 1133.20
  Jun 22 A Minute Gain for the S&P, a Wild Ride for the Dow
In a tumultuous week, investors show a clear preference for large-cap stocks. After the bell, a big deal for Buffet.
S&P 500: 1100.65
  Jun 15 Investors Move Into a Defensive Crouch
As the Dow falls more than 200 points on the week, the question is: Will bonds and stocks delink?
S&P 500: 1098.84
  Jun 8 Blue Chips Break Out as Small-Caps Still Stumble
Amid good employment news, the Dow ends the week up 167 points, second largest gain of the year.
S&P 500: 1113.86
  Jun 1 Valuations Induce Superstars to Cash In Some Chips
Foreign woes, a dicey earnings outlook and high valuations trip up the stock market.
S&P 500: 1090.82
  May 25 Small Caps Generate Good Earnings, But Little Interest
Small-caps have underperformed this bull market from the beginning. Once again, they disappoint.
S&P 500: 1110.47
  May 18 Beneath the Tranquility, a Momentous Week
Despite all the gyrations, the Dow ends the week little changed. Yet the market seems nervous, as does Warren Buffet.
S&P 500: 1108.73
  May 11 Will Daimler's Bold Move Force GM Into Action?
GM is probably too big to be taken over, but may be its conservative management just got a good idea.
S&P 500: 1108.14
  May 4 Rates Replace Earnings as the Market's New Obsession
The stock market dances to the interest-rate tune. Wrigley's investors get something to chew on.
S&P 500: 1121.00
  Apr 27 Profit Performance Is Less Perky Than It Seems
With earnings gains the smallest in over six years, P/Es are off the chart.
S&P 500: 1107.90
  Apr 20 Techs, Cyclicals Carry Dow To Another Record
Investors decide the U.S. economy isn't at the precipice and the computer industry isn't going away.
S&P 500: 1122.72
  Apr 13 Trying To Cash In on the Next Bank Merger? Think Small
The great merger was expected to set off another market upleg. But those wonderous Internet stocks actually did the job.
S&P 500: 1110.67
  Apr 6 Dow Falls Short of 9000, Reflecting Investor Jitters
The market shies at the precipice again, but registers an excellent week anyway.
S&P 500: 1122.70
  Mar 30 Two-Month Rally Stalls Just Short of Dow 9000
The Dow suffers its first decline in nine weeks after stalling just short of 9000.
S&P 500: 1095.44
  Mar 23 The Dow Closes In on 9000; Can 10,000 Be Far Off?
As the Dow defies gravity by soaring toward 9000, can the magic 10,000 be long in coming?
S&P 500: 1099.16
  Mar 16 When Buffett Talks, Stock Market Listens and Worries
As investors awaited Warren Buffett's annual report, a hint of fear surfaced on Wall Street.
S&P 500: 1068.61
  Mar 9 The Bull Refuses To Accept a Technical Knockout
The stock market survives the one-two punch of Intel and Motorola. But this week will it shake off Compaq's bad news?
S&P 500: 1055.69
  Mar 2 Dow Jumps 8%, Topping 8500 in a February Frolic
January is historically strong and February calm. But this market has broken all the other rules, so why not this one?
S&P 500: 1049.34
  Feb 23 Ignoring Iraq, Shaky Profit Picture, S&P Hits Record
Despite profit fears and apprehensions over Iraq, investors continue to bid up stocks. The S&P 500 hits another record.
S&P 500: 1034.21
  Feb 16 Dow Gains Back All Ground Lost in Autumn
Setting four records in five days, the Dow makes up all its lost ground and finishes at a record 8370.10.
S&P 500: 1020.09
  Feb 9 Solid Earnings, Job Gains Power Market Surge
The markets marches on impressively while Asian worries wane, U.S. employment waxes and good profits look good.
S&P 500: 1012.46
  Feb 2 Clinton's Apparent Recovery Buoys the Stock Market
SmithKline stops romancing American Home Products, prepares to wed Glaxo.
S&P 500: 980.28
  Jan 26 Stocks Down in Scandal Week After Three-Day Selloff
A political scandal abruptly refocuses the markets' attention from Asia to Washington.
S&P 500: 957.59
  Jan 19 Stocks Rebound, But Profit Outlook Remains Unclear
After an ugly start to 1998, the stock market regains its footing. The Dow, S&P, Nasdaq gain back some ground.
S&P 500: 961.51
  Jan 12 Not Really the Best of Starts
The Dow begins 1998 with its largest weekly point-decline ever, tumbling 385 points, to 7580.
S&P 500: 927.69
  Jan 5 Dow Falls Just Shy in Another Lunge Toward 8000
Investors indulge themselves on technology and financial stocks. One final lunge toward 8000.
S&P 500: 975.04

1997 Barron's "The Trader" Columns and WSJ Stock Market Data
  Dec 29 Fund Managers Get Rich, but Not Their Customers
Professional equity managers collectively are having the worst year in their history, relative to the benchmark S&P 500.
S&P 500: 936.46
  Dec 22 After a Dizzying Dive, Stocks Regain Their Footing
The Dow takes a sickening dive in the morning, regains its footing in the afternoon and closes off 82 for the week.
S&P 500: 946.78
  Dec 15 In This Jittery Market, Could Asian Fears Be Overdone?
All things must pass, and the plain fact is that the market's three best postwar years are nearing an end.
S&P 500: 953.39
  Dec 8 Suddenly, This Year Looks Like One of Wall Street's Best
After all its spectacular ups and downs, 1997 may turn out to be one of the best years in stock-market history.
S&P 500: 983.79
  Dec 1 Saudi Prince Steps Up, But Results Uneven
The stocks favored by that Saudi prince haven't exactly prospered. Jittery oils, blooming techs. So now, a Fed easing?
S&P 500: 955.40
  Nov 24 Coke, Disney and AT&T Lead the Dow's 4% Charge
On the Dow's fourth-best week of the year, did Merrill overpay for Mercury? Did First Union overpay for CoreStates?
S&P 500: 963.09
  Nov 17 The Market Isn't Reliving 1987; It's More Like 1989
Amid signs of weakening in the economy, investors return to some stocks they dumped only three months ago.
S&P 500: 928.35
  Nov 10 U.S. Stocks Falter as the Asian Flu Lingers
Asian jitters shake Wall Street again. Jobs report adds to pressure.
S&P 500: 927.51
  Nov 3 With Interest Rates Tame, It's Easy To Be Cheerful
It was different this time: Interest rates were tame. Why the market may stay mired for a while.
S&P 500: 914.62
  Oct 27 Forget Asia, the Dow Has Its Own Problems
Lost in last week's jitters over Hong Kong was another cause for worry: The Dow has its own problems.
S&P 500: 941.64
  Oct 20 Happy 10th: The Dow Is Off 2.5% on the Week, Nasdaq More
Fears about tech stocks' earnings lead to the biggest one-day Nasdaq drop this year.
S&P 500: 944.16
  Oct 13 Latest Greenspan Warning Sends Stocks on a Round Trip
Or falter. To the surprise and dismay of the stock market, the Fed Chairman says the magic is running out.
S&P 500: 966.98
  Oct 6 Nimitz Churns for the Gulf, Churning the Market at Home
Tensions in the Persian Gulf undercut a nifty rally in stocks. Merger mania hits the telecoms.
S&P 500: 965.03
  Sep 29 What Investors Can Expect After the Travelers Deal
Salomon Brothers is famous, glamorous and erratic. Sanford Weill's Travelers stock is rich. Therein lay the deal.
S&P 500: 945.22
  Sep 22 Finally, Laggards Aim to Please, Driving Up Stocks
Threats from outside lead some companies that haven't done much to wake up. Prime example: Whirlpool.
S&P 500: 950.51
  Sep 15 GM and AT&T, Once Scorned, Now Market Darlings
Andrew Bary Investors aren't deserting the market. They're looking for value. Consider AT&T, GM and small stocks.
S&P 500: 923.91
  Sep 8 Forget the Dow - The Big Move Was in Small-Caps
Small stocks powered the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 to new highs as profit concerns spread about some big companies.
S&P 500: 929.05
  Sep 1 As Dow Swoons, Small Stocks Charge Ahead
Money isn't fleeing, it's being redistributed: As the DJIA suffers its worst month since 1990, small stocks shine.
S&P 500: 899.47
  Aug 25 Surprise! Greenspan's Model Says We're 20% Overvalued
Buried in a recent Fed report is an assessment of the stock market. Bears, take heart. Intel blues.
S&P 500: 923.55
  Aug 18 After a 4% Slide Last Week, Is There Worse To Come?
One sage sees a decline of 1500 points more. The Feshbachs: Still shorting after all these years.
S&P 500: 900.81
  Aug 9 Not Much Fun This Time, but Dow Breaks 8000 Again
But still not too shabby: The Dow breaks 8000 again and ends down 163 on the week.
S&P 500: 933.54
  Aug 4 The Market Stays Strong, Despite Hints of Inflation
A whiff of inflation and a drop in unemployment rattle the stock market. But nothing, apparently, fazes it.
S&P 500: 947.14
  Jul 28 Unheralded, the Cyclicals Are Clanking To Unexpected and Impressive Gains
Amid the din, the unglamorous and economically sensitive cyclical stocks have been clanking to new highs.
S&P 500: 938.79
  Jul 21 Why Shouldn't Microsoft Shares Take a Breather? Bill's Own Financial Man Says They're Too Pricey
Microsoft stock that is. The company didn't buy any of it back in the second quarter because "the price was a little high."
S&P 500: 915.30